Full Moon in Libra April 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign
The Full Moon in Libra arrives on Friday, April 19th at 7:12 AM EDT. This is the second Full Moon in Libra of the year, which is actually a rare occurrence. Last month, we had a chance to reflect on our relationships. The potential for change was high. Now, we can finish the work and find closure. Which means: this could be the time when a relationship comes to an end. Or an issue around a partnership may reach a resolution. Be ready to compromise – or release. If you cannot find fairness and harmony, cut the cords and set yourself free.

Of course, this can also be the time to work on your relationship with yourself. If you’ve been having a hard time being yourself, especially in relationships, this Full Moon will give you the opportunity to begin to stand on your own two feet. Let go of your need to please. If you’re locked in codependence, recognize how you’ve allowed that to happen – and do your part to pivot. Make a vow to love yourself unconditionally. Because a healthy relationship with yourself creates the right conditions for strong, positive relationships with other folks.

Keep in mind that there will be a bit of an unpredictable vibe in the air today due to the Moon’s opposition to Uranus. This could bring a sudden break-up or uncertainty around a relationship that you assumed was solid. Insecurity and tension could lead to unproductive conversations – or impulsive decisions. It’s wise to be as prudent as possible now. Be sure you’ve done your due diligence to explore your partnerships and feelings in depth before saying boy bye. Because chances are if you change your mind down the road, things will never be the same again.

Edited to add: Libra is also about justice. Themes of fairness, justice, and legal issues may be a major discussion over the weekend. Are things really fair? Or has there been foul play?

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Libra mini Tarot readings with the New Wave Tarot!

Full Moon in Libra April 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign with the New Wave Tarot

Aries:  Five of Disks – Financial upsets could derail plans. Money issues create stress. A new budget may be in order. Watch out that someone else doesn’t become a burden.

Taurus: King of Cups – Love is in the air! Not just romantic love but a love of life. Follow your heart in all matters. Friday you’re in love.

Gemini: Page of Disks – Good money news brightens your outlook. If you’ve been trying to make more bank, a door opens for the cheddar to arrive.

Cancer: Four of Wands – This weekend brings a reason to celebrate. Throw a party! RSVP yes to an invite. Dance the night away with friends!

Leo: Chariot – You are in the driver’s seat and the reins are firmly in your hands. Full speed ahead toward the finish line!

Virgo: Two of Disks – Before making a financial decision, consider your options with care. One choice may be better than the other. Choose wisely.

Libra: The Hierophant – Seek wisdom. Reach out to a teacher, mentor, or another wise guide. They will provide you with the answers you need.

Scorpio: Seven of Swords – Do you really need to do it all? It’s going to be hard to pull it off. But if you’re determined, have at it.

Sagittarius: King of Wands – Break the rules. Challenge the status quo. Lead in an unconventional way and you’ll inspire the masses.

Capricorn: Six of Cups – A sweet day for enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Why rush about when you can stop and smell the roses?

Aquarius: The Star – Everything you want is possible now. Make your petition to the Universe and stay positive! A miracle is on the way.

Pisces: Strength – The challenges are great but you’re a total badass. You’re about to rise to the occasion and stun everyone.



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