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With a slew of planets in retrograde at the beginning of the month, May starts off like snail.  Everything feels like a slow-mo movie and there is not much you can do about it except try to chill the heck out.  Don’t worry – things will get done. It may just require a bit more patience.

The New Moon in Taurus on the 6th is perfect for setting intentions around material needs, abundance, and the things we value. This is a good day to reflect on what your needs and desires are – or to initiate actions that will move you closer to your financial goals such as developing a new budget, paying down a bill, or applying for a new position.

On May 9th, Jupiter will be the first planet to turn direct. It’s been retrograde since January 7th, giving us the opportunity to sort out details and focus on inner growth + truth.  Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice.  That means operating with integrity + focusing more on service, rather than serving the ego.  Look at ways you can help others and worry less about what you may be getting in return.

The Sun moves into chatty, mercurial Gemini on the 20th, lightening up the mood and picking up the pace. It’s time to talk things out and mingle a bit.  If you’ve been feeling a bit stir-crazy, this is your sign to get out there and find some mentally stimulating people or activities to satisfy that itch.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 21st brings big revelations. A truth may come to the surface – or you may feel compelled to finally make a bold move.  But be mindful – this Moon will also be conjunct transiting Mars – watch out for impulse or aggression.  While there is nothing wrong with telling the truth, self-righteous behavior could be a huge turn off. Think carefully before you open your mouth or you may find yourself immersed in pointless arguments.  People might be downright rude or extra pushy on this day too.  Stay far away from anyone that seems to be spoiling for a fight.

The next day, Mercury turns direct, which may help to clear the air.  Over the next few weeks, it will seem as if a mental fog is lifting.  Better yet, we’re able to see what we can do to course-correct any aggressive behavior that has been brewing since Mars went retrograde in April.  Mars will remain in retrograde for all of June so the energy is still palpable but with Mercury direct, we can find a way to talk it out.

Venus heads into Gemini on the 24th, which is fabulous for flirting, texting, and any sort of love talk.  This is a lighthearted placement for romantic Venus and it favors intellectual exchanges instead of hot ‘n heavy physical stuff.  That doesn’t mean there is not heat between the sheets but the best way to get there will be through pillow talk.  Seduce with the mind first and let nature take its course. (Psst Shakespeare had his natal Venus in Gemini – channel that vibe!)

Mars moves into Scorpio on the 27th, where it will remain for the rest of the retrograde period.  Actions become covert. Watch out for sneaky behavior, underhanded moves, and secret sabotage. Vindictiveness and jealousy could create some nasty warfare. If you have an enemy, they may be hard at work, trying to salt your game. Stay above the fray and take the high road.  Pay very close attention to the political landscape over the upcoming weeks. If you think it’s been dirty, it’s about to get really nasty.  (I’m beginning to think that the US political stuff feels more like the Hunger Games or some blood sport.)

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  This month is perfect for getting on top of your financial game, dear Aries. With the Sun, Mercury retrograde, and Venus in your 2nd house, it’s time look deeply into your current situation and see where you may need to make adjustments.  The New Moon on the 6th is the right time to begin a new budget or to finally make a peaceful plan to pay off your debts.  Jupiter will turn direct in your 6th house of work on the 6th, making it easier to progress after months of grinding away. Opportunities that were on hold may begin to show up (finally!).  If you’re traveling this month, things will be a bit snaggly with all this retrograde action.  You might want to take a pass on that – or plan for a whole lotta delays.  You are not known for patience but you’ll need it if you are going anywhere this month.  The Full Moon on the 21st may finally clear up the blockades, making it a bit easier to get where you want to go. The week of the 22nd will be brilliant for you.  With the Sun and Venus in your 3rd house of mind and Mercury turning direct, you’re able to express yourself with grace and power.  This makes you unstoppable!  Even though Mars, your ruling planet, is still retrograde, you can still kill ‘em with kindness – and charm.  Turn the world on with your smile!


