New series: Tarot Journaling

You probably have heard every tarot teacher tell you to get a journal. (Yes, I’m one of those.) Maybe you did. Or perhaps you ignored that suggestion. You might have started one, only to abandon it in a few weeks. What’s the purpose? Why bother?

If that sounds like you, I’ve got you. I’m starting a new series on Tarot Journaling. My goal: to help you develop a practice that sticks.

So why journal?

Here’s the scoop:

Journaling helps you become a better tarot reader. I’m serious.

As you engage in regular practice, you’ll be able to remember the meanings and see where your interpretations work…or don’t. Tarot journaling is also the best way to develop your own voice.

Tarot journaling isn’t just for beginners. Even old hats like me enjoy this practice. (It keeps us sharp.) But sometimes we don’t know where to begin (or maybe we’re bored with our current way of doing it). No problem-o. I got you.

We’ll cover so many things:

:: Picking the right journal
:: Scrapbooking techniques for flair
:: Daily cards
:: Tarot shorthand
:: Reflection
:: The importance of Moon phases

And more!

So stay tuned and get ready for journaling inspiration! Yay!

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
–Anaïs Nin


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