New Moon in Aquarius 2022 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The New Moon in Aquarius 2023 is high in the sky like a big pizza pie on January 21st at 3:53 PM ET. Happy Lunar New Year and hellooooo Year of the Rabbit! This day feels like the true start of the year because Mercury and Mars were both retrograde at the beginning of 2023. Only a few scant days have passed since they both stationed direct, so we’re all chomping at the bit to get hopping. Consider this day your official notice to go forth and conquer whatever needs conquering.

Aquarius is associated with friends, so this could be your nudge to get social again. Winter may still be keeping the temps cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to chill with your buddies. An evening out to catch up over dinner would be divine – and an ideal way to kick 2023 off. Or why not host a Lunar New Year party at your crib? Invite your fave folks over, pour the cocktails and mocktails, and crank up the turntable. It feels good to reconnect again! (Psst…it’s also an excellent New Moon for seeking new social circles. If the old one is a dud, break away from that vibe!)

New Moons are your best time to start new things. Because Aquarius is aligned with humanitarianism, there is no better time to get involved in a worthy cause. Donate, march, protest, sign petitions – do your part to create a future for all instead of the few.

If you want to purchase new technology, this is the best day to do that too. Upgrade your phone, computer, or software, especially if you’ve been nursing it for way too long. Also, if it’s been a minute since you’ve updated your operating system or apps, get on it. Your tech gear will thank you. (Psst…and operate better.)

This is the ideal lunation for setting intentions around the future, groups, technology, and the collective. Learn how to do that with New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller.


And here’s some mini New Moon in Aquarius 2023 Tarot Readings for each zodiac sign with Abstract Futures Tarot!

New Moon in Aquarius 2022 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Five of Wands – A competitor shows up. Let the games begin! (Psst…you got this!)

Taurus: King of Pentacles – Magic is at your fingertips. Say the word and so mote it be!

Gemini: Two of Swords reversed – Now that your ruler, Mercury, is direct, it’s go time! Let’s do this!

Cancer: Seven of Cups – Many options are opening up. Do not rush to make a decision. Look deeper.

Leo: The High Priestess reversed – Your intuition is trying to get your attention. Don’t ignore the signs.

Virgo: Nine of Cups – A wish is about to be fulfilled. Think big, hope for the best, and be ready to receive!

Libra: Knight of Cups – You’re always happier when you follow your heart. Move forward on your dream today.

Scorpio: Ten of Wands reversed – A burden is lifted. You’re free to go and free to grow.

Sagittarius: Ace of Pentacles – Lady luck is on your side. A new (and badass) opportunity is yours for the taking.

Capricorn: Justice – Don’t let the bastards get you down. You’re about to get vindicated.

Aquarius: Seven of Pentacles – Just when you finished one thing, more work appears. It’s like whack-a-mole.

Pisces: Ten of Pentacles – You are surrounded by people who love you. Focus on them – and be grateful.



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