Tarot Bytes Episode 219 - Tarot and the Hero’s Journey with Maisy Bristol

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Episode 219 – Tarot and the Hero’s Journey with Maisy Bristol

The Major Arcana is associated with the bigger picture and spiritual lessons. In a way, it can be compared to The Hero’s Journey, a myth about a hero who embarks on a journey and must overcome challenges along the way. This transforms them on a deep level. Tarot reader Maisy Bristol joins me to talk about the hero’s journey in the tarot cards.

About Maisy:

Tarot Bytes Episode 219 - Tarot and the Hero’s Journey with Maisy BristolMaisy Bristol is a sought-after tarot teacher and astrologer that guides individuals towards clarity and self-development. Maisy specializes in offering one-on-one readings that provide her audience the healing tools they need for a deeper understanding of their mental health, relationships, and life choices. Her work helps people dial into their inner wisdom for self-development and reflection when going through transformative challenges. Maisy began reading tarot twelve years ago, at the age of 15, when she found an old, ratted Rider-Waite deck lying around her house. This mild interest developed into a secret hobby that eventually shifted into a profession and incredible love. Maisy brings a brighter style to her readings that allow clients to see the positive perspective to the changes in their lives. In addition to tarot, Maisy offers expert birth charts and synastry astrological readings to explain how the natal chart affects ways to approach love, career, and daily life. Maisy’s mystical work has been featured in Town & Country, POPSUGAR, Refinery29, Marie Claire, New York Magazine, and more. Most recently, Maisy developed a comprehensive online tarot course that offers guidance interpreting tarot cards, creating spreads, and tapping into intuition. Her relatable and personable approach to her courses brings a comprehensive understanding of how to master the world of tarot.


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