star school an intro to astrology for total beginners

In the next part of our Star School series, we will be going over the outer planets. This will give a basic understanding of how the planets operate in different signs.

In this lesson, we’ll cover Saturn.

Star School Lesson 19 - Saturn in the natal chart

In many astrology books, Saturn gets a bad rap. Sure, it’s the hard taskmaster of the zodiac. Wherever it lands, you’ve got work to do. But if you do the work, you evolve.

This is the reason why I’m all about Saturn. (Psst…I also tend to like the underdogs.)

Saturn shows you where you’re weak or limited. Nobody wants to hear that. When it comes to astrology and all that cosmic jazz, people seem to prefer hearing all the good stuff. While your strengths are significant, those problem areas are just as important.

Amplify your good points but don’t neglect the hard stuff. Work on the issues and you max out your chart and live up to your fullest potential.

You see, I don’t believe in “bad charts” or “Saturn problems.” I believe an astrology chart illuminates the potential for good and not-so-good stuff. It’s always up to the individual to work WITH the energy. When you do that, you’re being pro-active. And that’s frigging magic.

Back to Saturn!

Facts: Saturn hangs around in a sign for about 2 /12 years and it takes approximately 28 years to transit through all the signs.

Saturn symbolizes the following: limitations, restrictions, areas you need to work on, father issues, how you deal with authority, structures, boundaries, karma, pain, discipline, life lessons.

In this lesson, we’ll look at Saturn through the signs. We’ll cover the houses in a future lesson. For slower moving planets. the houses are REALLY important.

Aries: Saturn is in it’s fall here so this is not an easy position. Remember, Aries is fiery and passionate. Saturn throws a wet blanket on that energy and says “oh behave!” This creates an inner rebellion that may manifest in different ways. For one, it can create intense restlessness. That can make it hard to stick to one thing…or one relationship. It can also produce an argumentative personality who tramples over the rights of others. “Me first” is the motto and that self centeredness can lead to great problems in relationships. This placement also creates a strong father complex.  That kid who had to rebel against dear old dad’s rules even though it got them into grave trouble? That. Saturn in Aries people have difficult early lives but if they learn from their mistakes, they develop character. The key is to learn to put others first and curb the impulse. The gifts of this placement are resourcefulness and a pioneering spirit. Physical issues can be headaches due to worry. Movement is important because it keeps the blood flowing and channels frustrations into something productive.  Do: look before you leap; practice assertiveness but be considerate; take action on desires; think before arguing your point; heal father issues.

Taurus: This Saturn demands discipline when it comes to money and resources. Handle your moolah and you’ve got the potential to experience wealth. But handling it doesn’t mean just squirreling it away for a rainy day. Natives with this placement must also learn to share their resources generously. The proper give and take of money is a life lesson but one that can be mastered with basic awareness of how money comes and goes in your life. I’ve met more people with this Saturn placement who have struggled with money – often due to reckless decisions or a poverty consciousness. Sometimes I think these guys were rich in past lives and blew it – so they come into the next lifetime with a whole lotta money baggage. You’ll find both the starving artist and the miser with this placement. Opposite sides of the same scarcity mindset coin. Money must never be seen as evil or a god if you have this placement. Instead, it must be treated with respect and used as a source of energy. Give without thought of return and practice managing your money with care. Avoid rampant materialism and don’t get caught up in the cycle of debt. The gifts of this placement are persistence and the ability to attract ones needs. Physical issues can be centered around the throat. Do: create structures for finances; act responsibly with resources; watch out for stubbornness and greed.

