Astrology Bytes - Episode 98: What is a Stellium?


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Episode 98: What is a Stellium?

A stellium occurs when there are three or more planets in a single sign or house. When it happens, it puts a lot of focus on traits associated with that sign or house – and it also emphasizes the areas that house rules. For example, if you have the Moon, Mercury, and Venus sitting in your 4th house in the sign of Taurus, you’ll approach 4th house matters like a Taurus. This means you’ll be the warm nurturing earth-mother type who loves to create a cozy nest surrounded by things that make you and the people you love feel secure. You might even be possessive about your family but you’ll see that as protective. 

Keep in mind that having a stellium doesn’t mean that the other parts of your chart aren’t important. Think of a stellium like the loudest person in the room – they get your attention but they are not the only people present. A stellium may be a major focus in your life or perhaps something you need to deal with – but it’s not the only game in your chart. 

Learn more in this little lesson.

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