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After January’s tumultuous Mercury retrograde, this month will feel like a welcome relief.   As February begins, you’ll feel as if you are shaking off the dust, putting things back in order, and finally seeing some forward movement.  Set your goals at the start of the month and trust that those obstacles are out of the way.

Watch the energy on the 5th when Venus will be conjunct Pluto. Passions and emotions will be intense.  This could lead to profound healing or a complete disintegration of a relationship.  Be mindful of power struggles and try not to push matters.  Instead, focus on honest conversations that allow both parties to feel secure. A good effort today can go a long way to healing misunderstandings. If you’re single, you may meet someone on this day with whom you share instant physical chemistry.  With Mars still in fiery Scorpio, this could be a downright primal attraction!  Whatever your situation, trust that it won’t be a dull day in matters of the heart.

The New Moon in cool, logical Aquarius on the 8th is great for innovation, revolution, and new ideas.  Pay attention to flashes of genius and big visions.  Seek out new friends and join groups with like minded people – especially if you have a goal to change the status quo.  Ditch conformity and don’t be afraid to challenge the rules.

Mercury will enter Aquarius on 13th, favoring progressive thinking and originality. This is also a strong placement for objective, impartial decision-making and communication.  If you want to get an idea across, channel your best Mr. Spock and keep your emotions in check.  Logic rules.

We get a triple-Aquarius threat when Venus also enters this airy sign on the 16th.  This is not a warm-n-fuzzy placement for Venus.  In fact, the energy here is more detached. This is best suited for freedom – which means you want to avoid getting clingy now. Instead, focus on doing your own thing – and allowing others to do the same.  If you’re single, your best bet for meeting someone would be through unconventional activities, political rallies, or technology.  Dust off that online profile and see what genius peeps might be trying to cupcake you.

Sun enters Pisces on the 19th and this brings some emotional harmony and spirituality back into play.  We can find the balance between our head and our souls.  What to watch out for?  Daydreaming or over-analyzing a situation to the point where not much gets done.  Follow your dreams but take the logical route to mapping out the next steps you need to take.  Art and technology breakthroughs are possible over the next few weeks.

The Full Moon in Virgo on the 22nd marks the time to get practical and tidy.  Clear the clutter in your life.  Look at your plans and go over the details with a fine-toothed comb.  Clean your house + your head.  Let go of obsessive thinking and perfectionism.  Tell your inner critic to shove it.

As the month winds down, the Moon will be conjunct transiting Mars on the 29th (leap year!). This could be an intense day where emotions and tempers flare up.  Channel that energy into bossing up your business, art, or renovating your home.  Above all, remain sensitive to other people’s feelings and keep your cool.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:

ariesAries:  The year may have started out with some struggles at work, but things are moving along at a happier pace, dear Aries. That’s because Mercury is direct and joining forces with Venus and Pluto in your 10th house of career at the beginning of the month, which could bring praise for a job well done and new opportunities.  If you’re self-employed, this is a great time to promote the heck out of your work.  Create your own buzz and it will pay off. Your social life is also getting some much needed re-energizing. With the Sun in your 11th joined by the New Moon on the 8th, you’ll shine in any sort of social setting – not just for work but for play as well. Invitations will be floating in all month long so be sure to get yourself out there, especially if you felt cooped up this winter.  Mid-month, Mercury and Venus will slide into the 11th, making the rest of the month perfect for catching up with old pals – or making new ones.  On the 19th, the Sun enters your 12th house of solitude, which may make you crave some down time.  This will be easier to get once the 22nd arrives.  The Full Moon in Virgo helps you to clear your work calendar, finish up projects, and free up some time to chill.  At month’s end, you’re ready for that rest.

