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The month starts out with Mercury in retrograde, which means things are a bit wonky for a few more days.  Technology snafus, delays, communication issues – if you’ve been experiencing that, it’s almost to an end. On February 11th, we’ll all be breathing a huge sigh of relief when Mercury goes direct. Life will go back to normal speed and you’ll be seeing real progress.

Things begin to heat up when Mars goes into passionate Aries followed by Venus on 20th.  What does this mean? Red hot sex. The thrill of the pursuit.  Amplified energy. Romance is about to get type-A and horny.  If you’re in a relationship, you may be rekindling a spark. Single? Hot hookups may be on the menu.

Keep in mind that this energy is also VERY impatient.  Watch out for anger and impulsiveness, both your own and others.  Hot and bothered is one thing but hot-headed will only lead to trouble – or poor decision making.  Keep your temper, impulsiveness, and lust in check.

 More info on Mercury retrograde: How To Have a Happy and Productive Mercury Retrograde.

Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  Your social life is picking up, dear Aries. After a bit of a winter hiberation, you’re back in circulation and ready for some fun.  February could find you with some fantastic invitations and opportunities to be out and about.  Be mindful with your mouth until the 11th.  Mercury is still retrograde and one loose slip of the lip and your VIP status will be revoked.  Things ramp up to extra smoky when romantic Venus and fiery Mars head into your sign on the 20th.  You’re a lust magnet so work those charms and you may just get some action, Jackson. This energy will also add some pizazz to your salesmanship. Charisma?  You’ll have it in spades, darling.

Taurus: All eyes are on you at work this month, dear Taurus.  The spotlight is shining directly on you so be sure to watch your every move.  That’s because Mercury is also retrograde until the 11th.  If you’re not careful, you may put your hoof in your mouth and that could tarnish your carefully crafted image.  Friends will be a source of support all month long so feel free to reach out to a trusted ally if you screw it up.  You’ll be able to redeem yourself when Mercury goes direct.  By the 18th, any faux pas will be long forgotten and you’ll be kicking back with your pals.  February begins with tension but ends with release!  (PS memo to Taurus – this is not a good month for your legendary stubbornness.  Keep that in check.)

Gemini: For the love of all things, I hope you are not planning on traveling this month, dear Gemini.  Your ruling planet, Mercury is retrograde in your 9th house of travel until the 11th.  Delays, snafus, traffic jams might just give you a case of road rage!  Try to keep your cool and have a plan B in place.  Or stay home and make February all about the stay-cation.  (Hint: pillow forts and wine work great.) At work, you’re everyone’s darling all month.  With a whole lotta action in that 10th house, you can be sure that February may go down in your work history as a stellar month.  You’re a rock star so own the stage and take a bow.  This is the month for your star turn.

Cancer:  Joint finances and taxes could be screwing up your good mood at the beginning of the month, dear Cancer.  With Mercury retrograde in the 8th house, this is not a good time to get risky with the IRS.  The way to work with this energy: get prepared ahead of time for tax season.  File your papers and get your receipts in order.  If you are looking for a loan, there may be some unexpected problems. Be sure to look at all details carefully before signing on the dotted line.  If you can, get out of town for a few days.  Your 9th house of travel is active, indicating a good month for jet setting, last minute getaways and journeys to far off places.  The more exotic, the better.

Leo:  You are raring to go but the Universe wants you to hold on to your fire power, dear Leo. Jupiter is still retrograde in your sign plus Mercury is as well in your 7th house of partnerships until the 11th.  This is a good time to do some work around your communication so that you can show up in your relationships as the very best version of you.  Are you hell bent on getting your way?  Super focused on yourself?  Cut the narcissism and practice listening. Instead of thinking the world needs to revolve around you, make someone else your world.  Give them your full attention.  (Trust me, they will love you for it.) Later in the month, you’ll be able to practice some hot moves in the bedroom when your 8th house gets a lot o’ planetary action.  If you’ve played your relationship cards well, you may just be getting your just rewards.  Meow!