taurus astrology

Taurus: Go Taurus – it’s your birthday!  A whole bunch of planets are sitting in your sign as the month begins, dear Taurus, making May all about you.  You’ve got extra kapow now – so strut your stuff and trust that where you have a will, you’ll find a way.  The New Moon in your sign on the 6th proves to be auspicious.  Thinking of launching a new biz, going into a meeting with a power player or updating your wardrobe?  Yes to all three. Anything you start on that day can take off or move you in exciting new directions.  The 9th gets things shifting in your love life when Jupiter turns direct in your romance sector.  Suddenly, you’re flush with loads of romantic offers.  If you’re single, this could be a time to meet new suitors.  Partnered? You may be getting past the stuck points and finding your way back to true romance again.  The Full Moon in the 8th house of sex on the 21st could bring greater intimacy, strengthening your bond even further. The week of the 20th also find the Sun and Venus moving into your 2nd house of money and Mercury turning direct.  If you’ve been concerned about money, some good news may be on the way, easing your mind and helping you move into the summer months with a better cash flow.


gemini astrology

Gemini: This month begins with your ruling planet, Mercury in retrograde motion, dear Gemini. If you’ve been feeling like nothing you do is right or like you can’t gain traction even though you’ve been working nonstop, breathe easy and know that this too shall pass.  But a busy 12th house demands that you do the best that you can and rest up as much as possible.  Instead of overdoing, start undoing a bit.  It will do you good.  A New Moon on the 6th is perfect for letting go and chilling the heck out. Spend time in quiet instead of your usual hustle ‘n bustle mode. There is zero need to push.  Instead, hit the pause button – or a hammock.  On the 9th, Jupiter turns direct, which is perfect for beginning those summer home improvement projects.  Begin drawing up plans and getting your tools in order but put off starting any actual work until Mercury goes direct on the 22nd.  The Sun moves into your sign on the 20th, which signals an end to the recluse mode and time to get out ‘n about. Life will get busy now, which suits your Gemini nature. The Full Moon in your relationship house on the 21st could be epic for finding love – or clearing the air with an ex.  Romantic Venus is in your sign on the 24th, giving you ample opportunities for romantic trysts and adventures. This could be a period of making up, making love, or making a move.  You’re back to your usual flirty, playful self and couldn’t be happier.  Play on, playa.


cancer astrology

Cancer:  Summer tends to be a busy time of year for you, dear Cancer and May is showing hints that this one will be extra-social with a full 11th house. This means your social life is going to be in high gear, with invites coming at you left and right. The New Moon on the 6th could be especially delicious for hanging out with friends, both old and new. You might also feel like throwing some swank events yourself  – but you may want to put that off until Jupiter turns direct in your domestic sphere on the 9th.  The 20th slows things down a bit when the Sun eases into your 12th house, which means you may feel like giving the social circuit a rest.  A Full Moon on the 21st  in your 6th may have you thinking about your fitness regime.  If you’ve been overindulging with all that party stuff, now is the time to begin a new routine.  Any changes made now could actually stick! Mercury turns direct on the 22nd and Venus joins the Sun on the 24th, which will allow May to wind down beautifully. It’s time to chill out and watch the sunsets (in between a few sit ups).


leo astrology

Leo:  May is going to be a strong month for your career, dear Leo, so make the most of this energy.  With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in your 10th house of honors and recognition at the beginning of the month, you’ll have the ability to capture the attention of the boss – or the public.  This is your time to lead (you know you love it) so stand tall and bring your best foot forward. The New Moon on the 6th could bring a stunning new offer.  When the door opens, go right on through it and trust that you belong there.  Jupiter turns direct in your 2nd house of money, which indicates a financial incentive or reward could sweeten the deal.  All in all, things at work are turning in your favor!  When the Sun moves into your social sector on the 20th, it’s time to get out and play more.  You’re on everyone’s invite list – all the coolest people want your presence gracing their gatherings.  Take note of the Full Moon on the 21st – it could bring a big change in your romantic life.  Friends may be introducing you to a hot new admirer or you may be ready to clear the air once and for all with a partner who’s been giving you the cold shoulder. Mercury direct on the 22nd makes it easier to do just that and it also adds more buzz to your rep, upping your popularity to superstar status.  On the 24th when Venus eases into your 11th house of friends, that charisma pays off with lots of romantic attention.  This is your star-turn month.  Own it!