taurus astrologyTaurus: February starts off strong – and finishes strong too, dear Taurus. The Sun in your 10th house of recognition indicates you’ll be getting some much-deserved attention at work.  This is your time to claim the spotlight so do not dull your shine.  Sparkle on and know that you deserve to be there.  On the 8th, the New Moon in the 10th brings opportunities galore.  You may receive a plum promotion or some publicity that elevates you to superstar status!  Mid-month, it gets even better when Mercury and Venus move into your 10th house, bringing more applause and opportunity.  February maybe one of your best career months in a long time so lean in and work it to your advantage.  On the romantic front, relationships have intensity all month long.  With feisty Mars in your 7th house of partnerships, it’s either make love or war. Opt in for the former and keep the battles to a minimum.  On the 22nd, the Full Moon in your 5th house could illuminate opportunities for romance – or expanding your family.  If you’ve been struggling with either, obstacles begin to clear. You may find it easier for making love…or babies.

gemini astrologyGemini: Your wanderlust is itching to be scratched, dear Gemini. With the Sun in your 9th house of travel and Mercury direct, you may want to schedule some adventure time into your month.  Go somewhere far – and sunny.  Cast the winter shadow off and relax.  That may feel difficult because Mars is roaring through your 6th house of work and keeping you busier than ever.  You’ll be grinding like a fiend all month long.  The pressure is high but so are your energy levels.  You can be prolific now…but you must make sure that you don’t burn out.  Hence….take that vacation.  The New Moon on the 8th may create an opening for you to slip away from the office (hint: you have permission to take your cell phone with you if you cannot leave work totally behind).  Mid-month, Mercury and Venus will also enter your 9th, giving more travel options. You might be taking every February weekend off for mini-journey or making plans for future ones. (Even simply laying out your mad travel plans is a wise move now.)  On the 19th, you’ll be receiving some attention at work when the Sun moves into your 10th house of honors.  Take a bow – you’ve earned it.  On the 22nd, the Full Moon in your 4th house may give you the incentive to finally clear the clutter in your home – or to clear the air with a loved one.  Let go of your stuff…or your grudges.  It will feel liberating. (And then get back on that traveling stuff, yo.)

cancer astrologyCancer: This month will give your relationships some fire-power, dear Cancer. With passionate Mars in your romance sector and the Sun heating up your 8th house of sex, lust is the name of the game and you’re going to want to play – often.  This could be a strong month for reigniting a flame or intensifying an already-hot connection.  Mercury and Venus in your 7th house of relationships amps up the communication, making it easy to express your deepest needs. This might be a good time to talk about commitment.  If you’ve been thinking about it, pop the question already!  On the 8th, the New Moon in your 8th house brings good financial news, especially if you are trying to get a loan or collect money owed.  February is also going to be pretty rad for travel, especially when the Sun heads into your 9th house of wanderlust on the 19th.  Get thee to a resort or some other relaxing destination, preferably with the one you love.  On the 22nd, the Full Moon in your 3rd clears any travel difficulties – or excuses.  Think you can’t make time for a chill break?  You can now.  GO!

leo astrologyLeo: If you’ve been hankering for a relationship, February may be the right month to begin doing something about it.  With your ruling planet, the Sun, lighting up your 7th house of partnerships, this month is perfect for updating your online profile or finally making your move on that hottie at the gym.  The New Moon on the 8th brings new romantic opportunities – or clarity around a current relationship.  You’ll know what to do – and it’s up to you take action on the signs you receive. Mid-month, Venus and Mercury move into the 7th, which will help even the most tongue-tied Leos find the courage to flirt or say what they want.  This could bring a lot of improvements in the love department, so do work that to your advantage.  This month may also bring some important changes to your financial outlook. When the Sun moves into your 8th house of joint finances, you could negotiate a loan or a good deal on an investment.  It’s also possible that your partner may have some stellar money news that brings relief in the home. The Full Moon in your 2nd house of money helps to clear any financial obstacles.  At that time, you may get the green light you’ve been waiting for to make that purchase – or you may finally receive that raise your boss promised eons ago.  The month ends on a bright note with mo’ love and mo’ money.

