Astrology Bytes - Episode 84: Jupiter Return


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Episode 84: Jupiter Return

When astrologers talk about the Jupiter return, they are talking about a transit that happens every twelve years. This is when Jupiter returns into the sign it was in when you were born. For example, I have Jupiter in Gemini in my natal 8th house – when Jupiter is transiting through Gemini, I’m in the midst of my Jupiter return. Because Jupiter takes about 12 years to circle the earth, it takes 12 years to get back into Gemini. Got that?

The Jupiter return is a year of opportunity and change. Everything seems possible, doors open, and abundance flows.

This transit gives you the chance to manifest the life you want – or to make important changes. Keep in mind that this doesn’t guarantee your year will be without hardship. You may still experience rough times during a Jupiter return but there are opportunities to grow from them.

Grab your astrology chart, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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