energy vampires

There are vampires amongst us.

I’m not talking the sexy Alexander Skarsgård type (oh, how I wish it were THAT kind).  I’m talking about energy vampires.

What the heck is an “energy vampire” you ask?  An energy vampire is someone who, consciously or subconsciously, leaves everyone who encounters them feeling depleted, depressed, or exhausted.  They drain the life force out of their unwitting victims.

Most tend to operate with chaos, drama, or perpetual negativity.

Examples: the friend who dumps on you in the middle of a wonderful night out on the town, the loved one who calls you and only wants to complain about their life, the whiney coworker who makes everyone dread coming to the office, the bitter neighbor who constantly talks smack about everyone, or the drama lama girlfriend who is so untrusting of the world that her vibe is always set on paranoia.  Catch my drift?  They are the spoilsports, the wet blankets, the narcissists, the haters – all different forms of Debbie Downers who seem to pull the energy of the room (and every person in it) down to a dull, dark thud.

Sometimes these poor souls have true emotional issues.  Other times, they just thrive on being negative (and they want you to exist in the same cynical world that they wallow in).

How do you know you have encountered one?  You feel burnt out, bummed out or drained dry.  Sensitive types are easily affected by these life suckers. (When I have to deal with one of these buzzcrunchers, I often take about three days to recuperate.  Not kidding.)

If you come across one of these sad sacks, you’ll need an action plan so that  you can maintain your center and not give your power away to them.  (Plus get the hell out of their negativity web, fast.)

Here are some strategies that you can start using right away:

  1. Pay attention.  Take an inventory of which people seem to uplift you and which ones seem to bring you down.  It’s important to be aware of who is toxic to you so that you can begin to create strong boundaries.
  2. Avoid ‘em.  This is the best move that you can make.  Keep those suckers out of your orbit as much as possible.  This includes online as well as offline.
  3. If you must deal with them, keep it brief.  Never spend an extended period with them if you can help it.  Always have somewhere you need to be in a hurry so you can walk off immediately.
  4. Change the subject as soon as they start heading towards the dark zone.  I used this tactic a lot with a loved one who always tried to suck me in to her bummer vibe – I would start blabbing on and on about my cats, and soon enough, she would be off her game and looking for another Negative Nelly.
  5. Energetic work can help protect you.  For example, you can envision a golden bubble of light surrounding you every time you are in the presence of one of these types.  Or you can carry crystals, which can help filter their energy (my favorite for this situation is pyrite).
  6. Be a light being. In other words, be as positive and perky as you can manage.  Nothing annoys them as much as seeing you having a good time.  They’ll go in search of someone else who shares their world view.  (My happy go lucky attitude is great killjoy repellant.)
  7. Most importantly, ground and center.  When you are dealing with these types, plant your feet firmly on the earth and breathe deeply.  Stay present and in your body.  This is the key to keeping your own good vibes intact.

Always remember that you don’t have to put up with this crap.  A vampire (energetic or otherworldly) only has power if you invite them into your world.  Uninvite them and keep that door shut.

“If people around you aren’t going anywhere, if their dreams are no bigger than hanging out on the corner, or if they’re dragging you down, get rid of them. Negative people can sap your energy so fast, and they can take your dreams from you, too.” ~ Earvin Johnson

“Toxic people will pollute everything around them. Don’t hesitate. Fumigate.” Mandy Hale



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014

image from stock photography

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