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December 2016

December starts off well enough when Mercury enters stable Capricorn on the 2nd.  Suddenly our thinking becomes more pragmatic as we enter the holiday season. The next few weeks are ideal for taking a practical approach to any problems that we may encounter. Logic wins so it is best to keep the emo stuff on the down low.

That’s easier to do when Venus moves into brainy Aquarius on the 7th. Instead of big, bold declarations of love, Venus favors making love through the mind. If you’re looking to get more in the love department, consider putting on your thinking cap.  In fact, in any relationship, not just romantic, the way to win will be through rational discussions.  If you want your holidays to be loving, this may be the way to go.

On the 13th, a brilliant Full Moon in Gemini paves the way for important conversations.  This is ideal for saying what you think – provided you keep that cool headed Capricorn + Aquarius vibe. Ideas will be strong this day – communicate your bigger vision for the world.  What changes would you like to see?

Mars will be in watery Pisces starting on the 19th, which is pretty much like throwing a big ole wet blanket on a fire. Emotions will be strong for the next few weeks and we might see people abandoning the logic in favor of big, emotional declarations. To add fuel to this wet fire, Mercury will also be going retrograde on the same day – this could be an intense couple of weeks with anger or oppression leading the way. Remember, Mars is aggression and when it’s in Pisces, it’s fueled by emotion. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn can sometimes be authoritarian or controlling.  This could be intense.

When the Sun heads into Capricorn on the 21st, we’re looking to our traditions and spiritual leaders for guidance. People may be questioning what values they want to keep and which ones need to be chucked as the holiday season moves into full swing.  We’re questioning the very fabric of our souls with all this retrograde and Mars stuff.  Perhaps we need to.

Jupiter and Uranus will be in an opposition on the 26th, which might create a desire to break free from obligatory situations. Sick of the boxing day tradition with mom? Ditch it!  Don’t want to be forced into an extra long weekend at the parent’s house in the country? Say no. If something feels like a drag, consider this day your permission slip to upend the norm and do what you want. Rebel a bit. Heck, sometimes we need to liberate ourselves from certain situations or people. A bit of disruption on this day could turn out to be a good thing for the long run.

A few days after this breakthrough vibe, Uranus will turn direct.  That same day (December 29th if you need to know), we will have a stunning New Moon in Capricorn, perfect for starting a business – or reorganizing one. This is a day best suited for creating new, better structures, both for biz and life.

December will close out with a bit of a rumble and a sign of hope. As 2017 commences, brace yourself. We’re coming into a year that promises to rattle foundations and challenge our beliefs.  Everything is morphing but how that will shake out remains to be seen.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  If you’re feeling called to take a trip in December, go ahead, dear Aries. But be warned: Mercury will go retrograde on the 19th – if you can get your tickets purchased or travel completed before then, it will be in your best interest. If you cannot, plan some extra “just in case” time and you should be golden. Your social life will begin to blossom on the 7th, when romantic Venus joins fiery Mars in your 11th house. This marks a time of invites and date nights, perfect for adding a bit of merry as the holidays kick into full gear. A Full Moon on the 13th will give you an opportunity clear the air with someone. If you’ve been holding back, this is your day to come clean and reveal the truth. If you have something to say, don’t wait until the 19th. Mercury will go retrograde that day and Mars will dive into your 12th house of rest, making it much harder to find your words. Your career will be sparkling bright when the Sun begins its transit through your house of honors on the 21st.  This is your time to up your game because chances are you will be receiving major recognition in the weeks that follow. A gorgeous New Moon on the 29th may open up an exciting new opportunity or promotion. Step into this with confidence, knowing that you’ve more than earned this.  Keep in mind that Uranus will also be turning direct in your sign on the same day, which could signal an important change for you. As December comes to a close, you’re making huge strides in your career and finishing the year like a boss.  Well played.


