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Mystical Mogul


This product is no longer available – it’s been retired to the Tarot Lady vault!

 25 days. 25 tips. $25 bucks.

25 ways to clean up your act, crystallize your image + rock your metaphysical business.

Can I get a HELL YEAH?

Here’s the score: the personal development + self-actualization movement has grown into a $64 billion dollar industry.

There’s a TON of money circulating around the globe.

And if you’re a metaphysical service provider, there is NO REASON for you to be struggling to make ends meet.

Your skills are in HIGH demand. And all you need to do is treat your business like a legitimate business — taking small steps to build + expand it, every day.

The MYSTICAL MOGUL Tip Of The Day is a 25-step e-course for talented mystics, healers, clairvoyants + mediums who are ready for their businesses to GROW UP.

Sign up + you’ll wake up to a brand-new Tip Of The Day shining in your inbox — every day, for the next 25 days.

Each Tip is short, simple + ACTIONABLE. 

No techie jargon, convoluted theories or woo-woo fluff.

Just practical (and mostly cost-free) steps you can take right now, to clean up + market your mystical biz.

Get ready for tips on …

  • Marketing on a (serious) budget
  • Rallying support from family + friends
  • Setting rates that clients will actually pay
  • Asking for referrals (without feeling like a creepazoid)
  • Find a (FREE) business mentor in your neighborhood
  • Pumping up your online image, in 15 minutes flat
  • Dealing with haters, crazies + Negative Nellies
  • Setting non-negotiable boundaries, to protect your time (and sanity)
  • Organizing your financial world, for a no-sweat tax season
  • Positioning yourself as a niche expert (hello, media buzz…)
  • Getting inside your ideal clients’ hearts + minds
  • And more!


OK. I’ll be honest …

I’m sick + tired of seeing powerful healers languishing in cubicle jobs when they could be changing lives.

I’m sick + tired of seeing talented clairvoyants agonize over their finances, when they could be raking in the dough.

I’m sick + tired of seeing passionate mystics muddle around with half-baked business plans, when they could be speaking, teaching + touring the world.

Enough is enough. It’s time for mystics to start treating their gifts with respect.

It’s time for more money, more power + more focus.

It’s time for The MYSTICAL MOGUL Movement to begin.

You IN? 

Praise for Theresa Reed + The MYSTICAL MOGUL Tip Of The Day:

“Theresa,I loved the Mystical Mogul program! I’m a practical gal when it comes to money, and I can honestly say that investing in Mystical Mogul was like getting free cash. The tips saved me much more dough than I spent on the program (by orders of magnitude), and I loved how each tip provided a tangible item to work on. You eliminated what had previously been huge barriers for me, with a few straightforward and meaningful suggestions. The program is a huge testament to your uncanny ability to distill a complex subject (succeeding in business) to a few important, universal points, bringing to bear a myriad of resources that any entrepreneur would be fortunate to have in her tool belt.Best of all, many of the tips can be used over and over again – you can be sure I’ll keep referring back to them as periodic “strategy check-ups” as I grow my business over the coming months and years.Thank you!!”~ Jennifer W.


“Mystical Moguls is the best program for taking your spiritual talent or hobby and creating a real, bonafide, thriving business out of it. Theresa Reed-the Tarot Lady-delivers absolutely essential nuggets of business advice-specifically created for mystics who are ready to take their abilities to the next, professional level! I love her style, her insights, and most importantly the fact that she has created this program out of her own, amazing and inspiring experiences! If you want to go into business for yourself and serve the world with your unique gifts then this program is simply essential.”~ Bri Saussy


“This is a no brainer. You’ve got a heart centered or spiritual business and you’re a bit stuck. Mystical Mogul Tips to the rescue! Insightful, uplifting and brilliant, these tips are quick, easy and painless to act on…so what are you waiting for? Click the link and get inspired; you’ll be glad you did!”~ Dee Morrison


“Even as a veteran tarot reader of 20 years I’ve never had the guts to take my business out of the flea markets and botanicas and to have a viable online presence. That is why Theresa Reed’s Mystical Mogul package is proving to be invaluable in my process. Her simple, and practical tips, gathered from years of business experience, break the journey into effective steps that have placed me on the fast track to realize my own goals. Not only does Theresa share her wealth of business experiences but also entrepreneurial resources I did not know existed. Highly recommended.”~ Damon Stang, Tarot Reader at Magickal Realms, NYC (soon to be owner of Kings County Botanica #1)


