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Ah…August. Warm summer nights getting shorter by the day.  Soon, we’re shopping for school supplies and thinking about the relief we’ll feel when the temperatures begin to drop.  Thankfully, the cosmic weather is getting a bit cooler as this month begins. With Mars entering adventurous Sagittarius on the 2nd, things are moving at a brisk pace.  This feels much better than those few months of Mars retrograde earlier in the year when we all struggled to maintain our momentum.  Mars in Sagittarius is an enthusiastic placement – best suited for acting on our ideals and taking bold action towards the finish line.  Mars is also well out of the shadow period, which means the path to realizing ambitions is clear and ready for take off.

The gorgeous New Moon in Leo on the 2nd is perfect for setting ambitious goals. What do you want to accomplish? What’s in your big picture plan? Set your intention today and trust that the Universe is now putting the wind at your back.

Venus in Virgo on the 5th tames down the sexy stuff we’ve been feeling in July.  We’ve got work to do now – the time for hanky-panky might be scarce this month.  Workaholic mode is in full session and if getting your groove on is a priority, it will require a lot of planning this month (psst some of us nerds find planning to be sexy-as-hell).

Stern Saturn turns direct on the 13th, after months of retrograde action. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius gave ample opportunities to examine our truth.  We can now lead confidently with it – so speak up!  (The next few months leading up to election day may bring out some interesting facts. If anyone is not operating on the up-and-up, we can trust Saturn in Sag to leverage some brutal honesty lessons.)

The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 18th favors innovation, brotherhood, and collaboration.  This is the perfect day to launch a group project or to shed light on social issues.  Do be mindful when discussing politics though – self righteousness can lead to anger + rebellion in others.  Stay off the high horse today and seek common ground.

The Sun enters perfectionist Virgo on the 22nd, which means it’s time to focus on efficiency and details.  Whether you’re cleaning your house, fleshing out the details for that big picture plan set earlier in the month, or just organizing your back-to-school shopping, this placement gives power to the particulars.

Do note that there will be tension over the next few weeks because that pesky mutual T-square will still be in effect.  Things will begin to lighten up later in September but if you find yourself  feeling cranky or scattered before then – cut yourself some slack and practice a bit of extreme self care.

Venus moves into amourous Libra on the 29th. This is an oh-so-romantic placement. Think: chivalry, roses, sweet nothings, candlelit meals, and love notes. Go for that mode and you’ll win at the love game every single time (psst…employ this daily every day of the year for even better results).

But do be warned: Mercury decides to be a jerk and turns retrograde in Virgo on the 30th. Le sigh. Get ready for a few weeks of fussiness, tech snafus, and bitchy critics.  Best way to manage this: take nothing personally and back up every gadget + computer  to the hilt.  Take no chances with tech + keep your skin as thick as you can.  (PS to politicians: if you need to criticize anyone, make it constructive and keep the character assassination stuff to a minimum.)

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  You’ve got plenty of firepower at your disposal this month, dear Aries.  This can give you the energy to plough forward – or to burn everything to a crisp.  You’ll want to keep that fire in check as this month progresses, especially in matters of the heart.  The New Moon on the 2nd is perfect for starting a new relationship or for rebooting the romance in a current one gone stale. Make your declaration of love and then follow through like the very best woo-er.  Mercury, Venus and Jupiter give blessings in work as the month begins.  Take advantage of this energy and put your best foot forward. It may lead to a bigger opportunity when the Sun enters your 6th house on the 22nd.  Thinking of taking a trip? It will be easier to get your plans in motion when Saturn turns direct in your house of travel on the 13th.  Keep an eye on your pals on the 18th when Moon turns full in your social sector. Something may be revealed that could alter a friendship forever.  This isn’t necessarily bad, but it could be a major shakeup so be alert.  Your love life continues to improve when romantic Venus heads into your 7th house of relationships on the 29th.  Progress is possible in every relationship – focus on what you can do for others and you’ll reap the sweet rewards.  On the 30th, Mercury turns retrograde in your house of work – threatening the progress made earlier in the month. Miscommunication or missed deadlines could spell trouble with the boss. Those previously-earned brownie points could disappear in a flash as September rolls forward. Guard against that possibility by exercising diplomacy and solid time management strategies.  Leave nothing to chance.


