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In the next part of our Star School series, we’re looking at the planets through the houses.

In this lesson, we’ll look at the Jupiter in the houses in the natal chart.

Last month, we looked at Mars in the houses. This month, we’re looking at Jupiter.

Star School Lesson 28: Jupiter in the Houses

A gentle reminder: Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, and philosophical beliefs. This shows where you’re big ’n lucky and a bit of a philosopher. It’s where you do things on an epic level. Jupiter can also show where you’re generous to a fault.

Jupiter in the 1st house: If you’ve got Jupiter here, you’re going to be friendly and optimistic for this placement indicates personality plus. Individuals with Jupiter in the 1st tend to have a sunny approach to life – they like to look for the good in any given situation. Popular and well-liked, they tend to have a wide social circle. Travel broadens the horizon so they are often found hitting the road for parts funknown. As a rule, they have good ethics and make great spiritual leaders, unless Jupiter is afflicted. A negatively aspected first house Jupiter can produce an egomaniac, hypocrite, or blowhard who promises but rarely delivers. Jupiter in the 1st house individuals need to keep an eye on the waistline for often this placement can indicate portliness. Famous people with this placement: Rihanna, Bill Clinton, Jane Fonda, Joseph Stalin.

Jupiter in the 2nd house: Jupiter in the 2nd house can indicate wealth. This is the house of money, honey and because Jupiter expands, individuals with this placement may have excellent business acumen or just some darn good fortune when it comes to the material side of life. They attract what they need and want with more ease than most folks. That doesn’t mean that they don’t work – they do. But they seem to get those rewards for it a lot quicker than most of us. In some cases, they have fortunate financial circumstances that give them a head start (ex: a rich parent).  If Jupiter is afflicted, the money can be lost through unwise speculation or foolish risks. Or it may be that the individual spends lavishly and lives beyond their means. In some cases, an afflicted Jupiter can indicate major financial losses through bad luck or poor judgment. Famous people with this placement: Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Madonna, Britney Spears.

Jupiter in the 3rd house: Big thinkers, that’s what people with Jupiter in the 3rd house are. They see the world through an expansive, optimistic, and spiritually-oriented lens. Which means: they are often able to see the bigger picture, especially when others cannot. There is much interest in education, philosophy, and religion. Individuals with this placement look to broaden their perspective through travel and exploration of other cultures. Relationships with siblings tend to be positive overall unless Jupiter is afflicted. If that is the case, there can be drama with brothers and sisters. An afflicted Jupiter can also bring travel woes. But even so, you can count on these Pollyannas to make something good out of it. Golly gee! Famous people with this placement: Leonardo Da Vinci, Mick Jagger, Gordon Ramsey, Halle Berry.

Jupiter in the 4th house: Because of the connection to Cancer, this placement is accidentally exalted. Which means: if you have Jupiter here, that’s pretty fortunate. Jupiter in the 4th can indicate a happy upbringing and a joyful, secure domestic situation. Folks with this placement generally have good relationships with the family and are able to attain comfortable homes. In some cases, they may even inherit family heirlooms or the family homestead. This placement can also indicate a childhood home with strong moral and religious tones. This placement can also indicate a large extended family. Think: The Waltons. Individuals may enjoy a strong standing in the community as well. If afflicted, Jupiter in the 4th can indicate people who fare better when they move out of the family home. Family members may prove to be a burden or may be oppressive in some other way. For example, the parents may be extremely pushy with religious beliefs. This could cause the individual to want to be as far the heck away from the family as possible. Famous people with this placement: Brad Pitt, Paul McCartney, Cher, Kesha.

Jupiter in the 5th house: This placement of Jupiter bestows the individual with creative gifts and good luck with children. They may be fruitful, with a large family of their own, or they may work in fields that are related to children (ex: teachers). This placement indicates good parents, the best. These are the kind who will go to great lengths to ensure their children are loved and well-provided for. They will also be keenly interested in making sure their children receive a proper education. The 5th house also rules romance, which indicates these peeps may be lucky in love or have many opportunities for romantic relationships. If Jupiter is afflicted, it can produce loss through the stock market or a promiscuity. It can also indicate a parent who puts the child’s needs above their own, to their own detriment (ex: the parent who allows the grown child to remain on their couch well after the college years.) Famous people with this placement: Tom Cruise, Miley Cyrus, Kourtney Kardashian, Matthew McConaughey.

Jupiter in the 6th house: Jupiter in the 6th house peeps are at their best when their work is focused around service. They do well in the healing arts: nursing, massage, or holistic healing such as acupuncture are all good careers for these helpful folks. When their work is meaningful, they thrive and attract all the work they could ever want. Luck comes through coworkers and relationships should be harmonious in the workplace, unless Jupiter is afflicted. Health is overall good unless the individual is overly indulgent in food or drink. In that case, this placement can indicate weight gain and disorders to the liver. When Jupiter is negatively aspected, these people can have enemies at work who smile to their face and jeopardize their success.  Or they may have a reputation for laziness. A poorly aspected Jupiter can also bring an arrogant, holier-than-thou attitude that comes off as contempt or disrespect. Naturally, that doesn’t bode well for career and can spell trouble – as in good opportunities that go sour due to the individual’s condescending attitude. Would you want to work with some like that? Probably not. Famous people with this placement: Cameron Diaz, Oprah Winfrey, Ben Affleck, John Holmes.

