Tarot Bytes Episode 126: Inclusivity in the Tarot Community

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Episode 126: Inclusivity in the Tarot Community

The tarot community is diverse – and becoming more so day by day. But how can we make sure that everyone has a seat at the tarot table? What can we do in our community to make sure everyone is welcomed? In this episode, I’ve invited Gabriela Herstik, Angela Mary Magick, and Jordan Rayne – three people I respect from the tarot and magick community to talk about how we can create a welcoming, positive environment for every tarot person.

About Gabriela Herstik:

Tarot Bytes Episode 126: Inclusivity in the Tarot Community with Garbiela HerstikGabriela Herstik is a fashion alchemist, columnist and LA based witch. She is the author of “Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to The Ancient Craft”, and writes the “Ask A Witch” column for NYLON, and the “High Priestess” column for High Times Magazine.



About Angela Mary Magick:

Tarot Bytes Episode 126: Inclusivity in the Tarot CommunityAngela Mary is the creatrix of her moon infused ATMOSPHERE MYST~Spell Spray, hand printed Altar Cloths and now her Black Sacred Salt. She offers Tarot Sessions both face to face & at a distance. Angela creates Magick Spells in three forms through her precious MOON COVEN Community Ritual Spells, bespoke one-on-one Spells and free Magick on Instagram called ALTARed STATES. Fly over to her nest on Instagram @angelamarymagick & at www.AngelaMaryMagick.com , for all the divine details. Remember Magick is your birth-rite & Everything is a Spell…



About Jordan Rayne:

Tarot Bytes - 126 - Inclusivity In the Tarot Community with Jordan RayneJordan is queer trans reader and witch who is inspired by community and this miracle of a planet. He loves the tarot, connection, ritual, and co-creating healing for the collective. You can find him on Instagram at Sincerely the Tarot.



About V:

Tarot Bytes Episode 126: Inclusivity in the Tarot Community with V of Red Light Readings“V. is a “round the way” girl with class, sass, and pizazz, that just so happens to read cards. As the Intuitive Mistress behind RedLight Readings and referred to as “The Tarot BFF” by her clients and those in the tarot world, V.’s reading style is that of a best friend who’s mission is to give straight-forward advice to help others make empowered decisions for taking charge in every aspect their lives. If ever you find yourself at a crossroads, don’t lose your head, “Get Red!”

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