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In the next part of our Star School series, we’re looking at the planets through the houses.

In this lesson, we’ll look at the Mercury through the houses in the natal chart.

Last month, we looked at the Moon in the houses. This month, we’re looking at Mercury.

Star School Lesson 25: Mercury in the Houses


A reminder: Mercury symbolizes how you think, communicate, learn, and express your ideas.

The houses represent different areas of your life. When Mercury lands in a house, this indicates where you think, communicate and what practical affairs take up residence in your brain. The house shows where you express or like to express your ideas as well as ways you may gain information.

Mercury in the 1st house: Because the 1st house rules image, this placement can indicate a curious, intellectual, and restless energy. People with Mercury here are inquisitive and talkative – they have a strong desire to share information verbally. They can also be prolific writers, which means they can excel in any career where writing is involved. This placement can also indicate people who love to hear themselves talk. if negatively aspected, it can produce a boor who always wants to be the smartest person in the room. Famous people with this placement: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton.

Mercury in the 2nd house: If Mercury sits here, there is a preoccupation with money matters. The mind tends to be practical and security-oriented. The focus is on results. If there are no obvious results from any given action, then it’s not going to wash. As you can guess, this is an excellent placement for business owners and economists, as well as people involved any aspect of the finance industry. Mercury in the second can indicate business acumen and a desire to learn more to earn more. If negatively aspected, it can indicate someone who is only concerned with profit. Think: Ferengi. Famous people with this placement: Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Ellen DeGeneres, Fidel Castro.

Mercury in the 3rd house: Mercury is dignified in this position because of the connection to Gemini. This indicates a keen mind with great intellectual abilities. Communication is important and individuals with this placement may be great orators, writers, or journalists. Much time is spent on correspondence. Because the mind is quick, learning comes easy to people with this position of Mercury. They can be excellent pupils who are quite fond of education. When negatively aspected, Mercury in the 3rd indicates a gossipy nature that can get in trouble through sharing information that should be kept secret. Famous people with this placement: Sandra Bullock, Britney Spears, Jim Carrey, Jared Leto.

Mercury in the 4th house: This placement indicates a home where much mental activity occurs. Learning will be important to these individuals – and to their parents. Most likely, the parents instilled good study habits or were a fan of higher education – and they may have insisted that the individual get as much education as possible. The home could also be a place of work – for example, a home office or a library may be in the dwelling. An interest in real estate, genealogy, politics, or travel may be present. Sometimes, this placement can indicate someone who moves about a lot. If the cases of an afflicted Mercury, this can produce someone who rarely settles down – or who ends up in lots of intellectual or political disagreements with the family. Famous people with this placement: JayZ, Mick Jagger, Katie Holmes, Ted Bundy.

Mercury in the 5th house: Mercury in the 5th house gives an interest in the arts as well as an ability to express oneself creatively. Individuals with Mercury here tend to have a dramatic flair when communicating, which can make them good at acting. This placement can produce talented writers, playwrights, teachers, and art critics. Because of the connection to investments, this can also be a favorable position for anyone who works in the stock market. Romance runs through the mind – intellectual stimulation is needed or the natives grow quickly bored. As parents, individuals with Mercury in the 5th will be closely involved with their children’s intellectual developments. If Mercury is afflicted, this placement can produce gamblers or people who take foolish risks with their money. It can also indicate a cruel critic who gets pleasure out of bashing artists…or their spouse. Famous people with this placement: Steve Jobs, Prince William, Tyra Banks, Yoko Ono.

Mercury in the 6th house: Like Mercury in the 3rd, this is another dignified placement due to the connection to Virgo. Sixth house Mercury folks are detail-oriented and analytical. Much of their mental energy is dedicated to working and acquiring specialized knowledge for the work they do. Intellectual ability is amplified, which means individuals with Mercury here may be mentally agile with superior minds. There are perfectionist tendencies with work and a desire to serve. This is a favorable position for people who work in science, research, technology, veterinary, or the healthcare industry. In an afflicted chart, it can indicate hypochondria or a tendency to work to the point of exhaustion. Famous people with this placement: Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus, Marilyn Manson, Charles Manson.

