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This month will feel like a sweet wind down after last month’s busy cosmic action.  For one thing, Venus will leave dramatic Leo and head into reserved Virgo on the 8th.  Venus will also be finally out of the shadow period of the retrograde which means we can now begin to iron out the little details and issues that may have cropped up this summer. Venus in Virgo emphasizes practicality and service.  The best path in any relationship this month comes when we take a common sense approach to issues and are willing to put our partner first.  Venus is sometimes inhibited or critical in Virgo, so watch those tendencies to nitpick or hold back.  Instead, ask yourself: how can I help?  From that standpoint, you can find better ways to nurture the relationship.  If you feel a need to offer criticism, try to be constructive.

It may be easier to offer your opinions after Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th.  Last month brought out a lot of passive-aggressive action.  Mercury direct in Libra seeks justice and truth but he’s always tactful.  You’ll get further in every relationship (romance, business, family) if you exercise good judgment and practice clear but kind communication (this will be less of a problem once that retrograde is over).

With Saturn firmly rooted in blunt Sagittarius, we are discovering our truths but also learning to recognize that our truth may not be someone else’s.  The year ahead is good for learning tolerance, even if we do not share the same belief systems.  Feel free to espouse your beliefs but make sure you’re not being imposing.  Live and let live.  As the old saying goes, different strokes for different folks. Respect that.

Annnndddd here’s your personal scopes:

Aries:  October is going to be an important month for relationships, dear Aries. With the Sun gracing your 7th house, you have opportunities galore to learn more about yourself through your one-on-one relationships.  Mercury is retrograde in the same house, allowing you to see how you are communicating – or not.  Are you being considerate of your partner’s needs?  Or are you hell bent on getting your own way at all costs?  Examine your self and you may discover that your recent relationship issues are yours to own and yours to fix.  It may be easier to do that once Mercury goes direct on the 9th.  Aries is known for being aggressive – put that energy into your work this month instead of personal relationships. Your ruling planet, Mars is hanging out in your 6th house of work all month long, giving you ample opportunity to kick some ass.  A valiant effort leads to kudos and a trail of competitors in your dust, wondering how you managed to pull that off.

Taurus: Your biggest power will come through your ability to lead your coworkers through the fog, dear Taurus. With the Sun shining in your 6th house, this is not the time to wait for someone else to take the helm.  Look at where the problems lie and take charge.  Mercury is retrograde until the 9th, which means communication or technology issues on the job could bring strife but this will smooth out as the month progresses.  Don’t let any of that break you out into a cold sweat.  Keep your eyes on the prize and lead your herd like a boss (even if you’re not technically the head honcho). Your slow and steady leadership style is what’s needed now. By month’s end, your focus moves to love. Your romantic life is ready to heat up.  Sparks fly and passion rules.  Give in to your desires and fuel that fire. (PS if you are looking to add another member to your family, this may the right month to start that action happening.)

Gemini: You’re normally glib as can be but Mercury retrograde has been causing you to stammer more than usual, dear Gemini.  It’s looming in the 5th house along with the Sun, which gives you creative power but trouble expressing yourself fully.  By the 9th, that will be a distant memory when Mercury (thankfully) turns direct and you’re back to your witty best.  This is going to be especially evident if you are involved in a creative or teaching career.  Children will bring exasperation at the beginning of October but by month’s end, you’re ready to don a costume and go trick or treating with them.  Your star rises at work after the 23rd, when the Sun enters your 6th house.  You may be getting some unexpected praise or a promotion before the month ends.

Cancer:  Cancer loves taking care of their family and being at the center of all things home.  This month finds you in that rightful place, dear Cancer, and you’re going to make everything all right (you always do).  Mercury retrograde in your 4th house may have dredged up some family drama but that will be coming to an end when it turns direct on the 9th.  Play cautious diplomat until then.  With the Sun also here, that won’t be hard. You can be the hero in the family drama with courage and stamina. This month is also great for taking care of your home.  Clear out the clutter, straighten your closets, and do a deep fall clean if you can. You’ll feel better if you have divine order in your living space.  At work, extra responsibilities might feel like a drag but suck it up.  There are rewards in the distance.  Commit to your hustle and trust that it will pay off.

Leo: October starts off with a bit of the blues.  Blame it on Mercury retrograde sitting in your 3rd house, dear Leo.  No worries as that will be changing on the 9th when it goes direct.  In the meantime (and actually most of this month), take short jaunts.  Get out into your neighborhood.  Call your siblings and chew the fat.  Focus on getting out of your head as much as you can and soon that bummer vibe will lift and you’ll be your old sunny self again.  At the end of the month, you’ll be in better surroundings as well.  The Sun enters your 4th house on the 23rd, and this mark a period of domestic bliss.  Buy a home, decorate your current pad, or invite friends over for cocktails.  You’ll be less bored if you are channeling Martha Stewart (a fellow Leo). Your 2nd house of money is blessed all month long so feel free to invest in your home or a trip overseas.  You’ll be able to recoup that in no time.

