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Now that Mercury has gone direct, it’s whooshing forward at the speed of light. This month, it will enter dreamy Pisces on the 12th and then finish the month with intense Aries.  What does that mean? It means that our thinking is all over the place in March!  Mercury in Aquarius starts this month off with logic and reasoning but on the 12th, our imaginations kick in and we’re seeing possibilities that our rational minds cannot begin to understand. Cosmic consciousness and the arts bring a groovy mental energy that is perfect for dreaming and creating.  At the end of the month, originality and passion are the name of the game. Fiery Aries wants action and you can best believe we’ll be getting just that.  Watch out for mental fireworks on the 30th and 31st – keep your cool as best as you can.

Romance becomes a lot more touchy-feeling when Venus enters Taurus on the 17th.  This earthy placement signifies a sensuous approach to love. If you’re looking for someone new, you’ll want to think: courting.  That means the flowers, the chocolates, and fine dining.  (Hint: that courting phase should never stop, even if you are partnered.)   You’ll get more goodies if you are ready to bring the bling and a little fire.  Mars in Aries adds heat to the mix, making March the perfect time for a spring fling with romance.

Pay close attention to the 20th.  The Sun and Moon both enter Aries and we have a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse!  New Moons are the perfect time to start something new and this particular Moon will be potent.  If you are thinking about beginning a new project or perhaps want to launch something completely fresh, this is your Moon.  Be big + bold.  It’s my favorite Moon for anything business – especially state-of-the-art or original.  Eclipses signify an important change.  This particular Eclipse is in Pisces, which indicate that emotions may be running high, making beginnings potentially emotionally upsetting, especially if there is a fear of letting go – or anxiety around this change.  The best path: recognize those fears and work through them – embrace change and recognize that this day offers the opportunity to grow and evolve.  Let go, let go, let go = let grow.


Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  March finds you at your brilliant, fiery best, dear Aries.  You’re smoking hot and oozing charisma. With Venus, Mars and Uranus in your 1st house, you can be sure that you’re charming the pants off anyone you encounter.  This is the month where you can get your way, up your game, and steal the spotlight again and again.  People want to say yes to you so work your mojo!  The Sun will join all this goodness on the 20th along with the New Moon.  That day also brings a solar eclipse in Pisces right near your Sun sign. This will up the ante and give you the leg up you need to make magic happen in any area of your life.  Wish BIG and act bold!

Taurus: You’re ready for some much needed “me time” this month, dear Taurus.  You’ve had a lot on your plate and many demands over the last few weeks.  Now you get a chance to say no and rest. With a full 12th house at the beginning of the month, your energy is flagging so it is best not to push yourself too hard.  This is the right time to take a little break and go on a retreat, even if that is simply unplugging and hibernating in your home. Your friends will understand if you need that time off from your social calendar.  So take a siesta or two.  You’ll be much better for it.  Pay close attention to your friendships on the 20th, when the solar eclipse hits your 11th house.  A big change, long overdue, may finally arrive.  A goodbye to a toxic relationship or a significant new person entering the picture? Wait and see but don’t ignore the signs.

Gemini:  This month could prove to be exciting for you, dear Gemini.  First of all, your 11th house of friendships and group activities is highlighted, making March the month to resume your social life.  After a long winter, it’s time to get out there, say yes to invitations and most of all, have some fun!  You’ve been cooped up much too long and you know that’s never a good thing for those born under the sign of the twins.  You’re also going to have a chance to sparkle brightly with your career.  With the Sun in your 10th, soon to be followed by your ruling planet Mercury on the 12th, opportunity is knocking.  Answer the door and grab the brass ring!  On the 20th, the solar eclipse is hanging in your 10th house which could bring a significant change for your career.  This could be the big break you’ve been waiting for.  Main stage?  YES.

Cancer:  March finds you alternating between lion and lamb at work, dear Cancer.  With Venus and Mars sitting in the 10th along with Uranus, you may find yourself playing many different roles as needed: boss, office therapist, diplomat, and genius – sometimes all at the same time.  You can do it.  Just listen to your intuition as it will guide you beautifully as to which hat you need to wear.  When the Sun enters the 10th on the 20th, you’ll be grabbing the awards that you’ve earned from all that hard work.  Shine on, baby.  Pay attention that day because the solar eclipse is hitting your Midheaven – this could be a day of major recognition.  Your street cred is about to get some big kudos.  Take a bow and pat yourself on the back.

Leo:  Although Jupiter is still in retrograde and dialing your awesome down a notch, you’re hitting your stride this month like the true noble lion you are, dear Leo.  While you may not be shining in the boardroom, you certainly have a flair for the bedroom. The Sun in your 8th gives you the ability to please the masses or yourself.  Get your kink on and make no apologies.  It’s also a fabulous month to travel.  With a full 9th house, why not go somewhere you’ve never been?  And while you’re at it, make it somewhere exotic.  (Hint: you’ll be the most exotic creature anywhere you go.  Toss that mane!)  On the 20th, the Sun and new Moon align to form a glorious trine to your Sun. This is wonderful for any sort of journey – both inner and outer.  The solar eclipse on that day teeters between your 8th and 9th house – a romantic encounter with a stranger on a trip?  Why not? What happens in Vegas…or Turkey…or Prague…or….

