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April was an intense month! With a Lunar eclipse on the 4th, Jupiter finally going direct on the 8th, the Uranus + Pluto square easing up, and a big ole New Moon in feisty Aries, it may have feel like an exciting rollercoaster!

Things began to tame down when the Sun joined Mars in grounded Taurus on the 20th. Frankly, many of us were happy to see that stability return after what seemed like endless ups and downs.

But May promises to be a little more lively and tempestuous than we might like.  Mars will join forces with Mercury and move into Gemini on the 11th, which could tempt us to scatter our energy into billions of projects and ideas.  This can turn especially messy when Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th.  Communication stalls and plans fall through. What seemed like a great idea suddenly goes bust. Travel nightmares + traffic jams make getting anywhere feel like anxiety-ridden jaunts to Road Rage City.  This is Murphy’s Law amped up on steroids.

The best path: slow down + keep your cool until June 11th, when Mercury will go direct.  There is no need to add drama to your life, no matter what may be happening around you.

Learn more about Mercury retrograde here:  How To Have a Happy and Productive Mercury Retrograde.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  You’re all fired up and ready to go this month, dear Aries.  At work, you’re a dynamo with blazing smart ideas and a creative edge that allows you to stand out as a true original. With the Sun in your 2nd, it’s very likely that you’ll receive a financial reward for all that brilliance. But don’t let this go to head because things are going to get very wonky on the 18th when Mercury goes retrograde in your 3rd house.  Suddenly, you’re putting your foot in your mouth and unable to hold your tongue.  Bickering and conflicts create setbacks and your halo begins to slip.  If you can only learn to listen instead of talk, you may just come out of this month unscathed.

Taurus:  Happy birthday, dear Taurus!  May starts out with a lot of goodies that you are going to dig. With the Sun and Mars in your sign at the beginning of the month, you are an unstoppable force of nature.  You’re plowing through your work like a machine and showing everyone who the real boss is.  Your charisma is not to be denied and you’ll be getting  more than your fair share of admirers, both at work and in the romance department.  You have the power to get what you want but you need to take advantage of that energy before Mercury turns retrograde in your 2nd house of money on the 18th.  Suddenly, you’re the bull in an expensive antique china shop – one wrong move and it’ll cost you dearly.  A standstill might be wise until June 11th, when it finally turns direct.  Don’t blink!

Gemini: Although you’re at your flirty best with Venus and Mercury in your sign, it might be wise for you to be discerning with that power, dear Gemini.  With the Sun and Mars sitting in your 12th house, your brazen behavior could land you in some interesting trysts and triangles.  If your moral compass is set to Caligula, go forth. But if you are a timid sort, best to dial that back a bit, especially since Mars is going into your sign on the 11th and your ruler, Mercury is about to go retrograde on the 18th.  Suddenly that heat you’re carrying turns into hot water and you’re looking for a way out.  It’s going to be hard to get out of this if you’ve already taken the keys from the jar at the neighborhood party.  Luckily for you, you can be glib, even under pressure.  Keep talking until you find that exit.  Back out the door while mentioning the latest “Dancing with the Stars” gossip – and then run.  (PS this applies to any strange situation you may find yourself in this month.  Better plan of action: think before you speak or act or agree on anything, especially if wine is involved.)

Cancer:  Your social calendar promises to be a bit more full, dear Cancer. With the Sun and Mars in your 11th house at the beginning of the month, you may be enjoying more time with your besties.  Make the most out of it  and get out as much as you can because you’re going to be switching gears mid-month when Mercury goes retrograde in your 12th house. Suddenly, you “vant to be alone” and may get easily irritated with any demands placed upon you, work or otherwise.  Fortunately, you’re good at pulling into your shell when needed.  People will quickly get the hint and go bug someone else.  Give yourself as much “me time” as you can.  Be selfish with your time.  You’ll feel better and people will respect your boundaries so much more once Mercury goes direct on June 11th.

Leo: Oh Leo!  Jupiter is now direct and you’re at your sunny, flamboyant best!  Shake that mane and enjoy the spotlight for it’s shining directly on you.  With the Sun and Mars sitting high in your 10th house, you are a powerhouse (and sexy as hell).  You’re slaying them at work with your killer charm and this may lead to a promotion or major public recognition.  You love the applause so soak it up!  Around the 18th, be very mindful of your friendships.  With Mercury going retrograde, you might just find out that someone you thought was cool with you…ain’t.  Gossip won’t solve a darn thing.  Best to try to approach the person directly – or know when to walk away.  But please, try not to take anything personally in the friend department.  There are plenty of other admirers willing to step right into those shoes.  Your new slogan when you encounter any shade: “Bye Felicia!”

