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October 2018

Get ready to work on your relationships this month. Venus is retrograde starting on the 5th, putting the focus on partnerships for about six weeks. This is the right time to reflect on your important relationships, both romantic and business. Are you happy? Do you feel that you’re getting the support and love you need? Are your relationships healthy…or not? If you or your partner are not getting what you need from this relationship, what might you do to make things better?

Although Venus retrograde is a reasonable period for questioning relationships, you may want to hold off on making major decisions until the transit comes to a close. This is not considered a favorable time for getting married, engaged, or moving in together. If you’re starting a new relationship, take your time. That being said, it’s a fab time for getting into couple’s therapy if your relationship is troubled. An effort made to fix things during this retrograde can bring results. 

Interestingly, Venus retrograde can sometimes bring back an ex. If you get a blast from the past, don’t get too excited though. Wait it out to see if this is for real…or just a booty call. 

Other things to avoid during Venus retrograde: cosmetic surgery, unnecessary spending, going into debt, new investments, opening a new business, starting a lawsuit. Venus retrograde can be fantastic for artists. If you’re a creative, look inward for inspiration!

A New Moon in Libra on the 8th signals a fresh start with a relationship. This may be the right day for starting therapy or discussing an issue. If you meet someone new on this day, go slow. No matter how exciting the prospect may seem, you still want to play it cool until Venus is direct.

Blunt communication is favored when Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 9th. Scorpio prefers to tell it like it is, which can be a bit jarring for sensitive types. The weeks that Mercury travels through Scorpio are also suitable for uncovering information. Secrets can be revealed. If you’re trying to keep something under the radar, you’ll need to be stealth.  (There may be some major revelations in the news so keep an eye out.) Intuition is heightened too – pay attention to your instincts. It may help you to avoid problems. 

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd, putting the focus on passion. This month, make time to explore your desires. Go deep. Get intimate. Seek to explore something (or someone) down to the core. Shed your inhibitions and get your groove on. This transit is also favorable for giving your finances a good once-over. If your taxes and other monies are in disarray, this transit can illuminate what needs to be fixed.

The Full Moon in Taurus on the 24th is ideal for handling debts, organizing your finances, and balancing your checkbook. It’s never too late to get your financial house in order – let this Moon be the start of better decisions going forward. You can do it!

The 31st finds Mercury in truth-telling Sagittarius, which puts the focus on honesty. Those who are willing to put the truth above all else will benefit. Those who are telling lies are about to be fronted out for all to see. The weeks that follow should be exciting in the news, especially with the election. All eyes on that.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  This is your month to get focused on your intimate relationships, dear Aries. With the Sun and Mercury canoodling in your 7th house and Venus turning retrograde in your erotic zone on the 5th, you have a few weeks to go deep. This is not light stuff, yo. You must dig into those sore spots and see where you can heal – or let go. Part of this requires you to let go of your own needs to focus squarely on what others need from you. Relationships can move to the next level or dissolve altogether. Whether you decide to merge or part ways will be up to you. The New Moon on the 8th will give you the clarity you need to begin making the decision. Meet with your financial advisor after Mercury moves into your 8th house on the 9th. Look at where you might need to tighten up or invest. Plans made for the three weeks that Mercury sits here could set you up nicely for the rest of the year and beyond. The Sun will join up on the 23rd, illuminating new financial possibilities. You may have to deal with some issues around taxes or joint finances during the weeks ahead. Think about the long term. A bit of planning during this month will pay off later. A Full Moon on the 24th is ideal for redoing your budget. Take stock of your spending habits. You might just find some financial leaks – or hidden opportunities. Wanderlust strikes when Mercury ends up in your travel zone on the 31st. If you’re angling for a getaway, November might be a killer month for a quick jaunt. Schedule in a mini-vacation before the holidays commence. You’ll be glad you did.


