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The big news this month: Saturn is moving out of intense Scorpio and into fiery, philosophical Sagittarius.  The next few years could put more focus on spiritual values.  What is your moral code?  How do you conduct yourself (especially when no one else is looking)?  What is your truth?  Ponder those mini-koans. What to watch out for: hypocrisy, intellectual snobbery, self righteousness, and pushing your beliefs on to others.  This is a time to practice tolerance, not bigotry.

On the world’s stage, this period could bring religious and political conflicts.  Extremism can lead to massive protests and problems.  Politicians and religious figures should work towards being respectful beacons of honesty, integrity, and tolerance. Anyone who is pushing the envelope and playing the authoritarian card could see some huge resistance. Changes in education, laws, religions and government are possible now.  The old will fight with the new thinkers.  Nothing will be settling down for a few more years.  The more intolerant and oppressive the leaders become, the more possibility for revolution.

This is NOT a good time for gambling or risky investments.  Play cautious now and you’ll be more likely to see good results.  If you are investing in anything, be sure to look at all details carefully. The economy may be up and down so hang on and be prudent in all financial affairs.

Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  December may prove to be marvelous for any sort of travel, dear Aries.  Your 9th house is lit up, making this the perfect time for a getaway. Start planning your trips now and indulge in some winter wanderlust. Communication with loved ones at a distance brings joy to your heart.  Reach out and don’t let the busyness of this month get in the way of keeping those connections strong.  At the end of the month, your career is about to get some spectacular news.  A promotion or new job may help this year end on a spectacular note!  Huzzah! PS Saturn will start it’s transit in your 9th house late in the year.  This means more travel and a focus on higher education for the next two years. Hit the books – or the slopes – or both….

Taurus: Your spidey sense is incredibly accurate this month, dear Taurus.  You’re more in tune than normal, thanks to a slew of planets in your 8th house.  You’re going to be much better at picking up clues – which may come in handy for your holiday shopping.  You’ll have an uncanny sense for feeling out what everyone wants, making you the best Santa around.  This stellium is also great for sensing what a partner may need in the bedroom.  As December comes to a close, take a good look at your joint resources.  With Saturn entering your 8th house, the next two years are going to give you a chance to get your money right – especially if you are looking to make major purchases or investments.  Get on it, yo.

Gemini: Relationships are taking center stage, dear Gemini.  Your 7th house of partnerships is full, making December the  month for love and communication.  You have the chance to shower your partner with love – or if single, to hit the clubs and get some major attention!  You’ve been working like a fiend so why not blow off a little steam and get a little steamy at the same time?  You’ve got the power of attraction now so capitalize on that, babe.  Late in the month, Saturn starts edging into that 7th house, which brings a serious vibe to all your partnerships.  The party’s over and you’re going to have two years to decide who stays in your world and who goes.  Get ready to prune!

Cancer:  The holidays are creeping into view but you’re hitting your work groove, dear Cancer.  it will be hard to tear you away from some juicy projects or intriguing problems.  Your work is demanding your full attention and you may find yourself happily engaged in every thing that comes across your desk.  With an active 6th house at the beginning of the month, you can expect work to be interesting and demanding.  Late in the month, your 7th house of relationships fills up with the Sun, Mercury and Venus.  Your loved ones become the center of your Universe and vice versa.  The year ends on a sweet, loving note. But pay attention – Saturn is hitting your sixth house which means more responsibility at work next year.  No rest for the wicked….

Leo: You are full of charisma and sexy mojo, dear Leo.  In fact, you’re on fire so don’t be afraid to toss your mane and strut a bit.  This month has Jupiter still hanging in your 1st house and a full 5th house.  When Jupiter goes retrograde on the 8th, you may feel a bit shy and awkward, even when you are in the presence of an admirer.  Quit the wallflower bit and open up a bit.  You may get a pleasant surprise.  Creativity is hitting an all time high. Whether you are conceiving a masterpiece or a child, you can be sure it’s going to be amazing. Late in the month, it’s back to the work grind where you’ll have the opportunity to dazzle some more.  But keep an eye on romance because Saturn in the 5th could bring a serious contender forward.  Will you go for it?  2015 will tell….