taurus astrology

Taurus:  Although you may want to put your focus on the family for the holidays, December is going to nudge you to pay close attention to your financial picture and your career.  With the Sun and hardworking Saturn in your 8th house, joint finances could need an overview. Before you start your holiday spending, look over the budget. Are the bills paid? Is there anything that needs to be taken care of before you hit the mall? Take stock and make any necessary adjustments. It may be time to tighten that budget just a bit if you want to avoid overspending at this time. Fiery Mars is giving your career a bit of oopmh all the way until the 19th – this is a good time to be aggressive, especially if you want to get that corner office or exciting project. Fortune will favor the brave – December is your month to kick your ambition into high gear if you want to get the goods. Venus will join forces on the 7th, which could give you a layer of charm that will win over superiors. In short: you’ll be unstoppable. Go back to paying attention to your money on the 13th when a Full Moon in your 2nd house might reveal an expense you weren’t anticipating. This could be a bit of a setback but don’t despair – if you’ve already been on counting your pennies, you might be able to cover this quickly without too much drama.  On the 19th, Mercury will go retrograde in your travel sector. If you are heading out of town for the holidays, your plans may get derailed. Try to keep your cool – and have a back up plan on hand. The New Moon on the 29th will land right in the 9th house, which means any travel problems should be out of the way. You’re cleared for take off and are ready to go places (both adventures + career).


gemini astrology

Gemini: Before the holiday season kicks into high gear, you’ll want to take a look at your relationships, dear Gemini. With the Sun, Mercury and serious Saturn in your 7th house at the beginning of December, this is a smart time to clear up any misunderstandings. Communicate with your loved ones and be sure to listen as much as you talk. If you are willing to have a sit down, you can hammer out any issues, no matter how big they may seem. A little preemptive heart-to-hearts may prevent holiday drama. Loving Venus will be in your travel sector starting on the 7th.  Get problems out of the way before then and your travels could be smooth sailing with lots of opportunity for romantic adventures! A Full Moon in your sign on the 13th is ideal for being seen – or making changes to your image. A new wardrobe or a updated ‘do? Spice up your look and you’ll be heading into holiday gatherings looking like a baller!  Your career is kicking into overdrive when ambitious Mars lands in your 10th house on the 19th.  This is going to be an excellent period for making some serious strides. Your star is rising – so max this out and kick out the jams! Despite this awesome, keep one thing in mind: your ruling planet, Mercury, will go retrograde on the 19th in the 8th house. Mercury here could create issues with taxes or joint finances. If you’re trying to get a loan, you may run into a few problems. Do keep a close eye on credit cards and spending as the weeks unfold. Nasty surprises are possible but the more in control you are, the less likely there will be any lasting damage. The Sun will head into your 8th house on the 21st, which might shine light on possible solutions to your cash flow. Even better, a New Moon on the 29th could bring some unexpected financial gain that could ease your wallet or your mind. The year finishes with Uranus direct in your house of friendships – a unique gathering on New Years Eve could help you to ring in 2017 in a special way.


cancer astrology

Cancer:  The demands at work promise to be intense this month, dear Cancer. Prepare to buckle up and put that nose to the grindstone!  A bevy of planets in your 6th house of work means that December will be busy as can be. The hours could be long and the pressure to meet deadlines could be stressful. Do your best to stay on top of your grind and above all, do not neglect your health. If you are pushing yourself to point of no return, you could crash and burn before the month is out. This is going to be especially critical around the Full Moon on the 13th. That moon will be sitting right in your 12th house of rest. Pay close attention to how you’re feeling – and then, if your body says “chill”, obey!  You’ll also want to keep an eye on your holiday spending.  Impulsive Mars is in your 8th house and will be joined by luxury-loving Venus on the 7th. This transit could find you splurging on all sorts of unnecessary bling.  Retail therapy?  Perhaps.  But if you do’t curb it, you could be hit with a nasty credit card bill once the holiday season comes to a close. See a theme here?  Moderation, my friend. It’s the way to go all month long, no matter how much you feel like overdoing anything!  Mars will head into your travel sector on the 19th but tricky Mercury will go retrograde at the same time. If you have holiday travel plans, be sure to factor in an extra day or two just in case.  Getting stuck at the airport is a drag but if you come prepared, you’ll can kick back with a good book or knitting needles while everyone else bitches at the airline counter. Relationships get your extra attention when the Sun lights up your 7th house on the 21st.  As the winter begins to come your way, the next few weeks could bring some warmth and snuggles. The brilliant New Moon on the 29th paves the way for new romantic beginnings or the reboot of a relationship gone stale. 2016 finishes on a sweet note with the opportunity for a healthy, happy love life in 2017.