virgo astrologyVirgo: You’re always a superstar at work, dear Virgo.  That’s where you spit mad game like a boss (even if you are not the boss!). With the Sun sitting in your 6th house of work this month, your swagger gets polished up to mega-watt status.  You’re going to be the one who is getting the attention – and sweetest projects.  Pay attention to the 8th, when the New Moon opens some doors that could lead to an exciting new opportunity.  Whether this be a whole new job or some fab P.R., you’re going to be delighted with what falls in your lap. In the middle of the month, Venus and Mercury join forces in the 6th house, sweetening any and all deals that are coming your way.  Spectacular offers are on the table – say yes and know that you’ll continue to kill it all month long.  On the 19th, the Sun moves into your house of relationships.  A partner may be needing more attention. If you’ve been obsessed with your career (who wouldn’t be with stars like that), you may want to consider carving out a little snuggling time.  The Full Moon in your sign on the 22nd allows you to end a cycle in your life that is no longer working for you.  You’ll get the cosmic sign you need to let go and start the new chapter.  If you’ve been thinking of updating your look or some other aspect in your life, this could be the nudge you need to change things up.

libra astrologyLibra:  Ready to rock romance, Libra?  You can in February.  The Sun in your 5th house of love says that you can bring the passion like no one else this month (cue Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better”).  You’ve got the heart and the smooth moves – so feel free to flirt, court, and wine ‘n dine.  If you’re single, the New Moon on the 8th may bring an exciting new partner.  Be sure to bat your lashes and make your intentions known.  In a relationship?  It’s a good day to try something new.  Ahem. In the middle of the month, Venus and Mercury slide into the 5th house, giving you the gift of romantic banter.  This is superb for pillow talk, frisky love notes, or asking for the date.  Be bold and you’ll be getting more sweet lovin’ than you’ve been getting in a long time.  Be super careful with your moolah all month long.  Impulsive Mars is still sitting in your 2nd house of finances – if you are not careful, you could end up in a pinch.  Smartest move: crunch the numbers and pause before you spend.  On the 19th, the Sun moves into your 6th house of work, bringing some new opportunities that may help with that cash flow. On the 22nd, the Full Moon in the 12th house brings answers if you are willing to go within.  If there is a situation that feels uncertain, quiet reflection will illuminate the way forward…or out.

scorpio astrologyScorpio:  Mars is still happily sitting in your sign this month, dear Scorpio.  You know what that means?  You’ve got the energy and focus to power through any challenge. Whether you’re dealing with boardroom politics or family drama, you’re in control.  And productive?  No one makes prolific look as easy as you. Mars gives you that edge.  The Sun in your 4th house finds you putting family issues front and center.  On the 8th, the New Moon brings a powerful breakthrough with a loved one – or a new home.  Mid-month, Mercury and Venus move into the home sector, perfect for signing property deals, beautifying your home, or family gatherings.  (How about all three? Buy a new pad, shine up, invite your posse over!) Your 11th house of friendships is amped up all month long.  Your social calendar should continue to buzz with invites galore.  You’re busy with work and home stuff but time with your pals could help you to blow off necessary steam.  On the 22nd, the Full Moon in your house of social activity could mark a stellar evening out.  This would be a great date night – or a perfect opportunity for a deep conversation with your bestie.  My bet is on the romance.

