The Tarot Lady’s Manifesto

I believe that nothing is concretely fated, and that every prediction has several escape chutes.

I’m in love with flickering candles, private rituals, public declarations, and the incredible tension between decisions, intentions & action.

I’ve learned that yoga is better with a gangsta rap soundtrack, and that the best kind of companions are healthy, happy, heart-centered freaks.

I’ve discovered that when you really know what you want, the universe throws you a celestial high-five, and confirms your choices with positive reinforcement. Again. And again.

I’ve realized that I have a peculiar tolerance for adult beverages, but I only use my powers for good.

I know that you’ve suffered (me too) and that sometimes, the future you want to create feels impossibly distant, shrouded & vague.

I’ve got the skills to serve as a catalyst for your karma, and a whip-cracker for your wisdom.

You want to play with your potential? And make intuitive choices that carry you forward, with courage & confidence?

I can’t say I’m surprised.

I knew this was coming.

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