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Yes, sometimes it does happen. I’m walking down the street, minding my own business (always with a Starbucks beverage in hand) when suddenly I pass someone and catch a vibe.  Like an intense, skin crawling, Oh-My-God something is off about this person energy zap.

Other times, it may be a different energy. As in a recent loss, a new love, feeling troubled, a shady motive.  And you know what I do with that intuitive hit?  Nothing.  I mind my own beeswax and move on. In a world where celebrity psychics like the “Long Island Medium” walk up to people and just start rattling off a message from the dead, that might seem disappointing to hear.   In fact, you might even think I’m holding out.  I’m not.

Here’s the deal: while the Long Island Medium and others like her delight and entertain (and sometimes freak people out), I don’t feel it’s a good idea to walk up to a stranger (or a loved one) and pull a psychic ambush.

Why?  It’s invasive.  And sometimes, people don’t want to – or are not ready – to hear your “revelations”.  When you put someone on the spot by spouting off your “impressions”, this comes from a place of ego on your part and it can do damage in some cases.  I’ve met people who have had uncomfortable experiences with over zealous mediums.  Trust me, not everyone wants to hear what dear old departed Uncle George has to say (he could have been an abusive bastard for all you know).  

Sure, it’s exciting to be able to “see” things or to feel energy but you need to contain yourself.   Instead of psychic showmanship, practice restraint and good manners. Ask PERMISSION first.  That means letting the person know that you are getting an impression and asking them if they would like to hear it.  If they look at you like you’re a freak and say no, accept that with grace and let it go.  

When I am off the tarot clock, I rarely say anything to anyone about some random vibe I’m catching unless I have been given explicit consent.  (Although my children have now told me they want me to be blunt if I ever get another “danger vibe” after my son’s recent robbery situation.  I hope they feel the same when they bring their new romantic partners around here! Ha!) 

The next time you feel compelled to walk up to someone and lay your big fat intuitive hit on them, remember this motto: keep your third eye open and your mouth shut. 



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013

So tell me: would you like someone coming up to you from out of the blue  and giving you a message from the dead?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below:

Wanted to add this: an exception to the rule is if you witness a crime or suspect someone is being abused, you may want to contact the proper authorities.  Trust your gut in those situations, use your common sense and do the right thing. 

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