Virgo: Spring is beginning to blossom and you’re ready for romance, dear Virgo.  If you’ve been in a dry spell, things are about to change.  With a full 8th house and the Sun in your 7th, March could be a month of romantic opportunities and steamy interludes.  Afternoon delight?  Serve it up!  On a deeper level, you’re craving intimacy and connection.  The best way to get that is by being your vulnerable self.  Don’t be afraid to express your needs or desires.  The more open you are, the more likely you’ll be getting what you truly want.  The 20th is a magical day when the Sun and new Moon hit your 8th house, adding fireworks to your sex life and creating a big shift in your joint finances.  An inheritance or a tax refund may give you a much needed financial boost.  The 20th also brings a solar eclipse in your 7th house of relationships.  A random flirtation may have more weight to it than you realize.

Libra:  March may be giving you a lot more variety in matters of the heart, dear Libra.  With Venus, Mars and Uranus in the 7th, you may moving into true playa status.  Attention galore from admirers makes this a month where it may be hard to choose just one.  If you are single, this could be like a smorgasbord!  In a relationship?  Try to keep your self off temptation island.  At work, you’re also getting things done like a boss.  With the Sun in your 6th, you can be sure that you have the g-moves to be more productive than usual.  Multi-tasking?  Pfft.  Show ‘em how it’s done.  When Mercury meanders into your 6th on the 12th, you’ll be taking calls and fielding emails like pro juggler.  Expect some comments on your mad skills.  Pay close attention to the 20th when the solar eclipse hits your 6th house.  That day may bring a powerful change in your work life or your health.  Energy is about to get cleared for take-off.

Scorpio: This month could find you feeling good and full of energy, dear Scorpio.  With an active 6th house, you’ll appreciate that burst of stamina because you’ve got lots of work to do. Your everyday tasks have gotten a bit massive and you may need to plough through an enormous to-do list.  To top it off, the boss may want you to take on another big project.  Can you do this?  Yes.  Direct your will and just git ‘er done.  The Sun in the 5th amps up your creative mojo, which gives you an inventive edge that you can work to your advantage.  No problem is too big for you to handle – you’ll simply find a unique way around it.  On the 20th, the Sun and new Moon enter your 6th house, giving you the opportunity to make an important career change.  A new role or a rebrand would be fortunate now.  That same day, the solar eclipse sits in your 5th.  A flash of inspiration could prove to be a golden egg later on.

Sagittarius: March comes in like a lion and pretty much stays that way all month for you, dear Sagittarius.  Your 5th house of creativity, children and romance is very active, making this month perfect for any major creative projects, having a baby, or adding heat to your already hot-to-trot love life.  (All three?  It’s possible.)  You’re brimming with ideas and hormones – a heady combination that proves to be quite delicious.  The Sun in your 4th also indicates joy through the family.  A visit or phone call to dear old mom may be sweet as can be.  On the 20th, expect a whole lotta action when the Sun moves into your 5th house along with the new Moon.  You’re either conceiving a creative project or one big baby.  Ha!  That same day, the solar eclipse lights up your 4th house.  A change in your home life is possible.  A new member of the family or renovation could be happening.  (PS that new member could be a four legged one.)

Capricorn:  If you’re fixing to fix your home, this is the month to do it, dear Capricorn.  Spring cleaning, renovation, sprucing up – all those things are favored.  With an active 4th house, this is the right time to declutter and create the home of your dreams.  While you’re at it, it may also be the right month to deal with any family drama.  If you need to set a boundary, don’t be afraid to do so.  After all, your house, your rules.  You don’t have to put up with bad behavior.  The Sun in the 3rd indicates pleasant relationships with your neighbors.  As it moves into your 4th along with the new Moon on the 20th, it might be a good time to plan a block party or other gathering.  Be neighborly even if you are new to the hood.  The 20th also has a solar eclipse right in your 3rd house of mind, giving you the opportunity to tell someone clearly how you feel. The truth will set you free.

Aquarius:  Spring is going to be a bit more fun, dear Aquarius.  With a stellium in your 3rd house, you can be sure that March is all about flirting or debating.  You have the silver tongue now and that may just get you into some interesting spaces.  Your eloquence and wit will entertain anyone who is lucky enough to be in your orbit.  Use that for good, not evil.  Your 2nd house of money is graced with the Sun, indicating some gain.  A new gig or raise may bring in a little extra cheddar for all the hard work you’ve been doing.  But be super careful on the 20th when a solar eclipse in your 2nd house brings a change.  That could be an unexpected expense (think: tax time).  Double check your budget and make sure you are clear about your financial goals.  With the new Moon and Sun in your 3rd on the same day, it’s the right day to practice some abundance thinking.  Boss up your mindset!

Pisces:  Happy birthday, dear Pisces!  This month is all about your awesome so make every single day a celebration.  No matter what’s going on, find a reason to be grateful for this month has plenty of good things to hone your attention on.  At work, you’re making huge strides and building a name for yourself.  And with a stellium in the 2nd house of money, there may be a handsome reward for all that you to the table.  New sources of income or a healthy raise remind you that people appreciate your work and want to pay you well.  Your earning capacity is about to get even brighter when the Sun and new Moon enter your 2nd house on the 20th. You may see a happy shift for the better with your money.  Pay off debts, put some money aside, or go ahead and buy yourself a treat!  It’s all good.  On the 20th, the solar eclipse is in your sign.  It’s time to think about the changes you want for your professional life.  This is a fortunate day and you can manifest amazing opportunities.  Pay attention and watch for lucky breaks – both obvious and subtle.


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