leo astrology

Leo: The weather outside may be getting frightful but your love life could be delightful, dear Leo. That’s because frosty December is starting out with a bunch of planets heating up your 5th house of romance – plus Mars and Venus in your relationship sector. This is a strong month for finding new love – if you are single, be sure to mingle!  You may end up running into someone worthy of kissing under that mistletoe. Already in a relationship? Why not make that extra effort to give your partner some lovin’? Go out of your way to do something special for the holidays and you may get a good return on your investment.  Keep in mind, if you are struggling with your relationship, this month may also indicate a make-it-or-break-it situation.  Think about what you want going forward and then make your move.  All in all, relationships will be serious stuff in December no matter how this may shake out for you.  On the 13th, a Full  Moon in your 11th house of social activities may find your calendar beginning to clear the way for some holiday fun.  The weeks that follow could find you with many invites coming your way. You could be flitting about like a little social butterfly!  One thing is for sure – you’re not going to be hibernating this month.  Watch spending habits starting on the 19th. Mars will roar into your 8th house and Mercury will go retrograde. If you’re thinking of buying electronics for Christmas gifts, you’ll want to get that before this day rolls around. You may also find that things are a bit more expensive than you thought.  If you are not careful, you could deplete your bank account in a jiffy. Create a holiday budget and stick with it.  The Sun will enter your work sector on the 21st, which means you might experience a big push to get things done before the year ends. The New Moon on the 29th signals a fresh project or promotion coming your way. As the year comes to an end, you may be embarking on an exciting new career path!


virgo astrology

Virgo: Home is where the heart is, dear Virgo. At least you’ll be feeling that way in December.  Your domestic sector is lit up like a Christmas tree with a slew of planets as the month begins. This means your focus will be on all things family. If you’re hosting the holidays at your crib, you could be mega-busy getting your home prepared.  If you’re planning on traveling to visit your loved ones, you might be getting organized for your journey. Whatever the case may be, this month could be delightful for entertaining or spending time with the ones you love the most. You’ll need to balance this carefully with your work, which promises to keep you hopping all month long.  Mars and Venus are hanging out in your 6th house, so you can be assured that you’ll be swamped – but you may also get a pat on the back for your efforts.  That recognition may come on the 13th, when the Full Moon shines brightly in your 10th house. A long overdue promotion or reward may come then or shortly after. This could be the start of an excellent time for your career!  On the 19th, Mars will move into your 7th house of relationships but Mercury will also be going retrograde on the same day. This could lead to quarrelsome energy with your sweetheart. The weeks that follow could be dicey. But if you work on patience and good communication (especially listening), there could be breakthroughs.  Watch your tendency to be critical at this time.  Compassion will get you a lot farther. The Sun will enter your romantic sector on the 21st, which is ideal for passionate nights and hot encounters.  Perhaps a little make-up loving might be in order if you’re feeling salty? The New Moon on the 29th is wonderful for all sorts of romantic adventures. For single Virgos, this day could bring a new love. And for those who are partnered, a relationship may hit a new level (engagement? pregnancy? or just fixing problems?).  Even though this month may bring a few arguments, the year finishes off on a promising note for love.