taurus astrology

Taurus:  This month, pleasure and leisure are the themes, dear Taurus.  With the Sun in your home sector, this is the perfect month for late summer gatherings with the family and chilling the heck out.  The New Moon on the 2nd is excellent for clearing up family matters or starting a home project (barn raising anyone?).  Also note: fiery Mars slides into your 8th house of intuition and sex on the 2nd, making all of August ideal for trusting your gut – or steaming up the bedroom.  Mercury,Venus and Jupiter in your true love sector amps up the possibilities for romantic adventures.  The Sun will join the astro-party on the 22nd, bringing additional heat to your love life. Could this be the summer of love?  Yeah, baby!  Take advantage of this lusty energy and you might find August to be one of the best times for getting it on. Mid-month Saturn turns direct, which means if you’ve had trouble expressing yourself with your honey, that is about to change.  This is major getting your groove on stuff, people.  Dim the lights, break out the mood music and make your move. Rawr! The Full Moon in your 10th house of career on the 18th might bring a professional matter to a head.  Major subterfuge or a top secret project may finally be out in the open.  Venus in your 6th house of work on the 29th gives a chance to smooth matters out but do keep an eye on the 30th when Mercury goes retrograde.  Negotiations could stall and you might just find that smooth talking that has been helping you gain ground in work and love is suddenly incoherent. Best motto: think before you speak.  (Psst….don’t kiss ‘n tell either!)


gemini astrology

Gemini: You have excellent persuasive powers this month, dear Gemini. The Sun is lighting up your house of communication, giving you the power to sway people with your  witty silver tongue. A New Moon on the 2nd opens up stunning opportunities to speak your truth in new ways  – and venues. This could be the beginning of your epic move towards thought leader status.  But do know this: impulsive Mars will be entering your house of relationships on the 2nd – if you are too aggressive or provocative, you might just tick some people off.  The key here is diplomacy.  Can you find a way to deliver the honest stuff without being a jerk about it?  Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the 4th house gives you the support of your family, even when you stick your foot in your mouth. Family will be giving you lots of love – in fact, they may overlook some of your foibles and chalk it up as “just the way you are”.  “Yeah, don’t mind him…he’s like that after a few beers…”  Saturn will turn direct in your partnership sector mid-month, which means it’s time to work on your relationships. Don’t take anyone for granted now.  Network like a fiend.  Let your loved ones know that they matter.  Throw down for the people who have your back. This will pay off when you need it later.  (Got no people skills? Freshen up your attitude with some Dale Carnegie stuff.) The Full Moon on the 18th says it’s time to hit the road.  If you’re traveling this day, it could bring many lovely surprises.  Staying at home?  Kick back and watch the Travel Channel. Educate yourself on how the other half lives (you do love to learn, oh curious one). Keep your eye on the 30th when your ruling planet, Mercury, turns retrograde in your 4th house, marking a few weeks ahead of home issues.  Bickering with the family and unexpected repairs?  Perhaps. Or maybe just a sign to retreat for a bit until stuff blows over.  Laid back looks good on you now.