sagittarius astrologySagittarius:  Sometimes our greatest power comes when we work on ourselves behind the scenes, dear Sagittarius.  You may feel as if you are knee deep in that process.  With Mars still hanging out in your 12th house, you’re undoing the old patterns and remaking yourself from the inside out.  Saturn is still in your sign so this may feel like it’s slow going but trust that you are making progress.  The Sun in your house of mind gives you tremendous creative force which could translate into new artistic works or an idea that changes the world.  The 8th is especially powerful with the New Moon bringing a Eureka moment that may feel like the mental breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.  In the middle of the month, Mercury and Venus enter the 3rd, bringing more creative ideas and a flurry of communication with neighbors and siblings.  Exciting news is coming in and you’re starting to feel optimistic about future plans.  On the 19th, the Sun in your house of family matters could bring a visit from your loved ones – or a chance to tend to some home renovation.  Pay special attention to the Full Moon in your career sector on the 22nd – some part of your career will be going through a major shift.  You may find that something you are doing is ready to come to a close, paving the way for a whole new path.  Everything is evolving…roll with it.

capricorn astrologyCapricorn:  This is a great month for money, dear Capricorn.  With the Sun in your 2nd house, your ability to attract material goods and dollah bills is fierce.  You’re like a money magnet – if there is something you want, you’ll find the means to get it.  Mars in the 11th house of goals adds a boost of willpower that makes you unstoppable.  This is your month to manifest so set your intentions high and put your good energy into making things happen.  The Universe is on your side.  On the 8th, the New Moon brings financial opportunities.  This could be a new job or project that may lead to greater abundance down the road.  Mercury and Venus move into the 2nd house of money mid-month, bringing more fiscal luck!  Think: ideas that are golden, luxe new possessions…all the good stuff. You’re moving into baller status! On the 19th, the Sun enters your 3rd house, filing you with creative ideas.  If you’ve been thinking of writing your memoirs or a new fantasy novel, now is the time to get started. This is also good for planning your world tour, especially when the Full Moon lights up your 9th house of travel.  Set your sights for somewhere exotic and go forth!  Adventure awaits.

aquariusAquarius:  This month, you have the star power to dazzle ‘em, dear Aquarius.  The Sun is in your sign, making February your month!  You have increased vitality and confidence, which is bound to get you noticed – at work or at the club.  You also have fiery Mars in your 10th house of career – this combo says: boss.  Either you get the power seat or you get the attention of your superiors – and this could lead to that promotion you’ve been waiting on.  On the 8th, the New Moon in your sign is perfect for a makeover.  Want a new outfit or thinking of getting a radical haircut?  Indulge your self and then strut yo’ stuff. More good news: Mercury and Venus slip into your sign mid-month, amping up your charisma factor. You’ve got that certain je ne sais quoi that can open doors.  Turn on your charm and watch the doors open (and people swoon).  When the Sun edges into your 2nd house of money on the 19th you’re also going to be feeling like a major player.  Windfalls and financial opportunities begin to line up.  If you want to accumulate money, the means to do that will be made available to you.  On the 22nd, it’s time to start paying attention to your taxes and investments.  The Full Moon may shed light on some issue that you need to take care of immediately.  Don’t put it off. If you need to clean something up, do it before the month ends or you may get a not-so-nice surprise come tax time.  And that is so not baller.

pisces astrologyPisces:  Take it easy this month, dear Pisces.  The Sun is sitting quietly in your 12th house of healing, making this month ideal for rest and recuperation.  This is not the time to push.  Instead, invest your energy into meditation, wellness, and spiritual pursuits.  The New Moon on the 8th may bring some good news on a situation that you’ve been keeping under wraps.  This may give you hope that things are progressing in the right direction.  You may also be getting the aha moments that help you to clear away old thought patterns and negative conditioning. Mid-month Mercury and Venus head into the 12th, making it a perfect time to take a retreat or a meditation workshop.  Any sort of spiritual pursuit will yield benefits.  Get your zen on!  On the 19th, the Sun moves into your sign and you begin to feel the stirrings of a fresh start.  Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, you’re ready to spread your wings.  Go slowly and don’t push the process.  The new you that is emerging needs time to get used to those wings.  Relationships become crystal clear on the 22nd, when the Full Moon alerts you to who needs to go and who needs to stay. This may be the time when you finally see people for who they are.  Best part?  They see you for who you are too – and they will be marveling at what you’re becoming.

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