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July may be a month to explore emotional depths.  With Mars in watery, sensitive Cancer, you can be sure that feelings will be raw and right on the surface.  Mars is not at home in this placement – emotions are aggressive and over the top.  Moodiness and over-sensitivity leads way to stubbornness or impulsive decisions made in the heat of the moment.  Watch your temper or the temper of others for fiery Mars may lead to temper tantrums under this influence. Because Cancer rules the home, this placement can indicate domestic violence or accidents around the home.  The best way to manage this energy: tune into your tender side, focus on expressing your feelings in healthy ways, and take time to get work done around the home.  Keep your temper in check and practice patience with yourself and others.

Mercury will also enter Cancer on the 8th, which can also amplify the need to express emotions.  With the Sun, Mars and Mercury in this sign for the next few weeks, the emotional energy is HIGH.  Aggression and intense emotional outbursts is possible.

Venus moves out of sexy Leo and into the more reserved sign of Virgo on the 19th, which means romance goes intellectual.  The way to a partner’s mind will be through the brain.  If you want to win that special someone over, use your noggin and focus on scintillating conversation and quick wit.

Pay close attention to July 25th when Venus will go retrograde and Mars makes a hard angle to Uranus – romance may hit a brick wall and sudden aggression may scare off a potential partner.  This could lead to misunderstandings and volatile energy that may erupt.  Keep it cool.

Uranus will go retrograde on the 26th.  Retrograde Uranus can bring unexpected turns of events that could shake the foundation and bring breakthroughs.  The next few months require an open mind and the ability to go with the flow, even if it seems erratic or makes no sense.  As this retrograde progresses, things might get weird before they get clear.

Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  This month is going to be an emotional ride that may test your patience like never before, dear Aries.  Your ruling planet is in moody Cancer and this might be bringing out the worst in you.  Little things get on your nerves and you’re itching for a fight, even when there is no reason for it.  Family proves to be a trigger and it may be hard for you to tolerate your loved ones.  Best plan of action is to spend time in a cool out room until the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd.  By that time, you may have your temper in check and a better perspective on things.  (Memo to rams: it’s not always the other guy who’s at fault.)

Taurus:  This is your month to express your feelings to the ones you love, dear Taurus.  Whether you are sending a love note to your beloved or calling mom to let her know how special she is, make July your month to say what you feel.  With the Sun and Mars in the 3rd,  your words are powerful.  While this can be an asset when it comes to expressing your emotions, it also makes you a force to be reckoned with in the boardroom.  Bring your ideas to the table and you’ll be getting some sweet recognition for your mental prowess.  Later in the month, you’re hitting the barbeque and entertaining your family when the Sun moves into your 4th house of home.  Nights spent with friends and fam make this July a memorable one.

Gemini: July may prove to be an expensive month, dear Gemini, especially if you are prone to letting your emotions drive your financial decisions. With the Sun and Mars in your 2nd house of money, you may be reaching into your wallet for all sorts of impulsive reasons.  Close your damn purse until this month comes to an end or you’ll be looking at those credit card bills later and wondering how you’re going to cover your ass.  You’ve got plenty of great ideas all month long and these may catch fire on the 22nd, when the Sun heads into your 3rd house.  Write down your best ones and prepare to take action on them later this year.

Cancer:  Happy birthday, dear Cancer.  You’re at your sensitive best right now with the Sun and Mars in your sign.  Everyone knows you’re an emotional one and this month finds you more sentimental than ever before. You’re weeping at movies, getting upset when someone looks at you the wrong way, bursting into tears at your birthday dinner, and feeling moved by the sunlight streaming through your windows.  It won’t take much to set you off so be tender with yourself all month long. Stay away from meanies or anything that sets your nerves on edge.  You’ll start to feel better when Mars heads out of your sign next month but for July…take it easy on you.

Leo:  You’re starting out the beginning of the month with some much needed time off, dear Leo.  A weekend away may prove to be good.  With the Sun and Mars in your 12th house, you’re ready to kick back and enjoy the warm weather.  Perhaps you need a sabbatical somewhere exotic. Or you may be called to take a retreat in an ashram.  Or you might just want to stay at home and avoid the crowds.  By the 22nd, the Sun enters your sign and you’re ready to emerge, rested and refreshed.  It’s Leo season and you will be ready to part-tay after a few weeks of solitude.  And part-tay you will next month.  Gear up for that by winding down as much as you can in July.

