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October 2016

After September’s astro-cray-cray, October is going to feel like a sweet autumn breeze!

First of all, that wonky Saturn-Neptune square that’s been hanging around like a unwelcome guest who overstayed their welcome will begin to ease up ‘n leave over the next couple of weeks. If you’ve been feeling a push-pull energy between hard work and wanting to escape, then you’ve been tapped into that astro-mess.  This square has forced us to examine our dreams and set strong structures in place…or, in some cases, get a reality check.  As October moves forward, we can too.

On the 7th Mercury will move into diplomatic Libra, which favors politeness, fairness, and integrity.  The weeks that follow will be ideal for negotiations and debates, provided both sides approach issues with mutual respect.  The key here is to focus on making arrangements that are beneficial for all.  Selfishness will not do for Mercury in Libra favors partnerships.  Any communication must be tempered with a “what can I do for you” rather than “what’s in it for me?” (The next presidential debate should be verrrryyy interesting…)

The Full Moon in Aries on the 16th may point out exactly where you’re being an egomaniac. If you’ve been way too focused on the “me” aspect, it may hit you smack in the face.  Use this Full Moon to clear self-centered energy out of your consciousness. (Your loved ones will thank you.) This Full Moon is also ideal for tying up loose ends and finishing things so that you can begin new projects.

Venus in Sagittarius on the 18th favors idealism and freedom in love.  This period is perfect for hanging with your friends, taking a casual approach to new relationships, and speaking your truth in matters of the heart.  If your partner needs space, honor that.

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd and Mercury will do the same on the 24th.  Can you say intensity?  Egos will be strong, words will be passionate, the chances for vindictive, jealous behavior are high.  (Sexual activity could be a lot hotter too. Ahem.) Devil or angel – there will be no in between.  What path will you choose?  There is a theme this month of honesty, diplomacy and cooperation.  Lessons will be learned on all three fronts.  Best plan of action: be on your best behavior.

A New Moon in Scorpio on the 30th is wonderful for intuitive work.  The veil between worlds is going to be mighty thin at this time. Whether you’re doing a Halloween seance, getting a tarot reading, or having a case of the feels, trust your gut and don’t ignore any omens that may show up on this day.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  Put your focus on others this month, dear Aries, and everybody wins.  The Sun and Jupiter are sitting in your 7th house of relationships at the beginning of the month, which means your power comes in your ability to work well with others. Whether this be through business partnerships or romantic – or both – this is the time to bring cooperation and harmony into the equation. Aries is known for being a bit selfish – is there a way that you can put that aside and think about what the other person needs?  Mercury might help you understand these dynamics when it joins the party on the 7th. This understanding will give you the ability to communicate more effectively.  The Full Moon on the 16th in your sign will also illuminate how your need to be in control may be hindering these relationships. This knowledge will help you to gain further ground and greater intimacy with the people who matter.  Distant shores beckon on the 18th when Venus slides into your travel sector. This might be a good time to book that romantic trip that you’ve been thinking about.  A journey with your honey over the next few weeks could cement the relationship further.  The week of the 22nd adds more sizzle to the bedroom when the Sun and Mercury move into the 8th house.  All the work you’ve done earlier in the month might have made it easier to connect beneath the sheets. The rest of October gives chances to deepen things even more.  On the 30th, a New Moon clears the way for a totally fresh start. This could be the big relationship breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for….or the insight you need to make a decision around commitment.  All in all, put others first and everyone wins!


taurus astrology

Taurus: Your work life is humming along beautifully this month, dear Taurus.  With the Sun and Jupiter hanging around in your work sector, you can be assured that October will have some dazzling opportunities for you!  This is your chance to rise ‘n shine – and expand!  Mercury will also deliver more good news when it enters the 6th house on the 7th.  You may be finally getting the green light on that exciting project – or getting a pat on the back for something you’ve done recently.  Be proud of what you’ve accomplished but keep going. The momentum is too good to pause! This whole year could find your work reaching dizzying new heights if you continue to grab those opportunities and work, work, work.  A Full Moon in your 12th house of rest on the 16th might be a perfect day for chilling out.  Heck, you’ve been working hard so it doesn’t hurt to take a break. What’s important though is that you don’t rest there too long.  You’ve got too much going for you now!  Take a breather but then get back in the saddle as quickly as you can.  The week of the 22nd puts a spotlight on relationships when the Sun and Mercury move into your 7th house.  You may be ready to declare your feelings out loud!  If you’ve been needing to say something to your loved ones – or just want to make a move on that hot guy or gal in your hood, this is your time to speak up.  A New Moon on the 30th may bring about an ice breaker – and that could end up being a relationship game changer.  Go on, playa.  Bring your best game!