Virgo: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde in your 6th house of work as this month begins. Computer problems, communication issues with colleagues, lost emails, and missed meetings could make February feel like one big hair-pulling freak out. Keep your cool because Mercury turns direct on the 11th and you’ll be back on top of your game like the smooth operator you are.  One thing that might be going very well: romance.  Your 7th house of partnerships is getting a lot of play all month long.  If you’re single, this is the right time to update your online dating profile – or to get out there where the admirers can flock around your awesomeness. In a relationship?  Your partner may be extra-attentive to your every whim.  Bask in that, Romeo (or Juliet).

Libra: February is all about speaking with confidence and honesty if you want to get your romantic needs met, dear Libra.  Your 5th house has Mercury retrograde at the beginning of the month along with the Sun.  There is power in your words and even though you may be afraid of rejection, you must express yourself.  There is no other way.  Don’t worry about results – just be YOU. By the time Mercury turns direct on the 11th, you’ll be glad you did. Your creative urges are also demanding attention.  Give TLC to your passions and you’ll be happy you did so. Your work life is getting some good buzz all month long.  In that arena, you’re a confident superstar, kicking some arse and getting shizz done.  Everyone is amazed by your office mojo.  You should be too.

Scorpio: Family is everything to you, dear Scorpio. That is, until they get on your last nerve.  That may be happening as the month begins.  With Mercury in retrograde in your 4th house until the 11th, bickering with the loved ones will test your patience and make you looking for a cave to hide out.  But you can’t do that. Suck it up and try to keep the peace as much as possible. February is a good month to take care of any home repairs or decorating projects.  Look at what needs to be done and then get on it. Your artistic flair is on fire all month long.  Use that brilliance to create a beautiful environment that reflect your true self.  It’s also the right time to pick up that paintbrush, violin or writing instrument.  Channel your stress into your creativity and you may just produce a stunning work of art.

Sagittarius: You have a lot of responsibilities weighing you now, dear Sagittarius.  With Saturn in your sign and Mercury retrograde in your 3rd house until the 11th, you may feel a little heavy and not your usual feisty self.  Gloomy days outside don’t help matters much. Before you start sinking into a goth hole, start giving yourself some extreme self care. Don’t be hard on yourself now.  Even archers get the blues, yo. (PS you don’t have to be perfect.)  Once Mercury goes direct, you’ll start feeling the energy lift a bit.  Day by day, it will get better.  By the end of February, you’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, just as the dreary winter starts to fade away.

Capricorn: This month may find you kicking back and rethinking the way you are making or handling your money, dear Capricorn.  With Mercury retrograde in you 2nd house of money until the 11th, it’s time to recognize the patterns that need to change.  Do a mental sweep – are you accepting less than what you’re worth?  Do you spend more than you earn?  What can you do to shift towards greater prosperity? Remember that the Universe listens closely so now is the time to adjust your money mindset towards abundance. That will be easier to do when the Sun moves into your 3rd house on 18th.  Big, juicy creative thinking is on the horizon.  And the Universe smiles and gets ready to give.

Aquarius: Happy birthday! You’re frazzled and bedazzling this month, dear Aquarius.  The month starts out with the glorious Sun shining hot rays on you – which is amping up your glam factor.  You’re the brightest star in the room so act like you know and own it!  Venus and Mars are gracing your 2nd house of money and the Sun will head there on the 18th as well, which indicates some sweet moolah coming your way with ease and joy. How cool is that?  Unfortunately, Mercury is retrograde in your sign until the 11th – you may be a shot caller but you want to make sure you don’t shoot your mouth off and ruin your street cred.  Play it Cool Hand Luke and keep a lid on it if you are nervous.  After that comes to an end, strut.

Pisces:  Take a wee break at the beginning of the month when the Sun and Mercury retrograde sit in your 12th house. This is not the time to push – it’s the time to keep your mojo under wraps.  REST.  You are getting ready for bigger things and a brighter future so take those early days of the month to prep for that.  How to prep? By clearing away your limiting beliefs.  Sort out your head and get rid of negative thoughts that put a fence around your possibilities.  By the 11th, Mercury goes direct and you’re feeling free.  Liberated even.  And when the Sun moves into your sign on the 18th, you’ll be showing up in every single thing that you do as the very best version of you.  And the world will be grateful for that.  Bust through your own self created prison and go bigger!  PS money likes you this month. Don’t shoo it away or overextend yourself either.  Respect the cash and you might get a pleasant surprise.


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