Virgo: You’re torn between being a social butterfly and a monk.  With the Sun and Mars in your 11th house of friendships and group activities, you may have summer invitations galore. But Jupiter and Venus in the 12th indicate your best fun comes behind the scenes, in quiet.  So what’s a good Virgo to do? Find the balance by being discerning.  Say yes to events that feel fun and meaningful. Say no to anything that smacks of icky obligation.  If people persist, a good ole “I have a migraine” will get you out of it nicely.  When the Sun enters your 12th house on the 22nd, close the shades and hide out a bit.  Quiet time feels good….shhh…

Libra: This month could turn out to be pivotal for your career, dear Libra.  With the Sun and feisty Mars in your 10th house of reputation, July will give you ample opportunities to grab the mic and shine like a superstar.  The limelight looks good on you – seek that out and don’t be afraid to be ambitious. Go hard now and you’ll make a big impression.  (PS bold moves pay off later in delicious ways so let’s not play shy, m’kay?)  Your social life gets more play on the 22nd when the Sun moves into your 11th house.  Get thee out of the office and the house!  All work ‘n no play makes Libra bored stiff (and a boring stiff).    Just watch your emotions with friends all month long – if you are feeling moody, even your best pals will get sick of playing shoulder-to-cry-on.

Scorpio: July is perfect for a get away, dear Scorpio.  The Sun and Mars are on your 9th house at the beginning of the month, making it perfect for hitting the road or the beach.  If you haven’t taken a holiday in god-knows-how-long, July is ripe and ready – and no one deserves it more than you.  You’ve been working hard in 2015 so a little chillaxing is in order.  By the 22nd, you’ll be back on the grindstone when the Sun moves into your 10th house of career, joining expansive Jupiter.  This could lead to greater exposure or some killer opportunities that bring more clout.  Whether this is a promotion or a public pat on the back, you’re ready to receive a bigger piece of the pie.  Well done, you.

Sagittarius:  Your secret power lies in your instincts this month, dear Sagittarius.  With the Sun and Mars in your 8th house, soon to be joined by Mercury on the 8th, you’re tuning into the subtle and will be able to use that to your advantage. Whether you’re sussing out a potential enemy or sexual conquest, you’re going to know when to strike and what your opponent’s (or paramour’s) next move will be before they do.  This is super-spidey-sense times ten.  Feel things out. Trust your gut 100%, even if it doesn’t make sense.  Use those powers for good, please.  On the 22nd, start planning a fancy summer trip when the Sun moves into your 9th house alongside Jupiter.

Capricorn: Relationships are going to be a big focal point this month, dear Capricorn.  If you are in a healthy one, the Sun and Mars in your 7th adds some heat to the mix.  If you are in a troubled relationship, this heat could lead to explosions. Single?  Time to be assertive if you want results.  See how this could play out? Heat, explosion, making a hot move.  Depending on your situation, you’re going to want to play with this fire carefully.  What not to do: push the envelope, disrespect someone else’s feelings, try to get your way at all costs. Ruthlessness will lead to the result you don’t want.  Play with the fire but don’t get burned.

Aquarius:  You’re going to have more work than you can handle, dear Aquarius.  Your 6th house of work is crazy busy with the Sun and Mars traveling through like a freight train.  You may take on more work than you can handle or be in the midst of a great career shift.  Responsibilities are heavy but you can manage this. Watch your temper at work, especially with those who don’t move as well as you do.  Relationships are getting a mega-boost on the 22nd when the Sun moves into your 7th house.  The possibility is there for a summer fling…or more.  Summer lovin’..had me a blast.  Ahem.

Pisces:  This month finds you itching to play but also experiencing a boon in your work, especially if it’s the creative kind.  With the Sun and Mars in your 5th house, you’ve got romance on the mind and want to make time for fun date nights or hitting the dance floor.  But Jupiter in the 6th says “I have so much work and I love it!”  Find your happy flow between leisure time and the demands of work.  You can swim beautifully in both waters and be effective in more than one place.  The 22nd puts more energy into your career when duties and responsibilities need careful managing.  Keep an eye on your routines and find a new work groove if necessary.  (PS you can still play but late nights might cramp your work performance.)

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