Jupiter in the 7th house: This placement of Jupiter brings luck with relationships. Individuals attract great partners for love and business. Often, there is good karma around relationships – these folks know how to be a loving, positive partner, therefore they tend to attract excellent people to them. Sometimes, Jupiter in this house can indicate marrying someone of means – or marrying up. Business partnerships are likely to bring benefits too in the material realm. People with this placement make excellent lawyers and diplomats because they are concerned with justice. If Jupiter is negatively aspected, this can bring about partners who take advantage of the individual. This could manifest as a business partner who screws ‘em over or a romantic partner who turns out to be a gold digger. Famous people with this placement: Taylor Swift, Vladimir Putin, Drake, Jennifer Garner.

Jupiter in the 8th house: If Jupiter sits in the 8th house, you’re blessed with intuition, a raging libido, and luck with other people’s money. In traditional astrology, this is often seen as the “inheritance” placement. Keep in mind that money can come through other ways as well: through marriage, litigation, insurance, in-laws, or winnings. (PS this doesn’t mean you should waste your time with scratch offs. The lottery is still pretty hard to win, yo.)  Individuals are often keenly interested in life after death as well as what makes other people tick. They make excellent mediums, psychologists, psychics, as well as morticians, accountants, and financial advisors. This placement often indicates a healthy body and a peaceful, easy death. If Jupiter is afflicted, they can be sex fiends who’ll try anything once (or twice), or they may experience drama around inheritances or taxes. Famous people with this placement: Michael Jackson, Clint Eastwood, Snoop Dogg, Gigi Hadid.

Jupiter in the 9th house: This is a fantastic placement for Jupiter because Jupiter rules the 9th. Individuals are fond of higher education, philosophy, and travel. Often, they travel widely because they are interested in broadening their horizons as well as seeing how the other half lives. They can be excellent teachers or writers. Or they may get involved in a spiritual career or the publishing industry. If Jupiter is negatively aspected, they can become religious extremists – or hypocrites. That person who thinks they are a walking god or who follows some dubious guru? Yep. That. Famous people with this placement: Keanu Reeves, David Bowie, George Harrison, Gwen Stefani.

Jupiter in the 10th house: Another excellent placement of Jupiter, the 10th house opens the door for luck in the career. Advancement is possible and individuals with Jupiter here may rise to prominence in their chosen profession. Rewards, promotion, and in some cases, fame, are all possible. Their reputation is usually solid, which makes them perfect people for public office. They can be effective politicians and, if they go this route, could be instrumental in bringing about positive changes for their country. Sometimes this placement can indicate financial success through the career too. If Jupiter is afflicted, career ambitions may trump the home life, leaving the individuals alone or making them prone to divorce. As the old saying goes, it’s lonely at the top. An extremely negatively aspected Jupiter here can also bring a rise followed by a public disgrace. Famous people with this placement: Angelina Jolie, Nicki Minaj, Prince William, Robert Pattinson.

Jupiter in the 11th house: Jupiter in the 10th house peeps enjoy large circles of friends and are often able to achieve their goals through the help of these friendships. Groups and associations bring benefits and these folks may be leaders amongst certain groups. This placement favors humanitarians and those who like to be involved in helping society in some way. Brotherhood is important to them and if they are your friend, count yourself lucky because they are loyal to the core. If Jupiter is afflicted, it produces the fair-weather friend who uses others for their own gain. When you want the favor returned, they are nowhere to be found and most likely on to the next buddy. Famous people with this placement: Kanye West, Adele, Will Ferrell, Bill Maher.

Jupiter in the 12th house: This placement of Jupiter often puts a spiritual guide or shield around the individual – kind of like a guardian angel. During times of trouble, they are able to access that help. Those people who always seem to get saved in the 11th hour may have Jupiter here. Jupiter in the 12th gives an interest in spirituality and meditation as well as an enhanced intuition. These sensitive folk can feel out what’s going on, which makes spiritual work ideal for them. They can also be found working in hospitals, churches, charities, or institutions – anywhere where they can help others. They love to serve and have no trouble putting others before themselves. If Jupiter is negatively aspected, it can bring out neuroses or delusions. Instead of facing reality, they get lost in escapism and may end up becoming dependent on others. Famous people with this placement: Barack Obama, Justin Beiber, Demi Moore, Mila Kunis.

Check out Kim Kardashian’s Jupiter. Where is she lucky and generous?

Homework! Grab your chart and find your Jupiter. Where are you a lucky duck?

Next month, we’re going to cover Saturn through the houses. This will show where you’re learning the big lessons.

But until then…

Keep gazing at the stars – and stay curious,


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