Astrology Bytes Episode 104: Finding Your Life Purpose in Astrology with Ruth Connell


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Episode 104: Finding Your Life Purpose in Astrology with Ruth Connell

When people come to an astrologer, it’s not just to find out about the future. They want to learn about themselves and their life purpose. Astrology can give clues to what you’re here to do (hint: it’s not always about vocation). There are a few markers to explore, namely the Sun, Lunar Nodes, and Midheaven. These three can indicate your reason for being here.

But can your life purpose change? Absolutely. While some may seem to have a singular life mission, the planets are always moving and that can bring new avenues to explore. Transits show what’s currently happening and how it may impact our destiny while the progressed chart indicates how you’re evolving. In other words, as you continue through life’s journey, you’re always growing and changing. Astrology shows how this all plays out.

In this special episode of Astrology Bytes, I’m joined by Supernatural actress Ruth Connell, to talk about finding life purpose in the astrological chart. We begin by examining her Midheaven, Sun, and Lunar Nodes and discussing how they have impacted her life’s direction and career. We’re also looking at the current transits to explore “what’s next?” And lastly, we take a glimpse into the progressed chart. You’ll get an idea of some of the things an astrologer looks at when they’re trying to help you find your path.

About Ruth:

Astrology Bytes Episode 104: Finding Your Life Purpose in Astrology with Ruth ConnellOriginally from Scotland, Ruth can currently be seen on television in the USA and worldwide in Supernatural playing Rowena – The Queen of Hell! Pinned to perform Heretics in NYC for Bespoke Plays after its successful LA reading she has a background in theatre and dance. Ruth can be heard as Princess Merida in various video games and recordings for Disney Pixar and is delighted to soon be reading Lady MacDuff in The Scottish Play with Harry Hamlin and Julie Ormond during Scotweek in Los Angeles, April 11th.

Follow her on IG: @ruthie_connell


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Psst…I mentioned this was episode 103 in the podcast but it’s actually 104! I’m blaming Mercury retrograde! LOL

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