How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance




How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance 

– a guidebook for professional readers –

This product is no longer available – it’s retired to the digital vault!

Dealing with a nightmare client? Feeling foggy and distracted? Feel like people are trampling all over your boundaries? Or just having a crummy, no-good day? 

Bad days happen to the best of us. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable.

But as a professional Tarot reader, your job is to be clear-minded and on-point no matter what is going on in your life.

After all: your clients are depending on your guidance. Paying good money for it, too. Giving a half-assed performance because you’re “stressed” or “distracted”? That’s just… uncool. (Not to mention: bad for your reputation & your revenue.)

I know you want to build a rep as a rock-solid, top-shelf, totally-pro Tarot reader.

I also know that you want to build a long, healthy, profitable career in the biz (no burn-out for you!)

To build both of those things? You need some extra-special tools in your survival kit.

That’s why I wrote my new guidebook: How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstances. 

This guidebook is my “love letter” to Tarot readers everywhere. It’s filled with insights to help you get calm, grounded and centered before every reading — and set crystal-clear business policies — so that you can take excellent care of your clients while taking equally good care of yourself.

This guidebook is packed with stories from my 25-year career as a full-time reader.

It’s a fun, quick read that will leave you feeling inspired to up your game as an entrepreneur — and empowered to handle annnnything that tumbles you way!

$20.  This product is no longer available – it’s retired to the digital vault!

Digital. PDF. Over 100 pages. Delivered instantly to your inbox. Enjoy!

Want a complete break-down of what’s inside?

Inside this guidebook, you will…

– Meet the 7 types of Nightmare Clients that all Tarot readers will encounter, sooner or later, and learn how to handle each one.

– Learn 3 yogic techniques to help you stay grounded and focused on doing your work, even under the most stressful circumstances.

– Learn how to set clear policies that keep drama to a minimum and keep crazies and energy vampires away from your business. (I even provide a fill-in-the-blank template to help you get your policies on paper, easy as pie.)

– Get tips on how to handle 7 of THE most stressful scenarios that Tarot readers have to face — like when someone badmouths you online or plagiarizes your website (blargh!).

– Pour over some of my favorite resources for Tarot pros: books to read, mentors to know, music playlists to chill you out, and tunes to pump you up!

You will LOVE this guidebook because…

– It is NOT a dry “how to” manual. It’s one part survival kit, one part hysterical memoir of my 25-year Tarot career (oh, the STORIES. You will not believe how I handled the gang leader who wanted a reading about which of his thug-friends he could “trust.” Yeah. For real. You’ll be highly entertained… from digital cover to cover!)

I had a BLAST creating this book and if you dig my blog, podcast, free tools, and other work? I know you’ll love this, too. This product is no longer available – it’s retired to the digital vault!  $20. 


Digital. PDF. 115 pages. Delivered instantly to your inbox. Enjoy!

*Special note: there are no refunds for digital products.  Please make sure you really want that swag before you hit the buy button!



georgianna the tarot room“Being a professional Tarot reader is typically a fun and very fulfilling experience, but as with all professions, there are challenges and pitfalls we need to watch out for. Knowing how to read cards is obviously the first step, but to run a Tarot business we also need to know how to work with clients and in situations that can be less than optimal. This is where Theresa Reed’s new e-book How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstances can make the world of difference to the Tarot professional.

With 25 years in the business, Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady has a wealth of experience to draw from and numerous examples of the type of clients and/or situations that can throw a reader off their game. But even more importantly, she has solutions, strategies, and practical advice to help readers not only cope with whatever crazy scenarios might arise, but shine while doing so.Thoughtful, amusing, and to the point, Theresa provides us with the type of information missing from most books on Tarot, she offers us true insight into what it’s like to actually read for the public. Reminding us to ‘get empowered, be prepared,’ How To Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance delivers the tools necessary to do so with authority and grace.”

~ Georgianna Boehnke, The Tarot Room


zuri eberhart“Theresa’s done it again! Her latest guide, “How to Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance” should be a part of every reader’s digital library. It’s like getting personally coached by Theresa in how to disengage from undesirable situations and handle the most challenging clients like a pro.

I’ve come across some of the 7 nightmare clients she describes and I wish I had this resource when I first started as a reader.Her self-care guidance on how to keep your energy and boundaries high in and of itself can save you hundreds of dollars in private business coaching alone! I feel anyone in a spiritual line of work will benefit from Theresa’s practical words of wisdom.”

~Zuri Eberhart, Tarot reader + astrologer


bonnie-fernandes“There is SO much to love in Theresa Reed’s How to Read Tarot Under Any Circumstance. But what I love most here are the yoga techniques for working with energy: techniques that allow you to ground before a reading, stay fully present and focused during a reading, unlock intuition during a reading, and let go when the reading is over. These are all things that I desperately needed in my practice and that I will definitely be experimenting with over the weeks to come! I also very much appreciated the self care tips and business policy advice.

This book could just as easily be called, Taking Care of Clients While Taking Care of You — it’s a beautiful approach to keeping this practice safe, healthy, and drama-free — for everyone involved.”

~ Bonnie Fernandes, Tarot reader + writer Tarot Salve


paige-zaferiou“There’s no question: Theresa is the pro-est of the pros. Her 25 years of experience translate into the most practical, comprehensive guide to reading Tarot I’ve ever seen, covering every conceivable scenario from nightmare clients to self-care. I couldn’t stop smiling at Theresa’s sassy real-talk tone — and I gasped aloud at some of the stories she shares from her own experience!

This is the kind of book you’ll want to print out, scribble all over, tuck in a binder, and keep by your side. It’s an honest-to-goodness bible for readers of any level. Whether you’re an established professional reader or just starting out, you’ll certainly agree that this is the ultimate operations guide for reading Tarot in the real world.”

~ Paige Zaferiou, Tarot reader + professional witch Paige Z’s Tarot and Tea

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