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After all of last month’s planetary hullaballoo, November is going to be a piece of cake.  You can thank Mercury going direct but also Mars is now happily zipping through industrious Capricorn, making this a busy and productive month.  Neptune is also going direct mid-month, bringing big time clarity to foggy notions and more stable psychic energy.

Pay close attention to Mars and Pluto clashing with Uranus: unexpected anger and explosive confrontations are possible.  This is a good time to examine any deep seated anger or resentment you may be feeling towards someone else.  Think before you take an aggressive stance in any situation.

Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  November may find you more in touch with your intuition, dear Aries.  With the Sun, Saturn and Venus sitting in your 8th, soon to be joined by Mercury on the 8th, your sixth sense is operating at an all time high.  This is a time to trust your gut 100%, even if things don’t make sense initially.  At work, you’re accessing your inner power to barrel through the challenges.  You are a force to be reckoned with and may be able to make big strides in areas where leadership is needed.  Boss up and own the floor.

Taurus:  Relationships are going to be warm ‘n fuzzy in November, dear Taurus.  This is great news as you begin to coast into the holiday season.  Love is the big theme and you can be sure you’ll be surrounded by a whole lot of that this month.  Your home may be the center where everyone wants to gather.  Create new traditions and and a welcoming vibe for all who enter.  If you’ve been craving more romance, you may also find this month to great for putting on the Barry White and getting it on.

Gemini: You are going to be busier than the clean up crew after the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade this month, dear Gemini.  Your house of work is bombarded with a bunch of planets, making your work life intense.  This needn’t be a bad thing – you have the energy and versatility to manage many different things at once (plus we all know you’re clever as hell).  Tune into your famous Gemini multitasking and you’ll breeze through that mountain of work in no time.  As the holidays start to creep in, you may have to remind yourself to take some time off.  That won’t be easy to do but it is necessary.  Get some egg nog and kick back.

Cancer:  Your creativity is amplified, dear Cancer.  With a full fifth house in November, you’re coming up with unique ideas that will help you to solve problems or create a masterpiece.  That creativity also extends to your romantic life.  This is a great month to come up with novel dates, fun prezzies, or exotic meals. Wine and dine the one you love and there will be heat in your cabin!  If you have children, this month may be filled with laughter and joy – or a new arrival.  One warning: watch your temper at work mid-month.  Any aggression on your part may lead to an unexpected kick in the pants.  Play it cool, yo.

Leo:  This month proves to be great for any matters with your home or family, dear Leo.  Whether you are moving, decorating, or simply creating more order, November demands that you create a sacred space that makes you happy.  Don’t be afraid to invest some time, money, or elbow grease into making your nest as cozy as can be.  Family may be on your mind a lot.  Reach out to your loved ones and see if you can help them out.  If you’ve been out of touch with your family, use the holidays as the perfect excuse to forgive and forget.  Late in the month, an opportunity for romance appears.  Permission to flirt: granted.

Virgo: You have a lot on your mind this month, dear Virgo. With a busy third house, you feel restless and mentally occupied.  It’s good to get out of your head and out into your neighborhood when you start to feel anxious.  This month favors gatherings with friends, neighbors, and relatives.  Focusing on other people will help to ease your antsy mind.  A mini getaway may also prove to be nourishing for your soul.  If you have some vacation time at work, why not a little road trip away from it all?  That’s often the cure for cabin fever.  (PS feel free to take those vacation days and hole up at home with your honey if that’s more your style.)

Libra:  This month gives you the opportunity to think about what you value, dear Libra. Your 2nd house is lit up like your neighbor’s home on Xmas eve, which may make you more contemplative when it comes to money and values.  Do you have what you need?  Do you also have time and resources for pleasure?  Have you begun creating a budget for the holidays?  Spend some time going over your expenses and find a way to create a plan that creates peace of mind. This season is often about luxury and over-spending.  Make yours about security and balance.  (That doesn’t mean you have to take a pass on Black Friday.  Just hit the malls early and stick to your budget.)

Scorpio:  The last few weeks were a rough one, thanks to that icky Mercury retrograde. But it’s behind you now, dear Scorpio, so the healing can begin in earnest.  If your emotions have taken a beating, know that brighter days are here.  You have more support than you can imagine – and this month, those people step forward and surround you with love.  You’re also beginning to feel more like your old self.  In fact, you may even feel a renewed sense of confidence.  Shine like the star that you are and don’t look back. Your work life may hold a big surprise for you before the month is out.  Act all surprised ‘n humble even though we all know you richly deserved it.

Sagittarius: After a hectic year, you have one more push before chill time, dear Sagittarius.  You are yearning some quiet – trust that the Universe is working very hard on your behalf to make that a reality.  Things will begin to slow down this month and you’ll find your quiet groove again.  Long naps and meditation call to you in November.  Snuggling with your partner or a four legged critter may be more appealing than all the invitations in the world.  Rest up.  Next month, you’re getting some major press.  You want to look great when the paparazzi starts poking around.

Capricorn:  Your social calendar is abuzz with invites, parties, and swanky soirees, dear Capricorn.  November may be full of all sorts of social goodness.  Whether it’s a gathering for work or an intimate dinner with friends, you have a whole month to enjoy your relationships and recognize what they mean to you.  Some of your friends may be needing help during this time.  You can be the perfect friend in need all month long.  At work, team efforts will yield marvelous results.  Bring people together on projects and you’ll get a lot accomplished.  Late in the month, you’re ready for down time. You’ll need it so don’t hesitate to take it.

Aquarius:  This month promises to be a sweet one for your career, dear Aquarius.  You’ve busted your ass all year long and November is time to collect some rewards and applause.  You’ll be getting some mondo appreciation for all of your contributions.  Stand up and take a bow!  Own that limelight while it’s shining brightly in your direction.  Late in the month, your social and romantic life collides in the very best way.  Whether you are single or partnered, November may be adding some fun to the mix.  Hot dates are on the menu.  Sizzle on, pardner.

Pisces:  After the Mercury retrograde of last month, you’re ready for Calgon to take you away somewhere exotic, dear Pisces.  Fortunately, your 9th house of travel is active so it is a possibility.  Whether you are jetting off to a ski lodge or just heading up north for some hunting or other winter delights, this month has some wiggle room for a vacation.  Although your work load is pretty heavy (in a good way), a balanced life is necessary if you want to avoid being a grouch.  When the opportunity arises for a trip, do it without the guilt trip.


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