Love Tarot? 

Want to plan a fabulous Learn To Read Tarot event—and invite all your friends?

Book me for a private Tarot class  – because learning how to do Tarot is super-fun with your besties!

Bring me to your joint for a highly entertaining Tarot class.

I’ll bring plenty of Tarot books, decks and supplies. You bring the crowd.

It will be a day (or night) to remember!

Contact me at theresa@thetarotlady.com to start planning your Tarot soiree!

What this party includes:

: A 2 hour “How to read Tarot” class taught by yours truly, designed for total beginners, followed by…

: A 2 hour “Hands-on practice session” where I’ll float around the room visiting each guest, demonstrating different Tarot spreads, answering questions, and helping your guests to feel more confident using their new Tarot decks.

Your guests also receive:

: My book—The Tarot Coloring Book—plus a cute pack of colored pencils. (We can incorporate coloring into the party—or this book can be a fun take-home party favor!)

: A brand new Tarot deck to unwrap and use at the party—and take home for keeps!

What to expect:

: Fun with a capital F! My approach to Tarot is not boring, esoteric, or stuffy. You can expect hip-hop song lyrics and celebrity gossip woven through each lesson. (I often refer to celebs like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to illustrate specific Tarot concepts. My goal: to make the ancient art of Tarot feel fun, fresh, and relatable!)

: Wild conversations! When you get a whole bunch of Tarot newbies in one place with a little wine (provided by you) plus Tarot guidance (from me), revelations and epiphanies will abound! Expect gasps, laughter, and lots of cries of, “OMG, that is SO true!”

: Memories! Your friends will be talking about this party for a long, long time. You’ll be the hero (or shero) of the year! (Psst…I’m also great at working with pre-teens and teens! Tarot-learning slumber party? YES!)


$2000.00 – Includes the 4-hour Tarot class experience plus brand new coloring books, coloring supplies, and Tarot decks for you and up to 10 other guests.

(Planning to have more than 10 guests at the party? I can bring additional books and decks along for an additional $200 per person.)

(Not based in Milwaukee? Want me to fly to do a party in your city? My airfare and hotel accommodation will be added to your total bill. We’ll discuss everything ahead of time so that there are NO “financial surprises.”)


Kind words from people who have attended my Tarot workshops, classes, and parties in the past…

“A Colorful Dive Into Tarot” workshop: “Theresa rocked it! Wisdom mixed with humor, solid curriculum punctuated with anecdotal stories of real-life reading experiences, interactive non-threatening exercises that helped students set aside their hesitancies and stretch their abilities. It was a magical afternoon of cooperative learning!” – Cheryl Ryder, Albuquerque Tarot Tribe Meetup Group Organizer

“Theresa Reed’s workshop on Coloring the Tarot was amazing! Theresa really knows her stuff, and how to keep a large class of excited adults on track, and learning new things. I have been studying and using Tarot for about 7 years now. I know all the cards in the deck well, plus the Celtic cross layout which I use mainly. A nice surprise was that I learned a lot more about the major and minor arcana in the class. I feel like my understanding went to a whole new level and has really expanded the quality of the readings I do. By the end of the class I knew three new layouts, and did three readings for a fellow student. The extra-special part of the workshop is the coloring book part. The coloring book will bring you much more nuanced understandings of each card in a fun and creative way that is uniquely your own. I highly recommend this class to anyone, beginner or expert. Guaranteed you will learn new things from Theresa!” ~ Patty Daley, New Mexico

“It has been my privilege and honor to have taken part in Tarot reading classes offered by Theresa.  Her vast knowledge and experience are only surpassed by the respect and love she has developed for the Tarot over many years of diligent work in uncovering the mystery of the cards.  Theresa’s classes are no joke, as she is a serious, dedicated teacher willing to share her expertise and interpretations in a manner that is meaningful and comprehensive with the student just as serious and dedicated to learning as she is to teaching.  I have taken other classes elsewhere just to try to get a different spin on things and have found them all to be a waste of time.  Theresa’s classes are truly the gift that keeps on giving.”
~ Debbie O.

