In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’m interviewing some very strong and dynamic women on my site this month.  We’ll be talking about empowerment (and a little tarot and intuitive arts as well).  

Prudence Theriault

Today we are chatting with fellow tarot reader, Prudence J.M. Theriault.  Prudence has been reading professionally for many years now and is also a respected teacher as well as a certified hypnotherapist.  Read what this wise woman has to say about women and power below:

Q:  What does it mean to be a powerful woman?
Prudence: To me being powerful means being confident in my abilities. No second guessing, no self doubt.

Q:   When do you feel most powerful?
Prudence:  This could be giving a Tarot reading, teaching, reading at a large corporate event, being on stage or in front of the camera.

Q:  Tell me about an experience in your life that made you feel empowered.
Prudence:  In September 2012 I traveled to Cornwall, England by myself. It felt great and I had wonderful experiences at stone circles, cathedrals and jails! Just to mention a few places. I’ve had a strong connection to England since I was a teenager.

Q:   What inspires you to be on your path?
Prudence:  Helping people. It feels great when you can truly help someone with an insightful Tarot reading.  It’s also about being self employed at something I love. 

Q:  How can tarot or other intuitive arts help women to feel empowered?
Prudence:  Learning the Tarot is one of the best things you can do to build your self confidence! It’s something about trusting your intuition to deliver a message and listening to that message. Learning Tarot for yourself is good but when you take that next step and put yourself out there to read for others, to me that is a huge sign of being empowered.I see power and confidence building in my students during my four night Tarot classes and also my “Develop Your Intuitive Skills” class. It’s all about learning to trust yourself, listening to yourself.


Bio: Prudence Theriault is a certified Tarot Master/Instructor.  She has been reading professionally since 1995.  She teaches Tarot, “Develop Your Intuitive Skills” and “Introduction to Hypnotherapy” at Columbia Greene Community College in Hudson, NY and Knowledge Network in Albany, NY.  She also  writes for The Columbia Insider’s “Dear Prudence” Advice column using the Tarot to answer the public’s questions.  She is also a contributor to The TV – “Two Minute Tarot” Insights on the TV media. She is also a Certified Hypnotist. 

Her website:

Her YouTube channel: The TV Tarot

Facebook page: Tarot Fox


Many thanks to Prudence to making time for this interview!



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