taurus astrology

Taurus: Rewards will be yours if you give your work attention this month, dear Taurus. With the Sun and Mercury sitting tight in your 6th house at the beginning of October, you’ll want to stay on top of your routines, meetings, and projects. There may be a lot of hot irons in the fire, but your ability to take control is unmatched – you’ll be able to tackle what needs to be done in short order. Relationships could be challenging all month long when your ruler Venus begins its retrograde motion on the 5th. Misunderstandings could derail even the sturdiest partnership. Some people may also leave your orbit during this transit. Put forth an effort and do not take any relationship for granted now. The New Moon on the 8th opens up a fantastic opportunity at work. This could be a new project, role, or entire new job. If you’ve been angling for a change, you’re in luck now. When Mercury heads into your 7th house on the 9th, you’ll be able to talk things out. It will still require work on your part, but if a relationship is important to you, you’ll want to keep on trying to hash out problems. The Sun will blaze into your 7th house on the 23rd, which could shed light on the real issues. You’ll be able to see better where you stand and what role you play in your closest relationships. This can help you to understand your partners better – and what to do to improve. In some cases, this could also merely mark a significant breakthrough. A Full Moon lands in your sign on the 24th, ideal for changing up your look. A new hairdo or fresh outfit could lift your spirits and get more eyes on you. (Psst…skip the botox and cosmetic surgery until Venus is direct though.) Communication around joint finances and taxes may be a thing when Mercury enters your 8th house on the 31st. If money is a bone of contention in your relationship, it may be time for a little talk. The weeks ahead may open up new doors for getting your larger financial outlook handled once and for all. For Taurus folks waiting on a loan, November may bring the news you’ve been waiting for. October is not the most comfortable month, but if you keep your eyes focused on the work that needs to be done both on the job and with your important relationships, you could see great progress. Don’t give up – put your back into the things that matter. It will pay off. 


gemini astrology

Gemini: Craving more romance, dear Gemini? You may get that in October but be warned: it may come with a bit of drama. With the Sun and Mercury gracing your 5th house at the start of the month, the potential for a potent connection with a flame (new or current) burns brightly. But trouble in paradise shows up when Venus retrograde begins to disrupt your flow on the 5th. Minor issues can get blown out of proportion. Exes you’d rather forget about turn up, looking for a booty call. Missed opportunities to connect derail even the most promising situation. Remain calm. There will be plenty of time to kiss and make up later – or to kick someone to the curb if need be. Keep in mind that Venus will also be moving through your 6th house of work, which can indicate issues with coworkers. You may not be everybody’s darling at the office during this transit. Do your best to play nice if you wish to avoid confrontation. The New Moon on the 8th brings an opportunity for fame. Do you want to be in that spotlight? If so, you’ll want to take charge and work the media on that day. Mercury will be in your 6th house beginning on the 9th. This gives you the gift of gab, which can help you appear brilliant on the job. It also lends well for talking out problems. If there are conflicts brewing, you may be able to diffuse that energy. Make power plays on the 23rd when the Sun joins Mercury. You can take charge and lead the troops – or one-up that jerk who seems determined to knock you off your well-earned pedestal. Keep your cool and show ‘em how a pro operates. The Full Moon on the 24th is best for resting up. Take the day off and recharge. It’s rare that you do this. Your spirit needs that quiet time so don’t look for an excuse to avoid it. Mercury will be in your relationship zone on the 31st and Venus will slide into your 5th on the same day. Romantic issues may reach a head around this time or the weeks that follow, but if you’re willing to communicate, you might start getting somewhere in November. 


cancer astrology

Cancer: Your home is your castle, dear Cancer. With the Sun and Mercury gracing your domestic sector, you have oodles of time to get your nest in good working order. This is the right time for you to get on top of your pre-holiday cleaning. It’s also an excellent time for renovating, buying, or selling. By the time these two planets move on, your household will be looking spiffy. You might also have a lot of loved ones depending on you so don’t be shocked if your home sometimes feels like an emergency room, especially when Venus goes retrograde on the 5th. This could mark a few weeks where you’re handling issues, miscommunications, and fights. You might be dragged in the middle of some squabbling children – time to play Switzerland and remain neutral! The New Moon on the 8th brings a new beginning for your family. A change is happening, and it will be for the better. Romantic opportunities arrive when Mercury enters your 5th house on the 9th. You’ve got game for a few weeks – if you work that mojo, you’ll be getting more action than you’ve had in a while. For single Cancers, this could be the end of a dry spell. Partnered Crabs have more time for pillow talk. This gets heated up more when the Sun slides into your 5th house on the 23rd. Things could get downright sizzling if you make your moves. This is not the time for your legendary shyness – be bold! The Full Moon on the 24th lands in your 11th house, a perfect night for a soiree with your best friends. Someone may reveal a secret to you then. This could change a friendship profoundly so do pay attention to anything shared that day. The 31st finds Mercury in your 6th house, putting the focus on work communications. As November kicks in, you may find yourself in more meetings than usual. It’s possible that a new phase of your career is unfolding – be ready to negotiate the details. 


