Astrology Bytes Episode 106: The 12th House as Your Superpower with Aliza Rose


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Episode 106: The 12th House as Your Superpower with Aliza Rose

“The 12th house needs a makeover,” says Aliza Rose of The Business Mystic. I couldn’t agree more. So many astrology books call this the “house of self-undoing,” and connect it to prisons, karma, and institutions. Aliza Rose sees it differently. She views the 12th house as a superpower, a place of strength. Learn how you can turn this house upside-down and find your hidden power too.

About Aliza:


Astrology Bytes - Episode 106 - The 12th House as Your Superpower with Aliza RoseAliza Rose is the heart and soul behind The Business Mystic. She is the trusted expert to provide mystical services to hundreds of small business owners and creative professionals.

With 20 years under her belt working as a professional intuitive reader and a decade’s worth of experience as a copywriter and brand strategist, she brings a secret weapon blend of tarot, astrology, magick, and practical results-oriented business strategy to her clients and followers.

You can find her special unconventional business advice on a daily basis on Instagram @businessmystic and special weekly readings in her Lunar Love Letters emails.



Grab your astrology chart, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



Psst…I mentioned this was episode 103 in the podcast but it’s actually 104! I’m blaming Mercury retrograde! LOL

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