Expert advice + strategies for spiritual entrepreneurs
— from a pro with 30 years of success + steady cash.


As a Business Mentor, I work with spiritual, mystical and metaphysical entrepreneurs.

My clients include: astrologists, palm readers, crystal healers, Reiki practitioners, integrative medicine professionals, tarot card readers, yoga teachers, and life coaches. Spiritual outlaws of every flavor.

If your business would be considered “out there” or “woo-woo” by a big slice of society? You are my kinda client!


I consult with biz mentoring clients via email.

You purchase a question. You fill out a worksheet. You email me your question. I respond with advice, resources, and ideas for you within 48 hours. It’s speedy and very efficient. (Psst…this is not a tarot or astrology service – just straight-up, practical business advice based on my 25+ years experience.  Wanna tarot read on your business? Go here.)

No long, drawn-out phone conversations or juggling timezones to find a time to connect. Emails is our friend!

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I’ve been a self-employed entrepreneur for over 25 years, running two profitable businesses side by side: a Tarot card reading business and a yoga studio.

In a world where 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail after just 18 months, I’ve been rolling, growing, evolving — and making enough cash-money to support myself and my family — for almost 3 decades.

I love seeing people take their work seriously. I love seeing people make real money. I’d love to play a role in helping you build the business you’ve always wanted!



My biz mentoring clients have said:

“Theresa helped me refine my vision of myself and clarify my business goals.”

“Theresa explained things in terms I could understand.”

“She doesn’t expect any less than your best, and in turn she’ll give you hers.”

“She has amazing knowledge that she makes simple for anyone to understand.” 

“Her secrets get you surfing the net, updating your style to meet today’s media needs, as well as getting your business going in the right direction.”

“I wouldn’t have a thriving web presence and a bevy of loyal clients without her help!”

Read some sweet testimonials here.

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What to do:

– Download this worksheet. It will help you to phrase your question briefly and clearly — so that I can serve you more effectively. (Psst…this is straight-up, practical business advice – no tarot or astrology involved unless you’re looking at choosing a launch date.)

– Email your question(s) to

– You’ll receive an answer to your question(s) within 48 hours. Rest assured: I’m freakishly punctual.

– If you don’t receive a reply within 48 hours, please check the Spam / Trash / Promotions folders in your inbox, just in case my email got filtered there by mistake.

– Still don’t see anything? Please email me and I’ll get you sorted out. Thank you!

– Obsessed? Loving this? Want to ask a few more questions? Head back to this page and just repeat the process!

WHOA! Where’s the purchase button? If you’ve come to this page looking for my business mentoring services, I’m in the process of revamping this into a whole new thing. It’s going to be FABULOUS and a wonderful new way to serve my fellow tarotpreneurs and mystical entrepreneurs. Hang tight and visit this page for the relaunch happening soon……

If you need a tarot reading, you can always purchase one right here.

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Biz Mentoring:


There are a lot of business mentors who promise “6 figures in 6 weeks” or “easy money and 1000s of customer transactions while you sleep.”

I don’t make those kinds of promises. (And personally, I steer clear of people who do.)

What I can promise is this:

– Encouragement. I want you to succeed. It’s great for my reputation as a Biz Mentor when you do! I will push you to bring your best. It’s better for both of us.

– Expertise. I’ve been running my own ship for 25 years. I’ve tried a lot, seen a lot, evolved a lot. I can shorten your learning curve and help you get up to speed without unnecessary time, effort or expense.

– Progress. While I can’t promise specific dollar amounts (like: “You’ll make $10,000 in one month, guaranteed!”) I can promise that if you take the advice, steps, and checklists that I give to you — and implement what you’ve learned, consistently — you will make progress with your business goals.

Just like if you show up at the gym and break a sweat, consistently, you will make progress with your health goals.

Consistent action = progress.

Simple as that.

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I totally get it. At certain points in your career, you do not have a single dollar to spare.

I come from a family that always struggled with money and I was NOT rolling in cash when I first started my biz. I had to bootstrap—just like you—to figure things out on my own for awhile before I could start hiring people to help me. If you’re freaking out about money, you are not alone. Many biz owners have been there.

If you are seriously cash-strapped right now, I recommend that you check out my blog. I share tons of advice for biz owners—for free!—every single month.

You might also enjoy my weekly newsletter, The Soulful Proprietor Monday Memo. Biz advice and encouragement delivered straight to your inbox.

If you’re more of an audiophile, check out my podcast, Talking Shop, which I co-host with my business BFF Bri Saussy. We interview inspiring entrepreneurs, share stories and advice, and like everything else I just mentioned: it’s FREE. Enjoy!


Choosing to run a business is an amazing journey.


Resources galore! Here’s my list of amazing resources for tarotpreneurs and mystical entrepreneurs.


High fives & wild applause:

Here’s what a few of my fabulous mentoring clients had to say about their experiences with me…

kris oster“I’ve worked each month for the past year with Theresa and have had wonderful results and confirmations.