virgo astrology

Virgo: It’s time to begin planning your summer travel, dear Virgo. With an active 9th house at the beginning of the month, you’re raring to hit the open road and see what the world has to offer.  But do be aware, Mercury is still retrograde until the 22nd.  You’ll need a lot of patience if you are going anywhere the first three weeks of the month.  The New Moon on the 6th could bring an exciting travel opportunity – perhaps connected to work or a far off adventure that could be oh-so-spiritual.  Find a way to work that opportunity into your summer – it will be magical!  Jupiter turns direct in your sign on the 9th, which may feel like you’re taking off a too-tight dress.  After weeks of frustrating limitations suddenly, you can breathe again.  The Universe will begin to be a lot friendlier to you – watch out for golden opportunities, lucky breaks, and fortunate turns of events.  Summer will give you plenty of options to expand your world and your fortune but you need to pay attention, take a few risks, and grab those goodies!  The 20th puts the spotlight on your career when the Sun eases into your 10th house.  A new opportunity or some unexpected accolades may give you added confidence. But home matters may need some attention on the 21st when the Full Moon pushes a family issue out in the open.  Take care of it and then move the heck on.  Do not get embroiled in drama – you’ve got too much cool for that this month.  When Mercury goes direct on the 22nd, it’s time to nip any of that family nonsense by getting back on the road. Because sometimes just ditching the drama is the smartest route of all.


libra astrology

Libra:  It’s imperative that you trust your gut in all matters this month, dear Libra.  Take nothing or no one at face value.  Instead, look for clues or subtle changes in people’s behavior. That will tell you a lot more than the words that they are saying.  With a full 8th house in May, your bullshit detector is stronger than ever – so do not ignore it.  An important revelation on the 6th may just be a relationship game changer. The New Moon will show you what you need to know so that you can begin making changes or making a move.  But do not be impulsive – wait until the 22nd, when Mercury will be direct.  Gather your evidence and then act accordingly.  The Full Moon on the 21st will give you the clarity you need to strike where needed.  Distant roads will be calling after the 20th when the Sun moves into your house of travel followed by Venus on the 24th.  This may be the right time to take a romantic journey with your sweetheart – or to go somewhere that feels exotic + sunny. A sandy beach and mojitos? Yes to that! A change of scenery may be exactly what you need to restore the balance.  Rest up because June is going to be moving you forward in many exciting new ways.


scorpio astrology

Scorpio: Relationships and financial matters may create a bit of a crimp in your swagger at the beginning of the month, dear Scorpio.  Your 7th house of partnerships is busy as can be but Mercury is retrograde, which means the air is ripe for misunderstandings.  A funky text message, hasty conversation, or a flippant comment on social media could open up a firestorm. Measure your words carefully and try your best to be clear + kind.  The New Moon on the 6th may give you an opportunity to patch things up.  If you need to forgive and forget, use that New Moon to shift the energy.  Money may be tricky all month long.  With Saturn and Mars both retrograde in your financial sector, impulse spending and/or unexpected expenses could create hardship.  Best mode: budget ninja.  Manage your money down to the penny.  Keep your expenses as lean as possible.  Resist the urge to splurge.  Instead: purge.  The Full Moon on the 21st will show you what needs to go.  Get your Marie Kondo on and create divine order with your cash flow.  The Sun and Venus will slip into your 8th house the week of the 20th, which may give you a chance to explore greater intimacy with your boo.  Been fighting? Make up sex never felt so right.


