Full Moon in Capricorn 2024 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

On June 21st at 9:08 PM EDT, the Full Moon in Capricorn arrives. This is the first of two back-to-back Capricorn Full Moons, a rare occurrence that amplifies this lunation’s significance. Themes of ambition, recognition, status, and structure will be up for review and reward. Full Moons are a time of culmination, so this double dose of Capricorn energy could bring more than one reason to celebrate. Look back at where you were six months ago. The results of that hard work are ready to pay off this summer, filling you with hope and motivation.

Full Moons are also associated with release. The practical Full Moon in Capricorn, in particular, has a unique role in illuminating what needs to go. Do some of your goals feel misaligned? Have you come to the end of a project and are ready to move on? This lunation will bring these issues to light. Loosen your grip and trust that this will open the door for new opportunities. If you’re hung up on the old, you can’t welcome anything new. While Capricorn values a determined attitude, sometimes it’s best to admit when something isn’t working.

Keep in mind that the Moon isn’t happy in Capricorn. Because it’s ruled by Saturn, the energy could be too serious. That could lead to a pessimistic attitude, even if you have plenty of things stacked in your favor. If you find yourself heading into that mindset, it’s crucial to take a deep breath. Turn your attention to gratitude. This simple shift in focus can help you maintain a positive outlook, even during challenging times. Soon, you’ll feel your mood lift.

Lastly, this dual Full Moon in Capricorn is the perfect time to examine your legacy. What are you most proud of? How will you ensure your work stands the test of time? Are you aligned with your soul’s purpose? Ponder those questions and begin plotting out your long-term goals. It’s never too late to make your mark.


Here are some mini Full Moon in Capricorn 2024 Tarot Readings with That AfroDrip Tarot!

Full Moon in Capricorn 2024 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign


Aries: Ten of Vessels – After the storm comes the rainbow. The riches you receive are deserved.

Taurus: The Lovers – A divine connection is possible. Love will lead the way.

Gemini: Four of Swords – You can put a situation to rest once and for all. Peace is restored.

Cancer: Zealot of Blades – Swift thinking is necessary. Don’t hesitate to make a move.

Leo: Ten of Scepters – The load is heavy, but your shoulders are broad. Keep going! You’re almost done.

Virgo: The Fall – A situation collapses. The foundation was faulty to begin with. Rebuilding begins soon.

Libra: Source – An idea is incubating. The seed was planted long ago. It’s almost ready for birth.

Scorpio: Six of Vessels reversed – Let go of the past. Don’t get hung up on what’s been done before.

Sagittarius: Nine of Scepters reversed – A situation eases up. You can let your guard down. It’s over.

Capricorn: Three of Blades – A tie gets severed. Let the tears flow, but trust they were meant to go.

Aquarius: Eight of Scepters – Your world is accelerating. Everything moves at warp speed. The future is exciting!

Pisces: Temperance – You’ve been too busy. It may be time to dial it all back a bit. Find your center.



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