Mercury in the 7th house: Relationships are important to people with Mercury in the 7th house. They enjoy working in partnerships. In fact, they often prefer it to working solo. Communication with partners is vital – they want to “talk things out” and do not enjoy the silent treatment. However, this placement can also indicate an individual who likes a good debate – especially when they are on the winning side of the argument. Intellectual rapport is crucial in romance. Without it, they grow quickly bored of the relationship. People with this placement can make fine lawyers, counselors, salespeople or marketers. In an afflicted chart, Mercury in the 7th can indicate an argumentative nature, which can cause problems for relationships. That hen-pecking type? Yep. That. Famous people with this placement: Gwyneth Paltrow, Clint Eastwood, JK Rolling, Pope Francis.

Mercury in the 8th house: This position of Mercury indicates a deep thinker who likes to dig for facts. The mind is probing and there is interest in the occult, psychology, finances, and issues around death and the afterlife. Individuals may also be psychic and able to see right through a situation. They have strong bullshit detectors and are not afraid to bring things out into the open. In fact, they are pretty good at ferreting out even the most closely held secret. They like to keep secrets too. Nothing is off limits for them. Taboo and shocking things give them the jollies. They are good in careers in financial or estate planning, metaphysics, insurance, or any sort of spiritual work. If afflicted, this placement produces a vengeful nature who never forgets a slight. Don’t piss these people off. EVER. Famous people with this placement: Sean Penn, Coco Chanel, Vin Deisel, Jeffrey Dahmer.

Mercury in the 9th house: This is a fine placement for Mercury – it creates an interest in philosophy, higher education, and the world. People with this position are curious about what’s happening around the world and love to travel to see how the other half lives. Generally, they have strong moral compasses, and ethics guide their decisions. Acquiring knowledge is important to them – even if they cannot pursue higher education, they will still remain studious throughout their lifetimes, gathering information where they can. If Mercury is afflicted here, the individuals can become quite dogmatic in their beliefs – and may shove their opinions down other people’s throats. The self-righteous religious nut would be an example. Famous people with this placement: Gwen Stefani, Nicole Kidman, Robert Downey Jr, John Travolta.

Mercury in the 10th house: People who have this placement of Mercury are oftentimes great public speakers, able to rouse crowds and inspire. Their words carry an aura of authority, which can make them powerful leaders, especially in politics. Knowledge is gathered for the sole purpose of furthering their ambitions. This also gives an ability to be quite versatile – they may be known for more than one talent – or they may juggle two careers simultaneously. This is a strong placement for politicians, speechwriters, executives, thought leaders, or for those who work in media or communications. When negativity aspected, it can produce someone who uses dishonest means to acquire power. Famous people with this placement: Martin Luther King Jr, Jennifer Lawrence, Courtney Love, William Shakespeare.

Mercury in the 11th house: That person who seems to effortlessly make connections wherever they go may have this placement of Mercury. It creates an ability to network with ease and a love of communication with friends and associates. Individuals with this position are able to work the room and benefit from having a large network. They like to travel in circles with intellectuals and influencers. That being said, they can be open to all walks of life. Group activities, as well as humanitarian and community work, are appealing to these folks. If afflicted, they may be fickle or fair-weather friends, who use people for gain. This placement may also produce unreliable or shady friends. Or, in some cases, the individuals may be sheep, susceptible to groupthink and unable to think for themselves. Famous people with this placement: Donald Trump, Angelina Jolie, David Bowie, Nicki Minaj.

Mercury in the 12th house: Twelfth house Mercury people may not be comfortable revealing what they think. Instead, they need time to process their thoughts and emotions before they are able to put it out there on the line. Shy and introverted, they can appear aloof. It’s not that they are standoffish – they just need time to develop trust. Emotions guide their decisions. Intuition will always trump the logic. They are excellent keepers of secrets, which makes them people you can trust. Tell them anything – mums the word. When Mercury is afflicted in this house, it can indicate escapist tendencies or neurosis. The individuals can also get hung up on things that happened many moons ago, making it hard for them to be in the present. Famous people with this placement: Madonna, Vladimir Putin, Adele, Andy Warhol.

What does Kim Kardashian’s Mercury tell you about her? Where does she express herself?



Homework! Grab your chart and find your Mercury. Where are you thinking?

Next month, we’re going to begin focusing on Venus through the houses. This will show where you express romance.

But until then…

Keep gazing at the stars – and stay curious,


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