Gemini: This is a great placement for Saturn. It produces a fine mind with intellectual depth. The intelligence of Gemini gets disciplined with stern Saturn, which can lead to excellent powers of concentration and academic  prowess. If you have this placement, you should get as much education as possible. Learn two languages if you can. Even better, go on to share your discoveries with others for this position of Saturn can be wonderful for teachers. Sometimes Saturn in Gemini can affect the nervous system, creating an anxious nature that worries excessively. In those cases, the individual needs to cultivate positive thinking as much as possible. They need to remember that they are smart enough to find a workaround to any problems they may encounter. (Psst…when they steady their minds, they always do.) This placement also produces steadfast siblings, the kind that will stand by their brothers and sisters no matter what. The gifts of this placement are a keen brain, ability to communicate well, and an insatiable curiosity. Physical issues can be lung related, therefore people with this placement should never smoke. If that’s you, put those cigarettes away! Do: get as much schooling as possible; communicate your big ideas; avoid gossip or verbal cruelty; learn a second language

Cancer: Emotions are serious stuff for Saturn in Cancer peeps. In fact, these sensitive types tend to let their feelings rule their lives. The emotional life is rich and sometimes leaning towards dramatic or overly sensitive. Feelings get hurt easily – or the person with this placement may create a hard exterior to protect the soft inner side (think: crab). Oftentimes, there are issues with the parents, mostly the mother. The relationship with the mother may even be karmic in nature. The other side of this placement is a lack of empathy or a tendency to withdraw from close emotional involvement. This can be due to a need to protect the self. The challenge here is to express feelings in a healthy manner and learning to put yourself in other people shoes. The gifts of this placement are sensitivity, intuition, the ability to protect the ones you love the most; and strong family ties. Digestion can be a problem due to Cancer’s connection with the stomach. Do: take care of your home and loved ones; prepare for future security; find something to nurture; share your feelings honestly;  work on your relationship with mom; manage fears and watch out for clinginess.

Leo: Although Saturn is in its detriment here, Saturn in Leo can produce powerful leaders. Remember: Leo is brave and noble. Saturn here can bring strong executive ability and an ability to take on great responsibility. But pride goeth before the fall which means the ego is also amplified. Praise is important to natives with this placement. If you have someone in your life with Saturn in Leo, butter ‘em up with loads of flattery. Let them know that they are good eggs. If this placement belongs to you, it’s important to practice self-love. As you love yourself, you will learn to be more loving with others. That will lead to greater success in relationships – especially romance. Parenting can be another issue for people with Saturn in Leo. It can either produce excellent parents who take the role seriously – or neglectful, difficult parents who want all the goodies for themselves. If you’ve got Saturn here, you’ll need to watch out for your selfishness. Put the kiddos first and remember what it’s like to be a child. This placement can also indicate a great shyness. Instead of the flash of Leo, it gets subdued. The nightly lion becomes a shy kitten. Meow! Physically, Saturn in Leo can indicate trouble with the heart or spine. The gifts of this placement are unwavering courage, a big heart, swagger galore, and a penchant for bold leadership. Do: find a creative outlet; lead with inspiration; watch your ego; play; practice big hearted generosity; own the spotlight; parent consciously.

Virgo: This placement of Saturn is often found in the chart of workaholics with keen, analytical minds. The best researchers, teachers, bookkeepers, surgeons and scientists have Saturn here. Detectives too. Give ‘em a puzzle to solve and they’re happy as a clam. Order and efficiency are important to them, which means they are often fabulous workers. But they can have difficulties with coworkers. That’s because no one takes work as seriously as they do (at least that’s what they think). This can lead to a critical nature and a tendency to nag or complain. Those qualities rarely lead to popularity. When afflicted, the nature becomes irritable and given to fault finding. That woman you can’t please no matter what you do for her? Yep. Saturn here loves to micromanage the world or the people around them. The other problem with this placement is the worrying habit. Lord, do these people ever fret over the most inconsequential things! This can also move into full blown hypochondria in some cases. Ironically, they can be amazing caretakers and nurses. Get sick around one of these folks, and they’re bringing over the chicken noodle soup and fluffing your pillows. If you have Saturn here, you’ll need to focus on what’s really important and not let your worries or the details stress you out. Take good care of yourself as well as you take care of things at the office and you’ll be golden. Every person with this placement needs a job that feels meaningful to them. Whatever makes you happy – do it and do it as long as you can. I always recommend that people with a Saturn in Virgo avoid retirement if possible. Working makes ‘em happier people and easier to live with. The physical issues of this placement can be stress related. Digestive issues can be a problem. The gifts of this placement are a strong work ethic, mastery of details, organizational abilities, and intelligence. Do: set good routines for work and health; find a way to relax; let go of tendency to worry or overanalyze; criticize with compassion; set boundaries with coworkers; take care of health.