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius: May starts off in a reflective mode, dear Sagittarius. With Mars and Saturn both retrograde in your sign, there is no need to be on hyper mode.  In fact, you’ll be happier moving at a mellow pace while tending to the details that need your attention. This especially true at work.  With an active 6th house, it’s possible that you’ll be productive as can be – even if it feels like it’s slow going. As they say: slow and steady wins the race.  On the 6th, the New Moon brings the possibility of a fab new project landing right smack dab in your lap.  Be sure you have the other projects completed or on the way to being done before you take on one more thing.  While a shiny new object is exciting, it’s also a distraction from work still needing to be completed.  The 21st is a Full Moon in your sign – this is epic and the time to rebrand or change up your image.  A new ‘do or a whole new you?  BRING IT. Get rid of anything that no longer feels like “you.”  Mercury direct on the 22nd finds you caught up on work and ready to take on that new offer – or ready to play. When the Sun and Venus enter your relationship sector the week of the 20th, it’s time for lovin’. Tell your loved ones how you feel.  Send hand written notes to friends and family on pretty stationery.  Make time to listen – really listen.  Be intentional with your attention and everyone wins!


capricorn astrology

Capricorn:  There is a brilliance in you that needs expressing this month, dear Capricorn. But Mercury retrograde in your 5th house is tying your tongue so it may be best to put off any new creative projects until it turns direct on the 22nd. This may feel frustrating but do know that it’s temporary. Soon you’ll be ready to unleash your ideas to an adoring public but for now, sit tight and meditate on it.  The New Moon on the 6th signals a happy change in your romantic life. This could be a new suitor, a little bling on the ring finger – or a baby.  Things are moving to the next level or just moving, period.  On the 9th, Jupiter turns direct, and you may find yourself planning a romantic journey or a world tour.  The roads will seem to open up, so indulge your need to roam.  Mark your calendar for the Full Moon on the 21st – you’ll begin to feel those creative juices starting to flow again.  The next day, Mercury goes direct – all bets are off and you can finally say it like you mean it, launch those new creative projects, or express yourself in new ways.  It’s so on!  The Sun and Venus will move into your 6th house by the 24th, which is perfect for killing it at work or hitting the treadmill.  Whether you’re trying to up your game or lose some weight, the month ends with you in fine form and ready to nail your goal!



Aquarius:  Home is where the heart is, dear Aquarius, and May is all about the home front. Whether you are spending time with the ones you love, decluttering your home, or trying to get on top of your summer renovation plans, this month will give you the nudge you need to take care of home business.  The New Moon on the 6th could be perfect for dealing with family matters – or shopping for a new home.  Jupiter will also be turning direct on the 9th, which is great for getting loans or dealing with legal matters. Just be careful that you don’t sign anything (or say anything you’ll regret) until after Mercury goes direct on the 22nd. The Full Moon on the 21st in your social sector could point out who your real friends are – or aren’t.  If you’ve been keeping company with questionable people, it’s time to question that logic.  The week of the 20th also finds the Sun and Venus entering your 5th house of true romance.  This could be an epic few weeks for finding a new love or expressing your deepest desires to a current flame. Thinking of proposing or tying the not? Now’s the time. The Summer of Love has arrived. Peace out + bliss out!


pisces astrology

Pisces:  Pay attention to this powerful month, dear Pisces.  The 3rd house of communication is full – and pesky Mercury retrograde is hanging around.  If you find yourself alternating between eloquence and mental fog, you know exactly what I’m talking about, Willis.  The best mode is to double down on study and reflection – especially before stating your intentions or trying to prove a point. You’ll be more articulate and on your game when Mercury turns direct on the 22nd, so save those witty bon mots for then.  At work, the politics are thick – aggressive moves from yourself or others may amplify the ick vibe.  You’ll want to put your shields up high all month long. Even better, try not to engage. Remember – you can’t have a war if only one side is fighting. Stay on your awesome and let the cretins fight it out amongst themselves. The New Moon on the 6th gives you an important insight or genius idea – jot down any flashes of inspiration because you may be on to something rad.  Relationships begin improving when Jupiter turns direct on the 9th. Suddenly, everything opens up wide and the possibilities for love are unlimited.  The Full Moon on the 21st presents you with a chance to clear the air at work, which could pave the way for a big promotion – and bring the tension down to ultra-low.  The week of the 21st also finds the Sun and Venus heading into your 4th house sector of family and home, making the end of May perfect for a family gathering or celebration.  Invite the ‘rents over and have a barbeque!


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