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Heads up, friends: Mercury is retrograde from the 4th to the 25th.  What does this mean?  Mercury will be slowing down its orbit and this may affect transportation, communication, and technology.  It’s going to be in mysterious Scorpio which could make communication feel like a major puzzle piece.  Secrets may be revealed – if you don’t want something to come out in the open, you’re going to need to be very careful with whom you tell your business.  Also, be aware of obsessive thinking and jealousy.  If you are being envious over someone else’s success, you may find that this is your undoing.  Pay close attention to the way you are feeling – if anything nasty is lurking under your hood, heal that shizz.  This aspect can be really intense but it can also produce deep insights, good research breakthroughs, and possible stuff coming to the surface that needs to.  This is not a good influence for doing anything illegal or under cover (ex: having a hot steamy affair with your mother in law).  Don’t let Mercury retrograde get you down - read this and sail through that sucka.

The day after Mercury goes direct, Mars transits into Capricorn (on the 26th).  Mars is exalted in Capricorn and this is a happy place for it to sit.  Think of it like this: a grounded fire with plenty of fuel.  This is a time of success through hard work and serious focus.  This transit is great for business and getting things done in a systematic, methodical way.  This is a good time to set new career goals and plans – and be willing to throw your back into it.

Eclipses! Full lunar moon on 8th in Aries indicates relationship issues coming to a big, brutal head.  If you’ve been struggling with a partnership (romantic or otherwise), expect  a showdown.  This will give an opportunity to clear the air – or clear out. Sun in Scorpio Solar eclipse on the 23rd – think: intense.  Psychic sensitivity is strong.  Tapping into collective consciousness is easier on this day.   Emotions are volatile and passionate.  Major healing is possible but there is also potential for emotional and physical violence.  (Couple this with Mercury retrograde and this day can lead to a whole lotta car accidents or injuries due to violence.)

Pay special attention to the energy on the 8th and the 23rd.  Not only are there eclipses but the 8th has some heavy duty transits and not all of them are positive.  Pluto is in a hard square with the Moon and Venus – relationships can get all sorts of wonky, especially if they are on shaky ground.

On the 23rd we get that eclipse but also a whole lotta planets sliding into moody, sexy Scorpio.  This is big time cosmic electricity!  Hold on to your hats – we’re moving into a crazy November.


Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  Relationships are going to be beneficial and challenging this month, dear Aries. You have the ability to attract the love that you want in October but with pesky Mercury going retrograde, it may be difficult to express your deeper needs.  This could lead to a whole lotta frustration in the bedroom.  Don’t play cloak and dagger – you’re going to need to be honest with your partner.  If they can’t read your mind, don’t assume they are a dud.  Late in the month, your 8th house is full and Mercury is direct – that heat you are seeking arrives with gusto.  Frustration resolved.

Taurus:  This is a lovely month for work, dear Taurus.  With the Sun and Venus sitting in your 6th house, you can expect recognition of the sweetest kind.  The possibility for promotion and accolades are here in spades.  Shine like a superstar and know that you’re going to wow them every time.  You’ll need to take extra good care of any partnerships, romantic or otherwise all month long. With Mercury retrograde in your 7th house, the potential for jealousy and misunderstandings is high.  Close your mouth and try to see things from their point of view.   It’s not always all about you.

Gemini:  Romance, risks, and big time creativity is what October is delivering, dear Gemini.  The Sun and Venus are in your 5th house for much of the month, you are free to express yourself and take some chances.  This is not the time to be timid. Be bold and vivid.  Make October a month of fun and pleasure.  There is no reason to not get out there and have a good time.  That being said, Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde in your 6th house of work from the 3rd to the 25th.  Technology meltdowns and communication breakdowns with coworkers threaten to spoil your fun.  Keep a cool head and leave the office politics at the office when cocktail hour rolls around.

Cancer:  Your family means everything to you, dear Cancer, and this month they will be adding joy to your life.  October is the perfect month to lavish your love on the people you love the most.  With the Sun and Venus in your 4th house, it’s easy to do.  This is also the perfect month to get all of your home improvement tasks finished up.  Take care of that messy basement and put your garden tools away.  Romance may be heading into a rather cranky time.  With Mercury retrograde in your 5th house, you may feel like climbing into your shell when a partner decides to act like an asshat.  Fight that urge.  Instead, deal with that energy as it comes.  Better to get stuff out in the open and give it a chance to heal.

