New Moon in Aquarius 2021 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The New Moon in Aquarius 2021 will be here on Thursday, February 11th at 2:06 PM EST – and it’s coming with a posse of other planets, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. SIX PLANETS. Wow. This is epic – and potent. I see this day as a major shift in the collective, and a signal that much-needed change is on the way. That Aquarian stack doesn’t guarantee the “Age of Aquarius” but it certainly promises the future is about to get a whole lot groovier. Instead of the goodies being in the hands of the few, the power belongs to the people. Inclusivity is in – and the table is being set for everyone to have a seat. (Side note: there was a build-up of planets in Aquarius on February 4th and 5th, 1962, another time in history where a cultural change was underway with the hippie movement. Also: my favorite actress, Jennifer Jason Leigh was born February 5th, 1962.)

Before that New Moon kicks out the jams, Venus will be conjunct Jupiter at 10:11 AM EST. This aspect puts pleasure, art, and romance at the top o’ the dial. A spirit of positivity permeates the morning and generates the best conditions for creating works of art – or the future you want. Take time this morning to envision what you desire – and what you would like for the collective. That way, you’ll be clear for take-off and setting intentions when the New Moon arrives a few hours later. Other activities related to love, spirituality, higher education, or creativity should be on your calendar today. (I was listening to Chani Nicholas’ forecast and she said you should make leisure a priority and take off for a few days starting today. I like that idea!)

When the New Moon appears at 2:06 PM, it signals a fresh start, especially in the areas of friendship, technology, innovation, originality, and the collective. “All for one and one for all” is the mantra of this lunar delight. While it’s fine to focus on your goals, it’s much sweeter when you’re considering how everyone can succeed. When everyone has equity, the future becomes truly magical. So let us rise up and lift our brothers and sisters. Set intentions for your big visions – and your community. Make a vow to do your part to support marginalized and oppressed folks. Together, we’re powerful beyond measure.

The Moon will be void at 2:06 PM as well, so let the rest of your day unfold without pushing yourself. Take it easy, handle little tasks that need your attention, reach out to your friends, and stay hydrated.

Aquarian vibes continue into the weekend when Mercury is conjunct Venus on Saturday at 2:48 AM EST and Jupiter on Sunday at 4:40 PM EST. What does that mean? The weekend is full of possibilities for love, relaxation, art, learning, and expanding horizons as far as the eye can see. Why worry about the past when tomorrow is so promising? Let’s look ahead, think big, and trust that we’re about to turn a massive corner.

And here’s some mini New Moon in Aquarius 2021 Tarot Readings for each zodiac sign with The Journey of the Sacred Bee Tarot!

New Moon in Aquarius 2021 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Eight of Swords – Everything comes to a standstill. Wait it out. There may be a good reason for the delay.

Taurus: Five of Wands – The competition is stiff. Don’t let that deter you. Fight for what you want!

Gemini: Princess of Swords – Important news is coming soon. Be ready to take action. A pivot is needed.

Cancer: Judgement – You are about to undergo a massive transformation. The old way is done, a new way is here.

Leo: Four of Swords- Rest is needed. A time out will restore your health and spirit.

Virgo: Eight of Cups – When something is done, know when to walk away. There are new paths to explore.

Libra: Queen of Disks – This is a fertile, creative time. A good harvest awaits – but first, the practical details.

Scorpio: Nine of Swords – The stress you’re feeling is real. Acknowledge your worries and you’ll find the solution.

Sagittarius: The Magician – The power and resources are with you at this time. You’re about to manifest a miracle.

Capricorn: Princess of Cups – Go with your feelings. Express what’s in your beautiful heart.

Aquarius: Nine of Wands – Bit by bit, you’ll get to the top. Stay on your hustle until the work is done.

Pisces: Two of Wands – Be proud of how far you’ve come. What’s next? The future is wide open. Create a new destiny.



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