Monthly forecasts just for you!

The planets are much happier at this time of the year.  After months of constant retrograde action, the cosmos is way more clear and stable.

Jupiter is comfy in creative, sunny Leo.  Pleasure and enjoyment are in the air – make this year more about having fun and expressing yourself in a big, bold way!

Mars moved into it’s ruler, Scorpio late last month. Mars is at home in this placement.  This amps up the willpower and adds an audacious dash of emotional intensity in everything you do.

In short: you have the big vision and the power to get things done. So don’t hold back any more.  You have your official green light.

PS this combo is very fiery ‘n sexy.  Think: hot encounters, steamy nights, relentless flirting.  If you’ve been in a dry spell, it’s about to get spicy out there. Mmm hmmm…..

Now on to the personal scopes:

Aries:  August may well turn out to be one of the best months of the year, dear Aries. With a stellium of planets lighting up your 5th house, you can take a gamble on love!  Romantic energy is high, so don’t hold back.  Put your heart on the line and it will pay off.  If you are looking to expand your family, this is also a great month to conceive or give birth.  Finances may be hit and miss.  Although Jupiter in the 5th favors speculation, that impulsive Mars in the 8th could cause you to squander your winnings.  Don’t let your money burn a hole in your pocket.

Taurus:  Your family means everything to you, dear Taurus.  They will be your main focus as summer winds down. August may find you spending more time celebrating and enjoying the last of the warm days.  With a slew of planets sitting in your 4th house, you may also be ready to tackle some of those home projects you’ve been meaning to get to.  Organize your living quarters, tear up that garden, renovate – do what you can to make your house the welcoming place you want it to be.

Gemini:  The gold is in your nimble mind, dear Gemini.  Your third house is amplified with a bunch o’ planets, which indicates your mind will be brimming with new ideas and abundant thinking.  Write down those nuggets as they come – they may turn into something magical and profitable later on.  Your creativity is at an all time high so don’t ignore the insight you are receiving now.  At work, you’ll be a force for innovation while everyone else goes with the status quo.  Short trips and quick phone calls or visits with siblings make August lively and fun.

Cancer:  Now that Jupiter is in your 2nd house of money along with a few other planets, it’s time to start focusing on abundance.  Good money mojo is available for you, dear Cancer, so be sure to take advantage of that energy.  Raises, promotions or other windfalls may bring about an improvement that you’ve been waiting for.  If you are truly ready to receive, the Universe is ready to give.  Children could prove to be quite testy in August.  Fights and meltdowns make this a good month to review and reinforce some discipline.

Leo:  The Sun, Jupiter and Mercury start off this month in your sign, dear Leo, soon to be joined by Venus.  It’s all about YOU now, so be you and live your life with wild abandon!  The world has your back and this is your month to shine like a star, to come clean if you need to, to reboot and dream!  Don’t play small.  The world is waiting for you to step into center stage.  Family may test you but this is not the time to allow their fears or judgments to rain on your Leo parade.  Let August be the beginning to bravery and individuality. Your fortune lies in you being you.

Virgo:  You are on the verge of a rebirth, dear Virgo.  August is all about getting in touch with your subconscious mind.  What is it that you really want?  Are your actions aligned with your intentions?  With the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter sitting in your 12th, this is a good time to meditate on your lifestyle and see if it’s time to clean some things up.  Look back at how you’ve been living.  Are you living fully or just floating along, hoping things get better?  Release old junk and limiting beliefs.  Clear away the past to make way for the new.  On the 25th, the Sun is in your sign and conjunct the New Moon – let your new life begin then.

Libra:  Your social life is blooming, dear Libra.  You’re out and about more than usual.  With a lovely stellium sitting in your 11th house, this is your time to flit from event to event, charming everyone who crosses your merry path.  New friends and old are clamoring for your presence. The question is: will all this coming and going deplete your Libra need for balance.   Speaking of balance, pay very close attention to your bank balances this month.  If you are not mindful, a not-so-pleasant surprise may give you a big dose of frugal reality.

Scorpio:  Fast and furious seems to be the mode this month, dear Scorpio.  Your ruler, Mars, is rolling along in your sign, making this a productive and high energy month.  Couple that with Saturn, expect shizz to get done!  You’re ready to put your nose to the grindstone on some fab new projects and this is going to up your street cred at work big time.  With a full 10th house, you’re squarely in the limelight – and you deserve it.  Expect to get noticed in the very best way.  One caveat: keep your ego in check.  While this month offers a ton of goodies, it’s important not to rub anyone else’s face in it.  Be gracious, yo.

Sagittarius:  Give yourself permission to take a break this month, dear Sagittarius.  You’ve earned a little time away from the daily grind.  With a full 9th house and two planets in your 12th, August might be a good month for retreats, vacations, road trips, or simply time off.  Peace and quiet restore your balance.  And you’ll need that because September is gearing up to be all sorts of awesome.  You’ll get a taste of what’s to come late in this month.  Brace yourself for the very best fall, ever.

Capricorn: Kick back this month, dear Capricorn, and make time to reassess your budget.  If you share your household with a partner, this is a good time to work out any kinks or issues.  Windfalls are possible in August but resist the temptation to spend it all one place.  Instead, put some of that away for long term goals.  The full 8th house isn’t just good for joint finances, it’s also positive for creating greater intimacy with a partner.  At the end of the month, you may want to take a little romantic getaway.  If you’ve budgeted wisely, it should be completely doable.

Aquarius: You’ve got the power of love this month, dear Aquarius.  Your 7th house of partnerships is lit up with a lovely stellium, giving you an ability to charm just about anyone.  If you are single, you may just have a swarm of admirers to choose from.  Enjoy the bounty and have fun!  If you are in a relationship, August could bring significant improvements, particularly in communication.  This same awesome spreads to your work world.  From expanding your network to impressing the people in positions of authority, it’s a winning month, yo.

Pisces:  Your work life is flowing beautifully in August, dear Pisces.  Expect abundance, support, and effortless communication.  You are able to express your ideas with ease and may well get more attention for what you are bringing to the table.  You may also be dealing with a heavy work load, but coworkers are more than happy to pull up the slack.  You are surrounded by loving, helpful people.  Although you are adept at your work, it’s perfectly fine to allow others to help you carry that load.  At the end of the month, critical discussions arise around relationships. An important decision may need to be made about a relationship – or for a relative.



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