Solar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

And eclipse season is off and running (slowly) with the Solar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 happening on Saturday, April 30th at 4:28 PM EDT! Although eclipses are astrology’s wild cards, this one is followed by a fortunate Venus-Jupiter conjunction, which means this day has some seriously good mojo.

In the sign of the Bull, this eclipse is all about new beginnings in the realms of love, art, luxury, and money. A major upgrade is possible in any of these areas. Some things may come to an end only to open the door for new possibilities. Although Taurus likes to hold on, this eclipse says: let it go…something better is on the way. Fate is intervening, but you can help this along by releasing the old, remaining alert for opportunities, and practicing a bit of patience.

At 5:14 PM EDT, Venus conjoins with Jupiter, a dazzling aspect that throws the doors of possibility wide open. Venus is exalted in Pisces and it’s the traditional ruler of Jupiter, which means this dynamic duo is adding a super-charged dose of good luck into the day. Wishes will be granted and the mood will be optimistic overall. The Moon will sextile Mars at 7:23 PM EDT, providing the steady muscle to turn dreams real. Everything is possible. What you believe, you can conceive, so think big, do your work, and keep the faith!

Also remember: eclipses are a good time to slow down, rest up, and elevate your self-care. It’s best not to make major decisions until a few days have passed. By then, you’ll see exactly what needs to be done to welcome the abundance into your world. All in all, this is an excellent day that could shift every gear in the best way.

And here’s some mini Solar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 tarot readings with the Sun and Moon Tarot!

Solar Eclipse in Taurus 2022 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Two of Swords – Instead of moving at your usual speed, you need to slow down and rethink where you’re going.

Taurus: King of Cups – A huge emotional shift is on the way. Suddenly, you know exactly how you feel.

Gemini: The Universe – You are reaching a pinnacle. This marks your graduation – time to celebrate!

Cancer: Eight of Swords reversed – Whatever held you back has no power any longer. You are free.

Leo: Ten of Wands reversed – A burden is about to lift. Life gets easier – and you have room to breathe.

Virgo: The Magician reversed – This is NOT the time to push your luck. Your magic can backfire if you do.

Libra: The Chariot Reversed – Let go of the need for control. It’s an illusion anyway.

Scorpio: Temperance – Suddenly, you find a happy medium. This isn’t easy for you – but necessary.

Sagittarius: Four of Wands – A blessing lands in your lap – and now you have a real reason to rejoice!

Capricorn: Prince of Wands reversed – A false start. Go back to the drawing board and refine your plans.

Aquarius: Prince of Swords – Clarity arrives. This could come in the form of an announcement or an epiphany.

Pisces: The Hermit – Make time for quiet. You can think clearer if you step away from the noise.



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