Reading tarot professionally but don’t have an office or a space in your home for seeing clients?   You may want to consider meeting them at a coffee shop.

Most have an inviting atmosphere, which is why they are such popular meeting places.   It’s also a safe spot if you are leery about meeting people in your living quarters.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make it a great experience for you, your client, and the coffee shop:

Ask the manager or owner of the coffee shop first.  Make sure you have their okay, especially if you are going to be keeping a regular schedule there.  Most won’t mind but it’s always better to get the yes before you start running your biz there.

Find a table that is out of the way and not in the main section.  This will give your clients some privacy and keep you out of the way of foot traffic.  Even though you are in a public place, you still want to maintain some boundaries.

Bring a Square or PayPal processor.  Most people don’t carry cash or checkbooks any longer – plus, you don’t want to be bugging the baristas for change.  A simple swipe of their debit or credit card on your phone and you’re on to tarot business!

Bring business cards.  Business cards are not passé.  You want them handy in case any curious onlookers ask for one (they will – tarot often attracts attention in public places).

Let people know you’ll be at those locations at such and such times if you intend on reading at a particular spot regularly.  Put the info on your site or on your voice mail so that people know where to find you.

Don’t be obnoxious. Treat other patrons with kindness and courtesy.  Speak quietly.  Resist the urge to put on a tarot spectacle.  Instead, be as discreet as possible.

Don’t be a freeloader!  Buy a damn coffee and encourage your clients to purchase a drink or treat as well. You want this to be a win/win for you and the coffee shop.  They’ll be more likely to welcome you with open arms if you are bringing them business, not just using their business.

If you do not want the overhead of an office, or don’t have the space at home, this can be the perfect solution.

“Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.” ~Stephanie Piro



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2014

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How to read tarot at a coffee shop - best practices for java 'n tarot.

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