Some people seem to have an effortless and constant connection to their sixth sense.  Others, not so much.  Is intuition a rare gift – or can there be factors that shut the whole third eye down?

While there may indeed be a few naturally gifted psychics out there, everyone possesses some intuition. And every one of us, even the most sensitive mystic, can sometimes experience situations that get in the way of our ability to tune in and receive accurate information.

Here are some extenuating factors that may affect your ability to tap your sixth sense – and my best advice for dealing with each one:

Skeptics – Surround yourself with skeptics who don’t believe and soon you’ll be questioning your very best premonitions.  While there is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of skepticism, people who dismiss it completely (or try to find some scientific reason to debunk it) are going to put a serious dent in your confidence. If someone is constantly trying to prove that it doesn’t work, you’ll find that doubt takes the place of your most important mindset: trust.  If you stop having faith in your spidey sense, it will lose its magic.  My advice: anyone tries to rain on your psychic parade, send them love and then  hit the ignore button.  You may need to avoid talking anything ESP with these people because you are wasting your breath.

Getting it wrong  – You can’t expect that you’ll get it right every single time.  That being said, a bad call may bring up all sorts of anxiety – namely, the fear of making a mistake again.  That fear of being wrong is mighty powerful stuff. Next to doubt, fear is the strongest psychic muzzle.  If you misinterpret something, remember this: you are only human.  No one is ever 100% all the time.  Cut yourself some slack!

Unrealistic expectations:  If you work as a professional psychic, from time to time, you’ll come across people who expect you to know everything (you can spot these types a mile way – they come in and often announce that they “don’t want to tell you too much” because they want you to “prove it”).  And then, when you make an error, they’ll be the first to point it out and say that you weren’t “very good” or talk smack wherever they can (they’ll also probably be on their way to work with someone else right after they’ve made you feel like crap).  This can rattle your confidence.  But, again, you are  human.  If they have unrealistic expectations on how intuition works, don’t let them poop on your glitter.  Keep practicing and stay focused on the people with whom you work well. (PS you won’t be in sync with every person on the planet.  It’s okay.  As my father used to say, there is a lid for every pot.)

Emotions: If you are emotionally invested in an outcome, you’ll color your instincts every time.  The clearest messages come when the emotions are out of the way. Center yourself.  Breathe deeply.  Put your emotions to the side and let information come as is, without your personal slant.  If you are bent out of shape about an issue, leave your intuition alone until you are in a better head space.

Overly analytical:  Get a vibe and then overanalyze it, suddenly, you’re rationalizing and finding doubt once again.  Just like emotions, your rational mind can also interfere.  The best mind is a neutral and curious mind.  That way, the emotions and the logic are not in the way.  If you find yourself heading down the Mr. Spock road, stop yourself.  Write down the impressions you may have received and let them rest without bothering to analyze the information.  Come to it later to see how it worked out for you. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Substances:  Drinking or drugs can sometimes relax the nerves and open up the third eye – but that’s a dangerous path to tread because it usually leads to cloudy, faulty impressions.  If you want to be a clear channel, you may need to choose to forgo the substances.  (I NEVER drink and mix tarot. EVER.  Personally, I think it’s irresponsible.) Instead, try meditation.  It will give you the strongest connection to your intuition.

Intuition is a delicate, sensitive instrument.  But a climate of trust, openness, and curiosity will insure that it remains sharp and reliable.

“Insight is not a lightbulb that goes off inside our heads. It is a flickering candle that can easily be snuffed out.” ~ Malcolm Gladwell



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014

 image courtesy of taoxproductions

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