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Venus is now retrograde until September 6th, which means that it’s time to be extra-tender with the ones we love – but also to scrutinize our relationships.  What is that you want?  How are your needs being met – or not?  Are you giving as much as you are getting?  Avoid taking impulsive actions with relationships during this period – instead, reflect carefully before making any moves. Revisit old issues and work towards mutual agreements, whether that be to work things out – or end a struggling relationship.  It’s also possible that a love from the past may show up again, giving you a chance to reboot the relationship – or give it the boot once and for all.

If you are single, Venus retrograde could create some issues in the dating pool. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be out there but make sure you are clear about who you are and what you want – and take the time to insure that your possible suitors are who they claim to be as well.  This could be a time where everyone is putting on their “game face” and a few weeks later, you may be disappointed when the masks come off.

Venus also rules money and luxury – because it’s retrograde in showy Leo, you may be tempted to spend beyond your means this month.  Watch your pocketbook carefully and stay off those luxury sites (buh-bye Gucci purse!).  Keep expenditures in check and research any purchases with great care.

Saturn is direct on the 2nd.  We’ve had a few months to deep dive back into the dark and now we swim forward, ready to shake off the old.  When Saturn heads back into Sagittarius next month, we are once again able to delve into our own personal truth.  What is your life philosophy? How are you living your truth?  Reflect on those questions in August and then practice what you preach when Saturn heads back into Sagittarius in September.  (This is going to be interesting times for politics – we will quickly learn as this year unfolds who is being honest and who isn’t.  Religious beliefs and freedom are going to be the big topics this time around. Those who are pushing anything too radical will face a very tough battle.)

Mars enters hottie Leo on the 8th, which amps up the passion factor – in both love and life!  We’re feeling extra fiery and  may have more confidence to go for what we want.  This is great for career and political ambitions – but in romance, you’ll still want to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground with that Venus retrograde action.  Pour your energy into your work or your art.  Set grand goals and go for them.

Pay attention to the 11th – Jupiter is leaving bold Leo and heading into detail-oriented Virgo, where it will sit for about a year.  While Jupiter in Leo favored the big picture, this year is about tending to the small details that make those goals come together.  Productivity, efficiency, and service bring happiness during this transit.   Stay busy and you’ll not only get a lot done but you may become better at your craft in the process.  Invest your energy into your work this year.  Stay on your daily grind.  Find happiness in your work or look for work that makes you happy.  Tweak your schedule to create greater efficiency. This is also a good transit for cleaning up your house, your diet – or your act.  Declutter your home, take care of your body and apply self-discipline to your bad habits.  Get shit done. By year’s end, you’ll be healthier, leaner, cleaner – and you’ll have accomplished more than you ever dreamed of.

Make note: the Sun is Conjunct Jupiter on the 26th, making that day extra-lucky.  Roll the dice, take a chance, do your magicks, launch a product, hit on that hottie, take brave steps towards your goals, and put your positive affirmations on blast.  The Universe has your back this day so think big and when in doubt,  go for it!

Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  At the beginning of the month, you may find yourself wanting to focus on matters of the heart, dear Aries. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in your 5th house, soon to be  joined by feisty Mars on the 8th, you’re ready for a romantic rumble.  This is a strong month for meeting someone new if you are single.  If you are in a relationship, it’s a good time for solving issues and creating more heat.  Be alert though: Venus is in retrograde and since it’s sitting in your 5th house of romance, you’ll want to be clear about what you want and watching out for any red flags.  Take a gamble on love but make sure it’s a calculated risk.  On the 11th, lucky Jupiter enters your 6th house of work and health, blessing your career for a year.  This could be a period of promotions, new jobs, great assignments and more better health.

Taurus: The focus is on the home this month, dear Taurus. With a astro-party of planets sitting in your 4th house, this is the right time to move, renovate, or redecorate.  Get those home improvement projects out of the way.  Clear out old clutter and practice tidying up every corner of the home.  Your family may also be needing more from you as well.  This month could be great for taking care of loved ones or family gatherings.  On the 11th, Jupiter moves into Virgo and into your 5th house of romance and makes a happy angle to your Sun, adding some real oomph to your love life for the next year!  This is a strong transit for marriage, improving a relationship, or meeting someone new.  No matter what your current romantic status is at the beginning of this transit, it’s going to get a whole lot better…and hotter…in the year ahead.

