Astrology Bytes Episode 124 - Solar Return Charts


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Episode 124 – Solar Return Charts

The Solar Return is one of the methods astrologers use for predictive astrology. A Solar Return is basically a yearly chart that is calculated for the exact time the Sun returns to the position position in your natal chart. For example, my natal Sun is at 20º Gemini. Every year, when the Sun is at 20º Gemini, that marks my Solar Return.

What’s the Solar Return all about? Well, it shows you the themes for that particular year. For example, let’s say your Solar Return for the year puts the Sun in your 5th house. That would indicate creative self-expression, romance, and children could be a major focus for the year. Maybe you’ll be engaging in the arts, finding true love, or having a baby. Learn more in this fast lesson!

You can get a copy of your Solar Return Chart at Astro-Seek.

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Grab your astrology chart, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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