cancer astrology

Cancer:  This month may bring some welcome financial relief, dear Cancer. With the Sun in your house of money partnered with a New Moon on the 2nd, you may see a sweet new cash influx. This could be through a raise, an extra shift at work, promotion or unexpected windfall. Or maybe you’ll just finally get a killer idea that turns into a side hustle. Where it comes from does not matter, what matters is what you do with it. The Full Moon in your 8th house on the 18th advises putting that bounty away for a rainy day.  Take a conservative approach to your gains and it may pay off later.  Work is demanding all month long. With fiery Mars in your 6th house, you’re doing your passion work but Saturn turning direct on the 13th demands structure.  If you can find the balance between doing the stuff that geeks you out in a grounded, methodical way, there is great progress in your future.  You’ve got a full third house for most of the month so trust that your genius ideas and clever presentation will take you far in August. You’ve got the right stuff now so capitalize on that shizz. Venus moves into your home sector on the 29th, which is ideal for swagging out your home. A fresh paint job or a bit of rearranging might help you to liven up even the dullest decor. (I recommend visiting Jonathan Adler for some phat home decorating inspiration.) On the 30th, Mercury will turn retrograde in your 3rd house of mind.  The weeks that follow could find you dealing with miscommunications and intellectual misfires.  Fuzzy thinking could put a damper on  those mental gymnastics.  Extra coffee + a daily donut may stave off the brain fog.  Double up your dose!  Ha ha!


leo astrology

Leo: Happy birthday, dear Leo!  Your ruling planet, the Sun, is shining brightly on you as the month commences so make the most out of this happy vibe!  Get yourself out there in the spotlight and sparkle like the rare diamond you are (we know you love being front ‘n center).  Whether you are trying to step into a bigger role at work or catch the attention of that hottie you’ve been eyeing up, you’ve got that little something extra that is bound to get you noticed.  A New Moon in your sign on the 2nd is also perfect for making any changes to your appearance. A new outfit or ‘do?  Why not?  Big primpin’, baby!  Finances are bountiful all month long so if you want a little bling, go ahead and treat yo’ self.  Your 5th house of romance is getting a big boost from passion player Mars and Saturn turning direct on the 13th.  Finding love?  Much easier now!  If you are single, it’s time to get to mingling.  Hit that dance floor and shake your money maker – it could put some new eyes on your…ahem…on you. In a relationship? Why not make it official?  A Full Moon in your house of partnerships on the 18th may clear any remaining obstacles to any relationship – romantic or otherwise.  You can finally get what you want in a happy, healthy way.  While all this sounds hunky dory, there is a bit of a curveball coming your way when Mercury turns retrograde in your 2nd house of money.  A series of unexpected expenses in the weeks that follow could dampen your spirit and drain your wallet. You’re going to need to budget like a hawk + stay out of the casinos. Gamble on love instead!


virgo astrology

Virgo:  With the Sun in your 12th house of solitude at the beginning of the month, it might be wise for you to take a time out, dear Virgo.  Why push yourself?  You’ve been navigating some choppy waters for some time and a little down time might do you good.  In fact, the New Moon on the 2nd may shed light on just how hard you’ve been pushing it.  Use that day as a cue to honor your need to take care of you.  Venus will enter your sign on the 5th, which is good for finding love or reigniting a relationship but you’ll want to exercise some restraint until Saturn goes direct on the 13th.  There is no need to rush matters.  Instead, take time to get to know the other person and see if there is a real connection there…or not. (Psst…thinking of moving in with your honey? It’s cool – but be ready to compromise on something major.)  If you’ve been meaning to get that fitness regime started, the Full Moon on the 18th is perfect-o!  It’s hitting your 6th house of health and work, which is ideal for changing your health – or your job. (Combine the both and maybe get a new career as a fitness instructor? Hmm…) Set your intention and then get a move on!  That will be even easier to do when the Sun moves into your sign on the 22nd, giving you a huge boost of energy and confidence.  You’ll feel as if you can do just about anything now!  (Psst…you can.)  But make sure you get all this exercise and discipline stuff started by the 30th, when your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde.  It will be much harder to get anything off the ground then – setbacks could derail even the most stoic. Plan ahead and you can dance right through that retrograde without a glitch.