“Over the past year, I’ve felt underwhelmed by the different programs out there promising a better way to grow my business. The Mystical Mogul program was like having my own personal business coach, filling my inbox with daily resources and actionable steps to get back in the driver’s seat of my spiritual empire.Just following some of Theresa’s tips, I was able to structure my business more efficiently, so that my energy was spent more wisely on what matters, rather than busy work that produces zero results. With Mystical Mogul, I created a calendar to keep me on schedule with writing projects and client appointments, so that my deadlines are much more manageable. And that is HUGE!Mystical Mogul also hooked me up with great sites to find graphic designers without breaking the bank. That resource in itself is worth the price of the program.You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to give your evolving biz a much needed makeover with Mystical Mogul. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around the block a few times, you need effective tools to make your business thrive and this is THE program to get you on track to success. Mystical Mogul took all the guesswork out of what I need to do to make that happen. Let Mystical Mogul help you kick the recession’s ass and gain the upper hand on the competition.”~ Zuri Eberhart


“I love the Mystical Mogul Tips of the day! While they are short and sweet, they are totally well worth the effort and quite thought provoking. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.” ~ Becky Graywolf


“I just want you to know that I have loved the Mystical Mogul tips and they are now all filed so I can read them and re read them again. You have covered so many issues regarding running a successful Tarot business and I appreciate your experience and attention to detail. Tarot readings are my life, I fully intend to get on with creating my new site, expanding my clientele and creating the life I fully deserve to live! You are a bright beacon of light in my Tarot reading world.” ~ Angie John


“Mystical Mogul has brought me all the information I was looking for and more… THANK YOU!!” ~ Julie


“Everyone knows Theresa Reed is a top-tier card reader. I mean, she’s THE Tarot Lady. I think what people don’t realize is that Theresa’s talent for reading cards is matched only by her prowess as a business woman. If you want a glimpse of what Theresa has to say about kickstarting your metaphysical business, start getting the Mystical Mogul Tip of the Day now.You will receive a tip a day for 25 days on how to get your business moving. Theresa’s tips are simple, no nonsense business strategies that you can start implementing immediately. By the 25th day, not only will you see a change in the way you do business, you will also feel empowered to start taking your metaphysical business seriously!As a card reader, I have seen not only an increase in business, but also an improvement in the professionalism with which I am able to talk about my business. Theresa will show you how to build a business around your gifts. And it’s only 25 bucks.” ~Brian Babylon


“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the Mystical Mogul Tips of the Day, which turned out to be something I looked forward to receiving every day! It really was like having a chat with you in my living room.I loved the:
– trademark down-to-earth attitude
– helpful and insightful ways to overcome blocks to achievement
– short and sweet to-the-point approach
– daily reminder and mentoring to keep me focusedIn short, I’d warmly recommend anyone in business – whether Tarot or otherwise – to sign up to this essential package crash course.Thanks Theresa!” ~ Nina


“Launching a business is not easy. Add mystical/woo-woo/intuitive business to the equation and you have just increased the difficulty factor by 5. The increase in difficulty has to do with dealing with the wider public who generally have misinformation about your work, a lack of historical business frameworks to work off of, and most mystical moguls lack prior business experience. The work while wonderful can be lonely, difficult and a process not unlike feeling one’s way through a dark room.Theresa’s Mystical Mogul Tip of the Day is worth every penny. Trust me, whatever your current level of business is you are going to learn new things. Every day I would get so excited to see a tip in my inbox not only for the tip but this was one email that was about me, about the success of my business from someone who has been there and gets it and truly and legitimately wants me to succeed also. The tips are targeted to your business with real, targeted action steps with links and information rather than a lot of other “business” tarot guides which paint with wide brushes but actually give you no real information.You can sense Theresa’s earnest passion in tarot as well as in mentoring others in the tips. She is honest, legitimate and you get exactly what she spells out, and more. As I am just completing my first year working full time as a professional Tarot reader, I wish I had bought this at the beginning of the year. Many tips confirmed that I was on the right path and also made me reframe things about my business in a new way. Listen… its $25, but you are getting far more than you are putting in.” ~ Jenna Matlin


“When I wanted to expand and support my metaphysical business, and further delight my Soul Detox Sessions and Sparkle Reiki Darlings clients, I knew there was one magical business-mama I had to learn from. Theresa Reed’s, Mystical Mogul Tips of the Day were simple, gentle but they led to me hiring a new and fabulous assistant, re-vamping my business cards and taking action to make the changes I needed. The tasks are effective, but simple enough to do daily. I can’t recommend this enough.”
~ Grace Quantock – Wellness Provocateur and Sparkle Reiki Society Founder at
*Refund policy: there are no refunds for digital products.  Please make sure you really want your swag before you hit the buy now button.  Not sure or have questions about the product?  Don’t hesitate to contact me.

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