Virgo: You, dear Virgo, are a productive genius all month long.  So much so that you’re moving right through that Mercury retrograde like a whirling dervish with hot blades in each hand.  No matter what life has thrown you lately, you’re cutting through that b.s. and showing the universe who the real boss is.  Jupiter and Mars in your sign are giving you fire power and oodles of luck.  It’s up to you to make the most of that now.  In October, you’re going to see that showing up in your bank account right after Mercury goes direct on the 9th in your 2nd house, which is also occupied by the Sun until the 23rd.  A raise, unexpected windfall or a boatload of new clients leaves you flush with cash.  Use it wisely even though you may be tempted to spend it on bits and bobs.  Instead, wait until you see where it’s best needed.  That will show up next month so hold tight and stay awesome until then.

Libra:  Happy birthday, dear Libra!  What are you wishing for this year?  Think carefully and put that energy out to the Universe.  It may not show up until your birthday next year when lucky Jupiter enters your sign but don’t let that stop you from setting that intention.  What you put out now will manifest so get to stepping on that wishing ‘n manifesting biz.  At the beginning of the month, you’re coming out of an awkward Mercury retrograde which didn’t allow for you to put your best foot forward.  Some setbacks may have derailed your trail of glitter but you’ll get back on track after the 9th when it turns direct.  Lovely Venus enters your 12th house right around the same time.  This could bring a secret admirer forward or an opportunity for a red hot affair.  Don’t be impulsive even though fiery Mars is saying “go for it”.  Wait until the smoke clears next month when your beer goggles might have an entirely different picture.

Scorpio: Your friends want to hang with you.  You just “vant to be alone.”  How to find that balance, dear Scorpio?  It won’t be easy but it can be done.  With Mars and Jupiter in your 11th house of friends, you’ll have invites galore and lots of exciting events to consider.  But the Sun in the 12th along with Mercury (retrograde at the beginning of the month) will find that your power is best conserved for quiet times and meditation.  The best solution: joining your pals for a silence retreat in the mountains.  Can’t manage that?  Then be discerning about what you say yes to. That same rule applies to work.  Do a stellar job like you always do but don’t take on more than you can reasonably handle.  When Mercury goes direct on the 9th, you’ll find it’s best to keep some things to yourself.  What you say may be held against you so keep your opinions or top secret projects under the radar until next month when you get the green light to shout it out loud.

Sagittarius:  With Saturn now fully in your sign, you may be feeling the rumblings of a you-revolution (a revo-you-tion?).  The summer was spent pondering your next incarnation and now is the time to begin actively working on it.  How do you want to define yourself?  How do you want to be seen?  Be clear on who you are becoming and start shearing away the old you.  Your 11th house is light up with the Sun and Mercury, which may find you getting nudges from your social circle to get out a bit more.  But is that what you really want?  Or are you outgrowing certain pals and pastimes that once felt right.  Take a close look at your companions and begin assessing which ones match the you that you are becoming.  After Mercury goes direct, you may want to start easing into new directions and communities.  Your career is smoking hot all month long.  Even if you’re bored with what you’re doing, you are still killing it.  Accolades and appreciation remind you how talented you are, superstar.

Capricorn: This month may start out with a few hiccups at work, dear Capricorn, but don’t you let it dampen your mood.  Troublemaker Mercury is retrograde in your 10th house of career until the 9th so a few problems may arise, especially with communication.  You’ve got oodles of Sun power helping you to hold down the fort and lead with confidence.  If issues pop up, step up to the challenge and show ‘em how it’s done.  You’ll be getting some just rewards once Mercury begins cooperating on the 9th.  October is fabulous for travel. If you can make time to sneak away this month, do it. Even a staycation holed up at home with the cell phone off will do you good.  With Venus in the 9th on the 8th, you might want to bring someone snuggly with you and make it all sexy ‘n stuff.

Aquarius: October may find you craving more travel, especially if September had you hitting the road.  With the Sun in your 9th house until the 23rd, it’s perfectly fine for you to set your sights on another destination.  Try to schedule your plans after the 9th, when Mercury will be direct.  If you can’t put it off until then, try to be patient should any snafus arise.  After the 8th, romantic Venus will head into your 8th house, where Mars and Jupiter are currently palling around.  This is very good for your finances but also for your sex life.  You’ll either be getting more loot or more booty.  Maybe both.  (A rich lover?)  As the ever-clever Charlie Sheen would say: winning!

Pisces:  Keep a close eye on your finances at the beginning of this month, dear Pisces.  Mercury is retrograde until the 9th, which could lead to a wee setback, especially if you are trying to get a loan or are waiting on some money due to you.  You’ll also want to be careful about signing contracts, especially if there is cash money involved.  Read the fine details carefully before putting your John Hancock on anything. Things will start to move forward once Mercury is direct.  Venus heads into your 7th house of relationships on the 8th, where it forms a stellium with feisty Mars and lucky Jupiter.  What does that mean?  Romantic opportunities magnify.  You’re hotter than normal.  Your aura screams: wine me and dine me.  Work that magic and enjoy the results!

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