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Jupiter is going direct in Leo on the 8th. What doest that mean?  Expansive Jupiter went retrograde in December, which signified a need to go within and ask yourself: am I living my life to the fullest?  Or am I accepting a smaller version of the life I could have?  This period was not about external expansion – it was about the expansion that comes through introspection.  That looking within may have given you key insights into what you needed to do to improve yourself so that you can be ready for the big, beautiful energy that Jupiter direct promises to deliver.

When Jupiter turns direct, it will feel as if a halogen light got turned on in a dim room.  Suddenly, everything is illuminated and bright.  Success and opportunity can come, especially if you have been working hard behind the scenes the last few months.  This is a great aspect for the public eye, arts, creativity, and leadership.  It’s time to rise ‘n shine to your fullest potential – and to embrace a big, bold life.  Take chances, travel, grab the mic and express yourself.

Keep in mind that the hard taskmaster, Saturn is retrograde for a few months at the same time.  What this creates is an energy where you may vacillate between living your bigger life while wondering if you’re being too audacious.  The best path ahead is to keep moving forward but bring awareness to when your ego is operating in overdrive and pull back just a bit.  Adjust your pace by being aware of how your actions might affect others. Do you inspire or steamroll over everyone else?  Are you leading or being self-righteous?

Inspired leadership is needed; discard the need for self importance or “being right”.  Instead, be a source of light.

Saturn retrograde also gives us the opportunity to look under the hood of what we’ve been busy trying to manifest.  Are the structures sound or do they need an overhaul?  Are your current goals well laid out or are you operating on a fly-by-the-seat-of-your pants non-strategy.  If you are choosing the latter, there may be obstacles ahead that might just force you to rebuild from the ground up.  Breakdowns are possible but often those lead to breakthroughs and the opportunity to create new, better structures.  It’s also very possible during this transit that bigotry, religious intolerance, class warfare, and other forms of injustice may be getting a huge place on the global spotlight.  Those who are responsible for pushing any form of discrimination could find themselves on the wrong side of history in a very public way.  Karma can be cruel and especially so for those who operate from a stance of oppression.

On the 11th, Venus enters chatty Gemini.  The way to your loved one’s heart is through the mind.  This is a great placement for singles who love to flirt.  Hit the clubs and shake your money maker – and then chat up the one who strikes your fancy.  Key: be your witty best.  If you’re partnered, this is a good time for heartfelt discussions and working on communication.  Express your needs as clearly as possible. Remember: your partner is not a mind reader.

Mercury in Taurus on the 14th could bring out some stubbornness so be patient with communication and travel.  You’ll get where you want to go on both fronts but it may require gentle perseverance.


Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  This is a dynamic month for you, dear Aries.  With the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in your sign at the beginning of the month, you’re at your boldest best – able to stand out from the pack as a true original. You don’t have to hold back – instead, make an impression!  Be a leader and express your ideas with confidence.  That being said, you may ruffle a few feathers.  Be prepared for some resistance from others who may find your audacious nature to be bit off-putting.  Financially, you’ve got good mojo all month long with Venus and Mars in your 2nd, soon to be followed by Mercury and the Sun – as well as Jupiter going direct and making a gorgeous angle to you.  You can attract abundance with ease.  This is especially favorable if you are running your own biz.  Your daring ideas may just pay off all month long.

Taurus: With a stellium in your 12th house at the beginning of the month, you may find yourself wanting to pull back a bit.  Perhaps you’ve been working too hard – or maybe spending too much time with people who drain your energy, dear Taurus.  By taking a break, you have the opportunity to commune with yourself and that will get you back on track faster than anything else.  Give yourself permission to sit out the beginning of the month, even though you may feel a wee bit guilty.  By mid month, your first house is getting action when Mercury heads into your sign followed by the Sun on the 20th.  You’ll be rested and ready to take on the world!  When Jupiter goes direct on the 8th in your 4th house, it’s the right time to expand, move or begin renovations on your home.  Summer project time – it’s on!

Gemini: What a wonderful month for friendship and social activities, dear Gemini!  Your 11th house of social activities is very busy, making April a stellar month for connecting with pals, both old and new.  This is a good month to attend parties and soirees – or to invite people over for dinner.  With Jupiter also going direct in your 3rd on the 8th, you’ll be in full on extrovert mode.  Hit the stage, share your ideas, laugh, and be joyful.  At month’s end, you’re ready to rest a bit and take a pass on the club scene.  With the Sun and Mercury in your 12th by the 20th, you’ll be longing for some peace and quiet.  Give yourself permission to say no to any invite that doesn’t feel interesting.  (PS Venus hits your sign on the 11th.  Get yourself a makeover and some fancy new duds.  Spiff yourself up a bit.)

Cancer:  Time to rise ‘n shine in April, dear Cancer.  Your 10th house of career is active, which means you can be a superstar at work.  Turn your attention to work and be sure to step up your game.  You might just find yourself in the limelight!  It’s also very likely you may be called to take on some sort of leadership role.  Can you do it?  You betcha!  Changes are happening in your work life and it’s important that you evolve with it rather than sitting around and hoping for “luck”.  Create your own by expressing your ideas boldly.  By the end of the month, your 11th house of social activity is hopping!  You’re going to be out and about more than usual.  Drinks with friends to celebrate your work victories?  Yes, please.

