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After a long retrograde in Libra, Mercury is zipping like a maniac through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius in November.  Communication is all over the place.  One day we’re ready to be diplomatic, then we’re getting deep and dark from the 2nd through the 20th, when we’re ready to wax philosophic and spit truth.  Whew!  If you’re a rapper, you might like this fast pace.  But for everyone else, it may be a bit of a word-whirlwind that requires a lot of grounding.

Romance is on the rise when Venus moves into charming Libra on the 8th followed by feisty Mars on the 12th.  Venus loves being in Libra and tends to add an air of refinement to all things amour. Think: love notes, date nights at an elegant wine bar, holding hands in the theater.  Mars is not so happy here but it can intensify the energy, adding passion and excitement, even to flirtations!  It’s also incredible for creative pursuits.  This could be the month where you get that novel finished or finally start working on that self portrait.  Do watch out for passive-aggressive behavior in yourself or others. If you find yourself resorting to that type of conduct, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Neptune turns direct on the 18th, bringing new clarity to situations that may have felt a bit foggy.  If you’ve been uncertain on a particular path, you may begin to see the way forward now.  Also, if you’ve been hanging on to any illusions, they may come crashing down and a reality check may be in order.

Pay attention on the 26th when transiting Saturn forms a hard square with Neptune, where it will linger for all of 2016.  This aspect is going to help you see if your dreams can become reality or if you’re fooling yourself.  Some disappointments are possible, especially if you invest your time and energy into get rich quick schemes, dubious spiritual practices, or questionable relationships.  It’s time to take the rose colored glasses off and get to work.  That work may involve reexamining your goals and perhaps shifting them to something completely different and more meaningful.  This aspect is also about facing the music regarding our addictions: not just drugs or alcohol but other addictions such as gambling, materialism, toxic relationships, overspending, overeating, fear of failure or the need for approval (yes, fear can be addictive too).  Look at what situations are keeping you in bondage and begin planning your exit. The more work you do around addictive behaviors and mindsets in the next year, the healthier you become.  Liberation is possible if you are willing to address the issues and take responsibility. This is going to be especially potent for mutable signs or those who have a lot of mutable signs in their chart: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.

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Annnndddd here’s your personal monthly scopes:

Aries:  This month, the focus is on your relationships and intimacy, dear Aries.  With the Sun in your 8th house until the 22nd, you have ample opportunities to deepen your sexual connection with that special someone.  Venus moves into your 7th house on the 8th, followed by Mars on the 12th – adding romance and oodles of passion to the mix.  This means: red hot nights, sexy flirtations, and steamy encounters.  Whether you are single or partnered, the intensity is turned up to piping hot!  Go for it if you dare and you may just add some zing to your love life.  Neptune direct on the 18th gets rid of any illusions but it may also bring some things to light that you’ve been ignoring.  When the Sun moves into truthful Sagittarius on the 22nd, it’s time to get honest with yourself and others.  A chance for a getaway at the end of the month may give you much needed clarity.  (Psst that trip is best spent in a retreat like a monk. Zen yourself out for best results.)  But be mindful – when the Sun hovers over Saturn on the 29th, getting back home may prove to be a bitch.  Adjust plans accordingly and leave room for snafus.  Neptune is making a challenging aspect to Saturn for the next year.  This will hit your 9th and 12th houses, which might find you questioning your spiritual life.  If you’ve been looking for new guidance or a deeper connection with your spiritual roots, this is the year to start poking around there.  Go within and you might be surprised at what you discover.  This year is also great for therapy, meditation, silent retreats, work behind the scenes, and higher education.  The more work you do on your higher mind, the higher you’ll go.

Taurus:  November finds you putting more energy into relationships, dear Taurus.  With the Sun warming up your 7th house of partnerships, this is the right time to make time for the ones you love.  Make time to cozy up with the one you love and you may just add more heat to the relationship.  This energy is equally beneficial for other sorts of partnerships – if you put forth the effort, you’ll see improvements and better yet, you may just understand where others are coming from (really important if you’re feeling that ole Taurus stubbornness rearing up).  Your work life promises to be energized and ultra-creative all month long so no major worries there. On the 18th, Neptune goes direct in your 11th house of friends, allowing you to see who your real pals are.  On the 22nd, the Sun moves into adventurous Sagittarius and slides into your 9th house of travel.  A holiday on the ski slopes or some other distant adventure may be calling.  Grab your passport and go!  Pay attention to the Saturn/Neptune aspect late in the month.  It will be creating tension in your 8th and 11th houses, which could create problems with friendships and joint ventures.  If you’ve been promising more than you can deliver or working with people who have, a reality check could be due.  This aspect will be floating in your world for a year so be extra-mindful at whom and where you are aligning yourself.

