Creative Coupling


How to build a sexy, successful and sustainable relationship — when one or both of you are self-employed.

– a guidebook for couples –

This product is no longer available – it’s retired to the digital vault!

The facts:

– 80% of new businesses fail within the first eighteen months.

– 45 to 73% of marriages end in divorce. (The numbers vary depending on your age, income level and whether it’s your first, second or third marriage.)

Combine these grim statistics together… and you’ve got a recipe for heartache, bitter squabbles, and deep trouble.

But if you are in a committed relationship — and one or both of you are self-employed — does this mean you are double-doomed to fail?


That doesn’t have to be your reality. There are exceptions to every rule.

It is absolutely possible to be successfully self-employed (even running an artsy, spiritual, unconventional kind of business) without driving your partner insane, fighting over money, wrecking your sex life or winding up in divorce court.

You can throw yourself into your work with total devotion AND have a passionate relationship, too!

You don’t have to sacrifice one great “love affair” for the other.

This guidebook will show you how it’s done.

Digital. PDF. Over 125 pages. $20.   Delivered instantly to your inbox. Enjoy!

Want a complete break-down of what’s inside?

Inside Creative Coupling, you will learn…

– How to manage the financial rollercoaster that comes with being self-employed.

– How to wrangle family and household responsibilities so that there isn’t an unfair load placed on one partner or the other.

– How to stay in love and remain functional during unpredictable times (slow years, injury, illness, hectic product launches, and career transitions).

– How to stay calm and keep the love burning even when your partner’s business isn’t generating enough money (or vice versa).

– How to collaborate on a business project without having murderous thoughts about one another.

– How to create time for hot dates and romance even when you’re hella busy running your empire.

– And more!

In addition to stories + practical tips from my own 23-year long partnership, you will find a collection of honest “fireside chats” with diverse creative couples (all ages, sexual orientations, married and unmarried) who manage to make their professional and romantic lives work.

You’ll find interviews with:

– Alexandra Franzen and Brandon Weeks
– Barbara Moore and Lisa Novak
– Bari Tessler and Forest Linden
– Briana and David Saussy
– Chris Zydel and Tim LaJoie
– Racheal and Jameson Cook
– Theresa and Terry Reed (that’s me and my beau!)








So much love. So many wise insights. Bundled together for you + your beau.

I had a BLAST creating this book and if you dig my blog, podcast, free tools, and other work? I know you’ll love this, too.

Get the book. Get educated. Hold some deep conversations with your partner. Create some new policies — and learn how to build a relationship that feels like a sanctuary, not a whirlwind of drama! . $20.  Instant digital download. This product is no longer available – it’s retired to the digital vault!

It’s doable, and… Love is ALWAYS worth the effort.

*Special note: there are no refunds for digital products. Please make sure you really want that swag before you hit the buy button!

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