The Tarotcast - a 12 month Tarot Forecast

A 12-month Tarot-inspired forecast for your life — or business.

There’s a lot that you want to do + experience this year.

Creative projects. Vacations and family trips. Hot date nights with your honey.

Maybe you want to apply for a promotion at work — or launch a new product or service for your business. Or record a new hip-hop-reggae mash-up album. (OK, maybe that’s just if you’re Snoop Dogg.)

Point being: there’s a lot on your wishlist.

The question is: What are the ideal times for everything you want to do?

Enter: The Tarotcast.

A 12-month Tarot-inspired forecast for your life — or business.

You get clear instructions on where to focus your energy… which months are best for certain projects and experiences… and how to get the absolute most out of your year.

Your Tarotcast is $160. You email me a few basic details about yourself and 7 days later you get a clear, exciting forecast for the next 12 months — delivered to your inbox.

Your Tarotcast includes 13 cards, total — with simple explanations for each one in plain English (no cosmo-babble).

Want a breakdown? You get:


1 card that represents your “big theme” for the next 12 months.

This card indicates how you need to be showing up this year. The most powerful “persona” to step into and channel. The version of “you” that — when fully expressed — will lead to the most productivity, happiness, satisfaction, wealth, and impact.

12 cards that represent your best possible life for the next 12 months.

Each of these 12 cards indicate what to focus on, what to clear away, and how to maximize your time and energy, month by month. 

This kind of forecast is awesomely helpful for planning product launches, choosing vacation time, and scheduling big events — like weddings and business retreats.

Align your actions with the cards, and you’ll be setting yourself up for a year of greater synchronicity and ease.

How to get your Tarotcast:

– Make your payment using the drop-down menu and button below. You’ll be able to indicate whether you want a Tarotcast for your Life or your Business… (or you can buy both)! Cost is $160.00 USD.

– Then, send an email to

– Include your full name, birthdate, time and place of birth (if possible) in your email. If you’re comfortable including a photo of yourself, too, that’s very helpful.

– If you’ve selected a Tarotcast for your Business, please add the following extra details to your email: your profession, the name of your business, and your website (if you have one).

– Want to go above and beyond? Tell me three things that you’re hoping to do or experience this year (a big vacation, a cross-country move, a major business launch…). You don’t have to go into tremendous detail — just briefly let me know what’s at the top of your wishlist. This will help me to identify your prime months for action!

– You’ll receive your Tarotcast within 7 days. Rest assured: I’m freakishly punctual.

– If you don’t receive a reply within 7 days, please check the Spam / Trash / Promotions folders in your inbox, just in case my email got filtered there by mistake.

– Still don’t see anything? Please email me and I’ll get you sorted out. Thank you!

How to pay:


Select the Tarotcast topic that you want — Life or Business — from the drop-down menu below.

Hey there! This offer is on hiatus. Get on the waitlist and you’ll be notified when they are available again.

The Tarotcast Buzz

“I refer to my Tartocast on the 1st of each month, and I just laugh at how accurate it is! I love having this little esoteric wink from beyond as a really helpful, intuitive business tool – it works perfectly alongside my business plan and The Spreadsheet Of Abundance. Working for oneself can be a lonely old business – we’ve chosen to bring our medicine to the world without having a path to follow. We have to rely on our creativity and intuition to guide us (no wonder being a business owner brings up all our stuff). The Tarotcast is a fabulously reassuring and fun way to access that still-point of knowing within.”

~ Sas Petherick, Coach, Thought-wrangler,

“I had some pretty big plans for 2015. But I couldn’t help but wonder if I was asking too much of 2015. You know, like when you fall in love with the bad boy and you think you’re gonna change him? Yeah. I was a little worried I was doing that to poor unsuspecting 2015.

And then Theresa gave me a Tarotcast for the year. Turns out 2015 has some pretty big plans for ME. Right. ON.

And now I know what they are, when they’re showing up and what I need to do to stoke the fire. Thank you, T. You are pure magic. PURE.