Gemini: You are a superstar at work this month, dear Gemini.  It doesn’t matter what dilemmas are on the table – with the Sun in your 6th house,  you have the chops and the firepower to shine a light through the fog and lead like a boss.  Others will come to you for guidance and you’ll stun them with your ability to take control and maintain a stiff upper lip.  Neptune direct on the 18th in your 10th house may find you pondering your career.  Ask yourself this: “is this work fulfilling me?”  Ponder it and see if you’re still feelin’ it. Romantically, you’re getting a bit of a bump with Venus transiting into your 5th house on the 8th followed by spicy Mars on the 12th.  This combo promises to make you ooze sexual charisma, attracting possible conquests like bees to honey.  You could be quite the playboy or playgirl if you’d like.  But thoughts of turning a lover into something more may be on your mind when the Sun enters your 7th house on the 22nd.  Do you want to fool around or get serious?  Your call.  Business partnerships are going to be highlighted for a year starting on the 26th, when Neptune makes a hard angle to Saturn for a whole year.  If you are in a business with someone, illusions could be stripped away and partnerships may fail. Watch out for dubious alliances and shady offers as this could impact your reputation.  If you’re not clear on your work or your working relationships, this year is going to give you the information you need to make better decisions.  Be aware that your career dreams can become reality but you’re going to need to work hard and learn to pick the right comrades.

Cancer:  November proves to be a happy month for you, dear Cancer. With the Sun warming up your 5th house, you feel fabulous and free to be yourself.  This month is great for expressing yourself in whatever way you wish!  BE YOU. Don’t apologize to the muggles who don’t get it. Instead, carry on and make this month fun + fabulous (like you!).  More romance is possible and, if you’re single, a new relationship may show up unexpectedly.  You’ll have lots to be thankful about when Venus enters your 4th house on the 8th followed by Mars on the 12th.  Your home life will bustle with activity and love, two things that domestic-loving Cancers like the most!  Make your home the center of attention for the family gatherings and you’ll be as happy as clam (instead of a crab).  On the 22nd, you’re entering a period where your work life demands attention.  End of the year stuff is starting to show up on your desk.  Work towards creating order before the month ends or December could turn out to be more work than fun.  Neptune and Saturn make a challenging aspect at the end of the month between your 6th and 9th houses.  You might find yourself with an immense workload and perhaps a wistful longing to be somewhere else.  If you find yourself dreaming of faraway places, don’t lose sight of the here and now.  Stay committed to your hustle and you’ll create the conditions to go as far or as big as you want.  This year demands you do the work.

Leo:  Your home is aglow with love and warmth this month, dear Leo. With your ruler, the Sun, lighting up your 4th house of home, November is your month to get your domestic goddess on!  Baking, cooking, holiday gatherings and decorating keep you busy all month long.  Your home may be becoming the hub of family activity all winter long so make it as comfy and welcoming as possible.  You’ll also be busy communicating with loved ones at a distance.  Even if they cannot be home for the holidays, you can stay close with letters and phone calls.  Venus in your 3rd on the 8th joined by Mars on the 12th, make this easy and fun to do.  On the 22nd, the Sun begins to enter your 5th house of romance and children. Whether you’re entertaining the kiddos , looking to expand your family, or spending time with a new special someone, your winter is about to get more joyful!  Make the most out of this happy, lively time and keep play front and center in all that you do.  At the end of the month, Saturn and Neptune make a hard square in your 5th and 8th house.  This is not great for gambling or for trusting someone else with your cash.  You’ll want to watch your investments carefully the next year and avoid anything that is too risky.  Don’t be lured in by dream vultures and promises of “get rich quick”.  Instead, keep your cheddar close at hand and err on the side of cautious until you see a clear financial road ahead.