libra astrology

Libra:  A busy 3rd house at the beginning of December could prove to be mentally stimulating in more ways than one, dear Libra.  This is the house of mind, communication, and short trips.  You may be taking a quick journey or two before the month is out.  This could be to visit the family or friends for the holidays or some other soirée.  If you are called out of town for any reason, you shouldn’t have too many problems until the 19th, when Mercury will go retrograde.  After then, you’ll need to be patient because snafus are bound to arise. December is also your time to express your big ideas.  And boy howdy, do you have them!  Your mind is racing with all sorts of new schemes – many that will prove to be genius.  Pay attention to your flashes of inspiration and do act on them (or at least write them down for later).  The Full Moon in your 9th house of travel could bring a sudden opportunity to hit the road. A getaway to somewhere exotic or an invite from a buddy for a road trip could add some fun to your December. On the 19th, Mars will move into your work sector, which means you’re coming into a super-busy cycle. Get ready to get prolific!  You can get a lot accomplished in the weeks that follow if you create routines that support your career.  You’ll need those because Mercury will also turn retrograde this day. Try not to scatter your forces – focus and thy will be done! The 21st puts the Sun right into your 4th house of home and family – you’ll be the center of all family things.  If you’re holding the holidays at your home, you’re bound to be the hostess with the mostest.  If not, you may be the family member that everyone wants to hang with. A stunning New Moon on the 29th is ideal for getting your Martha Stewart on. Clean up the house, throw out the tree, clear out the clutter, and create divine order in your home.  By December’s end, your castle is complete – and orderly.  Just the way a Libra likes it!


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: You’ve got a bunch of planets hanging out in your money sector as the month begins, dear Scorpio.  Which means: money will be on your mind. You may find yourself with a pretty hefty list of expenses – or things you want to buy. But with serious Saturn here, you’ll want to get your budgeting tight if you want to avoid cash flow problems. The more organized and frugal you are in December, the more likely you’ll stay out of trouble.  Be especially careful around the Full Moon on the 13th when an unexpected bill (property taxes?) could feel like a speed bump. If you’ve been watching your budget , this should not be a problem. But if you’ve been careless, you may be scrambling to gather the cash. If you decide to go whole-hog holidays with all the trimmings and pizzazz, you better make darn sure you have the cheddar to pull it off.  With Mars and Venus in your 4th house, your home will be a beehive of activity all month long.  Everyone wants to drop by – set out extra plates at the table and pull out a cot. Get your household set up to accommodate all this hub-bub.  There might be a few disagreements here and there but overall, family life should be fine.  On the 19th, Mars will move into your 5th house of romance, which means relationships could take a passionate turn!  However, Mercury will also go retrograde at the same time – creating opportunities for misunderstandings.  Your love life could feel like a rom-com in the weeks that follow.  You’ll need to be clear and patient. Watch your temper and your infamous sharp tongue.  The 21st puts the Sun in your 3rd house, which will give your words power. If you use this in a positive way, your words could bring healing. Use them in a vindictive way and you’ll burn bridges!  The New Moon on the 29th brings a brilliant idea – one that is so good you’ll want to act on it soon.  It could be a million-dollar insight so don’t ignore anything that pops into your skull that day!


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius:  Happy birthday, dear Sagittarius!  You’re starting off your birthday month with a bundle of planets in your sign, which means all eyes are on you!  This is your time to strut your stuff and act like you own the place. You’ve got the charm and the power. And, because hardworking Saturn has been touring your sign, you’ve also got the street cred for all you’ve accomplished in the last year. 2016 has not been the easiest but you’ve come a long way – and now the results of your hard work are showing up in spades. Mars and Venus in your house of mind bless you with creative thinking for the month. Big ideas and exciting plans?  Yup. Both. This is also an optimal time for short trips.  If you’re thinking of heading out of town for much needed break, do so. It’s all good – and good for ya too.  A Full Moon on the 13th may bring about a change in a relationship.  A partnership could come to an end on this day or the few that follow. If you have been miserable in a relationship (romantic or business) put it out of its misery so you don’t have to carry it forward into the next year.  An ending may be healthy so do not mourn any liaison that comes to a close. Embrace it.  The 19th could be potentially dramatic with the family.  Mars will move into your 4th house and Mercury will go retrograde. This could bring some holiday tension in the form of bickering.  Do your best to keep your own aggression in check, even if you’re stewing over that crappy gift that mom gave you.  Say thank you and then plan on sending that off to the Goodwill the first chance you get.  Better to keep the peace now instead of turning Christmas into WWIII.  On the 21st, the Sun enters your 2nd house, which means your finances are about to get a big boost.  A New Moon on the 29th will bring more good money news.  A raise, promotion or other windfall could sweeten your mood and give you something to celebrate as the year comes to a finish.


