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This month, Venus goes direct on the 6th, which means all that romantic fog of August will begin to lift.  If you’ve had trouble reading your partner or connecting with a partner, things will get easier.  Disagreements and misunderstandings clear up and relationships can get back on track.  BUT before you get out the champagne glasses, know that Mercury will be going retrograde on the 17th in Libra.  Which means relationships still have some communication work to do over the next few weeks.  Old issues may come back to the surface.

Watch out for passive-aggressiveness (in yourself or others) during these next few weeks.  Be prepared to have to state your intentions more than once.  If your partner is spoiling for a fight, things can escalate under this influence.  Try to be extra-patient and focus more on compromise, especially if things hit a brick wall.  This is not the time to be selfish or be doormat either.  Find common ground where both parties feel respected and heard.  Meet people halfway.

If you are single, watch out for mixed signals – not just from a potential suitor but from yourself.  The more direct you can be, the better.  Don’t pussyfoot around things.  If you want to be with someone (or don’t), just say so.  Leave the cloak and dagger at home.

On the 17th, Saturn will move back into Sagittarius after dipping back into Scorpio for a few months.  Now we get back to working on our ideals and belief systems.  What is your philosophy?  How do your beliefs define – or limit you?  In what ways might you be self-righteous? Guard against dogmatic thinking.  Seek to be inclusive.  On the world’s stage education, religion and intolerance could be the big themes in the upcoming election.

Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) take note: not only are we dealing with Saturn in Sagittarius but Neptune is in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo – your lives might go through a whole restructuring during the next year.  Look at where you need to ground and center – and where you need to release.  Clear out the old and shore up the structures in your life that need strengthening.  If you’ve left things undone, this is the time to get those bigger projects completed once and for all – or to abandon them completely.  This is evolution and that starts with clearing the debris, simplifying and creating new security.  You may also need to evaluate relationships.  Who needs to go?  What partnerships are no longer serving you?  Clean, clear + reboot where needed.

We also have two eclipses this month so mark down these dates:

September 13: partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo at 20 degrees

September 27th: total Lunar Eclipse in Aries at 4 degrees

Eclipses represent significant changes and are particularly good for “cleaning house”.  Whether that be leaving a job or a relationship – or something else – these days are potent for clearing away anything that has been bogging you down.  If there is anything in your life that needs to go, the eclipse could be the cosmic nudge that finally brings things to a head.

The Solar Eclipse in Virgo might bring changes to the work sector or health.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aries could shake up relationships, contracts, partnerships or legal matters.

Look at where the eclipses might be in your chart to see what might be affected.  Remember, if you prepare in advance, the eclipses can be times where YOU create the necessary change, rather then getting a karmic gob-smack.  Be proactive, people!

September will be challenging but by month’s end, we’re all going to be a little bit cleaner and ready for fall.

Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  September may be a roller coaster, dear Aries. The Sun and Jupiter grace your 6th house of work, bringing killer new opportunities and a chance to show your skills.  You can expand in amazing new directions, provided you streamline your tasks for maximum efficiency.  Make every action count and avoid scattering your forces.  Do not worry about the accolades – they will come later in the month when Pluto turns direct in your 10th house or reputation. For now, focus on service and making the most out of your current circumstances.  Watch your big mouth starting the 17th, when Mercury goes retrograde in your house of relationships.  One wrong word and you’re in the doghouse.  Muzzle that sass and keep on your game.

Taurus:  If your romantic life has been ho-hum, September will put it back on track, dear Taurus.  At the beginning of the month, the Sun and Jupiter light up your 5th house of romance, bringing a bit more heat. Sweet Venus joins in the fun by turning direct on the 6th, clearing up misunderstandings and/or missed cues.  If you were wondering how that certain someone feels, you’re going to get a clear signal soon enough.  Just don’t push for an answer when Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th because you could quickly derail any progress that you’ve made.  Active listening is a much better method of operation.  (PS if you’re trying for a baby, this month could be favorable.)  Saturn will be moving into your 8th house of joint finances, where it will transit for two years. This is a good time to straighten out your finances and start thinking about the long term.

