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Episode 165 – Mars Transits Through the Signs

In this next series of episodes, we will explore transits, beginning with transits through the signs. Today we will cover Mars transits through the signs with brief descriptions on how each transit might impact the general public.

Mars spends about two months in a sign. Mars transits show how we’re taking action, following our passions, expressing energy, or fighting. It can also give clues to how anger is manifesting.

Let’s go through each sign:

Aries – When Mars is in Aries, it’s in the sign it rules. This means it can express the energy freely. Mars in Aries puts an aggressive, fiery vibe into the air. It’s easier to find the courage to take risks now. Time flies quickly and you might be starting all sorts of new things. But this transit tends to make people hot-headed and impulsive. 

Taurus – When Mars is in Taurus, the pace is slower. You can achieve your goals but it may take more time. The good side of this transit: patience is on tap, which helps to keep the momentum going…slowly. Mars in Taurus can also bring out the stubbornness in people, which can lead to grudge matches.

Gemini – When Mars is in Gemini, words are fast and furious. They can become sharp weapons as well, so you need to keep that in mind if you end up in a war of wits. This transit brings a short attention span. One moment you’re engrossed in a book, the next minute, you’re peeling onions for a new recipe. Be careful so you don’t scatter your forces to the wind.

Cancer – When Mars is in Cancer, the energy is “mother lion.” We’re ready to defend our next of kin and protect our homes. Goals can change depending on moods. Mars in Cancer is also a bit cranky at times. If you’re feeling moody, be careful you don’t take it out on the ones you love. 

Leo – When Mars is in Leo, we can take the lead and inspire the masses! This is a fabulous transit for starting creative projects, taking command at work, and self-promotion. Toot your horn and make it loud! Set all the big goals and have faith you can attain them. This transit is more concerned with the overall picture, making it too easy to overlook the important details. 

Virgo – When Mars is in Virgo, work becomes a god. You’re ready to shut out distractions and get it done. This is a highly productive transit, best for handling projects that require concentration. Perfectionist tendencies loom large, which can be good or bad, depending on your mindset. A job well done feels great but if you don’t think anyone can do the job as well as you, a tendency to micromanage may set in.

Libra – When Mars is in Libra, puts a great deal of focus on relationships. You might be driven to pursue a romantic partner or someone might be chasing you. Either way, this can add some excitement to your love life. Mars in Libra is not direct in other matters though. This transit brings out indecision and people-pleasing, which can make it hard to get things done or settle battles. 

Scorpio – When Mars is in Scorpio, it’s happy again because it rules Scorpio. Energy is intense and you can get to the bottom of anything. You can also rise to the top of a particular goal. Mars in Scorpio transits are excellent for exploring taboo topics and managing crises. However, it can bring out emotional extremes – and that could lead to explosive anger.

Sagittarius – When Mars is in Sagittarius, we want to be free to do our thing. The day-to-day grind is less interesting. Instead, the urge to explore the world at large drives us. This can lead to restlessness, which needs to be kept in check. If it isn’t, it becomes too easy to chuck responsibilities in search of the next cool thing. That being said, it’s a fab transit for travel or hitting the books. 

Capricorn – When Mars is in Capricorn, the energy becomes grounded, making it possible to move mountains. Like Mars in Virgo, you can get a lot of things accomplished now. Set your goals high and like the mountain goat, keep going. Ambition is king during this transit. While this is one of the best transits for the red planet, it can also make folks a bit selfish. 

Aquarius – When Mars is in Aquarius, we’re all in the mood for change. This could lead to rebellion against the norm. Why do the usual when there are cooler things to do? This means the energy is somewhat funky. Instead of a straight line to the top, it’s more like a zig-zag. This Mars transit isn’t selfish though. All for one and all for one is the mode. Shared power and teamwork make the dream work.

Pisces – When Mars is in Pisces, it’s not too happy. Instead, it’s like throwing a wet blanket on a roaring fire. Motivation is weaker and you might need a nudge to get going or to keep going. Emotions can get in the way of action. Be gentle with yourself and others now. Mars in Pisces has everyone in their feels. Rest up, stay hydrated, and keep your energetic shields high. 

Grab your astrology chart, put in your earbuds, and dive in!


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