She has mentored me with her spot on intuition and tarot readings to help make make both big and small decisions in my business:

Theresa has helped me choose launch dates for my book tour and eCourses that truly resulted in magical sales and audience growth. She counsels me on whether to take on new partnerships or what kind of media would help me promote my offerings most effectively. I know that if we trust our intuition, we can have so much more fulfillment and ease in our businesses … and Theresa facilitates this with her tarot biz mentoring services.

She is the secret magical potion behind my success! (Although, it’s not much of a secret anymore!)

I can’t recommend working with Theresa highly enough. And I’m so grateful for all that she creates.”

~ Kris Oster PhD, Business Mentor + Writer + Musician, Mythic Rhythm

emilie moe emmy moon“Have you ever been stuck with a tarot business question and felt uncomfortable asking another reader for answers? I have been there before. Since I’ve had Theresa as a tarot business mentor, this has no longer been an issue. No more worrying for me about tight-lipped half information from others. Theresa gives you the full scope in detail on how to resolve your problem with her email mentoring services. Over the past year she has now become my go-to person when I have one or more important questions that I need answered. She has saved me hours of researching and yanking out my hair. Theresa goes above and beyond to give you information and providing you with multiple ways on how to resolve your question in full detail. No matter how big or small the question, it has been answered. I recommended her to everyone because I trust her and she has yet to fail me. Thank you Theresa.”

~ Emilie Moe, Tarot reader + Psychic, Emilie Moe

25046_327102252762_6075110_n“Theresa provides a wonderfully safe haven to explore tarot as a study of archetypal energies that we inhabit to better understand the span of our spiritual and human experiences. Theresa’s no-nonsense style helps you detach from the drama and see the energetic blueprint of your life. If you have a chance to study with Theresa, I encourage you to embrace the opportunity!”

~ Kim Tedford, Integrative Therapist, Integral Embrace

stacy“Theresa has an extraordinary gift with marketing media and tidbits. She has amazing knowledge that she makes simple for anyone to understand. Her secrets and little tricks to get you surfing the net, updating your style to meet todays media needs, as well as getting your business going in the right direction. Theresa has it all!”

~ Stacy Krafcyzk, Intuitive and Animal Communicator, All Spirit Healing

2294207“During our time together, Theresa helped me focus on my core beliefs, refine my vision of myself as a reader, and clarify my business goals. Her no-nonsense, non-judgmental, and eminently practical approach allowed us to make efficient, effective progress. I came out of the experience feeling revitalized and ready to shine.”

~ Barbara Moore, Tarot reader and author,

headshot-6-191x300“When I first met Theresa Reed face-to-face at Readers Studio 2011, I was already familiar with her work, her website, and above all her blog… and very aware that this was a woman who was going to make me WORK for what I wanted, which was to become a tarot pro. I was lucky enough to be the winner of her Tarot Apprentice contest in April 2011, and for the next year she mentored me with tough love, business savvy, and a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude. You want to take your metaphysical biz to the next level? Give her a call, and prepare to work it… she doesn’t expect any less than your best, and in turn she’ll give you hers. I wouldn’t have a thriving web presence and a bevy of loyal clients without her help!”
~Hilary Parry, Tarot Reader, 

freespiritcrystals_1294002786_59“Theresa patiently walked us through the steps to setting up our web-sites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.  This basic class is helpful for those who have cyber-anxiety and fear of hitting the “wrong” buttons.  By the end of the class we all had our Facebook and Twitter accounts up and running and great tips for stylizing and personalizing our pages.  A painless way to get up and running in the 21st century.”

~ Diane Bloom, Crystal Healer and author,  Free Spirit Crystals

msmelanie“Do you need to clean up your business?  Well, this is the lady for you! Theresa is a fantastic business woman!  She helped me with rebranding and marketing my business.  She gives you 100% of her time and energy with great ideas to steer you in the right direction allowing your imagination to run freely.   Theresa also helped to clean up my website making it more user friendly and cleaner, who doesn’t need that?!?  Not to mention she was always available by email if any questions came up before I scheduled time to talk (such awesomeness!).   You won’t regret working with her!” ~ Ms Melanie, Clairvoyant and root worker,  Mason Jar Magick

