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June 2016 horoscopes

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After weeks of funky retrograde energy, the astro-weather is beginning to turn.  But there is a mutable Grand Cross floating around until the end of the month so things may still feel a bit wonky for a spell, but for anyone born in the signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, you may be able to use this energy to your advantage!  Things may feel changeable – which means being adaptable is the key to grokking this energy – something mutable signs are adept at.  Expect the month to move at the speed of light – and if you are down with that mode, you’re going to kick ass and take names.  If you are unwilling to change on a dime – or are trying your best to hold on to old crud that is no longer relevant, it could be a bumpy road ahead (fixed signs, take note).

Pay close attention to June 4th. First of all, it’s a New Moon in Gemini and that New Moon is conjunct Venus.  This is a groovy day for starting a new relationship or for opening up a healing dialogue with a loved one.  New Moons symbolize a fresh start and this is a stellar day for visualizing what you might want in a relationship – and then taking action to move towards that goal.  Although this may sound hunky-dory, there is a catch.  (You had to know, right?)  That mutable stuff we talked about above?  Yeah…that.  It’s intensified today, which means that even though this day is super for kicking off anything romantic, you can expect some challenges that might make you veer from restrained to over-the-top.  Mindfulness is necessary. Don’t hold back from going after what you want but take a Zen-like approach.  (Also note: this is NOT a good day for financial risks.  Watch your gambling and investments carefully.)

Mercury enters talkative Gemini on the 12th, which puts everyone in a communicative mood. This is a favorable transit for speaking your mind, sharing news, and talking it out.  If you experienced any issues on the 4th, the next few weeks may clear the air once and for all.  Ideas are king under this influence – pay attention to what’s swirling around in your noggin.  You may have a unique flash of inspiration that could turn out to be downright genius.

Dreamy Neptune turns retrograde on the 13th, where it will remain until November.  This means that it’s time to get in touch with your spirituality and intuition.  Go within.  Seek to connect with the divine – and ask yourself: what are my big vision dreams?  Just be sure that you don’t spend too much time in the mystical realms – you still need to show up and handle your responsibilities!

Venus enters sensitive Cancer on the 17th, which brings out the motherly instinct in all of us.  This is perfect for family time and giving TLC to those in need.  Romance goes sentimental, which is means getting your courting skills in high gear with flowers, sweet nothings, and lots of hand holding.  Long conversations over elaborate meals is a perfect Venus in Cancer activity.  This placement is also ideal for weddings or family planning, as well as any gatherings in the home.

The Sun joins force with Venus when it also slides into Cancer on the 20th, amping up the emo vibe, big time. We’re all getting a case of the feels the next few weeks so be on high alert for extra-sensitive stuff. Do note that there is also a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the same day.  The Sun in Cancer loves to be home but the Full Moon in Sagittarius wants to ditch the familiar and roam.  This day may find you torn between the nest – and your next big adventure.  BREATHE.

Mercury zips into Cancer on the 29th and suddenly we’re getting even MORE weepy and sensitive.  Communication becomes heartfelt and sappy.  Express your feelings – don’t hold back. Call your mom and tell her you love her.  🙂

And the big news: Mars will turn direct on the 29th!  After weeks of slow-mo, Mars is going to get the action happening!  Things that have been stalled get moving and everything accelerates.  Summer brings progress at last – so hang tight and get ready to get shizz done!

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:


Aries:  You’re absolutely full of brilliant, creative ideas this month, dear Aries.  With the Sun and Venus in your 3rd house at the start of June, you’re thinking big and this could get you some attention at work. You’re also going to have a gift with sweet talk, which is fab for sales – or romance.  Face it, you’re charming as can be so work your mojo and let the fawning begin!  The New Moon on the 4th is especially good for brainstorming or presenting your ideas to higher-ups, so be sure to make your pitches then. Mid-month Mercury adds extra oomph as it joins forces with the Sun.  Your ability to talk your way into or out of any situation is amplified, giving you the edge, no matter what odds you are facing. Just be sure to keep some of your top-secret stuff – or scandals – under wraps when Neptune turns retrograde on the 13th. You don’t want anything coming out might spoil your momentum.  The second half of the month finds the focus on home and family matters. With a full 4th house, it’s time to tackle those home projects once and for all.  The Full Moon on the 20th also shines light on a family member that needs your attention. Don’t ignore this opportunity – it could be healing. Biggest news? Your ruling planet, Mars, will be going direct at the end of the month after weeks of retrograde action. You’re going to feel as if you are getting your life force back. And you’re right. Not much can stop your now so get ready to rock this summer!


