Full Moon in Pisces 2023 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon in Pisces 2023 illuminates the night sky on August 30th at 9:36 PM EDT. This marks that time of year when summer begins to slip away, making room for cooler autumn temps and cozy everything. But warm days and nights are still here for a minute, and this lunation is best for savoring every last summery drop. Emotions run high and hot, turning conversations into moments of poetry or drama. Everyone is in their feelings. You may be up and down and all around this evening. Don’t try to control it. Let your tears fall. Be utterly transparent and vulnerable. It’s okay to express what’s in your heart.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and Full Moons signify closure. Perhaps this lunar event is best for letting go of whatever has been happening this year. Why hold on when a sweet release is possible? No matter how your 2023 has been going, you can choose to relinquish the pain as well as the gains. Clear space in your home and your heart, trusting that you are making room for something bigger, better. It’s okay to say goodbye to the good things too. After all, nothing is permanent. Pisces is a Mutable sign and knows this, so it goes with the flow rather than trying to build a dam.

Intuition and creativity loom large all day. The muses and guides are out in full force, helping you find your creative voice and your destiny. Trust them.

Let it all go.

Don’t hold back.

You made it.

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Pisces 2023 Tarot Readings with the Fifth Spirit Tarot!

Full Moon in Pisces 2023 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: Page of Swords – The path is cleared of debris. Nothing obstructs you. Move forward but tread lightly.

Taurus: Two of Pentacles – Something needs to give. But what? Only you can determine what goes.

Gemini: King of Wands – A new fire is lit. You’re ready to take the lead and fight the good fight.

Cancer: Nine of Cups – You can get what your heart desires. Focus on what you want – and let the magic unfold.

Leo: Six of Pentacles – Find the balance between generosity and taking care of yourself. Give what you don’t need, but don’t deplete your resources.

Virgo: Ten of Cups – A celebration is on the way. Get ready for some much-needed fun!

Libra:  Eight of Wands – You’re ready for take-off. Momentum is about to get amped up.

Scorpio: Three of Pentacles – Work brings enjoyment and rewards. Be proud of your accomplishments.

Sagittarius: The World – The world is your oyster. You can go as far or high as you want. Aim for the gold!

Capricorn: The Emperor – You’re regaining the keys to your kingdom. It’s good to be back in control.

Aquarius: Three of Cups – A gathering of like-minded folks adds joy. Invite your besties over and catch up.

Pisces: Four of Pentacles -You’re planting new roots. This could be a much more secure period.



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