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Two intense planets are going through some changes this month.  Fiery Mars and transformative Pluto are getting ready to get things moving this fall!


Mars in Sagittarius on the13th lightens up some of the intensity of the last few weeks, when it was transiting Scorpio, the sign of sex and death.  Mars is happy in fiery Sagittarius, making this a positive period ahead for all.  Enthusiastic action, travel, and philosophical breakthroughs characterize this lively transit.  However, be on guard for impulsive actions.  Even though Mars will be moving into a fortunate aspect with Jupiter near the end of the month and into October, don’t rely on blind luck – look before you leap with any grand plan that you are trying to push forward.


Pluto direct on the 22nd: Pluto, the planet of regeneration and transformation, has been retrograde since April 14th.  It’s turning direct on the 23rd.  What does this mean?  After months of introspection, it’s time to take actions, particularly in situations revolving around control and old, outworn structures.  The last few months may have given you an opportunity to examine where you need to revamp and re-organize.  In politics, some groups may have been busy behind the scenes working on their strategies.  Expect to start seeing a taste of what is to come in the next election soon.  They’ve been preparing and major shifts are coming in all parties.


Now on to the personal scopes:


Aries:  Work issues demand your attention this month, dear Aries.  You have always been able to talk your way in or out of any situation and this month requires more than average nimble lingo.  Eyes are on you – shine brightly but make sure you keep an eye on your legendary aggressiveness.  Soften your stance and you’ll get ahead faster.  With the Sun and Venus in your 6th house, office flirtations could lead to more.  If you are going to fish off the company dock, be sure to keep it pro.  Relationships become a challenge later in the month.  Squabbles can blow up into a world war if left unchecked.


Taurus:  September may turn out to be a surprisingly sweet month with tender moments between you and your loved ones.  If you have children, expect joy and happiness through them.  Romance is extra warm and fuzzy.  Take advantage of this energy and let your loved ones know how important they are to you.  If you are single, you may be getting more attention than usual from a new suitor (or an old one).  Communicate, flirt, be playful.  At the end of the month, attention is back on the daily work grind.  A bigger project awaits – and gives you a chance to show how much you really know.


Gemini:  This is a great month for anything around the home, dear Gemini.  Whether things need fixing, cleaning, or you’re just in the mood to redecorate, go wild!  You’ve got the Sun and Venus sitting in your 4th house, making September the perfect month for a top to bottom redo.  Clear out the clutter, spruce things up, and get some new furniture.  Your domestic bliss is in full bloom. Channel that inner Martha Stewart and make your home a cozy castle.  Near the end of the month, the Sun moves into your 5th house, which is favorable for romance – or making babies.  Thank goodness your home will be in order, right?


Cancer:  You are an idea machine this month, dear Cancer. The Sun is sitting in your 3rd house of mind, giving you big, brilliant insights.  Your creativity is in high gear and you’ll be able to solve problems, lead like a boss, and stand out as the brilliant thinker you are.  Financially, you may just benefit from some of your brainstorms.  Come out of your shell and bring your ideas forward with confidence.  Venus is also hanging happily in the 3rd – are you craving more romance?  If so, what are you doing to get that?  Are you expressing your needs – or expecting a suitor to be a mindreader?  Don’t play coy.  Say what you want and then go for it!


Leo:  The good times keep rolling for you, dear Leo. This month, your 2nd house of money is stacked with favorable planets.  You may find yourself having a bit more money to play with and play you will!  Financial windfalls and bonuses may land directly in your lap.  That could come through a raise, promotion, gifts, or even through increased business.  This is going to enable you to acquire some new possessions and a little bling!  When Mars enters your 5th house midmonth, be careful with gambling and any sort of speculation.  A bad call at poker table or the stock market could find you losing your gains.  Find the balance between getting what you need without taking foolish risks. However, in romance that risky behavior may pay off well for single Leos – a blind date or night out on the town with your pals may turn out to be fortuitous.  Take a chance on love = win big!


