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Wanna become a tarot gunslinger?  Ready to get quicker on the draw, more efficient and more badass?  Gonzo Tarot is a series of quirky and unorthodox Tarotcises designed to get you thinking on your feet, overcoming your fears and gaining mad tarot skillz so that you can read under any circumstances.  Join me and get your tarot on!

Okay Tarotcitas – it’s time for another Tarotcise! I call this one “The Way.”  It’s all about using tarot for strategy.

Here’s the spread:

Your current situation

How to get there

Where you want to be

How it works:

Consciously pick a card to represent where you are now. (This process is called picking a significator.)

Now, pick go through the deck and pick a card to represent where you WANT to be.

Lay the two significators out with space between them.

Shuffle the deck. Fan the deck out, face down. Choose one to three cards. This will represent how to get to your goal (the bridge to it). Put those in the middle of the significators.


One of my clients recently left his job and was looking to create financial security through his own business. The card he picked for now was Six of Swords (in transition, leaving behind an unfavorable situation).

The card he picked for where he wants to go: Nine of Pentacles (self sufficiency, financial security, wealth).

He picked one card for the “bridge” and got: The Devil reversed (liberation, release). We discussed this card and he recognized that he had deeper spiritual work to do around money. Most of us have “dirty money stories” that often trips us up just as we are making progress. He comes from a family that frowns on luxury and believes that “everything requires hard work.” After some contemplation, we came up with strategies to help him start breaking through his own limiting beliefs so that he could fully step into self sufficiency without feeling guilty or overwhelmed.

This fun tarotcise is a great way to begin learning how to use tarot as a prompt for strategizing. After all, your future is never cut in stone. Grab your deck and begin tweaking your fate today. 

“Organize, don’t agonize.” ~ Nancy Pelosi



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014

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