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September 2016

September starts out with a brilliant New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the 1st, signaling a new cycle. This is the right time to confront the messy parts of your life – both internal and external – and begin the process of clearing space. A fresh start is possible but you must be willing to face the problems directly and take a practical approach to them. Remember, Virgo is all about the pragmatics – craft your plan for the future and then make a to-do list of the steps you need to get there.  As the rest of 2016 marches forth, great strides are possible.

Do remember that some of that progress won’t be happening quickly for Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd.  Which means there may be some inevitable snags or delays.  The next few weeks ahead might test your patience but if you have a strong plan in hand and stay focused on the goal, you’ll find the detours available. When Mercury goes direct, you’ll start to see the fog lift and a clear path ahead towards your destination – October will surely bring some acceleration!

Keep in mind that the eclipse and this retrograde are also hanging around with that frustrating Saturn square Neptune, which goes exact on the 10th and lingers around for weeks.  It’s been acting up all year long but now it’s intensified.  Anxiety is strong and it may feel like some of your dreams are just out of reach.  They are not – remain focused and keep at it!  This aspect can burst bubbles if your hopes and dreams are nothing more than wishful thinking. What to avoid now: escapism, delusion, substance abuse. Instead, lucid awareness, meditation,and discipline will help you emerge victorious.

Big astro-news: on the 9th Jupiter moves into Libra after a year in perfectionist Virgo.  This is very good news for all of us because Jupiter in Virgo is not all that favorable. In fact, Jupiter is in it’s detriment here and it tends to squeeze the joy out of it.  Think of it like this: you’re having a party and your cranky neighbor constantly stops by to tell you to keep the noise down and clean up after yourself.  That’s what Jupiter in Virgo felt like for many of us. It may have helped us learn how to be more efficient but Jupiter in Libra is going to be far happier.  Here, the fun returns and now we can focus on relationships, beauty and art – all the Venusian stuff (Libra is ruled by Venus).  This is a favorable time for artists and musicians.  In politics, Jupiter in Libra favors fairness for all – issues of equality and diplomacy will be big in the year ahead. We might see some much-needed justice in some major cases – and opportunities to explore and heal issues around civil rights.  With Pluto still in Capricorn you can trust that the landscape of our country might be going through some important changes as it clashes with this placement of Jupiter.  The old way is coming to a close and anyone who favors oppressing others will fall by the wayside.  The path ahead favors a culture of sharing and tolerance – pay close attention to how things shape up this year because it may leave a lasting impact on the rest of the Pluto in Capricorn transit.

Okay – enough of that political crud.  I don’t want to bore you!  Let’s look at the16th, when we have another eclipse!  This time, it’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces.  This eclipse could be hella emotional – in fact, it could well push some sensitive types over the edge!  Remember, the word lunatic came from luna, the Moon – many hospitals will tell you that Full Moons tend to bring out the madness.  At worst, this day could bring emotional issues to a head. But at best, it can clear away old crud.  This is a good day to explore the shadow side, addictions, and those places where you hold illusions.  The energy here is also super-psychic. Trust your spidey-sense and keep an eye out for omens both good and not-so-great.

The Sun moves into Libra on the 22nd, which means the focus now is on others.  Use the weeks ahead to think about someone other than yourself.  That being said, be sure that you don’t lose yourself in relationships for Libra demands equality.  If you overdo – or under perform – that could cause trouble in any of your relationships.

Venus in Scorpio on the 23rd doesn’t help much. Venus here becomes jealous, highly sexed and possessive.  When you combine that with the Sun and Jupiter in Libra, you can bet that issues around relationships, sex, and even war/justice could be huge the next few weeks.  (Hate to go back to politics again but these upcoming debates should be reallllyyyyy interesting….)

After months of retrograde action, Pluto will turn direct on the 26th.  We’ve all had a few months to reflect on power.  Now that it’s turning direct it’s time to use what you’ve found for good.  Which means: if you are looking to start a revolution in any way, shape, or form, it must be for the good of all. I’m not just talking political stuff here (I promise not to) but also personal revolutions.  Gather your power now and focus on transformation!

