The Hit List

The Hit List – More curious tarot questions

by Theresa Reed on November 18, 2017

Every so often, I get curious questions about tarot. I thought I’d answer the latest batch here. Q: Does the querent need to shuffle the cards? A: Nope. In fact, many tarot readers won’t let the querent handle the cards. They might view the tarot cards as an extension of their spiritual life – or […]

The Hit List – And now…a word on finding love

by Theresa Reed on November 11, 2017

“Will I find love?” “Is he the one?” “Will I ever get married?” Love. It’s the most common subject people bring to the tarot table. It’s not surprising. After all, everyone wants to be loved. That beam of love in your partner’s eyes can be quite intoxicating. The only thing that comes close to this […]

Tarot is hotter than ever. Which means: lots more people want to learn how to read the cards. It’s easy to invest tons of money in every book, deck, and class out there – but you don’t have to. In fact, if you want to learn to read tarot without breaking the bank, there are […]

The Hit List – A tale about certification

by Theresa Reed on October 28, 2017

Many years ago, I took up the practice of yoga. Achy hips and breathing issues steered me in that direction. Yoga brought relief at long last. I fell in love and began a regular practice that has sustained me for decades. About fifteen years ago, I decided to start teaching yoga. We had an unused […]

I thought I was done talking about tarot certification. Really. I have written about it on a few occasions, including recently. But here I am again, ready to talk about it. Why? As I mentioned in my last post about certification, the conversation got reignited with the whole Doreen Virtue drama (Lisa Frideborg has been […]

The Hit List – Colorado and Tarot Cards

by Theresa Reed on October 14, 2017

So this week, I headed to Colorado for the final leg of The Tarot Coloring Book tour. It’s been a wonderful year of meeting fans, seeing friends, talking tarot – and seeing so many interesting places! For an introvert like me, this has been quite the journey. I started off by visiting my publisher, Sounds […]

The Hit List – When I was younger

by Theresa Reed on October 7, 2017

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait to be an adult. Childhood was a drag and I wanted out as soon as possible. I hated being a kid. Adults got to do all the cool things! Plus, they didn’t have anyone bossing them around. To me, adulthood meant one thing: freedom. I wanted that. I […]

The Hit List – It’s so easy! NOT.

by Theresa Reed on September 30, 2017

Every so often I will get emails that go something like this: “I started reading tarot a few weeks ago and am totally into it! What’s the fastest way for me to get a tarot business started?” “I took an online course and got certified. How soon can I make a good living doing this?” […]

The Hit List – No offense but…

by Theresa Reed on September 23, 2017

For highly sensitive people like myself, certain online spaces feel a bit treacherous. Especially Facebook. Although it’s a wonderful place to stay connected with loved ones, it can also feel like a war zone. Even politeness waves a red flag at times. “No offense but…” is code for “I’m about to write or share something […]

The Hit List – Latest Tarot Swag

by Theresa Reed on September 16, 2017

The mailman has been awfully good to me as of late. I’ve received a bounty of tarot goodies – and I’m sharing them with you here! First up: The Mesquite Tarot! This lovely little deck handles like a dream reads well. I’m still getting to know it but I can say this: I’m in love! […]