Gemini:  As fall begins to kick into high gear, you’re ready to create order in your home and work.  The Sun and Jupiter in your 4th house are perfect for beautifying and organizing your environment.  Clear away the crap you don’t need and finish home projects that have been lingering.  Tidy up your work habits and set up your work space to function better.  Mars in your home sector is also great for moving. Where do you want to live?  If you’re not happy with your current space, you may be ready to start looking for a new place.  Relationships are going to be very challenging this month.  Mercury goes retrograde in your 5th house on the 17th, causing communication woes with children or your romantic partner.  Heavy-hitting Saturn moves into your 7th house of partnerships, where it’s going to stay for a few years.  All of your relationships are about to be tested to see if they have lasting power.  Buckle up!

Cancer:  September is going to be great for big ideas and little trips, dear Cancer.  With the Sun and Jupiter in your 3rd house, you’re bursting with flashes of inspiration and mental restlessness.  This can translate into brilliant creativity and wanderlust. Why not satisfy both sides and take a sojourn to some sort of retreat where you can get creative?  This is also a good month for reaching out to your siblings, especially if there has been some friction. When Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th, you can revisit those situations and perhaps find a truce.  This is not the time to bicker – instead, take responsibility for your role in any problems and look for solutions.  Saturn enters your 6th house of work and service on the 17th as well.  Your career is going to become a focal point for the next two years.  Are you happy with what you are doing?  If not, what are you ready to do to change that?  Get clear on where you want to go and then prepare for some hard work ahead.

Leo: After weeks of being retrograde, Venus finally turns direct in your sign on the 6th, dear Leo.  With fiery Mars also in your sign, this means your love life might be turning a corner after weeks of frustration.  The opportunity is here for fun and intimacy.  Make the most out of that, whether you are single or partnered.  You are also in a fabulous period for money.  With the Sun and Jupiter both sending positive beams of energy to your 2nd house, you may see more opportunities for prosperity starting to show up in your life.  This year is a good one for making money – just make sure your Leo need for luxury doesn’t tempt you to spend your bounty.  On the 17th, Mercury goes retrograde in your 3rd house, which could throw your communication into chaos.  You’re normally eloquent but may find yourself suddenly tongue-tied.  Prepare to ‘splain yourself more than one.

Virgo:  Happy birthday, dear Virgo! With the Sun and expansive Jupiter both in your sign, you’ll be seeing lucky breaks and opportunities starting to come your way.  Previous hard work brings sweet rewards and you may find yourself receiving major breakthroughs in your career.  This is your time, so bask in that glow.  A sweet eclipse in your sign on the 13th heralds positive changes and better chances for overall security. One cautionary note: be very mindful of the decisions that you are making this month in matters of the heart.  Venus and Mars in your 12th house of self undoing may find you tempted to waste your energy sneaking around with secret relationships.  Do not settle for being the “one on the side” or “friends with benefits”.  This year can be lucky for love but not if you’re allowing someone to keep you on the down low. Clear out anyone who is not treating you like the star you are.  Keep an eye out for unexpected expenses when your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th. Channel your inner miser and budget, baby.

Libra: You’ll be feeling best when you rest, dear Libra.  (Ha – that rhymed!) Try not to push yourself or you’ll quickly lose your precious balance. Venus and Mars in your 11th promise a full social calendar, complete with flirtations and possible romantic hookups.  But with the Sun and Jupiter in your 12th, you will benefit from quiet activities and generous time outs.  Try to find the sweet spot between getting out – and getting internal.  Another thing to watch out for:  Mercury is going retrograde in your sign on the 17th, which could bring confusion or indecisiveness on your part.  Hold off on making any major life decisions until next month, if possible.  You may see things differently then.  At the end of the month, we have a solar eclipse in Aries – you may be getting some important news that changes the game, especially romantically.  Truths come out and this may also affect your plans in a profound way.  Stay tuned and see how this all plays out next month when Libra season begins and things start to move in your favor.