taurus astrology

Taurus: Get your mind on your money, dear Taurus, because your 2nd house of money is amped up in June. With the Sun and Venus palling around here, you’re sure to see some improvements to your cash flow. This could be a raise, new job, or more clients coming your way, especially after the New Moon opens doors on the 4th.  Mercury joins the party on the 12th, opening you up to new, killer money-making ideas.  All signs are pointing to a better overall money picture at long last (and I know how you Tauruses like that bit of good news).  Friends prove to flake out mid-month when Neptune goes retrograde in your 11th house.  The next few months could leave you feeling confused about these relationships – or ditching them in favor of friendships that are more supportive.  Clear out anyone who is toxic or draining.  It’s just not worth it. Romance is on the rise when Venus and the Sun heats up your 3rd house the week of the 17th.  If you’ve been meaning to add a bit more flair to your love life, you won’t be at a loss for words or ideas.  The Full Moon clears the calendar for a possible trip.  Second honeymoon or a road trip with your bestie?  Why not? At the end of the month, Mars will go direct in your house of relationships, bringing progress to any alliance that has stalled.  If you’ve been thinking of making a bigger commitment,  nothing is standing in your way now. Propose away!  But if you’ve been waiting to ditch that good-for-nothing partner, have at it.  You’ll be going into July with a lighter load and it feels so good.


gemini astrology

Gemini: Happy birthday, fellow Geminis (yep, I am one too!). This month is about amping up your awesome and getting your groove on, yo. With the Sun and Venus in your sign at the beginning of the month, your swagger is at an all time high so work that twin-ny charm to the max!  The New Moon on the 4th also gives you the power to reinvent yourself.  A new ‘do or a new ‘tude?  Maybe both!  Change your look or your mindset and watch the magic happen!  This is perfect for any sort of PR blitz, especially if you have something to promote – or have been dealing with some bad press. Your ruling planet, Mercury, also enters your sign on the 12th, giving your gift for gab some real muscle.  You can ask for what you want so don’t be shy about verbalizing it out loud.  Mid-month Venus eases into your 2nd house of money joined by the Sun on the 20th, making it easier to attract some hard cash – or spend it.  Practice a bit of caution so you don’t blow your whole wad on some useless bling that will sit in the dark corner of your jewelry box.  Instead, treat yo’ self but squirrel away some of those rubber bands for later.  You’ll be glad you did.  Neptune will be retrograde in your 10th house of career from the 13th through November.  This is a good time to reflect on your public image.  How do you want to be seen in the world?  What are your top career goals?  Clarify all that – and you’ll be ready to nail it before 2016 comes to a close. Pay attention to your love life on the 20th, when the Full Moon illuminates what’s getting in the way of your relationships.  It might be an old on-again off again flame that needs to get stepping – or some fears that need to be banished once and for all.  If you are willing to let go of the old, you are making way for more of the love you want.  On the 29th, Mars goes direct after months of stalling out in your 6th house of work. Your work life will pick up speed and progress is assured, making this summer one of the most productive ones ever.  (Psst…have you been dealing with energy vampires since the beginning of the year? They are about to leave.  Kick them to the curb and brush your shoulders off.  What’s done is done.  Don’t invite the vamps back in, no matter how hot they are.)


