Tarot Bytes Episode 134: Tarot for Liberation with Erin Aquarian

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Episode 134: Tarot for Liberation with Erin Aquarian

Tarot isn’t just for divination. It can be a tool for healing, empowerment, and liberation. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, I’m joined by Erin Aquarian to discuss tarot for liberation. Whether you’re looking to transform yourself, or the world, tarot can be your trusted ally. I LOVE the way Erin works with the cards – I learned a lot and so will you.

About Erin:

Tarot Bytes Episode 134 Tarot for Liberation with Erin Aquarian Erin Aquarian is a college drop out, intuitive healer, artist/musician and anti-establishment mystic/paradigm shifter living in Portland, Oregon. Eleven years ago, the tarot came into her life and inspired her to stop destroying herself and dedicate her life to healing instead. Before long, this new lifestyle inspired an imaginary dream job to be a ‘full-time witch’, and her path has unfolded in wildly mysterious ways since.

Erin knows from personal experience that healing can be hard and lonely work and often, not fun. She seeks to share practical, magical insight and practices that can help us heal and bring that into the world we live in. She wants to see everything, including the healing arts, become equitable and intersectional, therefore aims to make her own offerings as accessible as possible. Erin’s Aquarius sun/Capricorn rising/Scorpio moon make her readings cosmic yet grounded, powerful, honest and real. Her readings have a social justice/queer/anti-oppression slant and are delivered with humility, love, humor, and compassion.

When she isn’t channeling downloads, doing readings, teaching classes, or making Tarot TV and other weird videos, Erin sings and writes songs in her band Void Realm. Creativity helps her transmute of all the rage, depression and grief she feels on a daily basis about the unjust state of the world. She hopes being open about her own struggles and process will help others in theirs. Erin is inspired by all of the amazing people she gets to connect with through her work as a witch and with the tarot, both online and IRL. Stop by her website, www.erinaquarian.com, or say hi to @fulltimewitch on Instagram if you want to know what she is up to or see what she has to offer.


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