Monthly forecasts just for you!

The big news:  Mercury is direct on the 1st!  After weeks of technical and communication havoc, things will begin to smooth out in the weeks ahead.

Another big change: Jupiter is heading into the fiery sign of Leo, where it will happily sit for a year.  If you are a fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius), this will be a year of expansion and opportunity for you.  Leos especially will be feeling that good energy.  Because Leo rules creative energy, this will also be a good time for artists, musicians, and actors.  Creative expansion is ahead.  The energy is showy and dramatic.  With Uranus also in the fire sign of Aries, this could be a time of creative genius.  Self expression is favored now.

The new moon on the 26th will be sitting right on transiting Jupiter.  This is a lucky day and perfect for starting anything new – or just starting over.  Think about what you want to manifest and write that down.  And because Leo is mighty happy and given to luxe vibes when in Jupiter – make your wish a big one.

Now on to the personal scopes:


Aries:  This month will be a mini test of all the patience lessons you’ve been getting since the beginning of the year.  Although Mercury is direct, the vibe of that retrograde lingers on for most of July.  Relationships with loved ones may be testy and ultra sensitive.  The best mode for you: walk on eggshells and put on your listening ears.  Any aggressive moves on your part may have long lasting effects so play it cool.  The outer planets are all going to be retrograde at the end of the month.  What does that mean?  The opportunity for deep soul searching as you plot out your next evolution.  Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of creative expansion, romantic opportunity, and joy through children.


Taurus:  You have the opportunity to display mad brilliance this month, dear Taurus.  With the Sun sitting in your 3rd, soon to be followed by Mercury and Venus mid-month, you’re dazzling the room with your wit, class, and smarts.  This is the month to bring your genius ideas to work.  Don’t be afraid to shake things up.  It’s innovation time, baby, and you’re channeling some Tesla.  Think electric insights, radical strategies, and bold gestures.  The focus shifts to family on the 23rd.  Summer gatherings and family reunions make this summer one to cherish.  Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of domestic bliss and better family security.


Gemini: Your finances are going to be getting a wee boost, dear Gemini.  No doubt you’ve been getting a wake up call after last month’s Mercury retrograde.  No fear – you get to clean up that mess in July.  Think of July as your time to get your credit straight and to find novel ways to bring more cabbage in the door.  With the Sun and Jupiter in your 2nd house until the last part of this month, you may find yourself making rad progress in no time at all.  Later in the month, your work life goes bonkers as Mars heads into the 6th house.  Expect a flurry of crazy that gets in the way of any so called summer lovin’.  Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of expanded consciousness, more short trips, and improved relationships with siblings.


Cancer:  This month starts out with the Sun and Jupiter in your sign, dear Cancer.  This is giving you some extra groovy energy and opportunities to shine brightly.  You ooze charisma and star power – use this to your advantage in both work and romance.  This is the month to go for the gusto and take risks.  Towards the end of the month, these planets will be sitting nicely in your 2nd house of money.  Financial gains are possible.  The next year could find you increasing your bottom line by a healthy margin.  Invest wisely and you’ll be singing a merry tune all the way to the bank.  Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of mo’ money.


Leo:  Take this month to deep dive into what you really want out of life, dear Leo.  the Sun and Jupiter will be heading into your sign later this month so it’s wise to get your wishes and goals in order.  What’s not working in your world?  What would you like to manifest?  What are the less sunny parts of your self that you need to transform?  If you want to create a bigger life for yourself, it all begins with release and clarity.  Meditate on your future and let go of your past.  That new Moon on the 26th is like a big, fat cosmic wish maker.  So think big.  Like super sized wishing!  When July comes to an end, your new life begins in earnest.  Go big or go home.  Up to you. Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of major growth, new experiences, and big time good luck!