cancer astrology

Cancer:  Be patient at the beginning of the month, dear Cancer.  It may seem like nothing is going right but, soon enough, everything will be moving forward and you’ll have ample opportunities to get it all together.  The Sun and Venus in your 12th house favor rest and recuperation, preferably in beautiful surroundings.  If you can manage time away in a location that soothes your spirits, it will do you good and keep you grounded until June comes to a close. Can’t? Then just practice as much self care as you can with quiet time at home. Crank up the air conditioning, get a good book, and turn off the phone. The 4th brings a major revelation that could turn out to be a catalyst for big time spiritual growth.  It may give you the insights or courage needed to make deep inner changes.  On the 12th, the insights keep coming when Mercury slides into your 12th house.  Mercury is the messenger – your inner guides are speaking loud and clear now. Pay attention.  Neptune retrograde on the 13th in your house of travel favors time spent near bodies of water.  This might be a good time to plan a holiday at the sea  for sometime before 2016 comes to a close.  Seek out serene locales and start putting those plans together.  The week of the 17th is significant for you – the Sun will be entering your sign along with Venus, which is amps up your wow factor + image. On the 20th, the Full Moon shines brightly in your 6th house of work.  What does this mean? You tap into your power and coworkers get to see it in full force.  Set boundaries, step up your game, BE power.  Do not shy away from it.  You’ll get the respect you deserve (‘bout time).  Mars gives your love a push it goes direct on the 29th and on the same day, Mercury enters your sign.  This marks a period when you can let the one you love know how you feel with no holds barred. Express your desires and let the fireworks begin!


leo astrology

Leo:  The sun is out and your social life is calling, dear Leo. With your ruling planet, the Sun hanging around your 11th house with romantic Venus, June is perfect for coffee dates, outdoor events, and flirty nights at the club.  Get out and enjoy yourself as much as possible.  The 4th promises to be an interesting day that may open the doors for a new romance – perhaps with someone who has been part of your circle of friends. More invitations come flooding in when Mercury joins the 11th house fun on the 12th, keeping your social calendar full to the brim. There won’t be much time for boredom, that’s for sure. Keep an eye on your investments or joint finances from the 13th through November when Neptune goes retrograde in your 8th house. A lack of attention could be costly. Fortunately, Jupiter is in your 2nd house of money, so if do biff it, you’ll either find the loophole – or the cash needed to resolve the issue.  On the 17th, Venus enters your 12th house soon to be joined by the Sun – a secret love affair?  Or perhaps just feeling a need for a bit of a social break?  Maybe both. The Full Moon in your romance sector on the 20th gives you an epiphany about your love life that may help you finally make a decision – or a playa move.  If you’ve been sitting on the fence, now’s the time to get your game on. At the end of the month, Mars turns direct in your 4th house, which means things at the home front finally get going.  It’s a good time to focus on long overdue renovations – or a physical move.  A lion needs a gorgeous castle, so spruce it up and have a barbecue!


virgo astrology

Virgo: June could turn out to be a spectacular month for your career, dear Virgo. The Sun and Venus sit high in your house of reputation, which could mean major recognition or an opportunity to advance.  The New Moon on the 4th paves the way for an incredible project or job that could boost your street cred even more.  This is your time to shine like the star that you are and share your awesome with the world. Your ruler, Mercury, will also add to this goodness when it joins the party on the 12th – you’ve always been known for your way with words and now you have the ability to express your big ideas to an even bigger stage. This is thought leader stuff, yo.  Bring out your inner Tony Robbins and you may make a major impact on anyone lucky enough to catch a whiff of what you’re bringing forth.  Mid-month is also time to begin thinking about where you want to go with your relationships (both romantic or work). Neptune will turn retrograde in your 7th house of partnerships, which means you need to take off the rose colored glasses (or the fear stained ones) and start asking yourself this: what do I really want?  Does this person want the same thing – and what might we do to make this shared dream possible?  Your social life sparkles beautifully when Venus and the Sun move into your 11th house of friendships between the week of the 17th.  Now’s the time to get out and enjoy warm summer nights with friends and loved ones.  While this is a great time for all things social, the Full Moon on the 20th is a reminder not to neglect the home life.  A compromise may be needed (home entertaining?).  If you’ve been feeling a bit foggy mentally, you’re in luck on the 29th when Mars finally goes direct in your 3rd house.  All those big ideas come flooding back – and good news – you now have the mental energy to do something with them!  Hell to the yeah!