leo astrology

Leo: You can express yourself powerfully this month, dear Leo. You’ve got the Sun and Mercury dancing through your 3rd house, giving you the ability to think and speak with authority. This will help you to shine like a supernova in any situation where you need to share your brilliance. Relationships with your family could become testy when Venus turns retrograde on the 5th. The potential for drama is high, so you’ll want to be prepared. You’ll need to handle loved ones with kid gloves or, in some cases, you’ll want to erect boundaries. If you’re thinking about beautifying your home, this is not a good time to begin. Expenses could spiral out of control. Put those projects off until late November if at all possible. A short trip is possible when the New Moon lights up your 3rd house on the 8th. Scheduling in a quick getaway right around that date – it could add a bit of spice to your fall. You can begin to smooth things out with loved ones starting on the 9th when Mercury moves into your 4th house. Even with Venus retrograde, this will give you the ability to find the best words for soothing any drama that may be erupting. The Sun puts you squarely in the center of family matters when it enters your domestic sector on the 23rd. While you don’t mind being the center of attention, you may not want to get in the middle of other people’s stuff. However, you may need to take that role – and take charge. The Full Moon on the 24th will be in your career sector, illuminating a fresh start. If you’ve been craving a job change, this day or the days that surround it could provide you with the perfect exit. Ready to say the L word? The 31st puts Mercury into your 5th house and Venus into your 3rd. This vibe gives you the ability to speak from the heart, which could help you grow closer with a special someone. Conversations could be both romantic and productive! Yay! If you’ve had any issues with your love life, November will give you the green light to work that stuff out. Love is on the rise – and you’re so ready for it!


virgo astrology

Virgo: October brings a change for the better in the cash department, dear Virgo. The Sun and Mercury are holding space in your 2nd house at the beginning of the month, amping up your earning capabilities. Opportunities to see your income rise are plentiful. Take advantage of this good energy by doing things that generate more cheddar: go for a promotion, invest in that hot stock, raise your rates, start that side hustle. Be ambitious for the dollar! But beware: Venus will be retrograde beginning on the 5th – you may be tempted to spend that money as fast as it comes in. You’ll want to practice restraint for the weeks that this transit is in operation. Great financial news arrives on the 8th when a New Moon shines a positive light on your 2nd house. This could be a lucky break or the clearing of a major hurdle. Either way, you’ll have little in your path for earning. As long as you don’t let it burn a hole in your pocket, you’re on track for some significant gains! Hit the books hard when Mercury zooms into your mind zone on the 9th. For Virgo students, this transit gives you the necessary brain power to plow through even the toughest exams. It’s also a remarkable time for writing so if your work or studies involve the written word, you’ll be in fine form. This gets even better when the Sun joins the study party on the 23rd. Your mental faculties are on full blast for the weeks it hangs here. Deans list here you come! WOOT! Take a time out from all this study business for a trip on the 24th. The Full Moon will be sitting pretty in your 9th house, ideal for an impromptu getaway. A little time away from the books will help you stay sharp. Kick off the holiday season with a Halloween party at your crib on the 31st. Mercury will be in your home zone at that time, excellent for hosting a monster mash! Just keep the expenses as reasonable as possible for Venus will be moving back into your 2nd house. That beautiful costume will suddenly seem creepy AF when the credit card bill comes due. 


