50 Positive Things To Do During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is here…again. You’ve probably heard people grumbling about this astrological bad boy. It comes around three times a year wreaking havoc on travel, communication, and technology – which means folks have plenty of time to bitch about it every year.

BUT…it’s not all bad! There are actually plenty of smart things you can do during Mercury retrograde.

Here’s how to use this time wisely and to your greatest advantage – my list of 50 Positive Things To Do During Mercury Retrograde!

1. Tie up loose ends — finish a project that’s already in motion.

2. Go through your bank statements and find unnecessary monthly recurring expenses that you can cancel.

3. Practice “slow and intentional communication” – send a thoughtful handwritten letter.

4. Declutter and reorganize your office. 

5. Clean out your inbox once and for all. 

6. Unsubscribe from newsletters you never read.

7. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit. Donate them to your local Goodwill.

8. Take a long, hot bath with epsom salts. Don’t like baths? A salt scrub in your shower works just as good!

9. Spend time in nature as much as possible.

10. Do something physical. Walk, lift weights, dance around your room – it’s all good!

11. Research new recipes. (This is one of my favorite things to do!)

12. Deep clean your car. 

13. Mend your favorite clothes.

14. Offer to run errands for an elder or stressed-out friend.

15. Read that stack of books on your nightstand.

16. Restock your pantry, medicine cabinet, and toiletries.

17. Remove all the apps you never use from your phone.

18. Clean out your wallet. Get rid of old receipts, straighten your money, and put it back nice ’n neat.

19. Tidy up your yard. Rake up leaves, pick up trash, and trim those bushes!

20. Find a new affirmation you like, write it on a sticky note, and put it somewhere you will see it every day.

22. Repot your houseplants. (If you have a killing thumb like I do, have someone else do it for you!)

23. Reconnect with old friends. If you lost touch with your bestie, this is the right time to reach out and say hello.

24. Send a random funny text to a loved one. 

25. Replace batteries in smoke detectors. In some cases, it might be time to put new, updated smoke detectors up.

26. Shred old files and papers. You probably don’t need that warranty from 1999. 

27. Send a gift certificate for coffee to someone who needs a pick-me-up.

28. Say no to invitations that don’t excite you.

29. Update your business policies if it’s been a minute. 

30. Go over your website and look for spelling errors, punctuation problems, or outdated info. Fix those issues.

31. Revisit e-courses and online classes you’ve forgotten about.

32. Throw out old toothbrushes and replace them with shiny new ones. Do the same with your pens. 

33. Carve out time for rest, daydreaming, and doing nothing at all. This is so important for your well-being!

34. Sign up for a massage. (Or two…three…maybe eighteen.)

35. Schedule your car for an oil change, tune up, and tire rotation.

36. Replace your furnace filters. You’ll breathe so much better!

37. Back up all of your technology. While you’re at it, update your apps, operating system, and software. 

38. Clean up your social media profiles. A snazzy new headshot or bio feels so fresh!

39. Journal about all the things that are going right in your life.

40. Go through your coffee mugs and get rid of the ones you never use.

41. Plant a tree. Trees provide beauty and shade, plus they clean the air!

42. Learn CPR. You never know when you might need to save a life!

42. Download every single Freddie Mercury song you can find. Hit play and sing along (at the top of your lungs, of course)!

43. Build a “little free library” box and put it in your yard. Fill it with books and encourage neighbors to donate too. 

44. Research your family tree. See if you can find links to famous people.

45. Play digital hooky for an entire day. Turn your phone off, avoid the computer, and enjoy screen-free time!

46. Pick up litter in your local park. 

47. Host a board game night with your friends or family. This is a great way to get conversations and laughter flowing!

48. Hire a personal stylist to help update your style.

49. Eliminate streaming services you never watch. Only keep the ones you use consistently.

50. Automate delivery of staples such as cat litter, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, coffee, etc. (This makes my life 157% better!)

Alright, that’s a mighty big list of positive things you can do during Mercury retrograde. Print it out and post it somewhere convenient. The next time you’re grousing about this astrological conundrum, pull out this list and get busy! Mood change: guaranteed better.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2022

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