gemini astrology

Gemini:  This month may be one of the best when it comes to love, dear Gemini.  Your romantic sector is blessed with the Sun and Jupiter as October begins – a positive combo that promises major improvements or exciting new opportunities in all matters of the heart.  If you’re partnered, expect a deeper connection. Single? Time to put yourself back in the game – get ready to see eligible suitors asking for your digits. Your ruling planet, Mercury, gets in on the astro-action on the 7th, which means your flirt game is on fleek. You are going to have the gift of game so use it well and you might just get more action than you’ve had in a long time. The Full Moon in your house of friends on the 16th might reveal something interesting about one of your pals.  A secret admirer perhaps?  This could change a friendship into something more…unless you’re not digging that vibe, of course. If it’s the latter, be kind.  You don’t need to spoil a perfectly good friendship even if you don’t have that lovin’ feeling. Romance gets even more amped up when Venus moves into your partnership sector on the 18th. If you’re thinking of making a commitment, this says: I do. The weeks that follow might be perfect for getting serious or setting up house. The week of the 22nd puts an emphasis on career when the Sun and Mercury head into your 6th house of work.  This is going to be a good time to set your ambitions high – and prepare to show ‘em what you’re made of. An opportunity to climb even further arrives on the 30th, when the New Moon opens a big door for you.  Your star is ascending at long last!  (Psst for those Geminis who want to conceive a child, October is PERFECT.)


cancer astrology

Cancer:  With the Sun and Jupiter in your 4th house, you may find yourself wanting to focus more on your nest, dear Cancer. This is a strong month for all things domestic.  Whether you’re buying a home or in the process of renovation or decluttering, getting your living situation set up to suit your tastes is now in vogue. Get your Martha Stewart on and feather that nest to your heart’s content!  Keep in mind that the 4th house is also good for family matters. If there is an issue that’s been getting under your skin or if a family member has been in a tough spot, this is your time to swoop in and bring the healing full force.  A loving touch can soothe even the most challenging problem, especially when Mercury enters the 4th house on the 7th.  Your words may be balm for those who need you the most (oh, how you shine when you’re in need!).  Your career may need some attention on the 16th, when a Full Moon sheds light on a problem that you may not be aware of. The energy is unpredictable – so do your best to stay grounded, even if you’re dealing with something that seems out of left field. The 18th will find loving Venus heading into your work sector, which may help you to smooth out office politics and maybe even turn that drama to your favor.  The week of the 22nd is going to be fabulous for romance!  The Sun and Mercury enter your 5th house of true love followed by a New Moon on the 30th. The last week of October could end on an amorous note.  Think: more treats than tricks.


leo astrology

Leo: This month, you have the power of communication on your side, dear Leo. With the Sun and Jupiter in your 3rd house, you are able to talk your way in and out of any situation.  Better yet, you’re dazzling people with your way with words.  Even more so when Mercury joins up on the 7th, signaling a powerful few weeks where you can negotiate, write, charm, or speak in a way that leads to results.  Getting your way?  HELL YEAH! The Full Moon on the 16th illuminates a chance to hit the road. That gift of gab may help you land a sweet deal – or an upgrade.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want if you are traveling anywhere. Boss up, yo. Romantic sparks fly on the 18th, when Venus moves into your romance sector. Express how you feel. Put your heart on the line – it will pay off!  The week of the 22nd, it’s time to take care of home matters.  The Sun and Mercury will be entering your domestic sphere, which may mean it’s time to get the home in order – especially with the holidays looming.  That doesn’t mean you need to get the tree out just yet but perhaps start looking at ways you can make your home a welcoming space, especially if you intend on hosting gatherings at your crib.  The New Moon on the 30th is fantastic for holding a Halloween party.  Why not kick off the holiday season and get your spooky on with a fun masquerade party?


