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Episode 133 – Jupiter Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

Jupiter is the fifth planet in the solar system – and the largest of all the planets. In astrology, this big guy is associated with luck and expansion.

Where Jupiter is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life where you are fortunate and gifted. It’s where you can expand. If afflicted, Jupiter can bring foolish optimism or a lack of moderation.

1st: Jupiter in the first house indicates an optimistic, outgoing personality. You’re easy-going, generous to a fault, and confident. There is an element of spiritual protection around you as well – no matter how bad things get, you always find help, even it comes at the last possible moment. If afflicted, you could be prone to “big talking” or shooting your mouth off. 

2nd: Jupiter in the second house means you’ve got business acumen and are lucky at attracting money. You may have financial support in your life, such as a well-to-do family. If afflicted, you could burn through money quickly or gamble it away foolishly. 

3rd: Jupiter in the third house creates a positive, proactive mind. You love to learn and might be keenly interested in pursuing higher education. You enjoy travel and may take many journeys in your lifetime. If afflicted, you are reckless on your travels – or a bit of a Pollyanna.

4th: Jupiter in the fourth grants luck with home and family. Because this house is associated with the sign of Cancer, Jupiter is exalted here. You get plenty of support in childhood and might be a good parent yourself. You could be fortunate with real estate – or may live in a large, beautiful home. If afflicted, the family could be a financial burden or religious fanatics. 

5th: Jupiter in the fifth house indicates many opportunities for love and pleasure. You may be fertile and blessed with a large family. You also have creative gifts or could be an inspiring teacher. If afflicted, you’ll need to be careful with speculation. You could lose large amounts of money through the stock market or gambling. 

6th: Jupiter in the sixth house brings blessings through employment. You may be lucky in your career and always able to find a job. It also confers an interest in service – your career could be based around healing, charity, or medicine. If afflicted, it could indicate laziness or overindulgence. 

7th: Jupiter in the seventh house creates harmonious relationships. You attract beneficial people into your orbit. Marriage or business partnerships usually bring good fortune. You’re fair in your dealings and may be an effective attorney. If afflicted, you may become codependent or be naive about certain relationships. 

8th: Jupiter in the eighth house indicates inheritances and money through other people. For example, you could marry a wealthy person. Intuition is amplified and some people may be intrigued with life after death. If afflicted, there could be trouble through taxes or probate. 

9th: Jupiter in the ninth house could mean lots of travel. You might see the world! Or perhaps you’ll have a deep appreciation for higher education or spirituality. You’re a seeker, always looking to connect to something greater than yourself. If afflicted, you could become a religious fanatic.

10th: Jupiter in the 10th house brings good fortune in the career. You can rise to a high place and may experience plenty of support along the way. Opportunities fall in your lap, and recognition is possible. Many famous people with blessed careers have this placement. If afflicted, you could be a braggart or a hypocrite. This could turn people against you fast. 

11th: Jupiter in the 11th indicates an expanded social circle with people of influence. Friends will help you reach your goals or you may be involved in humanitarian groups.  If afflicted, your friends may take advantage of you or vice versa. 

12th: Jupiter in the 12th house often means you’ve got protection around you. No matter what happens, there is hidden support. Time spent in retreat can be meaningful for you. You might also be drawn to spiritual studies or working behind the scenes in large institutions. If afflicted, you may be on a perpetual pity party, and feel as if the world is against you.

Those are some mini thoughts about Mars in the natal chart houses. If you want to learn more, be sure to grab a copy of Astrology for Real Life – a No BS Guide for the Astro-Curious. I also recommend Planets in Houses: Experiencing Your Environment Planets by Robert Pelletier.

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