Virgo: Happy birthday, dear Virgo!  This month is all about you (bout time!).  If you’ve been laying low this summer, now is your time to express yourself with vim ‘n vigor.  With the Sun in your 1st house, you’re bound to get all sorts of attention – work the room and make an impression.  This swagger is going to help you get noticed at work and also romantically.  You’re being seen – so work it, supermodel!  Extravagance with your resources may be tempting later in the month but you’ll need to keep this in check.  While a brand new set of threads or wheels may seem like a good way to rock your street cred even more, it may be wiser to invest that moola into healthier ways to pamper yourself.   Splurge on a green smoothie instead!



Libra:  Libra, you are going to be feeling a massive energy shift quickening inside you.  After a social summer, you’re taking a break to conserve your energy and creativity for bigger, bolder things.  The Sun in your 12th demands you take a time out. It’s because you’re on to something and you know it.  You are stewing and percolating some major things behind the scenes.  You may be operating like Mata Hari for much of the month but by the 22nd, you’re ready to bring that brilliance forward.  Best part?  Everyone is going to be surprised by the new stuff you’re dropping and the new you that is emerging.  This is rebirth time, baby.   Go within and later on you’ll be going big!


Scorpio:  You’ve been on overdrive for the last few weeks, dear Scorpio. With Mars cruising through your sign, you probably got a lot done.  Now it’s time for a bit of play.  Your 11th house of social activity is buzzing like a bee hive and you’re being called to leave your bat cave a bit.  Get out there and nab those invites!  Even with a fuller social calendar, you’ll manage to get all your work done and then some.  Mid month, Mars moves into your 2nd house indicating rewards for a job well done and some impulse spending.  Retail therapy may sound like the answer but if you’re not careful, you may splurge away any possible gains.


Sagittarius: Your reputation is getting a big boost, dear Sagittarius!  With an active 10th house, you are dazzling the world with your brilliance.  Keep on shining strong and you’ll be getting accolades from peers and superiors alike.  This month may give you a strong gain in your career.  A banging new offer, a hefty promotion, or some mega publicity for a job well done.  You are flying with the jet set now so be the biggest version of you and don’t hold back.  Mid month, Mars slips into your sign, amping up the energy.  Expect some hyper activity as you glide into fall.   No caffeine necessary.


Capricorn: Get ready to hit the road, dear Capricorn! The Sun is lighting up your 9th house of travel, making September the perfect time to get away from it all.  Whether you are doing a Labor Day camping adventure or something more exotic, there is no better way to shift from summer to fall with one more vacation.  You also have the opportunity to make your mark at work.  Mercury is gracing your 10th house, giving the you ability to wow your boss with your smarty pants ideas.  If you see a unique solution to a problem, don’t hold back.  That insight may turn out to be your next rung up the ladder.


Aquarius: Your intuition is scary accurate this month, dear Aquarius, thanks to some sweet planetary action in your 8th house.  If you trust your gut, you will hit the nail on the head every time.  Your subconscious is highly tuned in – expect prophetic dreams, killer instincts, and signs from the Universe all month long.  This is going to be especially helpful when it comes to your love life.  You’ll be an expert in sussing out potential partners – or figuring out what your current amour really wants.  Your sensitivity will help you to be a better, more attentive lover.  (PS you can use your gift this month to make better decisions with your money.  If it feels like a bum deal, it probably is.)


Pisces:  Relationships are demanding a lot of attention this month, dear Pisces.  Your 7th house is very active and you can be sure that your loved ones will be needing you more than ever.  This is your time to be the supportive shoulder to lean on when the chips are down.  You’re sensitive by nature so it’s not hard for you to extend compassion when it’s essential. And this month, it’s needed in spades.  Romance is possible although you may not be in the mood much.  If you’ve been neglecting a partner, this is a good time to put a little energy into it.  That’s what it’s all about: take deep care of the ones you love the most and the reward will follow (that reward is knowing you did your very best to be present).


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