There is another goody to the 26th: the Sun aligns with Jupiter, making this the luckiest day of the year! This is not only a perfect day for standing in your power – it’s also super for business launches, important meetings, romantic stuff, and pretty much anything.  Take advantage of this energy and put some big wishes and affirmations out there to the Universe!  Hell yeah!

The month finishes off with a stunning New Moon in Libra on the 30th – signaling new beginnings in relationships. If you’re single, this might be a good night to get out and mingle. In a troubled relationship?  Why not make a pact to let go of the old, forgive ‘n forget – and start anew?  For relationships that are humming along well, make this your date night and crank up the Marvin Gaye.  Let’s get it awwwnnnn……

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  The fabulous New Moon solar eclipse in Virgo on the 1st sits in your work sector, dear Aries, making this a perfect day to begin a job search if you’ve been unhappy in your work. This is also a favorable day for starting new projects or setting a bold intention for future career goals. Whatever you begin now has the chance to change your work life for the better.  Just keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd – there may be a few delays or snafus but if you stay focused, you should be able to find the detours.  The 9th puts Jupiter into your house of relationships, where it will sit for a whole year. This is good news if you’re single for you may have ample opportunities to meet new playmates. If you’re already in a relationship, this is the year to work on making improvements, which begins by thinking of the other person. Aries gets a rep for being selfish but this aspect may help you to learn to put the other guy first. On the 16th, another eclipse hits your 12th house, which is perfect for clearing away any negative thinking or self-sabotaging. Whether you’re shifting gears with positive affirmations or a visit to your counselor, you can make some major internal progress at this time.  The week of the 22nd finds the Sun moving into your house of relationships while Venus enters your 8th house of sex – this could be setting off some fireworks in your love life!  The chance for deeper intimacy is here – BRING IT ON.  Another glorious New Moon will illuminate your relationship sector on the 30th – giving you more chances to strengthen any partnerships, both romantic and otherwise.  As the month comes to a close, you’re feeling clear, optimistic and loved-up.  You’ve got this, babe.


taurus astrology

Taurus: Ready for more romance, dear Taurus?  With the gorgeous New Moon eclipse hitting your 5th house on the 1st, this could be a powerful month in matters of the heart. This is a great day to declare your feelings or to begin making a bigger effort to move your romantic life forward, especially if it’s been ho-hum for awhile.  If you’re single, this is superfly mojo for meeting someone special. Dust off that online profile, get yourself out there – make some bold moves, playa. This eclipse is also terrific for clearing away creative blocks. If you’ve been in a creative slump, breakthroughs are on the way.  Your work life also stands to improve when fortunate Jupiter slides into your 6th house of work on the 9th, bringing a year of luck and opportunities for you.  Your will have many chances to rise up at work so do make the most out of it this year and hustle. Remember, Jupiter puts the Universe at your back and when it’s in your house of work, great gains are possible. A Full Moon eclipse in your 11th house of social life on the 16th could reveal something important about a friendship.  A frenemy perhaps? Be prepared to see the light and set some boundaries. You’ll be breathing a sigh of relief the week of the 22nd when Mercury goes direct and the Sun moves into your 6th house while romantic Venus heads into your relationship sector.  Big improvements continue to emerge in both work and love, making September a stellar month for you.  A sweet New Moon on the 30th sheds light on a new work offer. Could this be the one you’ve been waiting for?  Stay tuned….


