Full Moon in Taurus 2020 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The Full Moon in Taurus 2020 will be here on Halloween at 10:49 AM EDT. Will it bring tricks or treats? Maybe both. There are plenty of reasons why. Let’s start by talking about the Full Moon in Taurus first. Taurus is a fixed sign and is associated with love, beauty, sensuality, and money. Full Moons signify the end of a cycle or harvest time. This means on its own, this day would be centered on taking care of fiscal business, putting the finishing touches on creative projects, or loads of pampering.

While those activities may still be on the menu, a series of funky aspects promise to keep us all on our toes. 

This is the second Full Moon in a month, which is known as a “blue moon.” Blue Moons are considered “rare,” and auspicious. If you have something that needs to come to a close, tap into the energy of this vibe and bring it to the finish line. Think of this as your opportunity to clean house so that you have space for new things to arrive next year (by the way, this is a fab day for doing a house blessing while you’re at it). 

Sounds groovy, right? Well…there are a few buts, starting with Uranus. The Full Moon will be conjunct with the rebel planet at 10:55 AM and the Sun will join this party a short time later at 11:53 AM. Uranus wants freedom and revolution and the Sun turns up the heat. As we start preparing for the upcoming election, the weekend promises to be tense. Anxiety and restlessness permeate the air – and these aspects aren’t helping matters. In fact, they are increasing the tension. 

Keep in mind that Mercury and Mars are also retrograde. Folks could fly off the handle at a moment’s notice, relationships could become severed, and situations could come to a head. Remember that Full Moons want completion. With all of these challenging aspects, it’s possible that endings could be explosive but necessary. 

By the time this weekend is over, the election is upon us, and we have to make a choice. Do we want things to remain as they are – or do we want a bold change, one that promises prosperity, security, opportunity, and love for all (Taurus topics)? This day brings a chance to reflect on your values. What matters the most? Let that lead you to the ballot box next week.

In the meantime, be ready for the unexpected, a few surprises, and an opportunity to say goodbye to the ghosts of the past once and for all. 

And here’s some mini Full Moon in Taurus 2020 mini Tarot readings with The Murder of Crows Tarot!

Full Moon in Taurus 2020 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign


Aries: Queen of Cups – What is your heart telling you about a given situation? Follow it closely.

Taurus: Nine of Pentacles – Every seed you planted is starting to sprout. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Gemini: Six of Cups – Pleasure comes from memories of days gone by. Reminisce with your loved ones about happy times.

Cancer: The Empress – Nurture your passions. Everything you touch will be rewarded with tremendous growth.

Leo: Eight of Swords – Do not allow your thoughts to trap you. The way out is through awareness of how you got in there.

Virgo: Four of Wands – Success is yours! Be ready to celebrate a major win! Yay, you!

Libra: Two of Swords – Take a time out to review your past actions. Were they fair? Or were you being reactionary?

Scorpio: Five of Cups – If something isn’t working out the way you want, drop it. Put energy into things that are instead.

Sagittarius: Strength – You are a force of nature! Every challenge is conquered under your steady persistence.

Capricorn: The Chariot – You are poised for a victory. Stay on your path. You’re about to win big!

Aquarius: The World – Everything has come full circle. A chapter finishes on the best note. Be proud of how far you’ve come.

Pisces: Nine of Cups – The thing you want the most is about to materialize when you least expect it. Your wish is granted.



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