Leo: If you can travel this month, dear Leo, please do.  Even a wee weekend jaunt may lift your spirits. With a stellium in your 9th at the beginning of the month, distant shores call.  Plan a trip, hit the road, play hooky – or at the very least, start crafting your plans for some summer holiday fun.  I’ve also got some great news for you – after months of being retrograde, Jupiter is finally turning direct in your sign on the 8th.  Jupiter is the planet of expansion and you may have been feeling as if some of your wishes were “on hold”.  That gave you time to get clear on what you really wanted.  If you took the time to do your inner work, get ready for some incredible changes in fortune, sudden opportunities, and lots of luscious attention being lavished on you!  Go on…shake that mane and work it!

Virgo: Your ESP is stronger than normal, dear Virgo.  With three planets in your 8th house at the beginning of the month, you may be tuned into your feelings like never before.  Also, Jupiter turns direct on the 8th in the 12th, giving you the ability to let go of your ego and tap into your compassion.  These groovy vibes help you to connect to your awareness, understand your inner workings, and be more empathic.  Let your intuition guide you in all that you do.  Trust it. And if you are feeling confused or lost, know that the answers are within you.  Don’t look for others to point out the way – let your inner compass do that.  By month’s end, you’re ready to pack your bags and set sail for a new destination.   A trip or an aha moment?  How about both?

Libra: All signs point to April being a favorable month to focus on relationships.  With three planets in your 7th house and Jupiter turning direct in Leo in your 11th, this is an especially sweet month for single Libras!  Your social life could be flirty good fun.  Bat your lashes, go on a blind date, and be your charming best.  Pay close attention to friends – one of them may be secretly crushing on you.  For partnered Libras, communication could bring more closeness, especially if things have been strained.  Put your heart on the line and make the effort to get real.  As the Sun and Mercury move into the 8th late in the month, things heat up in the bedroom.  Steamy nights and hot trysts make this month passion plus!

Scorpio: This month will be all about work, dear Scorpio.  Your 6th house has plenty of activity and Jupiter is turning direct on the 8th in your 10th house of career and reputation.  Your star may be rising but you don’t to kick back and rest on your laurels.  Nope.  You still need to keep your nose to the grindstone.  You’ll be busting your hump all month long and there is little rest in the stars.  Thankfully, your loved ones will be supportive.  Despite all this work and positive attention, you may be hit with some difficult financial setbacks.  Saturn in the 2nd is retrograde so do keep an eye on your money.  Carelessness could prove costly.

Sagittarius: With Saturn retrograde in your sign, you may feel somewhat introspective, dear Sagittarius.  At the same time, work and love are pulling for your attention.  With three planets in your 5th house of romance and two in your 6th house of work, those areas of your life seem to be saying: come on now – let’s get stuff done.  What to do when life is oh-so-busy but your inner life is calling?  Balance.  Manage your time and responsibilities well.  Carve out time for you.  Rest when you can.  And set boundaries.  Clients and loved ones may pout a bit but they’ll be happier when you are able to show up 100%. And you can’t do that unless you give that to yourself first.

Capricorn: This month is perfect for getting things done around the home or for spending time with the family.  With the Sun, Mercury and Uranus in your 4th, there may be many changes happening to your home – or your loved ones.  If you’ve been thinking of moving or buying a home, this month may be perfect for that.  It’s also great for renovating, decluttering, and tearing up the yard.  With Jupiter turning direct in your 8th on the 8th, it’s also a solid month for getting a loan. Whether that be for a home purchase or repairs, the banks are going to be more likely to sway in your favor. Children may be a source of joy – or if you are trying to conceive, this month may be fruitful.  (If you are not, be careful!)

Aquarius: April finds you having great powers of communication.  Your 3rd house is bustling with three planets, making this the right time to let people know how you feel, share your ideas, or study.  If you are a student, you’ll be able to absorb information like a sponge (great for cramming!).  Relationships with neighbors and siblings may be harmonious as well.  At home, it’s time to spruce things up a bit.  Look around your crib – is it orderly?  Comfortable?  If not, put some elbow grease into it and get yourself some new furnishings.  On the 8th, Jupiter goes direct in your 7th house of relationships.  This is going to open up the doors for plenty of relationship opportunities – or hook ups.

Pisces:  Financially, April could be a surprisingly good month, dear Pisces. With the Sun shining brightly in your 2nd house along with Mercury and Uranus, a boost is possible. That could come through a raise or more business if you are self employed.  If you are in any type of work that involves sales, you’ll be at your brilliant best with Venus and Mars in your 3rd house.  You’ll be able to sell with the very best charm and just the right amount of assertiveness.  At work, Jupiter is turning direct on the 8th in your 6th.  This means: more work and amazing opportunities to expand your role or your business.  April might be the beginning of a fortunate time in your career so be sure to make the most out of it and say yes to offers and chances to step up your game.


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