“At the time I took the class I had a basic rudimentary knowledge of the tarot, i.e. the traditional meaning of each card, and wasn’t sure where to go from there. Theresa’s class opened the door to a world of insight I didn’t realize was accessible. As a teacher, she encouraged us to listen to our own intuition and gut feeling while also being mindful of distinguishing between intuition and our own ego-based perception. In fact, the theme of personal and professional ethical behavior was never overlooked in this class.  Theresa maintained a fun and friendly atmosphere while also maintaining clear boundaries and adherence to standards. Theresa taught us to nurture our own inner wisdom, not to take ourselves too seriously and to respect the free will and personal boundaries of potential clients.”
~ Jenny H.

“I was privileged to be a student in Theresa’s first tarot class and have taken part in subsequent classes. Not only is she a professional who’s expertise I respect, she’s a natural teacher — generous with her knowledge (which is considerable), encouraging, always relating different aspects of a complex subject to provide layers of understanding. Along with the class content I was expecting to learn, I was pleased to find myself learning more about myself, my motivations and how to practice in a thoroughly ethical manner. On top of all this — my studies with Theresa were always fun!”
~ Jackie D.

“I utilize the skills Theresa taught me in my daily life and reflect often on the greatest mentor I’ve had the honor of working with. Truly, the classes Theresa taught were the best I’d ever experienced and which took me the farthest in my own practice.”
~ Tammi Kapitanski

“Theresa opened my eyes and my heart to the intuition found within the cards, and within myself.  She “tells it like it is” both as a reader and as a teacher and through her Tarot classes, I learned much more than just the Tarot!  I learned about how to read for a wide variety of people, young and mature, etc.  I learned to be aware of my biases and how to work around them.  I learned how to be gentle around a difficult subject and how to be direct and “hardcore” when it was needed.  Learning the cards involves much more than just memorizing the “meanings” of the cards — it’s about expanding yourself and experiencing life through a different lens.  Theresa has made this journey enjoyable, exciting, comprehensive, and truthful.”
~ Kathe B.

“The best thing about my experience learning from Theresa was the fact that she really drove home the point of really taking the time to learn. Whether it was going through the meaning of each tarot card, the placement of each card in a tarot spread or combination card meanings; she took the time to make sure it sank into my head.”
~ Al Juarez

“Theresa really captures an audience well with her knowledge, straight-forward approach and a dash of humor.  Her teaching is fun and informative.”
~ Tracey V.

Theresa made learning tarot fun and easy, and I strongly recommend the beginner’s class to anyone— whether you’re just starting out as I was, or as a person already possessing knowledge of tarot.  Through a series of hands-on exercises, Theresa encouraged us to look at individual cards using a special structure she designed which enabled us to learn their meanings (and the symbolism inherent in each) without having to constantly refer to a tarot book. Because the class environment was so supportive, the delightful intuitive exercises with classmates were amusing and very helpful and made me feel much more confident about reading tarot by the end of the class. Theresa’s deep and abiding belief in the spiritual powers of tarot illuminated the magical ability it might have to transform painful situations into areas of personal growth.”
~ Jane H.

“That class was a blast of joy! Your teaching style is immediately interactive making the atmosphere non-threatening, safe. I sing your praises as a teacher and reader. Your class left me with so much good practical information! Can’t wait for the next one, I’ll be there with bells on my toes. Thank you for teaching, it’s your calling!”
~ Theresa H.

An important note:

At this Tarot party, the focus is on “teaching your guests how to do Tarot” and helping them to feel confident using their new Tarot decks. This is NOT a party where I perform a private, personalized Tarot reading for each guest. If that’s what you’re looking for, I can happily refer you to a couple of lovely colleagues who do that type of work. But it’s not something I currently offer. Thanks for understanding!

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