libra astrology

Libra: All eyes are on you this month, dear Libra. With the Sun and Mercury in your sign at the beginning of October, you won’t disappoint. You’ve got that extra something-something now that allows you to stand out above all the others. Keep your chin up and show the world your awesomeness. Applause is sure to follow. Your ruler, Venus will be retrograde in your money sector on the 5th. This marks a few weeks where your spending needs to be kept in check. You may be tempted to blow your wad, but if you engage in mindless spending, you’ll have buyers remorse before the month ends. Instead, indulge in small things and try to pocket the rest. A penny saved now will be well-earned and appreciated later. Debut a new look when the New Moon is in your sign on the 8th. This is a perfect day for showing off a fresh hairstyle or for a complete rebrand on your business. Money making ideas are on the rise when Mercury glides into your 2nd house on the 9th. Suddenly, you’re coming up with genius new ways of turning a buck. You’ll still want to keep that spending in check though. Even if you figure out ways to bring it in, you can again blow that money fast if you’re not mindful. The Sun amps up your earning power on the 23rd when it joins Mercury in the 2nd. Your capacity for honing in on new sources of income sharpens. You’ll have a few weeks to bring in more moolah so be proactive. If opportunities arise, get up and grab them. The Full Moon on the 24th is excellent for revamping your budget. Look to where you’re leaking your cash. Are there things you can trim? Prune away the unnecessary and guess what? MORE money in your pocket! HOLLA!  A short trip is possible when Mercury ends up in your 3rd house on the 31st. The weeks that follow could reveal some inexpensive getaways that could cure your wanderlust. A weekend in a cabin up north might be just what the doctor ordered! But do note: Venus will be retrograding into your sign on the 31st. This could bring out a self-indulgent, narcissistic streak that could piss everyone off. That’s not cool, boo. Keep that crap in check.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: October will begin quietly and end with a bang, dear Scorpio. The month starts off with the Sun and Mercury resting up in your 12th house. This signals a few weeks where you may prefer working behind the scenes. While everyone else clamors for the limelight, you’re perfectly fine allowing your talents to flower in secret. In fact, this is your preferred method of operation so no doubt you’ll be happy as can be. This period is also most excellent for doing inner work. If you’ve been struggling with an issue, the answer may be inside you. Meditation will help you to still your busy mind and find the wisdom you need. Venus will be retrograde in your sign starting on the 5th, which may amplify your emotions to hypersensitive level. This could lead to more than a few outbursts or misunderstandings with loved ones. If you find that happening, double down on your spiritual practices. GROUND AND CENTER. The New Moon on the 8th is especially useful for taking a sabbatical. If you can, take the day off to focus on self-care. It will do your soul right. The 9th puts Mercury into your sign, which will help you to express your ideas eloquently. Your powers of persuasion are going to give you an advantage. You can negotiate the deal or communicate your brilliance like never before. If you want to wow the boss or the public, your words will be pure gold. You’re ready to emerge from your bat cave on the 23rd when the Sun is in your sign. The weeks that follow find you full of self-confidence and ambition. You can assume a leadership role or get into that spotlight that everyone else was hogging up earlier in the month. Muscle your way forward and show ‘em what you’ve got! The Full Moon on the 24th brings a major change in a relationship. It’s possible that a partnership will end or someone from the past may try to reenter the scene. Trust your gut and know you’ll deal with this like a total boss. Money talks starting on the 31st when Mercury shimmies into your 2nd house. You’ll have a few weeks to work on money deals or to make extra cash from one of your bright ideas. Work it! The 31st also finds Venus retrograding back into your 12th house, which means the door could open for a secret rendezvous. Whether or not this is a wise plan remains to be seen. But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Shhh….


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: October could be surprisingly social for you, dear Sagittarius. A busy 11th house promise invites galore and intriguing events that might lure you out of the house. With the Sun and Mercury floating around the friend zone, it’s a terrific month for meeting new people. You may be attracting some exciting folks into your orbit, and this could make your social circle a lot more exciting. Venus will be retrograde in your 12th house starting on the 5th – if you’ve had trouble in the love department, it may be good to take a break for a few weeks. A step back could give you a whole new perspective. This is NOT the right time to start up a new (or secret) fling. If you’re thinking about doing that, do not rush. Impulsive romantic actions could lead you down a tangled path. On the 8th, the New Moon is perfect for setting intentions. What is your bigger vision? How would you like your life to look within a year? Set those intentions down on paper and trust that the Universe is working overtime to make epic things happen. Get into therapy when Mercury enters your 12th house starting on the 9th. Talking it out with a pro could help you get clarity on an issue. This transit also favors top secret projects. What new things might you cook up behind the scenes? Get on it! The Sun brings creative and intuitive insights starting on the 23rd. It will be hanging out in your 12th house for a few weeks, helping to tune in like never before. Flashes of inspiration and messages from the divine will be an everyday thing for you during this transit. Pay attention – you may receive guidance or a vision that could propel your life or work into meaningful new directions. A change in your work is possible when the Full Moon hits your 6th house. If you’re thinking about a new job or looking for a new avenue, this day could set the wheels in motion. Mercury is in your sign starting October 31st, giving you the gift of gab. People will be listening to what you have to say in November. Express your ideas confidently. That day also puts Venus retrograde into your 11th house, which could bring an ex back into the picture. Hear them out but don’t make any decisions until mid-November. You’ll have a better idea of what their real motive is at that time. 