Virgo:  This is a great month for work and social life, dear Virgo.  After a hellacious Mercury retrograde, you’ll be seeing some big time growth spurts and ease starting to come into both worlds.  Last month found you stuck on neutral and aggravated with your pals – July is a different ballgame.  Now, it’s full speed ahead and parties galore!  Take every invite and don’t be shy about tooting your own horn at work.  You can be the belle of the ball at night and a ball buster by day – and do both with a whole lotta charm.  Keep a very careful eye on your wallet – Mars is sitting in your 2nd house, making you itchy to spend your dough.  If you are not careful, you’ll end up broke (but still fabulous).  Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of spiritual expansion, amplified compassion, and major healing.


Libra:  This month is a whirlwind of action, dear Libra.  Mars is speeding through your sign, allowing you to gain traction after so many bumps in the road.  And with the Sun and Jupiter in your 10th house of career for most of the month, expect those breakthroughs to start happening for real.  You’ve been healing but now it’s time for big gains, lucky breaks, and mucho accolades.  This is your star turn, so own that.  In love, a quirky person may be trying to get close to you.  They may turn around and back out so be careful that you don’t give more than you may be getting back.  Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of new friends, a bigger social circle, and idealism.


Scorpio:  You’re conserving your energy this month, dear Scorpio.  Mars is still in your 12th house with the Sun and Jupiter in your 9th, making July perfect for a getaway.  The focus should be on something relaxing.  That could be a weekend at the beach, unplugging in the wilderness, or even a quiet staycation with the fam.  You don’t have to go anywhere to get that mellow vibe but if you can manage to sneak out of town, you may just come back a less cranky version of you.  After all, you’ve been under the gun for a while.  Why not give yourself a much needed break?  Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of big professional rewards and opportunities, greater achievements, and big time boosts to your street cred.



Sagittarius:  You’ve been flitting about like a social butterfly, dear Sagittarius.  It’s been one heck of a ride lately – travel and fun times with pals both old and new have made this summer a joyful one so far.  That pleasure continues and your romantic life is adding a loving spin to the whole thing.  With Venus and Mercury in your 7th, this could be the summer of love!  An active 8th house promises steamy nights under starlit skies.  Cuddle up with your best guy or gal (or a new paramour!) and enjoy every hot moment you can.  By the end of the month, you may be hitting the road for some time away.  (PS you can bring your sweetie.)  Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of far flung travel options, higher education, and spiritual growth.


Capricorn:  You learn far more about yourself through your relationships with others, dear Capricorn. Although those born under the sign of the goat don’t mind climbing mountains alone, this month is all about how you relate to others.  Your 7th house is lit up with the Sun and Jupiter – what are you contributing to your relationships – and what are they giving you.  How can you fill your partner’s needs?  Give of yourself generously and you’ll get more than you can imagine in return.  Work also gives you the opportunity to communicate, connect, and lead.  And the best part?  You can do all this with a spirit of compassion, with no need for competition.  Everyone wins when one person is willing to show the kindest way possible. Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of improvements with long term investments, possible new sources of money, and lots o’ lust.


Aquarius:  With the Sun and Jupiter in your 6th, this is an abundant and hard working month when it comes to your career, dear Aquarius.  You’re going to see yourself working round the clock but here’s the gist: it will help you to refine your skills – and that will only lead to more sweet rewards later.  For now, don’t focus on the end game – stay on the present moment and keep on keepin’ on.  In love, you’re a smooth operator with some mighty unique preferences.  Risque pillow talk and genius moves may land you in some rather interesting predicaments.  The potential for a love match is yes with plenty o’ options.  Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of romantic opportunity, improved partnerships, and more assistance from others when you need it most.


Pisces:  Your family means everything to you, dear Pisces, and July finds them at the center of your heart.  Communication takes a loving turn and you find the strength and clarity to let them know how much you love them.  Incidents last month are moving into the past as Mercury is now direct and working nicely with Venus in your 4th house.  What matters now is appreciating the present with them.  Gatherings with loved ones makes this month sweet as can be.  But don’t rule out romance.  With the Sun and Jupiter in the 5th, there is a little heat floating around a situation.  You can add kindling to that fire if you wish.  Late in the month, your work life starts to open up like a wide river with  many gold laden boats on the horizon.  All that work you’ve been doing?  Payoff coming soon enough. Jupiter in Leo on the 16th: expect a year of increased work demands, job fulfillment, and better health.



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