libra astrology

Libra: August could find you alternating between total social butterfly – and hibernating bear, dear Libra.  The key is to balance your need for all things social with plenty of rest.  A New Moon in your house of friendships may bring fresh opportunities to play but Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in your 12th house show a need for many time-outs.  Since you are ruled by the scales, I have no doubt that you’ll find your middle ground.  When Saturn goes direct on the 13th, that may be easier to do.  You’ll be more confident about letting people know when you want to play…and when you need to chill.  Express your needs with courage and you might be surprised to see that it doesn’t piss people off like you might have assumed.  Pay attention to the Full Moon on the 18th – it may reveal something about your love life that could be a game changer.  A secret crush?  Or has your partner been hiding something?  All will come out in the open and this will help you determine your next move. The 22nd finds the Sun settling into your house of solitude, which may make you crave more time to yourself. Your best thinking will happen behind the scenes so take that time and don’t apologize.  (A silent meditation retreat would be totally trill now.) When Venus moves into your sign on the 29th, you’re feeling amorous urges but that tricky Mercury retrograde on the 30th might salt your game. Awkward communication and missed dates could make the weeks that follow a rom-com of errors.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: August could give your career the big boom it needs and deserves, dear Scorpio.  You’ve been grinding away all summer long and now it’s your time to shine like the biggest supernova in the galaxy. The Sun in your house of honors and recognition plus a New Moon on the 2nd could bring acclaim for your recent boss moves.  An opportunity may arise and my advice is to grab that brass ring and hold on!  Your star is ascending and this month will give you plenty of options to show everyone why you belong there.  Finances take a major turn for the better when Mars hangs out in your house of money matters and Saturn turns direct mid-month. If you have been feeling stress with the cash flow, it’s about to get a lot flowy-er in your world.  Sure, you’ll still need to work hard and budget like a pro but it won’t feel so impossible.  Heck, you might even find that you have a little more money to play with as the month trudges forward.  The 18th finds a Full Moon in your home sector, which may signal a superb time to finally tackle all that clutter in your house. Grab the trash bags and let the clearing begin!  A nice, clean house will feel so, so good.  The Sun moves into your house of friends on the 22nd, which may bring some much needed time for hanging with your buddies in an end-of-summer celebration.  Put some shrimp on the barbie and pop a few cold ones – and enjoy kicking back.  But Mercury retrograde on the 30th could spell trouble with friends over the next few weeks.  Disagreements could be epic. Best plan: don’t discuss anything controversial until this blows over. Just focus on that shrimp and beer, dawg.


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: This month will feel like a big can of relief + whoop ass served up all at once, dear Sagittarius.  At long last, Mars will head in your sign on the 2nd, giving you much needed momentum in every area of your life after months of slo-mo.  Saturn will also be adding a helping hand when it turns direct in your sign on the 13th.  Everything will begin to accelerate, which means you’re about to get some serious traction on goals set earlier in the year.  It’s also the right month to get your travel on. With the Sun in your 9th house at the beginning of the month plus a New Moon on the 2nd, faraway places are calling. Indulge in your wanderlust – go where it takes you.  Seek the exotic! Your work life is harmonious this month.  With Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus gracing your career sector, a possible promotion could catapult you to new levels.  The Sun joins the party on the 22nd, putting the spotlight on you in a big way.  This is epic for your street cred!  In fact, you may attract the kind of attention that leads to exciting new work opportunities. Keep an eye on two dates: the Full Moon on the 18th could find you needing to clear the air with a sibling or neighbor.  Someone being too loud or inconsiderate? This is the day to open your mouth. (You’re good at that, bruh.)  On the 30th, Mercury will go retrograde in your 10th house, which could create some communication mishaps at work.  A missed deadline, email woes or gaffe in an important meeting may dull the lustre you’ve been building.  I recommend that watch what you say and what you write before opening your mouth or hitting send for the weeks ahead. A moment of mindfulness may prevent a calamity.