gemini astrology

Gemini: September starts out a bit rocky, dear Gemini, but hang on – it’s going to finish strong.  First of all, your ruling planet, Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd.  Couple that with the Saturn Neptune square and you may feel that this month is a whole bunch of slo-mo action instead of the lightning fast speed you prefer to move at.  But hear this: slowing down is good for you. It forces you to become more intentional.  You’ll want to be as lucid as possible with that New Moon eclipse on the 1st in your 4th house.  If you are thinking of buying a house or clearing up a family issue, this eclipse could help you to do just that. Fresh starts on the home front are favored now – consider what needs to change and then start the process today, even if that process is internal. On the 9th, Jupiter moves into your romance sector, where it will sit for an entire year. This is a “wow” factor on the romantic front – if you’re single, you could meet a new love.  Partnered up? You may be getting more lovin’ from your honey.  It’s all good, yo, so get your groove on!  The Full Moon eclipse on the 16th might create a big breakthrough with your career.  This could be your chance to step into the spotlight – or, if your reputation has taken a hit, an opportunity to fix your image.  The week of the 22nd brings more improvements.  Mercury will finally be direct and the Sun will light up your 5th house, which means love can shine even brighter. It will be easier for you to find your flirt power – which may help you to get more action and traction.  Venus will also move into your 6th house of work then.  An office romance?  Or maybe an opportunity to be more likable in the boardroom? Maybe both. Max that charm stuff out and see what it brings.  Another New Moon on the 30th boosts your romantic signal even higher.  Make your love life wish and trust that the Universe is working overtime to get you sexy results.


cancer astrology

Cancer:  September starts out with a full 3rd house, including a stunning New Moon eclipse, dear Cancer.  What does this mean? It means you have the power to communicate your brilliant ideas like never before.  This can make you a star at work – or an incredible diplomat in any situation.  Your words resonate now so do not be afraid to speak your truth.  Even pesky Mercury retrograde has nothing on ya – your mind and mouth are in sync, giving you incredible persuasive powers.  Oh the things you can do and say!  On the 9th, lucky Jupiter moves into your 4th house of domestic life, which signals a year of home + family improvements.  Are you thinking of buying a house or renovating? Ready to expand your family – or heal shaky dynamics? It’s all possible in the year ahead.  Cancers love their homes and families so Jupiter here will feel like a major happy nesting vibe!  The 16th brings a Full Moon eclipse into your 9th house of travel.  This could be a perfect day for a getaway or to plan a dream vacation.  If you’ve been needing an adventure, look for deals on this day – you may find something too-good-to-resist.  The week of the 22nd is huge – Mercury will be direct, which makes it easier to discuss just about anything that needs debating. The Sun will join Jupiter in your 4th house, which could bring good news about a property or a family issue. Another stunning New Moon on the 30th may lead to more exciting news on the home front.  Your dream home may become a reality!


leo astrology

Leo: This month could see some major improvements in your bank account, dear Leo. That’s music to your ears because Leos love to have some extra cheddar to spend. The New Moon eclipse on the 1st may deliver a killa opportunity to make some extra cash.  But hold on a minute – before you get excited and start dreaming of all the bling you’re going to buy, remember that Mercury is still retrograde in your 2nd house of money.  Hold off on any grand investments until it goes direct on the 22nd.  Pay attention to the 9th, when expansive Jupiter moves into your 3rd house of communication and mind.  This transit will bless you with enormous ideas and the ability to articulate them like a total boss.  This is a fab aspect for writing a book, delivering a speech, or for anything that demands impactful thinking and communication. You could change the world with your insights – or, at the very least, turn the world on with your smile.  On the 16th, a Full Moon eclipse may bring important news about an investment.  Whether this is good or bad isn’t clear but what is clear is that you may need to act on it.  For example, a loan you’ve been waiting on may finally be approved – or denied.  Either way, you’ll need to assess what your options are and act accordingly.  The week of the 22nd starts bringing the astro-goods – first off, Mercury is finally direct!  That bling you’ve been eyeing up?  Go ahead and treat yo’ self.  The Sun will join Jupiter in your 3rd house, giving you creative and mental power.  This is especially brilliant for students – get ready to ace your exams and dazzle your professors!  Finally, we have another New Moon on the 30th, which could be the mental breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.  Zone of genius?  Yippers.