virgo astrology

Virgo: It’s time to look at your financial picture, dear Virgo. First of all, don’t panic.  You’ve got lucky Jupiter in your 2nd house of money for an entire year, which means you’ve got loads of opportunities to grow your wealth.  This month, the Sun is also hanging around the 2nd, which means you can attract more moolah through your job or some sweet opportunities on the side. This is the right  month to ask for a raise (or to raise your rates), especially when your ruling planet, Mercury slides into diplomatic Libra on the 7th.  Remember: it’s not enough to set an intention, you must also be willing to work for what you want. If you want to see your cash flow keep on improving, be proactive. Hustle a bit!  The Full Moon on the 16th may bring an unexpected expense that might throw you off a bit. This could be a deal that falls through or your partner may have an issue that ends up costing the household a bit of dough.  Don’t let that bum you out – just deal with the issue and then get back on your positive money abundance thang.  The 18th finds lovey-dovey Venus entering your home sector, which means you can bring the romance to the home front.  Dazzle your partner with home cooked meals, flickering candles, and steamy bubble baths.  (Psst…it’s also less expensive than going out – WIN!)  On the week of the 22nd, the Sun and Mercury move into your 3rd house of mind, which means your creative brain is about to get bloated with awesome ideas.  This is a good few weeks for brainstorming, writing, or speaking. You can get your ideas across like a total boss now – and everyone’s going to think you’re a genius, babe.  The New Moon on the 30th may just bring your best idea of the year – or an important meeting that could be a game changer. This is a good night for bold thinking and networking.  Get out there and bring your A game.


libra astrology

Libra: Happy birthday, dear Libra!  With the Sun and lucky Jupiter both in your sign as the month begins, your birthday year is kicking off on a sweet note. This is your time to enjoy your life as much as possible.  Whether that be through some time off to play or just spending your October hanging with your favorite peeps, do make time for pleasure.  You deserve it!  On the 7th, Mercury will head into your sign as well, giving you the ability to speak up and speak well.  If you need to say something, now’s the time.  Don’t hold back or feel that you need to people-please.  Your words have power so use it to your advantage. The Full Moon on the 16th in your relationship sector may cause a bit of drama with a loved one. This could be a shake up, wake up or make up – perhaps one you’ve seen coming for some time. Address the issue as quickly as you can – it might help to course-correct any problems. Also remember, this is an unpredictable Full Moon, which means partners may be acting somewhat chaotic. Stay grounded as best as you can. You’ll need to be. As the week of the 22nd kicks off, the Sun and Mercury will head into your 2nd house of money, which means: the potential for more cash to flow into your life is here.  The weeks that follow could be lucky indeed.  If you’ve been feeling a pinch lately, this will be a welcome relief.  The New Moon on the 30th brings more financial good news.  A raise, promotion or some new opportunity could promise more green coming your way.  All in all, things are looking up!


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: This month is like a warm up for all sorts o’ good stuff, dear Scorpio.  Which means: for now, it’s perfectly cool to sit behind the scenes, finalizing your plans and resting up. With the Sun and fortunate Jupiter in your 12th house, your best strategies happen behind the scenes.  Mercury will also slide into this sector on the 7th, which says it’s best to protect your top secret stuff for now. Keep to yourself as much as you can, especially on the work front when a  Full Moon on the 16th may bring clarity around a colleague who may be trying to jock your fresh.  If someone is indeed trying to steal your thunder or take your ideas, you’ll want to protect them as best as you can – or call the perpetrator to the carpet.  Venus enters your 2nd house of money on the 18th, which means the weeks that follow could find you attracting more money – but also spending on some pre-birthday bling. Go on, treat yourself a bit because you’ve been acing the budget thing all year with stern Saturn sitting in that house. The week of the 22nd promises to be as sweet as can be. The Sun will move into your sign, which means you can drop some of the cloak and dagger (not all), and step into the spotlight -or launch your next big thing. This marks a few weeks where your charisma is at an all time high, so do work that to your advantage.  A fabulous New Moon in your sign on the 30th brings another golden opportunity for you to take the center stage.  You’re getting ready for a new level.  Consider this your star turn.


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: Friends and social stuff will keep you busy as can be this month, dear Sagittarius. That’s because your 11th house of social activity is on fire with lucky Jupiter and the Sun!  This means you’re on everyone’s invite list.  Expect lots of opportunities to hobnob with friends or to network your face off.  Conversations at these shindigs promise to be extra-scintillating when Mercury arrives on the 7th. No matter where you’re going, when you’re out and about, the opportunity to meet people or gab will be abundant.  Do note that some of these seemingly random meet ups may turn into something significant later on.  Even a somewhat mundane connection could be fortunate as the rest of 2016 unfolds. Keep your eyes on your love life on the 16th, when the Full Moon brings a bit of instability. Your partner may be moody as all get out – or you may meet someone new that could lead to some seriously roving-eyes action.  Whatever the case may be, do not act rash or get your knickers in a twist either way. This too shall pass.  The week of the 22nd brings a break from all the parties when the Sun and Mercury move into your 12th house of rest.  You may find yourself wanting to retreat a bit.  Whether that is through a vacation or just more time at home, feel free to get your relaxing on.  The New Moon on the 30th is perfect for meditating on the meaning of your life. What changes might you want to initiate before the year comes to a close?  Ponder all that jazz now – and get ready to activate when the Sun moves into your sign late next month.