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: The last few months have had ups and downs but in August, most things will even out, dear Capricorn.  That’s because your ruler, Saturn, will be turning direct mid-month.  More on that later.  As the month kicks off, you’re tuning in to your intuition better than ever. This is heavy-duty sixth sense stuff, yo.  Kinda like that kid in the “I see dead people” movie. You’re feeling stuff – big time – and need to heed those omens.  The New Moon on the 2nd will give you insights that may help steer you in better directions.  If you felt lost, this is like getting your inner compass back.  Over the next few weeks, clarity is coming – especially in your career.  The fog will lift and new opportunities will present itself to you.  The key is that you stay awake and watch for the signs and opportunities as they unfold. Your house of travel is highlighted for the entire month – if you’ve been thinking of taking a spontaneous trip, this might be the best month of the year to do so. Just try to get out of Dodge before the 30th – Mercury will turn retrograde and this could cause some major travel delays.  If you are traveling in the weeks that follow, I’d recommend that you add in some extra just-in-case time to be safe.  Back to Saturn: on the 13th, Saturn will turn direct after months of retrograde action.  You may feel as if some sort of “inner” switch clicks into go – and suddenly, everything that felt stuck moves ahead.  The weeks that follow will have you gaining momentum on just about everything – from the inside work you’ve been struggling with to any issues with work or family.  You’re clearing out all the old crud to make way for the new you that wants to emerge.  This is a year long process – so defo grok the self-help, meditation, and therapy stuff as much as possible. It will do you good. The Full Moon in your financial sector on the 18th may bring some sudden cash relief.  This could be a new job or unexpected windfall.  Wherever it comes, you’ll be grateful to see it!  Cash money feels soooo good.



Aquarius: Relationships may be on your mind this month, dear Aquarius. With the Sun in your house of partnerships for most of August, you’re ready for an intimate, happy relationship.  The New Moon on the 2nd will open up the door for that to happen. This signals the time to act. If you’re catching feelings for someone, let them know. Don’t be shy!  In fact, the bolder you are, the better the results will be. Mars enters your friendship zone on the 2nd and Saturn will turn direct on the 13th in the same space – this could bring about some challenges with your social scene but also the right energy to work out any problems with your homies. For example, if you’ve been feeling some shade from a certain pal, this may be the month to address that and clear the air.  Be direct and you may just save a friendship. (Pay attention: there is a theme here about opening up conversations with friends and lovers. Talk it out, yo.)  This also signals a good period for networking. If you’re out on the scene, bring your business cards with you – you never know who you might run into!  The Full Moon in your sign on the 18th puts a heavy-duty halogen spotlight on you.  If you’ve been seeking attention at work or at the club now’s your chance.  Get your Gene Kelly on – take the lead but try not to step on anyone’s toes.  On the 22nd, the Sun moves into your house of intuition and joint finances, giving you the ability to spot a winner or a loser.  But don’t lay your money on the table just yet…Mercury will be going retrograde in the same house on the 30th, which could cross your wires and scramble your finances.  Bottom line: don’t bet on it.


pisces astrology

Pisces:  This month, it’s best to focus on your health and work, dear Pisces. That’s because the Sun in your 6th house demands that you take care of the office and your body.  The New Moon on the 2nd is the perfect day to start that new routine. A health regimen or re-organizing the workplace?  Yes to both!  You’ve got tons of support around you so no matter what you’re trying to launch – or clean up, your cheering section is by your side, helping you to stay the course the whole month through.  All this work will pay off when Saturn turns direct in your house of career – you may be finally recognized for your accomplishments.  Normally, you don’t have a problem hanging the wings and letting others take the main stage, but you’ll discover that it feels pretty nice to get that sweet applause.  Take a bow and trust that you’ve earned this!  The Full Moon on the 18th will remind you to kick back and take it easy.  If you’ve been pushing it or getting too social, you may want to take this day as a personal sabbatical. Time alone will help you to recharge. On the 22nd, the Sun heads into your house of relationships.  Do you start looking for love?  Or not?  The choice is yours to make.  Just be aware that Mercury will go retrograde in this same house on the 30th, which could find you suddenly paralyzed and unable to make a decision!  This could lead to mixed signals and missed opportunities as September rolls on. If you’re not sure what you want, keep it real and try not to play yo-yo with anyone’s heart. Especially your own.


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