virgo astrology

Virgo: So let’s start by talking about this darn Mercury retrograde, dear Virgo.  It’s been in your sign and you’re ruled by this planet. No doubt you’ve already felt the sting with travel woes or communication foul-ups.  That energy is still here for a few more weeks so do slow down and try your best to check and recheck all of your plans.  There is still room for mishaps and miscommunication but if you are mindful, you may keep this jazz to a minimum.  Now that we have that out of the way, big news: a New Moon eclipse in your sign on the 1st says it’s time for a major you-reboot. This marks the time of a remarkable period of new beginnings for you. Set your intention for the things you want to attract – and trust that it can happen!  Just make sure you’re ultra-clear on this (remember: Mercury is retrograde) and you’ll be on your way to major manifestation of all things fabulous!  On the 9th, your financial outlook is about to get a whole lot brighter. That’s because fortunate Jupiter is entering your 2nd house of money, which means: fat stacks and big gains are yours in the year ahead!  You have not had Jupiter here in over a decade – make the most out of this transit.  Which means: hustle, grab those opportunities, and invest wisely.  You could come out a whole lot richer within the next twelve months.  (Psst…this is also a good time to pay off debts, yo.)  Pay attention to the 16th when the Full Moon eclipse lands directly in your relationship sector. This could be a day of major revelations about an important partnership.  You’ll need to make a decision – in fact, this could be a game changer.  The week of the 22nd finds Mercury direct, which will start to get things rolling on any and all projects.  The Sun will hang out with Jupiter in the 2nd, strengthening possibilities for financial gain.  Lovely Venus softens your outlook and adds romantic overtones to your communication when it heads into your 3rd house on the 23rd. If you need to declare your intentions or heal a misunderstanding, your chances just got a lot better.  Another New Moon on the 30th brings yet another possibility for mad money to enter your life. September ends with mo’ money and hopefully…less problems.


libra astrology

Libra: Things are about to get real dope in your world, dear Libra. That’s because Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion is moving into your sign on the 9th.  More on that in a minute.  At the beginning of September, we have a New Moon solar eclipse in your 12th house.  The 1st is the perfect day for you to meditate on what you wish to manifest in your life for the upcoming year.  Set your intentions and trust that you will have the opportunities – and ability – to make these a reality.  When Jupiter heads into your sign on the 9th, you’ll be getting a whole year of of good fortune, one of the best years you’ve had in over a decade!  This will give you ample opportunities to change your life to the positive.  This is the year of “you” and you may see many of your wishes and goals coming to pass.  If you are into self-sabotage, particularly with your career or health, you’ll have a chance to clear that energy on the 16th, when a Full Moon eclipse hits your work and health sector.  This day will illuminate where you need to make change – inside and out. That could be sending out your resume instead of sticking with that deadwood old job – or finally quitting those habits that are derailing your wellbeing.  Change is possible now – you don’t have to settle for a less-than anything.  The week of the 22nd promises to get things moving. For one, Mercury is finally direct so expect any delays to start to dissolve.  The Sun will head into your sign on the same day, giving you major star power.  The next few weeks will feel golden indeed!  You’re at your charismatic best so use that wisely (ex: hitting on that cute guy you’ve been admiring at the gym is wise indeed).  On the 23rd, Venus will move into your 2nd house of money, blessing you with a few weeks of financial opportunity.  This is great news – especially if you’ve been feeling a pinch lately.  And wait – there is MORE good news!  A New Moon in your sign on the 30th is going to open more doors for you to receive abundance and wishes.  When I said this month was dope, I wasn’t kidding, y’all.  Work this magic to your advantage and watch the miracles unfold!