Libra: This is considered the best position for Saturn for it produces a fine sense of justice. These guys want everyone to get a fair deal. They make excellent lawyers, judges, diplomats, and human rights activists. Get one of them in your corner when you’re up against any sort of injustice and they will fight until the wrongs are righted. Because they are concerned with matters of fairness, they can be brilliant negotiators. Here’s why: they can see all sides of the coin, which makes them able to figure out a way for everyone to walk away feeling like a winner. Their persuasiveness is their secret weapon and one that gives them an edge in any negotiation. Relationships can be challenging though. That’s because when it comes to love, they can lose theirselves in the relationship. Impulse in romance must be carefully kept in check. Marriage needs to wait until they’ve had time to mature – and explore what they want and need in a relationship. Otherwise, multiple marriages is common with Saturn in Libra. This placement can also produce a person who tends to go to extremes. Finding the middle way is important for the indulgences can lead to issues with weight or the livers and kidneys. Physical issues can be centered around the kidneys or liver. Sometimes the lower back. The gifts of this placement are diplomacy, grace, a pleasing personality, great sense of justice, and the ability to understand everyone’s point of view. Do: practice cooperation in all relationships; set boundaries with loved ones; be just in all your dealings; engage in relationships but never lose sense of individuality; seek balance in habits.

Scorpio: Like Saturn in Cancer, this placement of Saturn produces an intensely emotional nature. The natives are passionate, lusty, intuitive, and jealous. Plus sexy as hell. Hot damn! While it may sound groovy, this energy needs careful handling or it can lead to lots of trouble, especially in relationships. That’s because Saturn in Scorpio people love and hate with a white hot passion. When hurt, they strike out and can become vindictive. Grudges? They hold ‘em until the bitter end. There may be times when they need to be alone, which can confuse loved ones. Or it can be that they feel alone, even when they are not. Trusting others does not come naturally to these types. Often they were let down by someone they trusted early in life and they may carry this mistrust forward to the rest of their lives. If you earn their trust, they are loyal for life. Break it once and they never trust you again. The sexual nature is strong. They need it for a release – or at least that is what they’ll tell you. They can be secretive and often experience much pain in life. But once they face the pain and bring it out into the open, it loses its power. Speaking of power, some Saturn in Scorpios are a bit obsessed with it. That can be good or ill depending on how they handle it. Learning how to manage desires, power, and intense emotions is the lesson here. They are incredibly perceptive. Nothing gets past them. Which means they make the best detectives and researchers. Physical issues with the sexual organs is possible. The gifts of this placement are passion, intuition, loyalty, and a raging libido. Do: explore intimacy; honor your need for privacy; watch out for an over emphasis on sex; practice restraint with negative emotions; learn to let go.

Sagittarius: These people have strong ethical codes and tend to develop philosophical attitudes about the world. They are the first to open up their mouth and take a stand, which means they make excellent activists. Got a cause you want to fight? Get one of these people on your side. They’ll take the lead and make things happen. Freedom is important to them – not just for themselves but for everyone. They want equality and they’re willing to fight for it. You’ll often see these righteous folks involved in good causes or working with marginalized people. Not only do they make excellent activists but also good teachers, social workers, philosophers, and preachers. If afflicted, they can be dogmatic and self righteous. Fanatics even. They can also be rebellious for the sake of rebellion. Saturn in Sag peeps are honest to a fault but in lower types this can get twisted. I’ve met a few who know how to manipulate the truth to serve their own agenda. Travel is good for them. Each and every one of them should travel out of their own country at least once, if possible. They need to work at keeping an open mind to all ways of thinking and travel is one way to do that. When they get too fond of their own opinions, that’s when they get into trouble. Trouble with the hips, knees and sciatic nerve can be an issue. Physical movement is a must for them.  The gifts of this placement are a good moral code, truth, a willingness to stand up for those who cannot, a curiosity about the world. Do: see the world; explore other points of view; teach and preach without being preachy or self righteous; seek higher education.