Virgo: This month starts off with a rash of activity, dear Virgo.  Mars is still sitting in your sign all the way until the 12th, so you can be sure you’ll be getting things done before the holiday season commences.  This is a good time to organize your schedule and your habits – and your mind.  Take the time to create your lists at the beginning of the month and you’ll move into the rest of the year with a minimum of drama.  With the powerful Sun gracing your 3rd house of mind until the 22nd, your ability to communicate your ideas is strong.  Whether you’re sharing your thoughts on a big project at work or writing the next great American novel, you can now articulate your thoughts in a way that will impress others.  Once the Sun enters your 4th house on the 22nd, you’re the center of attention at family gatherings.  Your wit and ability to delight others with your stories will make you the favorite at every event.  Pay close attention to all relationships on the 18th when Neptune goes direct and takes away the illusions you’ve had about others.  Neptune will be making a hard angle to Saturn in the 4th for an entire year starting on the 26th.  Relationships with loved ones will require more work but if you are willing to do it, you’ll end up with stronger, healthier bonds.  If you are single, this is the right time to get ultra-clear on what type of partner you want but then you need to begin doing the actual work to find that right someone.  Princes don’t come knocking on doors with glass slippers in this day and age…you’re going to need to put forth effort.  And if you do, you may be exactly where you want to be by next year at this time.   It’s up to you.

Libra:  You might feel like you want to hole up this month, dear Libra, but that is only a temporary glitch.  You’re a social creature and once your ruler Venus transits into your sign on the 8th followed by Mars on the 12th, you’ll be back in the swing of things and at your sparkly best.  You’ll have boatloads of energy that you’ll want to burn off. Hit the dance floor or the gym and you may just find yourself whittling away any of your holiday feasting.  Everyone will wonder how you manage to stay so trim with all that food ‘n cheer.  It’s energy, baby.  And you’ve got it in spades.  Financially, November will be positive for you. The Sun is giving your 2nd house of money some sweet heat until the 22nd.  You may find yourself with an unexpected bonus or raise.  It’s also possible you may land a better paying job.  Whatever the case, don’t squander this.  Saturn in your 2nd the last two years taught you to be more mindful around your money – remember those lessons and stay on top of your earning game.  On the 26th, Neptune makes a hard angle with Saturn that will affect your houses of work and mind – you may find yourself questioning your work for the next year.  Are you still happy with your current gig? Or are you dreaming up something entirely new?  Start fantasizing about how you might make your career even more exciting than it already is…and then begin laying the groundwork to build your stairway to the next level or big thing.

Scorpio: Happy birthday, dear Scorpio!  This month promises to be a November to remember. The Sun in your sign puts your Scorpion tendencies on full blast.  People will find you intriguing and mysterious.  You’ll be on everyone’s hot list so don’t be surprised if your social calendar suddenly fills up with invites and events galore.  You can’t possibly say yes to every single one but the ones you choose to attend will benefit from your special brand of wit.  If you’re looking for romance, Neptune will be direct on the 18th, which will lift the dark cloud you’ve been under.  Suddenly, opportunities are right under your nose, which no doubt adds some sparkle to your month.  If you are in a relationship, you may finally see the best way to fix any problems that have been lingering around the last few months. Anything is possible now so do put the work into it and you may see promising results.  Pay very close attention to your money the next year.  With Neptune making a square to Saturn in your 2nd house of money, it’s possible that you may find your money fluctuating like never before.  This aspect is around for a year so now is not the time to gamble.  Take steps to amp up your security and your money managing skills.  Avoid get-rich quick schemes (so not your thing anyways) and bring greater mindfulness to your expenses.  If you play your cards right, you’ll end up more secure than ever by next year’s time.  However, if you decide to go risky,  you may end up learning an expensive lesson.  Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind.