libra astrology

Libra: If the travel bug is biting you, dear Libra, you have permission to grab your bags and hit the road. That’s because the Sun and Venus are lighting up your 9th house of travel, beckoning you to places far away. The New Moon on the 4th may bring an opportunity so good that you cannot resist – if you find a getaway that is calling your name, book it Dano!  On the 12th, you’ll want to keep your passport nearby when Mercury will also transit into the 9th, perfect for weekend jaunts or any sort of impulse travel. On the 13th Neptune goes retrograde in your 6th house of work, where it will remain until November. This is time to start thinking about your dream job. What do you really want to be doing?  What steps might you take to make that dream a reality?  Lay out some practical strategies and you may find the way towards your ideal work.  (In the meantime, don’t be dreaming on the job or you might get into some hot water.) The Sun and Venus enter your 10th house of recognition the week of the 17th, bringing possible attention from the boss. The next few weeks are going to give you plenty of opportunities to be a superstar at work so do stand tall and put yourself in the best light possible.  A Full Moon on the 20th in your 3rd house brings important news.  This could be a game changing phone call or email so do pay attention!  On the 29th, Mars is finally direct in your 2nd house of money after weeks of retrograde action.  The financial flow is about to get a lot better.  If you’ve been feeling like the Queen of Budgets, you can begin to loosen up the wallet a bit this summer.  Hallelujah!


scorpio astrology

Scorpio:  The best mode this month is to be as open as possible, dear Scorpio.  With the Sun and Venus in your 8th house of intuition, the more receptive you are, the greater the insights.  Take a step back, and don’t make any major moves until you get a high five from the Universe.  The New Moon on the 4th could be a powerful day – you may receive a hunch (or red flag) that could prove to be important.  Don’t ignore your spidey sense that day!  More insights continue to pour in when Mercury joins in all that 8th house jazz.  Scorpio is naturally intuitive and all this astro-action will amplify what you already have, so use this to your advantage. Your creativity will be moving in interesting new directions when dreamy Neptune goes retrograde in your 5th house on the 13th and will remain until November.  If you work in a creative field, you may have some ground-breaking ideas that could be incredible for your career. BUT, this aspect can wreak havoc on your love life or relationships with children.  It can bring misunderstandings or, in some cases, a whole lotta enabling.  Watch out for the tendency to play martyr or savior with loved ones if you want to avoid problems. The week of the 17th lights up your 9th house of travel, which is perfect for finalizing summer travel plans. The Full Moon on the 20th may clear up any financial problems, making it easier to finance those plans, take care of debts, or get approved for a loan.  Pay attention to the 29th, when Mars goes direct in your sign.  It’s going to feel like your energy gets a major kick in the pants. After months of slo-mo, this is cosmic rocket fuel!  No more need to be all passive and receptive.  Blast off and enjoy the wild ride ahead! Wheeee!!!!


sagittarius astrology

Sagittarius:  Relationships may prove to be challenging this month, dear Sagittarius, but there are also breakthroughs on the horizon.  Although friction is present, the Sun and Venus in your house of partnerships indicates the power of love could transform even the most difficult relationship, especially after the New Moon on the 4th. That day may bring things to a head – which could lead to deep healing.  It’s important that you assume the energy of bamboo: keep yourself rooted but flexible at the same time.  Hold your ground but be willing to bend if need be. Mercury gives you the ability to talk it out when it slides into the 7th house on the 12th.  Now you’re able to make agreements or say how you feel.  Listen as much as you talk.  When Neptune goes retrograde on the 13th, where it will remain until November, you may want to pause before making any major changes with your home. If you have been considering a move or a renovation, sit back a bit to see if your dream is realistic.  It may be wiser to wait rather than risk your $$$.  The week of the 17th is electric – Venus moves into your 8th house of intuition and sex followed by the Sun and a Full Moon in your sign – this is going to intensify your instincts like never before.  You’ll see through people and clear away anyone who isn’t jamming to the same beat. Even better, you’ll be able to get a lot more heat in the bedroom because you can sense what your partner needs – and express what you want with total Sag candor.  When Mars goes direct at the end of the month, you’ll be ready to put some action towards the goals you’ve been contemplating the last few months.  The forecast for summer: hot + unstoppable!