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: September starts out with a New Moon eclipse and a whole slew of planets in your social sector, dear Scorpio.  This means: you might be getting a lot more socially active in the weeks ahead.  Scorps are private people but the New Moon eclipse says: it’s time to come out of your shell and par-tay a bit.  Invitations could be rolling in and it may be hard to turn ‘em down. Do keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd.  There may be a few issues with your chums during this time but a quick lunch or coffee might just clear the air.  You’ll also have a chance to fix any romantic issues when the Full Moon eclipse hits your 5th house of romance on the 16th.  If there is an problem, address it.  Yes, yes…you like to stuff those feelings but this eclipse gives you the power to clear something up once and for all – open up and you’ll reap rewards later.  The week of the 22nd will be a powerful one.  First of all, Mercury will finally turn direct in your 11th house – perfect for talking things out with your pals or expanding your network.  The Sun will move into your 12th house on the same day, which might tempt you find excuses to avoid social stuff but really…I would advise you not to hibernate. Instead, seek to balance your need for quiet with other people’s desires to spend time with you.  After all, there seems to be a theme here: communication with friends and romantic partners.  Why not make the most out of that?  It might deepen your relationships.  Scorpios love that deep stuff so have at it!  On the 23rd, loving Venus moves into your sign, which is ideal for all things romantic.  If you’ve been working on a relationship since the Full Moon eclipse, the next few weeks could bring stunning developments.  The 30th closes out the month with a sweet New Moon in your 12th house. This may help you remove any blocks that are holding you back in love or life.  As October looms, you may be getting more of the love you truly want but perhaps are afraid to admit.


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: With Mars cruising through your sign this month, you’re probably full of energy, dear Sagittarius.  This is going to come in handy for September demands that you operate on full throttle if you wish to reap the rewards.  It won’t always be easy with Mercury retrograde until the 22nd, but your determination will help you to plough through the obstacles like a total ninja.  A sweet New Moon eclipse in your 10th house of career on the 1st opens you up to new opportunities.  If you are looking for a new job or gunning for a better position, your lucky break may be on the way!  On the 9th, your ruling planet, Jupiter, heads into your 11th house of social activities and wishes – where it will sit for an entire year. What does this mean? More fun, for one. Improved friendships too. It’s also possible that one of your most-cherished wishes may be coming true within the year!  On the 16th, a Full Moon eclipse in your home sector could shine a light on some issues around the house.  An unexpected repair could suddenly crop up or you may find a problem with a family member suddenly comes to a head.  Whatever the case may be, your household will need your attention.  The week of the 22nd, things begin to simmer down at home but your social life and career will continue to improve.  Mercury will go direct on the 22nd followed by the Sun moving into your social sector – any obstacles at work will start to ease up and your social life will continue to be active.  You might find yourself the center of attention at work – and on the dance floor too!  Another New Moon in your 11th house creates another opportunity to make a big wish – the Universe is working overtime to grant ‘em so don’t waste your chances!


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: Sometimes we need to slow down and just get away from it all.  This month favors that approach, dear Capricorn.  A New Moon eclipse in your 9th house on the 1st coupled with a bunch of other planets may open up possibilities for travel.  If you have been craving a journey to parts unknown or known, you can begin putting your plans together.  But do be aware – Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd.  Hold off on the actual travel until after then.  Instead, just focus on the planning.  On the 9th, lucky Jupiter is heading into your 10th house of career. This is good news for you – the year ahead could find your star rising at work and accolades pouring in!  If you’ve been looking to grow your visibility or take on a new role, the stars will support you.  Stay committed to your work goals and you’ll see a huge bump in your reputation.  A Full Moon eclipse on the 16th may reveal some of the ways your own thinking has been holding you back.  Capricorns tend to be serious folk and sometimes, that seriousness can slide into negativity.  On this day, you may recognize a particularly cynical mantra floating around in your cranium. Do your best to exorcise that naysaying and replace it with something uplifting!  Remember: what we think becomes our reality.  You have so much potential now, you don’t want to get in the way of your own success.  The week of the 22nd is going to be perfect for finally taking that trip – and for more career goodness.  Not only will Mercury be direct but the Sun will light up your 10th house, which may bring great honors over the next few weeks.  This could lead to a spectacular job offer or promotion!  You’ll be celebrating with friends when Venus moves into your 11th house on the 23rd.  It’s possible that your social life may also lead to a new romantic development.  A friend with benefits?  Maybe.  Or just some date nights with your boo if you’re already partnered.  As the month comes to a close, Mars heads into your sign, boosting your energy to the point where caffeine may not even be necessary.  A glorious New Moon in your career sector on the 30th paves the way for greater success at work for the weeks to come. You’re unstoppable now – go, go, GO!



