Are you born “psychic” or is it something you can learn?

A friend recently asked me:

“Can anyone develop psychic / intuitive / mystical powers, or is it something you’re either born with — or not?”

That got my wheels turning, because this is a question I’ve thought about — a lot.

Here is my personal tarot-pinion:

Everyone has “intuition.” It’s an animal instinct. Ever notice how animals seem to “just know” when another animal or human is friendly or not? We’ve got that same capacity. (Case in point: you turn down a street and suddenly feel uneasy and creeped out. No specific reason. Just an overall feeling telling you: “Back the hell up. Get out of here.” That’s your intuition at work!)

Animals obey their instincts. You don’t see dogs or horses “second guessing” their intuition. They feel. They respond. It’s that simple.

Humans, on the other hand, often do not obey their instincts. We’re taught to second guess ourselves, over-analyze and nitpick situations to death, we’re scolded for being “too sensitive,” we ignore those inner truth-flickers and red flags because we don’t want to be “rude” or get labeled a “bitch” for speaking up.

Basically: many of us get trained, from an early age, not to use our intuition.

Imagine being instructed to only use your right arm and never your left arm. Over time, your right arm would bulk up and your left arm would dwindle away.

It’s the same with your natural-born intuition: use it or lose it.

The good news is that even if your intuitive muscles are kinda shriveled and flabby at the moment, they’re not gone forever. You can learn how to tune back in, and gradually, through regular usage, your instincts will come back strong and the messages will be unclouded and clear. (I call this: developing “psychical fitness!” Ha!)

One of the reasons I LOVE teaching people how to do Tarot is because using a Tarot deck is a super-fun way to build psychical fitness.

Studying and practicing astrology, face reading, palm reading, any of the intuitive arts — all great ways to build psychical fitness, too.

Meditation, especially Yoga Nidra — which is kind of like a super-relaxing, creativity-boosting nap — helps me to stay tuned in and psychically fit, as well. (I always get the BEST flashes of insight and business ideas when I am doing Yoga Nidra. In fact, I have to limit myself and not meditate in this way too often because I usually wind up with a notebook packed with a trillion awesome ideas and then I’m like, “Frak. Now I gotta sit down and DO all this stuff.” Ha! Got to pace myself!)

“But aren’t some people, like, really-extra-specially intuitive? Really gifted?”

I’d have to say: yes. While everybody is born with intuition, my opinion is that certain people have exceptional “intuitive gifts” in much the same way that certain people have “musical gifts.” Anybody can learn to play an instrument, right? But certain people have just got that passion, rhythm, groove, genius, flavor, that extra sizzle that you can’t explain. They’re just… gifted!

But don’t get it twisted: intuitively gifted people aren’t “better” or necessarily “more evolved” than anybody else. (Though they often love to think so! Heh.). It’s a cool gift to have, but if you’ve got it, don’t get all braggy about it. Other peeps have other gifts that you don’t. We can all use our diverse gifts to enhance and improve the world without letting our egos swell up and get in the way!

To sum this up:

When people brag about their “psychic powers” I have to chuckle because there is really nothing that “special” about it. We’re all “psychic.” It’s just that some people use their intuitive abilities frequently, staying psychically fit, while others do not.

My mother was the most psychic person I’ve ever known and she had an 8th grade education, epilepsy, learning disabilities and a speech impediment — and she was dirt poor. But she could tune in and pick up on shit that no one else could see. How? She was simply aware of her body, her feelings, her dreams and the omens she discovered.  She knew what to look for and trusted that. She lived by instinct, because she had to. Psychically fit by necessity.

My mom inspired me back then — and still does, today. I am glad I inherited her respect for “tingles” and “flashes” and “gut feelings.” I am also proud that I found a way to use my abilities + biz savvy to break out of the cycle of poverty that made my mom’s life so difficult and limited (… but that’s a whooole ‘nother story. 😉

Ready for some flexing?

If you’re feeling inspired to tone up your intuitive muscles, I got you covered! If you haven’t peek at it already, check out my *free* Tarot manual and e-course for total beginners (or intermediate peeps who want a lil’ refresher course). You’ll find both here:

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Oh, and if your intuition delivers a message to you today… my professional advice?

Take it.

Truly: when has your intuition ever been wrong?



What do you think?  Are you born “psychic” or is it something you can learn? Share your thoughts we me on Twitter: @thetarotlady

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