capricorn astrology

Capricorn:  June could be a strong month for advancement at work, dear Capricorn, provided you are willing to lead.  With the Sun and Venus in your 6th house of work, this is the time to step up your game and find a way to work well with others.  The New Moon on the 4th brings new projects and opportunities – focus on what you want to accomplish and lead your team to victory.  You won’t have any problem doing that because quick-thinking Mercury will enter the 6th house on the 12th, giving you the intellectual edge to outthink anyone.  But do be careful with that energy because Neptune is turning retrograde in your 3rd house of mind until November, which can spell disaster for business negotiations.  Keep some of your best strategies under wraps. Watch what you reveal during this time – instead, pay attention to what others divulge. A  little cloak and dagger could pay off later.  The week of the 17th, Venus and the Sun will head into your house of relationships, which promises fun for the summer!  A summer fling perhaps?  Maybe.  The Full Moon on the 20th will show you who’s crushing on you if you’re single.  In a relationship?  This could be the day when you see a significant shift for the better, especially if you’ve been having some problems.  Your social life gets ready for action all summer long when fiery Mars finally goes direct in your house of friends on the 29th. Surfs up and it’s time to part-tay!



Aquarius: June could be hot.  I’m not talking the temperature, dear Aquarius. I’m talking l-o-v-e.  The Sun and Venus in your romance sector promise a lot more fun with plenty of possibilities to get it on – or to meet someone.  The New Moon on the 4th may bring a new paramour so do go out that weekend if you are single!  When Mercury enters the 5th house on the 12th, you’ll have no trouble getting your game on.  Play on, playa and make your best moves. It will pay off.  On the 13th, Neptune will turn retrograde in your 2nd house of finances, where it will remain all the way until November.  It’s time to get a reality check on your money.  If you’ve been playing loose with your change, you may get a wake up call that forces you to create a whole new budget.  If you’re the type to ignore your bank account, this transit may give you the cosmic kick you need to get on it.  The week of the 17th finds the Sun and Venus heading into your work sector, which means you may be landing some sweet gigs or getting a well deserved pat on the back. You’re shining brightly and able to get people to support your bigger goals. The Full Moon on the 20th will help you to clarity those goals and recognize which people are going to be the best members of your team.  When Mars goes direct on the 29th in your house of career, you’re ready to take your ambitions to new levels and could finally start to see some real progress on projects started a few months ago.  Summer is the time to promote the heck out what you’re doing – it could lead to major growth or opportunity.  Shine on, crazy diamond!


pisces astrology

Pisces:  The summer is coming and you may find that your family life becomes the center of all activities, dear Pisces.  Your 4th house of home and family is lit up with the Sun and Venus, which means harmony reigns and great joy comes from being with your loved ones.  This is the right time to host gatherings in your home or to work with your family on a home project. The New Moon on the 4th is perfect for organizing and decluttering.  If you’ve been meaning to get to that basement or garage, here’s your green light.  On the 12th, Mercury joins the hubbub, which may bring more communication with family.  Phone calls, emails, or just time spent in the backyard make this an excellent month for bonding or hashing out issues. On the 13th, your ruling planet, Neptune will be going retrograde – signaling a good time for reevaluating your image.  How do you want to be seen?  Do you like the way you are currently presenting yourself?  Is is time for a whole new wardrobe?  If you are thinking of an image makeover, the next few months are perfect for just that.  Possibilities for romance are heightened when the Sun and Venus join forces in your romantic sector the week of the 17th.  This could be the summer of love so don’t be shy – especially if you’ve been in a romantic drought for a while. If you’re thinking of making a change in your work life, wait until the 20th when the Full Moon in your career sector opens up opportunities or gives you clarity around an offer you’ve been entertaining.  Take action when Mars going direct on the 29th.  You’ll be full of energy and ambition, ready to take on the world.  The question is: is the world ready for so much trillness?


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