Sagittarius: The month begins with a mega-boost to your career, dear Sagittarius. With Jupiter, Venus and Mars hanging around in your 10th house, you may be receiving some accolades and opportunities.  This is your time to step into that limelight and take your bow – and the goodies being tossed your way.  On the 8th, Venus heads into your 11th house of social activities followed by Mars on the 12th, which means only one thing: party!  Glam events, date nights with your honey, and intimate gatherings with friends and family make your November extra-sweet.  At the end of the month, Neptune and Saturn start moving into a difficult aspect, which will last a full year.  For you, it’s going to be a direct hit and the questions you need to be asking yourself for the next year is this: who am I? What stories am I ready to shed?  What old illusions no longer serve the person I am becoming?  Who do I want to be when I grow up?  This is time to “get real” or get lost. You may feel like you’re having a bit of an existential crisis at times but the beauty of this process is that you get to release old baggage (especially family crap) and start to become the person you want to be.

Capricorn: November may turn out to be one of your favorite months of the year, dear Capricorn.  Your 9th house of travel is highlighted at the beginning of the month, along with your 11th house of social activity.  If you are thinking of taking a trip, by all means, do.  Especially if that journey involves brining along some of your favorite playmates.  A quick getaway to Vegas or a weekend in the woods at a quiet cabin with some hot cocoa may bring laughs and memories for years to come.  On the 8th, Venus will head into your house of recognition, bringing honors and new clout amongst your peers.  A promotion or new offer is possible. No one works harder than a Capricorn, so rest assured, you’ve earned this. Mars joins Venus on the 12th, adding oomph to your ambition. Why settle?  Might as well go full blast with your career!  You’ll have more energy and chutzpah than usual – which could well lead to you taking the top position in your office – or your industry.  On the 26th, dreamy Neptune forms a harsh angle to Saturn in the 12th…you may be go, go, go but it’s vital that you are also asking the bigger questions in life. Be sure that you’re seeking inner growth as hard as you are climbing that ladder.  Meditation or other spiritual practices will keep your feet on the ground while you’re reaching for those stars.

Aquarius: This month starts out with some new opportunities for your career, dear Aquarius.  The Sun is sitting in your 10th house of recognition, which could mean new offers hitting your inbox.  If you’re looking for new work, a door once thought impossible, may open finally open for you.  Or, if you’re already gainfully employed, you might be receiving that promotion you’ve been so patiently waiting for.  Your 9th house of travel gets super active when Venus heads into it on the 8th followed by Mars on the 12th.  This is a good time for any sort of holiday travel. If you’re heading back home or just looking to kick back with your buddies, make your plans early in the month and you’ll be able to hit the road with ease.  Neptune turns direct in your 2nd house on the 18th, bringing you some much needed clarity around a financial situation.  If someone owes you money or if a bill got lost in the mail, you can begin to clear matters up.  On the 26th, you may get a reality check when Neptune forms a hard angle with Saturn. This will hit your 2nd house of money and 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes for a year.  This could impact your bottom line if you’ve been careless with your money or friendships.  You may need to rethink your goals to see if they are realistic or castles in the sky.  This does not mean you need to give up your dreams but you do need to make sure that you have things in place to secure your aim, rather than just hoping stuff will “somehow work out”.  This also means you need to assess whether you’ve been making promises you can’t keep. If that is the case, you can course correct fast with a quick apology and a new strategy.  If all else fails, go super reliable.  People will love you for it.

Pisces:  November starts off with some beautiful energy in your 7th house of partnerships, making it ideal for your romantic life.  If you’ve been a little dry in that area, Venus, Mars and Jupiter promise better days ahead.  This is a good time to put yourself out there or to renew your connection with your loved one if you are already partnered. Start by tending the spark and you may build a delicious fire that could keep you warm as winter progresses.  Venus heads into your 8th house on the 8th followed by feisty Mars on the 12th, which will give you an opportunity to scrutinize your finances, especially if you share your resources with a partner.  Go over your bills and taxes to be sure you’re covered as the year comes to a close.  Make your travel plans early in the month when the Sun is in your 9th house – if you get on top of things early, you won’t be scrambling at the gate at the last minute.  When the Sun heads into your 10th house of recognition on the 22nd, you’re ready to rise and shine into December.  You’ll be ready to lead, no matter what situations are at hand.  Neptune makes a difficult aspect to Saturn on the 26th, which will affect your 10th and 1st houses for a year.  How do you want the public to see you?  What image are you projecting?  Are you being truthfully you – or hiding your real self?  It’s time to drop any masks and get vulnerable.  (Psst…people love the real you.  You should too.)

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