Next to love, the financial outlook is the second most popular area of focus in a tarot reading.  After all, security is important for peace of mind.  When the money situation becomes uncertain (or threatened through a situation such as job loss), it can cause incredible anxiety.


While a tarot reading cannot guarantee lottery winnings or wealth, it can aid in finding strategies to move from worry towards proactive decision making.  Bringing awareness can bring responsible choices and that can lead towards being more in control of the financial picture, no matter what the situation may be.


Here is a very simple 3 card spread that you can use for a variety of financial circumstances (this spread can also be used for other non-money situations as well):


The Situation; What You Need To Know Now; Advice


The first card reflects general vibe of the situation.  The second represents what we may not be aware of; and finally, the advice card gives a general strategy for moving forward.


Let’s use a few examples to illustrate this spread.

1. The first is from Josie.  She recently lost her job and is contemplating being a stay at home mom and becoming a one income family.  She’s scared and wondering if they can do this in the current economic climate.

The cards we pulled: 8 of Pentacles; Strength; 2 of Pentacles

A:  In the 8 of Pentacles, we see a man who is working very hard and accumulating a body of work.  This is the card of training and getting lost in work.  This says to me that having a job has been very important to Josie.  She enjoyed earning money and felt as if she was contributing to the household.  But it also shows another possibility – there is one man in the card, working.  Could this be a sign that one person could indeed carry the household?

The Strength card is reassuring.  It suggests that Josie and her family CAN handle going down to one income.  The family foundation is a strong one and they have been managing their finances well up to this point.  They have the tools necessary to make this transition with grace – and they are in a better position than they think.

The advice card, 2 of Pentacles, indicates juggling resources.  There may be new decisions that need to be made regarding the household finances.  Perhaps there may be some things that they can cut out of the budget.  This card also speaks of the situation evening out.  For example, now that Josie is not working, the daycare costs will be gone.  This may actually turn out to be in the family’s best interest – when you start comparing the money that they have been spending on care for the children, a new budget and less child care costs could be easier to manage than expected.

Notice the overall positive nature of these cards – a sign that yes, with a little adjustment, the family can make this work.


2. Bethany has been self employed for about a year.  Sadly, her business is not making any money.  In fact, she’s losing money every day.  Her husband is not confident in her venture any longer.  Neither is she.  Her question: I’m thinking about closing up shop and getting a 9 to 5.  Is that a good move?

She chose: 8 of Swords reversed; 2 of Wands; 10 of Swords

A:  The 8 of Swords reversed indicates release.  Right away, that tells me that Bethany has already made up her mind that she wants out.  She’s given up on her business and is looking for permission to let it go.

What she needs to know: the 2 of Wands says that she actually could make her business work.  It’s not as impossible as she thinks.  There may be some action she is not taking that could be moving that business forward.  Twos often speak of options – could she continue with her business and work a day job?  It’s a possibility.

But the advice card seems to say that she’s done.  The 10 of Swords suggests that leaving the situation will feel like a failure and a relief at the same time.  Because her mind has already been set on walking away, it looks like it would be a good move for her.  If your heart is no longer in it, no amount of strategy or advice is going to matter.  It may be best for Bethany to cut her losses and start over.


Other sample questions you could ask the cards using the spread above:

  1. I’m contemplating bankruptcy.  What can I expect should I take that route?
  2. What do I need to know about finding a new job?
  3. We just found out we’re pregnant with our third child.  How will this impact our finances?
  4. My bills are overwhelming me – how can I better manage my situation?
  5. I owe my parents a large sum of money for a loan they gave me a while back.  They are now pressuring me to pay them back but I am on a very tight budget.  How can I work out a payment plan that satisfies them and doesn’t kill me?


A couple of notes:


  1. Pay attention to the majority of cards. For example, mostly Major Arcanas could be pointing towards a karmic pattern or an important lesson being learned, while a majority of Cups could be indicating a lot of emotions that need addressing.
  2. Court cards could be suggesting how you need to act – or it may be pointing out other people who are affecting (helpful or not) the situation.  For example, a King of Pentacles in the advice position could be suggesting a meeting with a financial advisor.
  3. All negative cards does not always mean that the situation is hopeless.  I often see this as a “big wakeup call” and an indicator that drastic measures may be needed.
  4. If you are really freaked out about your situation, it may be best to consult another reader rather than try to read for yourself.  An anxious mind often produces an unclear reading.  Get a reading from someone else who can be objective.


Please keep in mind that while a tarot reading can be helpful for general advice, it should never be a substitute for professional legal or financial advice.  If you are in a situation that requires professional assistance, please seek the proper help.

“Money may be the husk of many things but not the kernel.  It brings you food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; acquaintance, but not friends; servants, but not loyalty; days of joy, but not peace or happiness.”  ~ Henrik Ibsen



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2012


My hope is that you find this little spread to be easy to use and practical.  Please share your results in the comment section below:


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