There are many opinions about tarot and astrology interpretations

I’ve been working with tarot and astrology for many decades. During this time, I’ve developed my own feelings about what the cards or stars mean. This is based on my experiences.

If you dig around, you’ll see many other tarot readers or astrologers share the same opinions. And there are also plenty who don’t.

For example, some think the Moon in Scorpio is awesome (me!). Others recoil in fear when they see it in a chart. Tarot readers agree the Tower is indicative of a sudden change. But some see this as necessary and good, while others might think it’s an unwelcome downfall.

They are all right. And they have a right to their opinions and interpretations.

On occasion, I encounter someone who doesn’t like my viewpoint. They want to get in my face and shout aloud what “that zodiac sign/card/transit is really all about.” Sometimes I humor them because they may have a point.

But then I remember: this is their lived experience and what they’ve learned from their own studies. They have not been in my shoes or had the same life lessons. For example, I’ve lived with Virgos for most of my life, so I know the sign well. If another person hasn’t, how can they understand my Virgo expertise/point of view?

Of course, there are certain truths astrologers and tarot readers all agree on. For example, you can’t find a lottery win in the Three of Swords, and most folks with Fixed charts are probably pretty damn stubborn.

But there is always room for individuality when it comes to interpretation. There’s your way and my way. You can move on if you don’t like someone else’s point of view. No biggie. And that’s spoken like a true Libra Rising.



Here is my database on tarot card meanings.

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