capricorn astrology

Capricorn: December promises to be a month to remember, dear Capricorn.  A busy 12th house shows you working behind the scenes to get some big projects off the ground.  Tie up loose ends, hover over the details, take care to see that all those i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.  You won’t have a problem with that for you are often great at doing solo work. Mars and Venus are hanging out in your 2nd house of money for most of the month – which means money may come and go rapidly. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – if you’re feeling generous, by all means, go for broke. Just try not to go broke in the process, please.  Find the balance between splurge and thrift.  The 13th is a spectacular day for work.  A Full Moon brings a project to completion. This could be a day when you finish up something important – just in time to take a much needed holiday break. You’ll get some attention for your accomplishment but you’ll be more concerned with winding down and resting up instead of resting on your laurels.  The 19th finds Mars heading into your house of communication and Mercury turning retrograde.  The weeks that follow could find you tongue-tied and argumentative. This is NOT a good time for discussing politics at the holiday dinner table.  You’re bound to piss someone off or sound like a fool.  Maybe both. Curb your tongue and keep your mouth busy sipping that eggnog instead.  When the Sun moves into your sign on the 21st, you’re going to getting some wonderful attention. A birthday gathering or acknowledgement at work in the weeks that follow will remind you of how respected you are.  This is your time to be in the spotlight so don’t shrink. Let people celebrate YOU.  The New Moon in your sign on the 29th is perfect for updating your look. If you’ve been dying for a new outfit, this is your day to go ahead and get some new threads. Ring out the new year in style!



Aquarius:  You can expect a busy social calendar in December, dear Aquarius.  Your 11th house is full o’ planets, and your inbox will be bursting with invites. Everybody wants to hang with you. And why wouldn’t they? You’re always the charming one!  Plus, you know how to be a good friend. Venus will enter your sign on the 7th, amping up your charm factor and making you the belle – or baller – of the ball!  You’ll have no trouble finding romance or opportunities to step into the spotlight. You’ve got game. (PS you always do.) On the 13th, a Full Moon in your 5th house of romance may reveal something important about your love life. This could be a secret crush coming forward – or some news that makes you question a relationship that you’ve been pursuing. Whatever arises, it may change the course of your romantic life in a major way. The 19th finds Mars moving into your 2nd house, which means you may be ready to spend, spend, spend your hard earned money.  Mercury is also turning retrograde, clouding your thinking.  Over the next few weeks, you may be parting with your dough and ending up with some crap that you’ll later regret.  That singing bass plaque? Come to your senses and leave that at the store!  I would also recommend that you don’t do “last minute holiday shopping” under this influence.  Get your list tackled at the beginning of the month when your judgment is still sharp.  The Sun heads into your 12th house of rest on the 21st, which means you’ll be ready to take some much needed time off – or pass out on the couch!  The New Moon on the 29th is splendid for retreats, meditation, and recharging. A day at the spa? Yes, please. Rest up, because January promises to be insane.


pisces astrology

Pisces:  As 2016 winds down, you’re just getting started, dear Pisces.  A cluster of heavenly bodies in your 10th house of career brings applause, attention, and opportunity your way. You are in the limelight, getting all the kudos for a job well done.  No need to be humble either – toot your damn horn!  You’ve worked hard for this and should celebrate your achievements.  The 13th puts your attention on family matters when the Full Moon signals an issue coming to a head. Someone may need your help or a situation may be ready to resolve.  Forgive and forget?  Perhaps. Some sort of closure is coming this day or within the few days that follow. Mars will leap into your sign on the 19th, which means you’re going to have the power and courage needed to get big things done all the way until the end of January. Pesky Mercury retrograde also occurs this day, which may bring a few snafus with friends but nothing that can stop your momentum.  If you need to hash something out with a pal or change some social plans, do so – and then get back to focusing on your awesome. On the 21st, the Sun lights up your social sector, which means you could be having a lot of fun over the holidays. Friends are giving you lots of love and you’re going to be busy going from one fun event to another.  The 29th and New Years weekend could be one of the best periods ever for social stuff – with a New Moon in the 11th house, you might find yourself in the middle of a fabulous gathering – or meeting someone who could turn out to be important in 2017.  Happy new year indeed!


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