Full Moon in Capricorn 2018 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign
The Full Moon in Capricorn arrives on June 28th at 12:53 PM EDT. Full Moons are ideal for closure and clearing. Which plans are now coming to fruition? Which ones are not? Do you need to revise your strategies? Sit down and contemplate your ambitions. Clear away the ones that are no longer in alignment with your bigger vision. Set new goals that move you closer to your mission. Think big but be practical. If your intentions require you to be ruthless or work to the point of exhaustion, it’s time to let those go.

When you create divine order with your plans, you have a better chance of reaching them in a healthy, constructive manner. The Capricorn Full Moon is your chance for a mid-year check-in. Look at where you are now, where you want to go, and what makes sense going forward. This day will give you the information needed to work smarter, not harder.

And here’s some mini Full Moon Tarot Readings with The Druidcraft Tarot!


Full Moon in Capricorn 2018 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Death – Are you holding on to a situation that is well past the expiration date? Choose to let go. Create space for something (or someone) new to emerge.

Taurus: The Wheel – Fate is moving in a delicious direction for you. Opportunity is knocking. Answer the door!

Gemini: The Hermit – Take the day off. Spend time alone if you can. This is the surest way to connect with your inner wisdom.

Cancer: Nine of Swords – What’s bothering you? If something has been eating away at your peace, face it and banish it. Do not let fear take up space in your head.

Leo: Princess of Pentacles – This is the right time for you to invest in your future. Put money away, sign up for school, begin a job search. Practical moves = solid future.

Virgo: The Sun – This is a gorgeous time of year and life is looking sunny in your corner of the world. Play, create, travel, and enjoy yourself!

Libra: Two of Swords – If you’re struggling to make a decision, maybe it’s not time to do so. Instead, give yourself more space to ponder the possibilities.

Scorpio: Ace of Pentacles – A major opportunity is just ahead. This could be a new job or a lucky financial break. Things are looking up!

Sagittarius: Princess of Wands – Your creativity is on fire today! Ideas are percolating – jot them down and then take inspired action. This will lead to good things.

Capricorn: Three of Swords – A disappointment may leave you reeling but there is a silver lining. Give yourself time to heal and know that it’s for the best.

Aquarius: The World – Success is yours! This day brings a triumphant close to an important chapter. WINNING!

Pisces: The Lord reversed – Perhaps it’s time to relinquish your need for control. You don’t need to be in charge. Let it go. You’ll feel lighter.



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