Gemini: Gemini is the thinker of the Zodiac and this month, your brain is in overdrive, dear Gemini.  Your third house is very active with a bunch of planets moving through.  Expect epic ideas, brainstorms and breakthroughs, and lots of mentally stimulating projects or conversations!  You’ll have zero time to be bored in August.  Expansive Jupiter enters your 4th house of home and family on the 11th, which could indicate luck with property – or an addition to your family this year!  This is a great year to get those home projects done once and for all.  If you are buying a property or renovating one, you may end up with your dream home by next year at this time.  This is also a perfect year to tend to family matters.  Heal rifts, forgive, and reach out to loved ones.  You not only have the power to create the perfect home but also a better family as well.

Cancer:  You’ll be singing a happier tune, dear Cancer, when hot-blooded Mars leaves your sign on the 8th, joining a bunch of other planets in your 2nd house of money. The last few weeks may have found you moodier than normal August has you finding your good Zen place again – and you’re going to be seeing an uptick in your finances as well.  This month could find you getting a raise, bonus or some other sort of windfall.  Just make sure you practice good money habits – with Venus retrograde in your 2nd, you may be tempted to get some retail luxury therapy and that could prove unwise.  Instead, put some of that bounty away or pay down bills.  On the 11th, lucky Jupiter moves into your 3rd house of communication, where it will sit happily for a year.  Think big and don’t be afraid to share your ideas with the world.  Get rid of limiting beliefs and shake off old negative thought patterns.  Forgive and forget. Expand your communication and contacts, especially in business.  This year is also great for advanced training in your field.  Take your skills to the next level like a boss!

Leo: Happy birthday, dear Leo!  The month starts off with a stellium in your sign – making you the belle of the ball and the king or queen of any jungle that you choose to rule.  This is your time to shine like a star, to own your power and to let everyone know who the biggest badass is.  Strut your stuff and don’t be afraid to go for what you want.  Mars enters your sign on the 8th, adding a whole lotta passion + energy to the mix.  Set your intentions and then focus your incredible will = get massive things accomplished.  On the 11th Jupiter will head into your 2nd house of money, where it will stay for a year.  Mo’ money, yo.  You’re going to be blessed with opportunities to grow your wealth this year.  Most importantly: manage that moolah carefully.  You’ll be tempted to live like a rock star but know this: Mick Jagger (also a Leo) went to the London School of Economics.  Follow his lead and be shrewd.  You’ll be richer by the time next August rolls around.

Virgo: You’ll start out August with some much needed quiet time, dear Virgo. With a full 12th house, you’ll be more comfortable doing your thang behind the scenes.  Hermit mode appeals to those born under this sign but soon, things are going to get a lot more lively. That’s because fortunate Jupiter enters your sign on the 11th, bringing abundance, opportunities and luck.  This is going to be one of the best years you’ve had in over a decade.  You can win at anything you put your mind to so be brave and and set your goals high.  Whether you are looking for more love or a big climb up the career ladder, you’ll have the wind at your back, moving you forward and pushing you closer to your deepest desires.  The Sun heads into your sign on the 23rd, giving you more personal power.  Use that wisely and you’ll might be seeing a gorgeous reward on the 26th, when Jupiter and the Sun are conjunct in your sign.  (I highly advise you to make a big phat wish on that day because the Universe is just dying to shower you with some blessings.)

Libra:  August is going to be one big party, dear Libra.  Your 11th house of social activities and friends is lit up with a cluster of planets, making this your month to get out and have some fun!  Make the last few weeks of summer about play, especially if you’ve been working hard.  You also have the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings with your buddies – especially any romantic confusion.  Not sure if you’re friends with benefits or something more? Sort it out and you’ll remove that uncomfortable fog lingering between you.  Jupiter enters your 12th house on the 11th, making you ready to begin working on your inner self.  This transit will be going on for a full year – giving you ample opportunities to let go of the old you, develop compassion for yourself (and others), and find a new understanding of who you are and how you want to show up in the world. Meditation, spiritual practices, and quiet activities will appeal to you, as will therapy. Heal thyself and you’ll emerge happier, healthier and wiser when this transit ends next year.

