Best of Tarot 2012

This will be my last “best of” compilation.  In 2012, I decided to stop doing deck and book reviews.  The reason why: I am too busy but more importantly, after deep contemplation, I realized that I just don’t want to spend my energy slagging off other people’s work.  It just doesn’t fit in with my yogic philosophy of ahimsa (non harming).  

My opinion is simply my opinion.  And while I may have my preferences, I think a “best of” brings feelings of hurt to my fellow tarot readers.  That’s something that just doesn’t jive with me.  

So, I am doing one last “best of” and then hanging up my reviewer’s hat for good.  Know this: there is a lot of good tarot out there – REALLY good stuff.  There are plenty of tarotists who are innovative and amazing.  I respect them and feel honored to be a small part of this talented ilk.  

Here is my Best of Tarot 2012:

Best Tarot Blog –  Circle Ways by James Wells.  Why?  Because James’ writing gets to me.  His writing goes beyond tarot interpretations to include his own thoughts on world events, discussions about books (not just tarot ones), musing on being a professional tarot reader and more.  James’ tarot style is also very different from mine – I like learning new ways of looking at the tarot and his blog gets me doing that every time.  More so than any other tarot blog these days I might add.  

Best Tarot Deck –  Steampunk Tarot.  There’s a reason why so many people fell in love with this deck from artist Aly Fell and writer Barbara Moore.  Gorgeous art, and a solid, well written book make this deck a hell yeah!  No wonder this sold out immediately at the conferences.  

Best Tarot Artist – I have to give the nod this year to Aly Fell of the Steampunk Tarot.  ‘Nuff said.

Best Tarot BookTarot Spreads: Layouts & Techniques to Empower Your Readings by Barbara Moore. This was an easy choice for me – learning how to make your own tarot spreads is an art.  Moore makes it simple and fun with tips and techniques that helps even those of us who think we are not creative types.  Honorable mention: I’ve also been enjoying Tarot Face To Face by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin – this book is a great resource for those who wish to develop their skills to the next level.

Best Tarot SiteTarot Garden Once again, I have to give the nod to the Tarot Garden.  This is THE place to go for every tarot deck you can imagine. The  orders are shipped quickly and they really do have great customer service (and such a selection!).  Why shop Amazon when you can shop small businesses and get your tarot fix on properly?

Most Underrated BlogPriestess Tarot by Louise Underhill – Please don’t pass this blog by – with daily posts using the Wildwood Tarot and detailed interpretations, Louise delivers a tarot punch.  Whether you are a fan of the Wildwood or just like daily interps, this is a fantastic blog.

Best Tarot Event – Once again, The Reader’s Studio is the place to be.  With a fantastic lineup and top notch bonuses, this is a can’t miss for me.  There are many great tarot events out there and I encourage you to check them all out – but for me, this is my “must do” every year. 

Best Tarot Newsletter – I am still in love with “Wings” from Beth Owl’s Daughter.   Why?  Stellar writing and heart felt energy.    Beth puts a lot of love into this newsletter and it shows.   

The Tarot Reader to Watch – Bri Saussy of Milagro Roots.  Bri is not only a talented young tarot reader but a root magick worker as well.  She gives a great tarot reading but then also offers a magickal solution to your issues.  If you are looking for a super mystical spin to life’s problems, Bri is your gal.

Best Tarot Product Tarology: The Poetics of Tarot with Enrique Enriquez.  This is the first full length documentary on tarot featuring tarot poet Enrique Enriquez.   Movies about tarot – what’s not to like?!

Hottest Tarot Topic – The return of the Lenormand!  This little deck has made a big comeback thanks to people like Rana George, Mary Greer, Donnaleigh and Tali Goodwin.  It’s been fun watching this deck regain mass popularity – and I can’t wait to see how this continues to develop (I, sadly, don’t have time to invest to study this but I intend to!). 

Most Anticipated Tarot Deck – Actually, I would have to say that any new Lenormand decks are the ones I’m most intrigued with, including Ciro Marchetti’s.  But even more than those decks, I’m excited for the upcoming Lenormand books by Rana George as well as the one by Tali Goodwin with Marcus Katz.  I am leaving all my Lenormand learning to the side until I get my hands on those!

Trend I’d Like To See in 2012 –  With the rising interest in the Lenormand, I’d like to see other unusual old decks explained for the modern world.  That mixture of old and new is exciting!

The Tarot Reader Who Most Impacted My Life This Year – Mary Greer.  Okay, I’ll admit this – I was reluctant to get on this Lenormand craze….until I took a class with Mary at SF BATS.  She explained it in such a fun and detailed manner that I had to run out and grab a copy of the Dust Bunny Lenormand (by Marcia McCord) and begin to play around.  I still don’t have the time to get deep (yet) but Mary gave me a gentle nudge and showed me that Lenormand may be worth investigating.

So that’s it folks – my list of the tarotlicious stuff that I liked best this year.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed my “Best of” lists and I hope you continue to explore all the wonderful tarot readers and their decks and books and more!  There really is a lot to love.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2012

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