Full Moon in Leo 2020 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon in Leo 2020 arrives on Sunday, February 9th at 2:33 AM EST. If you’re in a different time zone, it may actually show up on Saturday the 8th. Full Moons bring things to completion so this day may be righteous for some sort of celebration. Perhaps you want to toast the end of a creative project or a new level that’s about to open up in your career. Be ready to take a bow – and throw some confetti!

This could also be the time when you need to be brave. If something has been holding you back, release those inhibitions. Let your courageous heart take the lead – and do the big thing that you’ve been too scared to do. This could be the day when you finally tell that special someone how you feel. Or maybe you’re ready to take the mic and take credit for your accomplishments. (Promoting yourself is so Full Moon in Leo!) For some folks, this could be the green light to speak up and stand out as a leader. (We need good heart-centered leaders at this time!) Of course, there may be many other things that you want to do that require a bit of courage. You can find that today.

Creativity can flourish as blocks seem to dissolve. For artists, writers, and other creative types, express yourself! Take your place in the spotlight and share your beautiful ideas!

Because children fall under Leo, this is Full Moon is also ideal for nurturing your inner child – or expanding your family. If you’ve been thinking of having a child, start planning now. Also, Leo Moons are excellent for romantic matters. The Full Moon in Leo 2020 is a hot spot for making a move – or finally cutting ties. Whatever you do, make it big and dramatic.

That being said, do keep in mind that this Moon can bring out the narcissists and the drama llamas. Be ready to enforce your boundaries if they show up at your door. You don’t have to accept ratched behavior from anyone, no matter how important they (think they) are.

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Leo 2020 Tarot Readings for each sign of the zodiac using the Robin Wood Tarot!

Full Moon in Leo 2020 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Eight of Pentacles – Your hard work is paying off. Projects are completing on time. Recognition arrives.

Taurus: Ace of Pentacles – A major financial change is on the way. The path ahead is full of possibilities

Gemini: King of Wands – Take command. Step into the leadership role. Focus on how you can inspire people.

Cancer: The World reversed – A situation seems to fall apart. Go back to the drawing board. Something needs to be finished.

Leo: Four of Wands reversed – It’s YOUR party. Don’t let anyone throw shade on your moment. Let your joy drown out the naysayers.

Virgo: Two of Cups reversed – Communication is funky now. It may be hard to get cooperation. Can you meet people halfway?

Libra: Six of Pentacles – The present moment is full of blessings. People are generous with you. How can you give back?

Scorpio: Two of Wands reversed – If your plans are not working out the way you’d hoped, maybe it’s time for a new plan.

Sagittarius: The Hermit – Take a step back. A time out will do you good. Wisdom comes through introspection.

Capricorn: The Fool – A fresh start is possible. Put the old baggage in the past and leap into the future!

Aquarius: The Lovers – If you’re in the market for love, you’re in luck. In a relationship? Take it to the next level.

Pisces: Page of Swords – A new, mentally stimulating opportunity is on the horizon. This could be a class or a new job.



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