Scorpio: This month is going to be great for your career and street cred, dear Scorpio.  Venus turns direct in your 10th house and aligns with Mars – this powerful combo elevates your popularity to new heights.  You have the chance to win over your superiors or to gain new fans.  Accolades, rewards and promotions are possible.  Step into the limelight and prepare to wow ‘em.  Your circle of friends is also expanding.  With the Sun and Jupiter lighting up your social sector, you may find yourself with many invites on the table.  Whether you are hitting the club circuit with your pals or networking with peers, you’ll see your influence and circle getting bigger.  If you are trying to keep secrets this month, it’s going to be hard when Mercury goes retrograde on the 17th.  Suddenly, your private details become public knowledge.  If you are attempting to keep something under wraps, you will need to take extra precautions.  Do not share any information with known big mouths.  Loose lips will sink ships but you can prevent this by being extra-Scorpionic and zipping it.

Sagittarius: Are you feeling a need for a getaway, dear Sagittarius?  Feel free to do it because Venus and Mars are gracing your 9th house of travel.  Hit the road, the ski slopes or the beach. The world is your playground and some time to explore will serve your wanderlust well.  Try to make your plans before the 17th, when Mercury goes retrograde and throws a monkey wrench into any social activities.  Missed flights or poor planning could cause a bit of panic but if you secure your plans (and a Plan B), you can keep this to a minimum.  The good news for you: your career is on fire.  With the Sun and lucky Jupiter in your house of honors and recognition, your star is ascending like never before.  September may bring some phenomenal opportunities so make the most out of this month.  On the 17th, hard working Saturn goes back into your sign, where it will remain for about two years.  This is a great time to assess where you need to work on your self.  What are you ready and willing to let go of?  CLEAR SPACE in your life. Your personal evolution begins in earnest now.

Capricorn: If the travel bug is still biting you after last month, feel free to indulge your whims for a few more weeks, dear Capricorn.  The Sun and Jupiter are grooving in your 9th house, making far off lands and escapades so appealing.  Why go home when there are so many things still yet to see?  Roam if you want to but don’t lose sight of your career.  Work will need some TLC when Mercury goes retrograde in your reputation sector on the 17th.  Projects may hit a snag or you may make a decision that threatens to stall all the progress you’ve been making.  If you do not get a handle on things, your normally stellar rep could take a serious beating.  You’ll need to keep your eye on the ball and take charge.  If you do make a mistake, go the humble route.  Assume responsibility and communicate with any one who is pertinent to the situation. You can do amazing damage control but if you are focused on your work, there will be very little damage that needs controlling.

Aquarius:  The possibility for some romantic action is strong this month, dear Aquarius.  Venus is turning direct in your 7th house and passionate Mars is also hanging around there as well.  This is great for love, whether you are single or partnered.  You might connect with a hot new partner or ignite some serious sparks with a current one.  Do not let those opportunities pass you by.  The chance for the heat to be turned up is here so jump in and make your move.  The Sun and Jupiter are in the 8th, which may add some amp up the sexual energy.  If you’ve been in a dry spell, this is your time to reconnect to your primal side.  This placement is also fortunate for money matters.  You may receive a windfall or inheritance that could line your pockets nicely.  Travel may be on your mind but watch out for Mercury retrograde on the 17th.  It’s sitting in your house of travel and that could bring some unexpected problems with your plans.  Do not waste time bickering with the gate agent or your travel partners.  Instead, be flexible and patient.

Pisces:  This month is a mixed bag, dear Pisces, but there are lots of opportunities to shift your gears if you feel called to do so.  Venus and Mars in your 6th house of work and service help you to get things done and inspire your team.  You can lead them to victory so take the reins and move towards your goals.  Saturn moves into your 10th house of career on the 17th, which is going bring some amazing opportunities over the next two years. Your career can see some significant growth during this period so stay focused on your hustle. The Sun and Jupiter are sitting nicely in your 7th house of partnerships, which is beneficial for all of your relationships.  This happy, expansive energy can bring a greater commitment if you are partnered or a bevy of new playmates if you are single.  The eclipse on the 13th brings clarity on what you want in a partner.  It also sheds light on relationships that are not working. If you’ve been in denial, it may be the wake up call to create change in your love life.  Pay close attention to your finances on the 17th, when Mercury goes retrograde in your 8th house.  Loans can fall through or money owed may not come as promised.  Be very careful about making large purchases or signing any contracts, especially those where there is money on the line.  Scrutinize every expense closely.

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