~ Tanya Geisler, Leadership Coach,

“I’ve said it before, Theresa is the reader that professional tarot readers go to and her Tarotcast BRINGS IT in a major way. I love the way that Theresa fuses the next 12 months with 12 delicious tarot cards. Her descriptions and predictions for each card are deep and down to earth and she sums everything up beautifully with the “tarot thought” sections so that you walk away inspired, on fire, and with ideas that you can put into action immediately. Anyone who wants more insight into their year ahead should get this service NOW.”

~Briana Saussy, Root worker + Miracle maker,

“I love Theresa’s Yearly Business Tarotcast! Her forecast for January was dead-on accurate, noting disappointment at the beginning of the month and the sweet surprise at the end.

With these forecasts, I feel forewarned and forearmed and I can’t wait to see how the rest of them unfold. I especially appreciate the bit of advice noted as “tarot thought” at the end of each one. Thank you Theresa!”

~ Joanna Powell Colbert, Artist, Teacher, and Mentor,

“Given that I believe you can only be as good as the folks who are backing you up, I make DAMN sure that I have the best people possible on my team. And Theresa Reed is at the top of that list.

First of all she is simply a MASTER at what she does. Her relationship to and understanding of the Tarot is more profound than anyone else I have ever worked with. She is a true seer because she looks DEEP. She tells the truth of what she sees. And she does it with huge mega doses of wisdom and compassion combined with a wild and wacky sense of humor. More than anything else I trust her. She is deeply committed to her work as a reader, a consultant and a guide. She does what she does because she believes in it wholeheartedly. She is simply DRIPPING with integrity. And I also know that she cares about me as her client. And that caring is for real. She wants what’s best for everyone she comes in contact with.

Oh and one more thing… This gal OVERDELIVERS like crazy! I’ve worked with her a lot as a consultant to my biz and life and every reading, every class, every product I have ever has gotten from her has always left me with my jaw dropped open in sheer amazement at the wealth of information and guidance she is able to pack into everything she does.

And the Tarotcast was no exception. With this product she laid out a yearly map for my biz that is radiantly clear in terms of how to engage fully with the energy of any given month. She doesn’t pull any punches when things might be challenging. And she also cheers you on when there is a big, blinding green light urging you to GO! In addition to describing the energetic quality of the month, she gives you INCREDIBLY practical steps to take in order to use these qualities to your best advantage. Her approach is a fabulous combination of visionary woo and hard nosed git er done reality. It’s like a cookbook for your soul work. And if you follow the recipes you’ll get some mighty hearty and delicious real world outcomes.

I pretty much buy anything that Theresa offers. Because her stuff is simply reliably GOOD. Really good. I just can’t WAIT to see what she comes up with next!” ~ Chris Zydel, Creative Juices Arts

“This Tarotcast? Pure genius. I mean, real-and-rooted genius that serves up a beautifully clear map for navigating the road. And, listen, I love beauty as much as the next human. But practicality is the magic word in my world. And, as always, Theresa has created something with an exquisite level of practical kapow. She takes the AHA! + whoa served through her mad Tarot skills + applies this to deliciously specific parts of your business + then distills it down into a clear-and-concrete-and-actionable thing. I have no idea how Theresa does what does. I just know that I love it like crazy + that my world is infinitely better because of it + I want to erect statues in her honor. Also: my business + bank account have been on a solid-and-steady climb since tapping into Theresa’s brilliance became a regular part of my business plan. If you have a business + want some help catching blind spots + navigating what’s next, the Tarotcast is a super concentrated dose of high value help.”

~ Fabeku Fatunmise, Business awesomeizer

“Not only is Theresa a spot-on, consistent, no-nonsense reader for your personal issues. She rocks business advice as well. After having a Tarotcast for business done, I now know who my go-to person is for when I have doubts or have lost my footing in my business. Her Tarotcast for the next twelve months gives me a clear idea of where to focus in my business, what works and what doesn’t and how to take action. It is an invaluable tool for me to have at hand and it has already become a ritual for me to read the guidance for this month on a daily basis so I get immersed in what needs to be done now. Other than guiding, I find it comforting to have my Tarotcast with me at all times, because let’s face it being an entrepreneur can be scary, and thanks to Theresa I know I don’t have to walk this road alone.”

~ Christel Van Gelder, Life Coach

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