“As a teacher, you were thorough and always prepared.  Your insight into the cards and their meanings was true and thoughtful.  The advice and knowledge you gave me about how and when to read has remained with me all of these years, and I now have tarot parties and do card readings for family, friends and others finding their spiritual path in this life.  I cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught me.  Your expertise is beyond words.  You, without a doubt, changed my life with your wisdom and knowledge of the tarot.”~ Peggie R.
“After taking numerous classes with Theresa, I have found her to be an excellent teacher.  While the classes were informative and quite tough, she also made it very enjoyable.  It gives you a greater understanding of how difficult a profession it is and a greater understanding of the professionalism of Theresa and what a consummate artist she is.”
~ Denise C.
“It has been my privilege and honor to have taken part in Tarot reading classes offered by Theresa.  Her vast knowledge and experience are only surpassed by the respect and love she has developed for the Tarot over many years of diligent work in uncovering the mystery of the cards.  Theresa’s classes are no joke, as she is a serious, dedicated teacher willing to share her expertise and interpretations in a manner that is meaningful and comprehensive with the student just as serious and dedicated to learning as she is to teaching.  I have taken other classes elsewhere just to try to get a different spin on things and have found them all to be a waste of time.  Theresa’s classes are truly the gift that keeps on giving.”
~ Debbie O.
“At the time I took the class I had a basic rudimentary knowledge of the tarot, i.e. the traditional meaning of each card, and wasn’t sure where to go from there. Theresa’s class opened the door to a world of insight I didn’t realize was accessible. As a teacher she encouraged us to listen to our own intuition and gut feeling while also being mindful of distinguishing between intuition and our own ego based perception. In fact the theme of personal and professional ethical behavior was never overlooked in this class.  Theresa maintained a fun and friendly atmosphere while also maintaining clear boundaries and adherence to standards. Theresa taught us to nurture our own inner wisdom, not to take ourselves too seriously and to respect the free will and personal boundaries of potential clients.”
~ Jenny H.
“I was privileged to be a student in Theresa’s first tarot class and have taken part in subsequent classes. Not only is she a professional who’s expertise I respect, she’s a natural teacher — generous with her knowledge (which is considerable), encouraging, always relating different aspects of a complex subject to provide layers of understanding. Along with the class content I was expecting to learn, I was pleased to find myself learning more about myself, my motivations and how to practice in a thoroughly ethical manner. On top of all this — my studies with Theresa were always fun!”
~ Jackie D.
“I utilize the skills Theresa taught me in my daily life and reflect often on the greatest mentor I’ve had the honor of working with. Truly, the classes Theresa taught were the best I’d ever experienced and which took me the farthest in my own practice.”
~ Tammi Kapitanski, Remedy Within
“Theresa opened my eyes and my heart to the intuition found within the cards, and within myself.  She “tells it like it is” both as a reader and as a teacher and through her Tarot classes, I learned much more than just the Tarot!  I learned about how to read for wide varieties of people, young and mature, etc.  I learned to be aware of my biases and how to work around them.  I learned how to be gentle around a difficult subject and how to be direct and “hard core” when it was needed.  Learning the cards involves much more than just memorizing the “meanings” of the cards — it’s about expanding yourself and experiencing life through a different lens.  Theresa has made this journey enjoyable, exciting, comprehensive, and truthful.”
~ Kathe B.
“The best thing about my experience learning from Theresa was the fact that she really drove home the point of really taking the time to learn. Whether it was going through the meaning of each tarot card, the placement of each card in a tarot spread or combination card meanings; she took the time to make sure it sank into my head.”
~ Al Juarez, tarot reader,  Al’s Tarot
“I recently participated in a beginner’s tarot workshop with Theresa and a small group of wonderful ladies. I was not sure what to expect at first, however in the end I was overwhelmed by the enjoyable experience. I learned important basics and tools of tarot that will enable me to zero in on what I need to work on in order to progress in the right direction. I met new people with a similar interest in learning tarot to not only help themselves spiritually but others as well. It was a joy to share a similar interest with other like minded people. Theresa provided a relaxed, positive, and inviting atmosphere that made all of us present not wanting to leave but stay long past the three hour class!”
~ Angie
“Theresa’s blogging class was informative and helpful. Theresa explained things in terms I could understand and took individual time with students when needed. In addition to providing information in a way that was clear, detailed and easy to apply, she has a natural ability empower each student to find, and utilize, their unique gifts.  Most of us in the class were older women and not very technology savvy but Theresa gave us the encouragement and motivation to get right in there and do it.  I look forward to taking more classes with Theresa and find her to be a trusted and reliable guide to creating my own place in cyberspace.”
~ Jenny Hazard, Counselor
“Theresa really captures an audience well with her knowledge, straight-forward approach and a dash of humor.  Her teaching is fun and informative.”
~ Tracey V.
“Theresa made learning tarot fun and easy, and I strongly recommend the beginner’s class to anyone— whether you’re just starting out as I was, or as a person already possessing a knowledge of tarot.  Through a series of hands-on exercises, Theresa encouraged us to look at individual cards using a special structure she designed which enabled us to learn their meanings (and the symbolism inherent in each) without having to constantly refer to a tarot book. Because the class environment was so supportive, the delightful intuitive exercises with classmates were amusing and very helpful and made me feel much more confident about reading tarot by the end of the class. Theresa’s deep and abiding belief in the spiritual powers of tarot illuminated the magical ability it might have to transform painful situations into areas of personal growth.”
~ Jane H.
“That class was a blast of joy! Your teaching style is immediately interactive making the atmosphere nonthreatening, safe. I sing your praises as a teacher and reader. Your class left me with so much good practical information! Can’t wait for the next one, I’ll be there with bells on my toes. Thank you for teaching, it’s your calling!”
~ Theresa H.
“Granted, Theresa may not think of herself as the pom-pom, shish-koom-bah type, but her support and encouragement for new Tarot peeps is profound. Hopefully she understands the impact she has on up-and-coming Tarot Pros. From her revamp of her website this year to her easy-to-follow posts and newsletter, Theresa has style, grace, and a great grasp of the business of Tarot. No wonder so many people like to copy her.” ~ Amethyst Mahoney, tarot reader

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