Full Moon in Aries 2020 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon in Aries 2020 will light up the sky on Thursday, October 1st at 5:05 PM EDT. This day will pack a punch. Here’s why: the lingering energy from the Mars-Saturn square which occurred on the 29th keeps the tension tighter than a bow and arrow pulled at its breaking point. Add in the Aries fire and the Full Moon’s need to purge and you’ve got the perfect storm for things to get heated. But with the Sun in peace-loving Libra, a middle-ground must be found or you risk burning bridges to a crisp. You’ll want to control your flame, and put your good energy into finishing projects begun earlier in the year. Tie up every loose end. This will create lots of space for new things to enter your life next year. Plus, it will keep you occupied and away from drama.

Relationships will be up for review. Who’s standing with you – and who is standing in your way? Can you find a compromise or is it time to strike out on your own? If you cannot find the balance, it may be time to say your goodbyes.

Full Moons are also an ideal time for celebrations. This day marks the culmination of hard work started in the spring. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished, step into the spotlight, and toot your beautiful horn! Say goodbye to the old plans and start scheming your next big move. What new adventures do you want to take? What paths might you explore that have never been seen? How can you be a bold original when others choose the “safe” route? 2021 could be LIT if you start winding down this year now…and cooking up something new for the upcoming year.

I always recommend a fire ritual for this particular Moon. Write down everything you’re ready to release. Then create a fire (make sure it’s a safe one, yo) and throw that list into the flames! Disco Inferno! Spend a minute in gratitude and then embrace a new attitude. Douse the fire and trust that your new, most excellent life is just around the corner.

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Aries 2020 Tarot Readings with Tarot of the Kingdoms!

Full Moon in Aries 2020 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Ten of Water – You are surrounded by people who love you. Appreciate the ones who have your back.

Taurus: Four of Water – Things are moving slowly at this time. Be patient. What you want will appear soon enough.

Gemini: Ace of Earth – A new project or financial offer is on the way. You can plant the seeds for future prosperity now.

Cancer: Nine of Wands – Things feel tenuous. A few missteps may have interrupted your flow. Go back and fix what you’ve done.

Leo: The Hanged Man – So much is up in the air. There is nothing you can do but let go and allow the Universe to sort it out.

Virgo: Queen of Air – Your ideas are pure gold. Nurture them and soon you’ll collect the rewards.

Libra: Two of Water – Love is in the air! A meeting of the minds and hearts adds sweetness to your day.

Scorpio: The Wheel of Fortune – Opportunity is knocking so loudly you can’t ignore it. Rise to the occasion!

Sagittarius: Five of Earth – If the roots are not strong, it’s hard to prosper. Prune the dead weight.

Capricorn: Ace of Water – New love, a birth, or the beginning of something that makes your heart sing.

Aquarius: Three of Fire – Don’t look back. There are better things just on the horizon. Go forth and conquer!

Pisces: Ace of Air – A new idea is on your mind. Take action on it and see what happens.



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