Virgo:  You are going to be happily planning all the family festivities, dear Virgo.  With an active 4th house, this month is about your loved ones, home, and giving thanks for the crazy people you call family. You’ve been focused on other things the last few weeks, so down time for the holidays will be a sweet reward after so much excitement.  Chill out at home as much as you can.  A trip home may prove to be emotional in a very good way.  At the end of the month, it’s all about romance and creative stuff.  But stay in touch with the ones you love because Saturn is moving into your 4th house, and this can bring problems with family – or your physical residence for the next two years.  

Libra: Pssst…hey Libra.  That tingly feeling in your heart? No, it’s not angina, silly – it’s romance.  You may be feeling all warm ‘n fuzzy around a certain someone and it’s okay to bask in that a bit.  Venus sits in your 3rd house along with the Sun and Mercury, making it easier for you to think about love.  Or making love. Whatever you choose, warm up your December with some flirty behavior and sweet nothings.  By the time Christmas rolls around, the focus will be on the family.  Expect an abundant holiday with an exciting visit from a favorite relative.  And at the end of the month, it’s time to hit the books as Saturn begins a two year transit through your 3rd house of mind.  Get your study on and learn some new tricks, yo.

Scorpio:  As this month moves forward, your life is picking up speed, dear Scorpio.  That’s because Saturn is finally getting off your cosmic ass at the end of this month.  All that heaviness you’ve had to carry around for the last two years – gone.  This is enough to make anyone go on a spending spree. Which is what you may do as your 2nd house of money is all jacked up with the Sun, Mercury and Venus.  You may go nuts on holiday spending.  Luxe objects get you all googly eyed and spendy.  Go ahead and indulge a little. But not too much because right after the holidays come to a glorious, abundant close…the bills come due. And with Saturn moving into your 2nd house of money, you’re going to wish you had Scrooged it instead.  BUDGET is the new black.  Pass it on.

Sagittarius: It’s all about you, dear Sagittarius. With the Sun, Venus, and Mercury in your sign at the beginning of the month, you’ll be feeling all hot ‘n special. The spotlight is shining on you and this is your time to hit the dance floor, grab the mic, or step up onto that stage.  If you find yourself getting all the goodies and attention, you’ve earned it.  Travel is also extra luscious so feel free to jet off to see your family at the holidays.  And when you come home, you’re about to come back down to earth.  That’s because Saturn, the taskmaster is heading into your sign for a full two years.  It’s time for extra responsibility and an opportunity to ask yourself this: who am I?

Capricorn: Party with your friends or stay home and chill? That’s the big question this month, dear Capricorn. I’d advise choosing the latter.  It’s cold out and you’ve had two long years of working on friendships.  Now it’s time to work on you and the best way to do that is by enjoying more time to yourself.  The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all sitting in your 12th house, signifying a need for solitude.  This can be very healing.  Guard your health all month long.  Rest, don’t push.  By the holidays, you’ll have some of your pep back and may want to mingle under the mistletoe.  But serious Saturn is heading into your 12th house, and it’s time to do some work on you.  The mantra for the next two years: it’s an inside job.

Aquarius:  Your social calendar is going to be bananas, dear Aquarius.  The 11th house is active and you’ll be too – flitting about from event to event.  Everyone wants you at their shindig.  And no wonder because you are always the life of the party.  You’re going to be at your charming best all month long.  If you are single, all this going out might net you some new leads on romance.  This could add a little sweet heat to your winter.  By the end of the month, you’re ready to cut the social life to a minimum and become a little hermit.  If you’ve played your cards right, there may be a special someone to hibernate with.  After good run with your career, somber Saturn is heading into your 11th house.  Group activities can bring new success and friends may be making serious decisions (both good and bad.)  Watch out for your homies because they may be leaning on you.

Pisces:  Oh Pisces, the next two years will be so wonderful for your career!  You’re getting a taste of what is to come this month, when your 10th house is graced by a lovely stellium.  You’ll be a bright light amongst the dim bulbs and you need to own it.  You’ve worked so hard and now it’s all coming together at long last.  This month could bring a promotion, a fab new job, or some positive PR.  Bask in the glory that is you!  Repeat after me: it’s okay to be successful.  At the end of the month, Saturn hits your 10th house of career and reputation.  This is the best placement for Saturn and you’re going to have two good years to make it big.  Whatcha waiting for?  It’s your star turn, homeslice.


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