Virgo: If the travel bug is biting, indulge but be sure to do so before Mercury turns retrograde on the 18th dear Virgo.  With the Sun and Mars in your 9th house at the beginning of the month, it’s a stellar time for hitting the road to parts unknown.  Take a travel buddy if you can and make it like one of those old buddy comedies ala Abbot and Costello.  Hijinks and fun are sure to happen…until the retrograde slows things down to a very unfunny crawl.  The month may finish off with snafus and misunderstandings, which could cramp your freewheeling style.  At work, you’ll want to watch what you say because your words could be misconstrued.  A well meaning remark could be taken the wrong way and suddenly you’ll find yourself out of a job.  Think before you speak at work, yo. (PS watch your written words too – a snide tweet could turn into a public relations disaster during this retrograde.)

Libra:  This month favors social – and sexual – activity, dear Libra.  But not necessarily at the same time (unless that’s your bag).  With Jupiter sitting happily in your 11th house of friends, your social calendar should be filling up nicely.  Get out there and enjoy yourself!  Your 8th house is also feeling some heat with the Sun and Mars hanging around at the beginning of the month.  Some fireworks in the bedroom?  Or a friendship that turns romantic?  You’ll have to see how this shakes out but be on the lookout for flirty, sexy energy – especially in your social sector.  You’ll want to be extremely careful with any travel plans after the 18th, when Mercury goes retrograde in your 9th house of travel.  What can go wrong, may.  Plan for delays and flight cancellations.  If you are traveling for any reason, create extra time and space in your plans just in case.  And bring a good novel along to help pass the time.  (PS wine helps too.)

Scorpio:  You’ll be either fussing, loving, or feuding (or all three) with your loved ones this month, dear Scorpio. The Sun and Mars in your 7th house shows a need to be in control at the beginning of the month.  You want the power in your relationships – and you usually get that – but it could backfire this month. The people you push around may decide to push back. This may shock you but it shouldn’t.  People need some space to breathe and not everyone wants to hand over control to you.  Mars will head into your 8th house on the 11th and Mercury will go retrograde on the 18th  – suddenly the bickering reaches a fever pitch, especially if money is concerned.  Financial negotiations can also go bad during this retrograde so try holding off on signing anything until after June 11th.  Still feeling restless?  Channel that energy into some bedroom heat.  Blow off some steam with a lusty outlet until this vibe shifts.

Sagittarius: Last month may have brought a lag at work but this month, you’re in it to win it.  With the Sun and Mars in your 6th house of work at the beginning of May, you’re killing it and are in high-productive mode.  That big work load?  No problemo for you, buddy.  You’ll be a machine – and a brilliant one at that.  You’ll be equally hot-to-trot in your love life with a busy 7th house.  Opportunities for romantic trysts are there for the taking.  BUT watch out for misunderstandings when Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th.  Suddenly, you’re saying all the wrong things – or assuming your partner is.  Communication could be dicey until June 11th when Mercury goes direct.  Until that time: listen more than you speak. Ta-da!  Problem solved!

Capricorn:  With the Sun and Mars in your 5th house, there is one word to describe this month: FUN.  Cappys love to work – and don’t worry, there is plenty of that too – but you are going to have a lot of options for joy.  Take those opportunities and play as much as you can.  Amusements, a day off, a wee getaway to a local tourist trap all provide you with some much needed relaxation.  At work, you’re taking the lead (as usual) in some key projects.  You’re especially good at taking command and bringing forward the most innovative ideas.  Channel your inner Steve Jobs and show ‘em how it’s done.  Be very mindful of your words and actions when Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th.  Someone may try to challenge your ideas – or steal them. Or you may deliver a truth that is perceived as being overly-critical.  Try to be honest but do it tactfully.  Take very good care of your health during this retrograde.  If you are pushing yourself, you may end up flat on your back and nursing a cold.  And that is not fun at all.

Aquarius: People assume you’re like Mr. Spock – and you can be – but you have a surprisingly tender spot for your family.  This month is perfect for spending time with the people who mean the most to you.  It’s also great for house-hunting or renovating.  The Sun and Mars in the 4th at the beginning of the month are perfect for any home related activities so make the most out of that energy and get your home in order.  Your 5th house is also very active with a bunch of planets sliding through.  That means there are plenty of opportunities to take your romantic life up a notch or two.  Put your best effort forward and make it count!  Trying to conceive a child?  Yep – that romantic action might just pay off with a baby on board!  But be careful during the Mercury retrograde, which starts on the 18th.  An unplanned pregnancy or romantic gesture gone wrong could spoil the mood.  Watch out for whoopsies!

Pisces:  This is a great month to do some heavy duty brainstorming, dear Pisces. With the Sun and Mars in your 3rd house of mind, get your creative mojo humming and start cranking out the new ideas. Where do you want to go with your career?  Or your life?  Start crafting your new life or business plan – or writing that novel you’ve always wanted to write.  There is also a big focus on the home and family this month as a few planets are transiting through your 4th house. May could be great for tackling some of those home projects you’ve been neglecting.  Get out the garden tools and spruce up your yard.  Watch your interactions with your family when Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th. Quarrels could turn into full blown wars.  It’s probably not the best time to schedule that annual family reunion or to show up with an axe to grind at a graduation.  Keep your cool and if you are faced with family dysfunction, put in your earplugs and listen to the sweet grooves of Kendrick Lamar.


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