High Fives and Bitch Slaps From The Universe

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High Fives and Bitch Slaps From The Universe


This product is no longer available – it’s been retired to the Tarot Lady vault!

25 days. 25 tips. $25 bucks.

25 ways to tune in, turn your intuition on and rock your sixth sense.

It’s time for you to become your OWN best psychic advisor.

Are you intrigued?

Every day, I come across people who assume I have some sort of “gift”.  What they don’t realize is that EVERYONE has intuition.

IT’S AS NATURAL + ORGANIC AS BREATHING (It’s not called supernatural for nothing!)

Anyone can access their inner guidance, anytime.  But we don’t.  Why?  It’s because we are conditioned to turn outwards and ignore it.

Over the years, I have taught many people how to trust their own psychic senses through my popular tarot classes.  And guess what?

IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINK (and you don’t need to be a tarot reader!).

Once you begin to TRUST YOUR SIXTH SENSE, you’ll be making better decisions, and most importantly, living more consciously.

Because that’s what it’s really all about: being aware + creating your own reality.  You can’t do that if you cannot trust your gut or see the signs right in front of you.

HIGH FIVES AND BITCH SLAPS FROM THE UNIVERSE is a fun 25-step ecourse that anyone can use if they are ready to hear the wisdom within themselves.

When you sign up, you’ll get a brand new Tip Of The Day greeting you every day, for the next 25 days.

Each Tip is easy, playful + PRACTICAL.

There is no “oogie boogie” stuff, no complicated jargon, no arcane or spooky rituals (not that there is anything wrong with that!).

Intuition is pragmatic and surprisingly uncomplicated (and dare I say FUN) – even for those logical Mr. Spock types.

You’ll get tips on:

  • Knowing the difference between a hell yeah and a hell no
  • How to get started trusting your sixth sense immediately
  • My number one tip for strengthening your intuition
  • What crystal you need for psychic development
  • How to handle burnout and bad vibes
  • Why intuition is essential for a happier life
  • Easy peasy tarot for beginners
  • Plus fun ways to play with your intuition (play is the best way to learn IMHO)
  • And more!


Think I’m special because I do this for a living?

I’m not.  I am simply one of the lucky ones who learned how to trust my spidey sense early on (it’s never failed me).  I’m here to tell you that you can do it, too.

You don’t have to live in doubt. You can learn to recognize the signs around you (I repeat: they are there. Believe it, yo.).  You can become your own best psychic advisor (which means you’ll need me less – bonus!  Ha!)

It’s time to awaken your intuition.

It’s time to trust your own gut (instead of relying on people like me to confirm what you already know).


Get ready to become your own very best mystic.

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“Theresa Reed has done it again. The daily arrival of each tip turned the world into a classroom as I went through them in succession. Yeah, some of this stuff I knew about beforehand, but that’s only through trial and error of developing my intuition on my own. Wouldn’t you rather not feel alone? Do you really want to go through psychic development without a guide if you don’t need to? Let High Fives and Bitch Slaps from the Universe be your trusted guide to navigate the turbulent waters of your unfolding intuition, from someone who gets it.”—Hilary Parry, Tarot Reader, www.tarotbyhilary.com


“If you have ever felt the universe just give you a great big YES then you have experienced a high five-and if you have ever felt the door slam shut in your face you sure know what a bitch slap is. The question though is–what do we do with that information? Was there a way to see it coming? Could we have prepared better or handled it more graciously if we had some deeper insight?Theresa Reed-Tarot reader extraordinaire positively rocks the house with her intuition and psychic vision-and she has made the best of the best available in her High Fives and Bitch Slaps from the Universe-this program delivers daily doses of intuitive know how directly to your inbox because like me, Theresa knows that you have yourself some sexy intuitive muscles-they simply need to be acknowledged and exercised. She shows you how to do it in easy, actionable steps, and often makes you laugh out loud as you learn to approach a topic that may seem arcane and occult-but is actually as easy and natural as breathing.Whether you are a seasoned intuitive or someone just wondering if you have a “gift” this program is easy, fun, accessible, and big on wise, thought provoking, and skill sharpening content-get your psychic on already!” ~ Bri Saussy http://www.milagroroots.com


“It’s the little things that make a big difference. In the High Fives + Bitch Slaps From the Universe program, Theresa shows how this is especially true when it comes to enhancing and strengthening your intuition. The daily tips and exercises are so doable – so simple – yet pack a hell of a punch. The advice on affordable tools is priceless (bonus for me: I already owned most of them). The most eyeopening takeaway for me – I learned I am actually clairvoyant. Who knew!?! If you’re serious about getting the most out of your intuition, you want High Fives + Bitch Slaps. My intuition tells me you will LOVE it.” ~ Val Sherrill http://tarottranslator.com/


“Theresa’s High Fives and Bitch Slaps From the Universe is yet another slam dunk in her line up of amazing lessons and products. Whether you consider yourself “tuned in” already or you are just trying to see what the psychic world is all about, this program is for you. The steps are simple, straightforward and easy to incorporate into your regular daily activities. From tips as simple as keeping notes of your vibes to how to read the energy of objects around you, this course covers all the basics and will help you unlock the gifts you have inside you already.” ~ Matt Williams http://www.personaltarotwithmatt.com


“Theresa, I so eagerly awaited your email each morning! (I loved that it arrived at the same time each day, It appeared my intuition was spot on!!!!) I’ll really miss them!Your ideas were great, practical and easy to implement. I tried them all but the daily meditation was the BIG MAGIC POTION! Your style of presenting suited me perfectly. I felt you were on my wave length and that you were talking to me personally.Thanks so much
Maureen”*Refund policy: there are no refunds for digital products.  Please make sure you really want your swag before you hit the buy now button.  Not sure or have questions about the product?  Don’t hesitate to contact me.