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: This is a banner year for your career, dear Capricorn.  In fact, this month seems to be the start of something big happening. With expansive Jupiter and the fiery Sun lighting up your career sector, you could be receiving recognition for your work – or a plum opportunity that could start moving you into an exciting new direction! This is shot caller energy, yo, so do not be afraid to step up your game.  You may have had a few missteps in the last year but now, you’re unstoppable.  Mercury heads into the 10th on the 7th, giving you more opportunities to grow your street cred.  You can advance your career by putting yourself out there – think of this as your personal show ‘n tell time: show ‘em what you’re made of (the stoic stuff) and tell ‘em what you can do for them.  Own that stage and do not get distracted by the ne’er do wells who seem to want to pull you down to their level.  You ain’t got time for that, boss!  The Full Moon on the 16th sheds light on an important family issue.  Someone may need your attention so make some time from your success game to ensure your loved ones get what they need.  (Yes, you can have work/life balance, Cappy.)  Venus in your 12th house on the 18th could bring quiet time with a loved one…or an opportunity for an affair. If you’re in a relationship, let’s try to avoid the latter, m’kay? No need to get things twisted, right? The week of the 22nd opens up opportunities for play when the Sun and Mercury move into your social sector.  Even though you’ve got your eyes on the main stage, don’t ignore your recreational time too.  All work and no play will only lead to burn out.  On the 30th, the New Moon brings important news from a trusted friend.  This could be an introduction that opens more doors…or an invitation to something that you simply can’t turn down.  Business and pleasure perhaps?  Maybe both.



Aquarius: The travel bug is biting, dear Aquarius, and you may need to scratch that itch. With the Sun and Jupiter hanging out in your 9th house of travel, this might be one of the best months of the year to get out of Dodge for a bit.  Somewhere exotic or remote is best.  Get away from it all and you’ll emerge calmer, ready to take on the tremendous work load that is looming near the end of October.  Mercury enters the 9th house on the 7th, which is perfect for short getaways.  All in all, it’s an ideal month for hitting the road as much as you can!  Be careful though on the 16th when the Full Moon in your 3rd house could find a snag in your plans.  This could be due to your own negligence or through some random snafu.  Be as mindful as you can and have a plan B on hand just in case.  On the 18th, Venus heads into your friendship sector. Could a friendship become more? Friends with benefits? You’ll have a couple of weeks to sort that out. The week of the 22nd puts the emphasis on your career when the Sun and Mercury move into your honors and recognition sector.  You may be receiving some much-deserved praise for your achievements or a killer opportunity that could put your name on the map in the coming weeks. Say yes to all that goodness and get ready to move on up, especially when Mars  enters your sign next month!  A brilliant New Moon on the 30th in your 10th house may open up a door that could propel your work and reputation to exciting new levels.  Your star is rising – and you’re more than ready for it.


pisces astrology

Pisces:  September was a bit challenging, dear Pisces, but October is going to get a whole lot better. First of all, lucky Jupiter is sitting in your 8th house of other people’s money along with the Sun – which means October could be the beginning of a lot more money coming your way.  If you’ve felt like you’ve had to squeeze every nickel this summer, this promises to loosen things up a bit to the point where you can actually get some real breathing room. Mercury will also enter your 8th house on the 7th, which is beneficial for setting up new budgets or any sort of financial planning. It’s also good for getting a loan. Even though you’re entering an up cycle, which will last a year thanks to Jupiter’s influence, it’s still wise to manage those rubber bands like a boss.  Thankfully, you’re also going to find that your instincts tend to be stronger than normal – trust your gut on all things money related and you’ll be fine.  This will be especially important on the 16th, when a Full Moon in your 2nd house of money could bring an unexpected setback.  Don’t let that derail you – instead, work with it as best as you can.  Remember, this is temporary, not permanent. Your money stars are lucky overall.  Carry on and trust that you’ve got this, babe.  On the 18th, lovely Venus moves into your career sector, blessing you with the ability to wow the public.  This is a perfect time to launch or propose anything because everyone will adore you. (Cue Sally Field: they love you – they really love you!)  The week of the 22nd proves to be ideal for travel when the Sun and Mercury head into your 9th house.  It’s great time to plan a vacation.  If you’ve been thinking of putting together that dream trip, go ahead  In fact, a winter holiday near a big body of water might do your little fishy nature good.  The New Moon on the 30th may be the best day of all to head out of town.  Grab your snorkeling gear and go, go, GO!


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