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: You are about to have a magical career month, dear Capricorn. The Sun and Mercury are moving through your 10th house, allowing you to stand out above the others. While everyone else scrambles to figure out how to get the spotlight, you’re standing there like a beacon of light, illuminating your remarkable far and wide. So it’s no surprise that you’ll be collecting the kudos and rewards at this time. It’s been well-earned. Friendships and romance get complicated when Venus begins its retrograde motion on the 5th. The lines get blurry – be careful making decisions in this arena for the next six weeks. Friends with benefits might seem like a good idea at the time, but upon later reflection, you might see things differently. A bit of mindfulness will go a long way to keeping this part of your world clear. If all else fails, remember this one word: boundaries. A significant opportunity arrives on the 8th when a New Moon opens up a career door. This day or the ones that surround it could propel you in an exciting direction. If you’ve been thinking of starting something new, this might be your day to embark on a whole new career. Network your face off beginning on the 9th when Mercury saunters into your 11th house. Rub elbows with the movers and shakers. Let them see how much of a boss you are. You might make a connection that could prove to be valuable later on. This gets even more amplified when the Sun heads into the 11th on the 23rd. Social activities could put you in the orbit of influential peeps. Heck, you might be the one seen as a big shot and have folks clamoring to be around you. It’s all good. The Full Moon on the 24th brings clarity around romance. If you’ve been foggy in matters of the heart, you may get the insight you need to make better decisions going forth. This day is also excellent for sewing up loose ends with an ex. As you let go of the old, you create space for someone worthy of you to show up. Silence is golden starting on the 31st when Mercury chills out in your 12th house. The weeks ahead are best for keeping mum on your top secret projects. Also: Venus will be retrograding back into your 10th house until mid-November, which could bring a bit of bad PR. Don’t let that salt your game. Keep your cool and trust you’ll be everybody’s darling again when Venus turns direct. 



Aquarius: Mars is still cruising through your sign, dear Aquarius. This gives you almost super-human energy, perfect for productivity! You’ll cut your to-do list down to size and see big-time progress on your most crucial tasks. If an obstacle does come up, you’ll know the way around it towards your goal. In other words: you’re unstoppable in October! Whether you’re hitting the road or the books, you’ve got the Sun and Mercury in your 9th house at the beginning of the month. Travel or study are favored – maybe even a trip for education or vocation? Your public image could take a hit when Venus is retrograde starting on the 5th. Guard your reputation like a hawk for the four weeks that this retrograde sits in your 10th house. This is not the time to piss off the public or the boss – so watch how you present yourself. A sudden opportunity to travel may show up on the 8th when the New Moon brightens up your 9th house. This could be a deal too good to pass up. If a chance comes, say yes and GO. You can begin to smooth out gaffes starting on the 9th when Mercury drifts into your 10th house. You can talk yourself out of any situation during this time, which will help to mitigate that Venus retrograde vibe. The Sun will help you clean up your rep, even more, when it lands in the career sector on the 23rd. Even if you goof up, you can turn it around. Fame or infamy is yours depending on how you decide to conduct yourself. Big shots can also lend their support, which could keep your name from turning to mud. Network hard when Mercury migrates into your social house on the 31st. You’ll have a few weeks to connect with influencers – make the most out of this, and you’ll be at baller status before the year ends. The 31st also puts Venus into your 9th house – start plotting out future travels with your sweetheart. A bit of planning now could have you zipping away somewhere warm when the snow flies. 


pisces astrology

Pisces:  If you want to achieve your goals and avoid drama, there is only one thing you need to do this month, dear Pisces: follow your gut. The Sun and Mercury in your 8th house give you an extra dose of intuitive goodness, so trust that those signs you’re seeing are for real. You’re naturally psychic, but this month, you’re extra-sensitive. Trust your instincts, and you’ll hit the bulls-eye every time. Venus will be retrograde starting on the 5th. It’s sitting in your 9th house, which could indicate problems with your studies or travel. This transit could also bring out hidden hypocrisy, which could piss people off. The New Moon on the 8th could open up a financial door. If you’ve been waiting on a loan or new source of income, the green light finally arrives! This is also a superb day for starting a new budget. Whatever the case, your finances are sure to improve soon. Short journeys are possible when Mercury will flow into your travel sector on the 9th. You’ll have a few weeks with lots of coming and going. If you do need to take a trip, you should be able to get where you need to go, even with that Venus retrograde energy. Head somewhere warm when the Sun joins up on the 23rd. The end of October and first few weeks of November could be aces for indulging in a little autumn wanderlust. As the temps begin to cool, you could be sitting on a beach with a Mai Tai. Mini umbrellas for everybody! Yay! Brainstorm on the 24th when the Full Moon illuminates genius ideas. You may come up with the next big thing so don’t ignore those light bulb moments. Spending could get out of hand when Venus retrogrades back into your 8th house. The weeks that follow could see you blowing money fast on crap you don’t really need. An ostrich jacket? Fuggetabout it, bruh.

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