Leo:  You’ve got a lot on your mind this month, dear Leo.  Your 3rd house of mind is busy and you may feel overwhelmed.  It’s not all bad though – your creativity is shining through and even if problems arise, you’ll find clever solutions.  Issues around the home may be driving you nuts.  If you are trying to move or renovate, Mercury retrograde in the 4th indicates slow downs and snafus.  Home projects go sideways and any sort of move may require a lot more effort than originally planned.  Take a deep breath and hire the right help if you cannot seem to manage it yourself.  At the end of the month, all is clear and you can proceed with a bit more confidence.

Virgo:  You may be seeing a healthy boost to your income this month, dear Virgo. With the Sun and Venus in your 2nd house of money for most of October, you may be making more and quite possibly spending more.  A desire for the good life could turn you into a bon vivant of sorts.  Keep tabs on reckless spending but feel free to indulge a little.  But whatever you do, don’t indulge in whining, negative thinking or feeling sorry for yourself.  You may find yourself wanting to go there when Mercury goes retrograde on the 4th.  Keep your mind on the things that give you joy and skip the toxic crud.

Libra:  Happy birthday!  This is your month, dear Libra. The Sun shines on you and Venus is shooting arrows of love in your direction.  What does that mean?  It means you will be turning the world – and your admirers – on with your smile!  Flirtatious behavior is highly recommended – and may lead to all kinds of sexy consequences.  But that darn Mercury retrograde wants to throw some shade on your finances.  Unexpected expenses may put a crimp in your mood.  Crunch the numbers til they are doable and then stick to a budget.  At the end of the month, both Sun and Venus will be in the 2nd house and Mercury will be straight up. What does that mean?  The flow towards abundance will return and you can catch up then.

Scorpio:  You’re craving down time and  you’ll get it, dear Scorpio.  This month is all about rest and recharging. With the Sun and Venus in your 12th house and Mercury going retrograde in your sign, the wisest Scorps will heed that energy and chillax all month long.  You’ve worked your tush off this year so this rest will do you good.  Instead of pushing, go over your year. What worked? What didn’t? What would you like to bring forward next year?  Mad planning and inner revolutions are favored now.  Kick back and come up with your new rule-the-world plan for 2015.  Implement that shizz next month when you’re at your Scorpy best.

Sagittarius: Oh the camaraderie you’ll enjoy this month, dear Sagittarius.  With the Sun and Venus in your 11th house, your social life is bound to bring you popularity and lots of joy-filled events!  Here’s the truth: you know how to be a good friend.  And your pals are grateful that you’re in their orbit.  Expect some rad parties and lots of hugs from friends both old and new.  But keep  an eye out for hidden enemies that may want to steal your thunder – or your swagger.  With Mercury retrograde in your 12th, a hidden enemy comes out in the open but in the most passive-aggressive way.  That statement that sounded like an insult?  Yes, it was one.  Be prepared to cut ‘em off at the quick as you mosey on and roll deep with a better (more honest) crew.

Capricorn:   This is a strong month for your career, dear Capricorn.  With the Sun and Venus in your 10th house of reputation, you can comfortably step into the limelight.  The glory is yours and you can proudly claim your rewards for a job well done.  Promotions are very possible and you have the ability to negotiate a bigger piece of the pie.  Any public relations are bound to be in your favor.  But be very careful of treacherous friends.  Mercury is going retrograde in your 11th house of social activities.  Pals that were once trustworthy turn around and put a knife in your back.  Gossip could end a once close friendship.  Try to be on the up and up in your dealings but if something gets trifling, know when to walk away.  Haters gonna hate.

Aquarius: Are you hitting the road again, dear Aquarius?  If so, October promises to be a delight.  Other locations are beckoning now and there is no reason to hold back.  Pack up your overnight bags and feel free to indulge your need for adventure.  With the Sun and Venus in your 9th house, it’s also possible that your travels could mix business and pleasure.  This may just add the lust to your wanderlust.  On the work front, be mindful about your communication this month.  With Mercury retrograde in your 10th house, a slip of the tongue could end up costing you big time.  Think very carefully before your open your mouth in the boardroom or you could end up looking like the office asshat.

Pisces:  With the Sun and Venus in your 8th house, you may just see some more heat coming back into your love life.  This is a sexy combination and you can get greater intensity between the sheets.  Passions run strong and relationships, even new ones, could get super steamy and erotic. Think primal.  This energy can also manifest as money coming through a partnership, loved one or financial institution.  If you need a loan, October is the right month to seek that out.  Mercury is also retrograde in your 9th house of travel.  Traffic jams, delayed planes, weather issues test your patience.  Bring along some good tunes or audio books.  If you are stuck somewhere, you may as well make the most out of it.


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