Tarot Bytes Episode 121: Boundaries for Tarot Readers with Sarah Barry

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Episode 121: Boundaries for Tarot Readers with Sarah Barry

If you’re going to read tarot for the public, it’s not enough to have a trusty deck and great tarot skills. You also need boundaries. Boundaries will protect your energy – and your business.

In this episode of Tarot Bytes, I’m joined by Sarah Barry aka Psychic Sarah for a frank chat about boundaries for tarot readers. Sarah shares tips on how to handle aggressive clients, freebie seekers, and all sorts of other challenging situations. This is an essential lesson for tarot professionals or for anyone who works in a metaphysical or healing industry.

About Sarah:

Tarot Bytes Episode 121: Boundaries for Tarot Readers with Sarah BarrySarah Barry, a.k.a. Psychic Sarah, has been a full-time professional tarot reader since 2003. She works from her private tarot office on Gadigal land in the Eora Nation, Newtown, Sydney, Australia where she does face-to-face readings, as well as readings via phone, Skype and email. She enjoys being a catalyst for transformation in her clients’ lives, and feels fortunate to have the opportunity to sit with a huge cross-section of society.

Outside of tarot reading, she teaches tarot classes, makes and sells ‘Psychic Sarah’s Queen of Cups Chai’, maintains a daily Vipassana meditation practice, and rides a highly decorated glittery-floral-tarot-art bicycle through the streets of Sydney. 

You can find out more about her work at sarahthepsychic.com and follow her on Instagram @sarahthepsychic 


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