Aquarius: Your finances may be going through some major changes this month, dear Aquarius. Starting with a New Moon eclipse on the 1st, new sources of income, perhaps from an investment or a partner, may open up to you.  This could prove to be a significant change for the better as the month continues to unfold.  Lucky Jupiter will be moving into your 9th house of travel on the 9th, which will allow you to travel more widely in the year ahead. If you’ve been meaning to see the world or take that dream vacation, you’ll have a whole year to make it happen.  Expand your horizons!  On the 16th, a Full Moon eclipse in your money sector may reveal important news about your finances. Whether this is good or bad remains to be seen but know this: you’ll get the clarity you need to make a command decision.  It’s also possible that you may be ready to pay off an outstanding debt at this time.  If you’ve been trying to gain traction on your bills, this could signal the beginning of a period where you can whittle it down once and for all.  On the 22nd, Mercury will go direct in your 8th house, which could also help smooth out any financial obstacles. For example, if you’re waiting on a loan or money owed, the roadblocks may finally clear.  Or you may be getting advice that helps you make better investments. Whatever the case may be, this marks an important time where you can get your financial act together so do not ignore the possibilities to earn more and reduce your debt. Sunny places will be calling to you when the Sun joins forces with Jupiter on the 22nd.  A getaway to somewhere exotic?  Why not? As long as it jives with your new found budget smarts, feel free to hit the road.  Your rep gets a sweet boost when charming Venus lights up your career sector starting on the 23rd.  This transit is especially favorable for artists or anyone who is in the public eye.  You have a few weeks where you can be a social media darling so work those angles and make love to the camera!  One more New Moon on the 30th points out yet another travel opportunity. Jet setter much?


pisces astrology

Pisces:  This month promises to be important, dear Pisces – so heads up!  A New Moon eclipse in your relationship sector may open the door for an important partnership. This could be business or romance – and it’s going to be one worth paying attention to.  For example, it could be an exciting joint venture with a peer.  Or a new paramour who seems to be too-good-to-be-true.  Don’t pooh-pooh what shows up this day or the weeks that follow – you might be pleasantly surprised at what you discover!  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, heads into your 8th house on the 9th, where it will sit for an entire year.  This is bound to open up your psychic channels like never before.  You’ll want to follow your hunches all year long, especially when it comes to financial matters.  The more aware you are, the more likely you’ll profit.  The 16th puts a Full Moon eclipse right in your sign, meaning it’s time to look in the mirror and take a good hard look at how you’re treating yourself.  Have you been holding yourself back in any way?  Or are refusing to take responsibility for your current situation?  Take the blinders off and make a vow to change.  The power is now in your hands – if there is anything about yourself or your life that you don’t like, this is the time to reboot from the inside out and the outside in.  This eclipse is also fantastic for a new look – ditch the clothes that don’t fit your body or the image you want to present to the world.  Clean out that closet, cut your hair, get some new contacts.  Presto-chango!  Looking good, shug. The week of the 22nd is going to be busy as can be – Mercury will turn direct, giving you the ability to gain traction on important conversations that need to be had with partners.  Business meetings will be more productive and romantic conversations should give you the clarity that you need.  The Sun will light up your 8th house on the 22nd, which lends a favorable vibe to joint finances over the next few weeks.  Partnerships could pay off and money owed may finally become available.  Opportunities for romantic travel will also crop up once Venus heads into your 9th house on the 23rd.  A weekend at a B&B with the one you love could bring new closeness, even to an old relationship.  Pay attention to the second New Moon on the 30th – this could be the start of a lucky period with money.  How that pans out remains to be seen (a windfall? lottery? raise at work?) but the weeks that follow may see you moving out of the red and into the black.


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