Scorpio: Your career is center stage, dear Scorpio and you’ll have a strong August for amping up your public persona, grabbing the accolades and impressing those higher-ups.  With an active 10th house of career, this is your power month – so make the most out of it.  Launch those big projects, speak up at work, get on that stage, say yes to big opportunities – embrace ambition.  You’ll wear it well.  On the 11th, auspicious Jupiter enters your 11th house, which is going to work wonders on your social life for an entire year.  Your circle of influence is growing and you’ll find yourself with new, better friends – but also with opportunities to network with movers and shakers.  This is a great year to network, meet new allies, and partner up with  power brokers.  (Psst…you’re one too. Act like you know!) Pay close attention to anyone you meet on the 26th – it may be a chance meeting that turns out to be very good for you.

Sagittarius: If you can get away from it all this month, dear Sagittarius, please do.  Your 9th house of travel is beckoning for you to hit the road – even if only for a small weekend jaunt at a local B&B.  Delicious escapes will do you good.  Indulge in your wanderlust and get some time in the Sun before fall sets in.  Romance on these journeys is possible but with Venus retrograde, be careful that you don’t get into sticky situations or send the wrong signal to that stranger.  Keep your wits about you and be clear on your intentions.  On the 11th, your career is about to enter the best period of the decade when Jupiter slips into your 10th house.  This brings a year of career opportunities and a rise in your status.  This is your time to work on your brand – or to gun for the top dog position.  A major promotion or public recognition can be yours so stand tall and be confident.  This is your star turn.

Capricorn:  This month starts out with some lovely energy in your 8th house of intuition and joint finances, dear Capricorn. There may be a windfall, loan approved, or some sort of financial deal that will allow you to proceed with your bigger vision plans.  When Mars joins the bevy of other planets circulating that house, you can be sure that your ambition to earn more is about to get turbo-charged.  You’ll have no problem working for what you want – and achieving your financial goals.  Just be mindful that Venus is retrograde in that house all month long – when that money comes in, be sure you are not wasting it on frivolous luxury items.  Instead, focus on long term security.  On the 11th, fortunate Jupiter heads into your 9th house of travel and higher education, making the year ahead perfect for expanding your mind – or your world.  Start thinking of all the exotic places you’d like to visit and make some plans.  It may not be as hard as you think to make those dreams come true.

Aquarius: Relationships are front and center this month, dear Aquarius.  Your 7th house of relationships is lit up with a slew of planets, making August a good month for love.  Whether you are partnered or single, you can find more of the closeness that you desire.  If you are in the market for a commitment, you may find the right partner showing up in your world.  Or you may get the guts to finally put the ring on your loved one’s finger!  Express your feelings and make time to snuggle.  If your relationship is having problems during this month, it may be the right time to seek therapy.  With Venus in retrograde, it’s best not to ignore any problems that might be simmering under the surface.  Deal with it and heal it.  Jupiter is moving into your 8th house on the 11th, which is very good for your finances.  This year may bring you a lot more money, a good return on investments – or a loan that will help you to finance your goals.  You get the means to start accumulating some serious cash – handle it like a boss and you’re on your way to building an empire.

Pisces:  After a few weeks of playtime, it’s time to get your nose back to the grindstone, dear Pisces.  Your work life is demanding your attention and with a full 6th house, it’s going to be pretty hard to ignore the call of duty.  Every day responsibilities might be heavy in August but a strong structure and schedule will help you to stay on top of all these obligations.  If you have a team underneath you, this is a good time to practice delegation.  Lead and you may get more done in record time. The work stress load gets more intense when Mars heats things up on the 8th.  This could lead to tension and power plays.  Assert your self but don’t be an aggressive dick about it.  On August 11th, beneficial Jupiter is heading into your 7th house of relationships, giving you one of the best years to find new love or improve your current one.  This transit favors forming and maintaining partnerships – and this can extend into your work life as well. Joint ventures with your colleagues or like minded people may help you expand your sphere of influence.  Be proactive in both work and romantic relationships for a double win!

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