For all signs:  

Mars is still retrograde for a few more weeks.  If relationships have been somewhat challenging, expect this to continue.  Stay focused on honest communication and be careful of aggression – or passive aggression.  
Pluto will be going retrograde mid month as well. Pluto is the planet of transformation.  Retrograde, it’s time to do some inner housecleaning.  Where do you need to initiate change?  Your thinking or habits?  The power is within you – look inside and do the work.  Between April and September, you can move mountains if you choose.  
To top this off, we have a big time eclipse on the 15th and another one on the 29th.  What does that mean? Think upheaval, change, massive shifts.  Some astrologers are predicting doom ‘n gloom but I always see eclipses as an opportunity to shake things up and reboot.  Eclipses are a chance to get rid of anything that is no longer relevant.  Expect sudden changes near those days – but they may be the blessings in disguise you’ve been waiting for.  

Also note: we’ve got a Cardinal Grand Cross brewing this month  with power planets Mars and Pluto squaring off against optimistic Jupiter and erratic Uranus.  Epic power struggles, change, revolution.  If you are born in a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) or have lots of planets in those signs, you can expect your own personal revolution happening this month.  The theme for April: embrace change and roll with the punches.


Aries:  You’re stepping into your power this month, dear Aries. The Sun is shining  as bright as can be in your sign, indicating a mega-energy boost and a whole lotta confidence.  This is your time to pull out all the stops and go for your dreams, no matter how far away they seem.  Relationships will challenge you but if you are willing to put your ego aside and lean into cooperation, you can blast through those blocks.  In other words, you have the power – what are you going to do with it?



Taurus:  Your best bet comes from laying low this month, dear Taurus.  You may be bucking for change but everything is moving at a different pulse.  With the Sun   in your 12th, soon to be followed by Mercury, this is the time to hibernate and conserve your energy.  You have big ideas but the time for those to come out will be next month.  Think of April as your time to rest, meditate, and plant seeds.  Everything sprouts in May.  



Gemini: You are getting ready to shimmer and sparkle in group activities, dear Gemini.  You have the power to lead like some sort of genius Pied Piper.  Whether you are busting a move or proposing a radical change to an old system, you are one of the brightest bulbs in the crowd.  Itching for travel?  Venus in the 9th says that April may bring pleasant getaways, second (or first) honeymoons, romantic encounters with strange new people in strange new places.  Exotic and possibly erotic. 



Cancer:  This month may have you appearing like a mad, powerful genius at work, dear Cancer.  You’ve got mad skillz and you’re ready to dazzle the higher ups with your special brand of Cancer pizzazz. With the Sun, Mercury and brainy Uranus sitting in your 10th house, you’ve got the goods to really wow ‘em.  If your career involves the public eye, give them a real eyeful and pull out all the stops.  You’re ready for a close up and a big ole promotion.  By the end of the month, you’re celebrating your success with your closest homies.  High fives and vino for all!



Leo:  Long distance adventures are calling you, dear Leo.  You’re ready to brush off your winter parka and begin to play.  A mini trip or something south of the equator may be in order.  Why not book a getaway or two now?  Even if you don’t leave until later in the year, dreaming of faraway hot spots will warm your sunny soul.  At the end of the month, a pat on the back leads the way for a door to open.  Your top secret strategies are finally paying off and you’re ready to take your work world by storm.  



Virgo:  Did you leave your taxes go until the last minute, dear Virgo?  You’ve got a little time to get it done or file an extension.  The Sun is sitting in your 8th house along with Mercury on the 8th.  Take quick action to take care of any outstanding legal/tax/joint finances now.  Procrastination is not going to do you any favors and it may cost you big bucks in the long run.  With Mars retrograde in your 2nd, this is not the time to take chances with the tax man or to get all risky with investments.  Play it cool and responsible for best results.  Once you get all that crud finished, you’ll have time for all those lovely invites floating into your mailbox.  



Libra:  It’s wise for you to kick back  and chill as much as possible, dear Libra.  Mars is still retrograde in your sign for a few more weeks.  It’s best to conserve your energy and not waste it in pointless dramas or stressing over money or romantic woes.  Instead, lean in with your biggest supporters as there is strength in your relationships.  You always shine when you focus on others and this month the Sun lights up your 7th house of partnerships.  Don’t go it alone.  Reach out and share.



Scorpio:  Finding the balance between going full on and getting deep rest is your challenge right now, dear Scorpio.  It’s not easy being you at this time with Mars still retrograde in your 12th and Saturn bearing down in your sign.  So much needs to be done in your wonderful Scorpio way but your need for rest is demanding you pace yourself.  Scorpios like to go to extremes but this month requires the middle way. Get your Zen on and surprise – you may actually get more done.  



Sagittarius:  A juicy romantic month complete with naughty hijinks and sweeping romantic gestures awaits this month, dear Sagittarius.  Whether you are the one initiating or receiving all this goodness doesn’t matter – relish it.  With the Sun in your flirty 5th house of romance and Jupiter drifting through your sexy 8th, this month promises some fireworks.  Social activity may be on hold for a bit while you snuggle and practice greater intimacy.  Be careful – a friend may misunderstand this and drama may ensue.  It’s hard to be this hot, right?



Capricorn:  Avoid power plays at work this month, dear Capricorn.  Although you are a born leader, this month requires a soft and cautious approach.  With Mars retrograde in your 10th and Pluto also going retrograde in your 1st, you need to conserve your energy and stay out of work drama.  Not-so-hidden enemies will make their presence known now.  If you can play it cool, you’ll soon get clued in to who is on your side – and who’s not.  Your real power this month is in your home.  Your family will appreciate your strength.  Focus on giving your loved ones more attention and leave the work drama in your dust.  Priorities.



Aquarius: Travel problems may test your patience, dear Aquarius, especially if that travel involves anything connected to your work. With Mars and Saturn retrograde, soon to be joined by Pluto mid month, you may feel as if you would rather stay home and crawl under the blankets.  But duty calls and it will be hard to avoid hitting the road.  Stay safe, plan for extra time, and keep your wits about you.  Road rage needs to be kept in check if you wish to stay out of trouble.  Career may hit a snag as too many responsibilities seem to land on your shoulders.  Dig in and dig out as best as you can.



Pisces:  If you run your own business or are involved in any sales, this month could find you making some serious bank.  It won’t come easily but with persistence, you may surpass your goals.  You are full of charm and unusual ideas on how to make money. Tap into both and you might be singing all the way to the bank.  But don’t get too cocky – Mars is retrograde in your 8th, and you may get a not so happy bit of news from the tax man.  Don’t gamble with your success.  Take care of your books and you’ll be protecting your assets – and your ass.



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