Capricorn: Here, Saturn is at home for Saturn is ruled by Capricorn. This placement produces a wise, mature, and ambitious personality. Even at a young age, they are geared towards work and responsibility. Every single one of them are hard working and geared for positions of leadership. I find that Saturn in Capricorns make excellent leaders and politicians. They love power and enjoy being in positions of responsibility. Executive ability and a nose for organization makes them a natural for CEO or running the country. That being said, they must learn to use power wisely. If they are power hungry, they can be unbearable. In afflicted horoscopes, Saturn in Capricorn can produce a tyrant. The boss from hell? Yep. You’ll often find them with Saturn in Cappy gone awry. Issues with the father or authority early in life may create a vibe where the native feels that they must prove themselves. Hence, they’ll work like a fiend to get to the top – perhaps in an effort to feel loved. At times, these serious folks can feel quite lonely. Hey, it can be lonely when you’re top dog. Give these guys some extra lovin’ and they feel less inclined to step all over everyone else. Issues with bones are possible. The gifts of this placement are leadership, ambition, drive, focus, and a great work ethic. Do: go for the top; honor your ambitions; work on issues with father; be an authority without being an authoritarian; seek prestige but don’t step on others on the way up.

Aquarius: Aquarius is a co-ruler of Saturn so you can believe that Saturn is cozy here too. These types want to bring the Age of Aquarius into a reality. They are concerned with social justice and improving the world. Group activities and the collective consciousness are important to them. But don’t expect conformity. It’s not their thing. Instead, they want everyone to do their own thing. Live and let live, that’s their motto. Friendship is extremely important to them. Saturn in Aquarius folks will make friendships that last a lifetime. They’re good friends but they can surround themselves with ne’er do wells and the strays of the world. That’s because they are tolerant to a fault. I’ve met plenty of people with this placement who will let their friends take advantage of them. They’ll lend ‘em money and not bat an eyelash when the loan is never repaid.If you count one of these fine people as your friend, treat ‘em well. Do nice things for them and above all, don’t take their kind nature for granted. Be a good friend – it means the world to them. This placement favors offbeat careers – artist, blogger, freedom fighter, or anything that requires a bit of rebellion. Issues with circulation are possible. The gifts of this placement are tolerance, social justice, intelligence, nonconformity, and the ability to be an excellent friend. Do: get involved in good causes; lead groups; start movements; have a wide circle of friends; let your freak flag fly; practice constructive rebellion.

Pisces: Sigh. This is a tough placement for Saturn. Here, the emotions get in the way and the natives often feel bogged down by their feelings. Fear and escapist tendencies can create the perfect storm for addiction or other such issues. They often grow up in oppressive environments or ones where their emotional needs were not met. This can lead to a feeling of being not worthy or cut off in some way. Saturn in Pisces people can suffer from bouts of anxiety or depression. Learning to let go of the past is a necessity. They can be capable of great compassion. They are the first to give their shirt off their backs. Kindness? They have it spades. This is the person to go to when your life takes a major dump. Crisis is their bag.They’ll bring out the tissues and give you a firm shoulder to lie on. When they focus on other people’s problems, they are at their best. Which means they make wonderful nurses, therapists, counselors, caretakers, healers, and psychics. You can tell them anything. They’ll understand because compassion is natural to them. Saturn in Pisces people can often use this as a way to ignore their own problems. Which is not the best. Introspection is important – by looking within and facing their own issues, they grow. Meditation, prayer, yoga, therapy or any sort of spiritual practice do them good. Art and music too. Healthy outlets are a must. They can have issues with feet or addiction. The gifts of this placement are compassion, kindness, sensitivity, empathy, and creativity. Do: be compassionate; care for those less fortunate; find healthy escapes; trust your gut 100%; be spiritual; avoid overconsumption of substances.

Homework! Grab your chart and look up your Saturn. What’s your big lesson? Where’s your pain point? What about your friends and family? Check ’em out too!

Next month, we’re going to focus on Uranus. Yeah, I know you’re giggling just saying the word.

But until then…

Keep gazing at the stars – and stay curious,


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