Tarot Journaling: Stickers

Some folks like to keep their tarot journals simple. But then there are people like me: maximalists. Instead of sticking to writing, we want all the embellishments. We want STICKERS!

I use stickers in my planning journal. It makes me happy to look at my weekly calendar and see the bright images and colorful quotes dotted amongst my scribblings. So adorning my tarot journal with stickers? YES PLEASE.

Back in the day, before the interwebs, I was unable to find properly illustrated tarot stickers. I had one journal with blank tarot stickers that allowed me to write the title or draw the card myself. While this was acceptable, I wanted the art done for me. Thankfully, the internet is filled with plenty of tarot stickers available for purchase. 

Tarot Journaling: Stickers

Find a pack you like. Then, use the stickers to represent your readings. Simple as that. But if you’re a maximalist (and sticker addict) like me, you might want to add other stickers to your pages. I love florals, animals, and anything vintage. The Victorian era is my jam!

Gussy up your page in a way that delights you. Because ultimately, your tarot journal isn’t just a tool for learning – it’s an expression of YOU.



Mini Thoth Tarot stickers

The Weiser Tarot Journal Sticker Book

The Antiquarian Sticker Book: Over 1,000 Exquisite Victorian Stickers

The Antiquarian Sticker Book: Imaginarium

The journal pictured is The Weiser Tarot Journal.

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images from personal collection and Eryn Eaton

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