what if podcast for tarot professionals


A six-part podcast series for Tarot professionals about illness, death, divorce, income loss, retirement, and other uncomfortable topics that most of us don’t want to talk about – but need to discuss.

As a professional Tarot reader, are you setting aside savings for retirement?

If your business partner could no longer work with you, could you run your Tarot business on your own, or would you be paralyzed?

Do you have a plan in the event of an illness or death in your family? What if you become ill or disabled – what happens to your Tarot business and your clientele?

If your spouse lost his or her job, or if you suffered some other type of income loss, could the two of you survive on your Tarot income alone?

These are the big, uncomfortable questions that most Tarot professionals don’t want to discuss. But as a community, we’ve got to start talking.

We can’t bury our heads in the sand and pretend that these types of issues will “resolve themselves” or “go away.” We need to open up about the big issues in our lives so that we can share ideas, support, and strategies.

WHAT IF? is a podcast series – hosted by Theresa Reed and Wald Amberstone – that delves into some of the big “What if?” questions that many of us are privately wondering about.

While we are covering scary topics, this is not a scary podcast.

Our goal is to dissolve some of the “shame” surrounding these big questions and provide encouragement and inspiration.

We want you to savor this podcast series and finish up feeling invigorated, ready to take practical steps to create a more secure future for yourself and your family, feeling empowered to handle whatever life throws your way.

No matter what has happened in your life or career up until this point, your story is not over yet. You get to write the next chapter – and you are definitely not alone.

There are a lot of “What if?” questions and dilemmas – but there are a lot of solutions, too.

We hope this podcast series reveals some new solutions for you – or gets these necessary conversations rolling with you and your loved ones.

Theresa Reed, host & producer & Wald Amberstone, co-producer

Lots of ways to listen in!  You can subscribe via iTunes or listen with Google Play or listen in using the embedded player below or any of the links below the episode descriptions (scroll down and read descriptions of each episode).


Episode 1 – Age Old Questions – age brings wisdom but it also can bring problems.  Problems that you may not have considered.  We’re going to get the conversation started around the What Ifs that you may need to think about as you near – or pass – retirement age.


Episode 2 – Tarot Business – whether you’re new to business, or an established pro, we’re going to discuss how to set yourself up to stay in business, no matter what.

Sites mentioned in the episode:

Free business mentoring: SCORE.

Great classes for starting your business: CreativeLive.

Business Resources for Tarotpreneurs and Mystical Entrepreneurs

From Benebell Wen: Workbook for Devising Your Professional Tarot Business Plan <-totally free + awesome!

From Benebell Wen: Professional Tarot and Tax


Episode 3 – Technology – it’s always evolving.  How to stay on top of an ever-changing technological landscape, even if you are a technophobe.

Sites mentioned in the episode:

Learn different aspects of technology: Lynda.com

Classes at Apple: Apple Workshops


Episode 4 – Just in Case – setting up your business + life so that your loved ones know what to do…just in case.

Sites mentioned in the episode:

To set up systems in your business:  Bombchelle

How to set up a “Legacy File” so that your loved ones are prepared: Legacy Drawer – Keep Your Family Prepared.


Episode 5 – Lone Wolf No More – The importance of community and how to build one.

Join the Reader’s Studio Facebook group for a wonderful tarot-centered community.


Episode 6 – Staying Power – Staying safe, healthy, and sustainable.


thetarotlady_theresareed2014Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady is an intuitive Tarot reader, teacher, mentor and yogi on a mission to take Tarot from hippie to hip.  She’s also the author of the upcoming book: The Tarot Coloring Book (Sounds True). When she’s not reading tarot, she’s busy helping fellow mystics learn how to create sustainable + profitable businesses.  If you are ready for straight talkin’ tarot and a side of biz whizz, get to her online hood: The Tarot Lady or follow her on Twitter @thetarotlady



wald amberstone Wald Amberstone is a Tarot expert and Teacher.  Together with his wife Ruth Ann, he founded The Tarot School, an online resource for ongoing tarot education.  The Tarot School presents an annual tarot conference, The Readers Studio.

The Amberstones are authors of The Secret Language of Tarot (Weiser), Tarot Tips: 78 Practical Techniques to Enhance Your Tarot Reading Skills (Llewellyn), and contributors to Ciro Marchetti’s Legacy of the Divine Tarot and Llewellyn’s Tarot Reader almanacs. Schiffer Books has recently published The High Deck, a symbolic deck of cards created by Wald’s father, Arthur Amberstone.

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