How to counteract Mars retrograde in Aquarius

Mars is currently retrograde in Aquarius. What does this mean?

Mars is the planet of ambition, passion, and aggression. When it’s retrograde, the energy gets stifled or blocked, which can lead to frustration, passive-aggressiveness, misplaced anger, and inappropriate rage. It can also slow down progress on projects already in motion, which can bring about – you guessed it – more irritation and fury!

Aquarius is connected to freedom as well as technology. While Mars in Aquarius can be a motivator for equality and progress, when retrograde this energy becomes stubborn and blocked. Instead of progress, things stall. Rebels without causes seem ready to pick fights and even worse, technology becomes a weapon for some.

I’ve been witnessing some of this energy the last few weeks (the shadow period of this retrograde began awhile back). Because I knew what was up in the cosmos, I’ve been able to keep my cool, even though the vibe hasn’t been friendly. 

Because that’s the thing: learning to work with the stars, even when they are not aligned in a positive way, allows you to remain centered instead of feeling helpless. 

Look, this Mars retrograde isn’t an easy one, especially considering that it’s also making hard squares to Jupiter and Uranus (so overblown and unpredictable!) but you don’t need to let this ruin your groove.

So how do you deal with this vibe? What’s the best way to counteract the ugly energy of Mars retrograde in Aquarius? Let’s cancel out this shizz! 

Here’s the action plan that I recommend:

  1. Check your aggression. If you’re feeling salty about any situation, take a few breaths and ask yourself this: “If I respond in an aggressive way, what might be the result?” If you don’t see a positive outcome, practice restraint.
  2. If someone is coming at you in a combative manner, refuse to engage. Let them know that you will only respond when both parties have had time to cool down.
  3. Do not pick fights. Put your energy into productive things instead: exercise, tackle that to-do list, walk the dog, make some art.
  4. Slow down. Be patient. Take generous timeouts. There is no need to hurry. 
  5. If you’re driving, watch your road rage. Do you really need to flip the bird at that woman who cut you off? Probably not. 
  6. Ignore the haters. Better yet, block their asses. 
  7. If your relationship is hitting a sour note, do not make impulsive decisions. Give it time to see how things play out. Seek support from a therapist so that you can make thoughtful, centered decisions. 
  8. Psst…you don’t need to be right all the time. 

How to make the online world a better place during Mars retrograde in Aquarius:

  1. Send kind emails. Take a few minutes out of your day reach out to loved ones, colleagues, or people you admire and send a little online love. Make someone’s day!
  2. Is there a business you admire? Leave a positive review on Google or Yelp. This will lift their spirits – and help their business out. I love doing this for restaurants! Remember: if you want a good business to stay in business, positive feedback can help that. Businesses appreciate this sorta support so get on it! The same goes for authors – if you love their book, leave a great review on Amazon. In a world of wannabe critics, be a cheerleader!
  3. If someone leaves a shitty review for your business, product, or book, only respond in kindness if you choose to respond at all. Be an example of graciousness, even if they’re not giving you the same. Always go pro, yo.
  4. If you see someone attacking a person you love online, stick up for them. Your support can make a difference!
  5. Instead of using Twitter or other social media platforms to gripe, how about putting up inspirational quotes or pics of cute animals? Yes, I know this is a cheesy suggestion but isn’t this better than a continuous stream of bitter? 
  6. Avoid topics that rile people up. That doesn’t mean putting your head in the sand but if you know a certain subject is going to lead to a flame war, what’s the point? 
  7. Do NOT read the comments. The comments section on blogs and websites are frequently overrun with negative comments. Reading this stuff is hard for sensitive folk. Better to ignore this crap. (Psst…if you have a blog, remove the comments. I did that years ago and it’s one of the best business decisions I ever made. No more digging through spam or odious comments from ne’er do wells.)
  8. Delete the nasty comments on your online world. No one needs to read that crap. And you don’t need to see that either.
  9. Delete, mute, unfollow, unfriend, and block as needed. Those options are there for a reason. Don’t hesitate to use them.
  10. Limit the time you spend on social media. This is a sanity saver – no matter what is happening on the cosmos!
  11. Shut off your phone on the weekends or evenings. Read a book, cook a dinner for your family, engage in conversations with interesting people, attend lectures, go to the museum. 
  12. If you know that someone you love is going through a hard time, why not send a little treat? A gift certificate to their favorite online shop might bring a smile to their face. Generosity feels so good!
  13. Read this book from cover to cover: You’re Going to Survive: True stories about adversity, rejection, defeat, terrible bosses, online trolls, 1-star Yelp reviews, and other soul-crushing experiences―and how to get through it by Alexandra Franzen. It’s so good.
  14. This is the hardest one but the most important: take nothing personally. Always remember that hurt people hurt other people. Oftentimes, when someone is acting out online, it’s rarely about you. It’s about them. Do not allow these types to get under your skin. Let it go, move on, and go about your business. You have better things to do in this world, starshine, so please do not give trolls, critics, and meanies the power to invade your peace with their crapulence.

These are a few simple tips that might help you to navigate these few funky weeks but I’d like to suggest that you keep these habits long after Mars turns direct (on August 27th if you need to know). Because nice isn’t hard and kind is a good look, both online and off. 



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