A few days ago, I wrote a blog post called “How To Not Piss Off Your Tarot Reader”. I thought it was a necessary article because business boundaries are a common issue in the tarot biz world.

But did you think I was only going to be an advocate for tarot readers?  Nope – I care deeply about my clients as well and want them to have a great tarot experience too.  Plus turnabout is fair play and I believe that tarot is a two way street so this post is going to give you, the tarot reader, a primer in how to treat your clients properly.

Respect their time as you want them to respect yours.  That means you are there on time to greet your client.  If the reading is over the phone, make sure you have it on your calendar.  Get the time zones correct – and don’t be afraid to double check those again with your clients.  Better to be safe than sorry. If you cannot keep the appointment, have the decency to give them enough notice so you don’t screw up their day.

If they are getting an email reading, don’t keep them hanging for days and days.  Get to it as quickly as you can.  (I always answer email questions within 48 hours – the only time I’ve ever screwed up was when one of my parents was dying.).

If you offer in person readings, for God’s sake, keep your office clean!  No one is going to be comfortable getting a tarot reading in an office that looks like a scene out of Hoarders.  A filthy environment is neither acceptable nor professional.  Can’t bother to keep it sanitary? Then see your clients in a coffee shop or a library.

Likewise, don’t show up looking like a homeless person.  Your personal appearance should be neat and professional.  (For the record, professional can be what you deem it to be – a costume, a full suit and tie, clean yoga pants, etc. – just be orderly and not a nasty pig.)

Show up sober.  An impaired reader is completely unacceptable.  Your clients deserve better than that.

If your client is nervous, do what you can to make them feel at ease: soft music, tea or water, cookies, etc.  Create an environment that is calm, nurturing and reassuring.  If you have pets, you may want to lock them out of the reading, especially if your client is allergic or fearful.  (I have two cats that are overly friendly so they are usually kept out of my office – but some clients actually request that they join us!)

Talk to your client, not down to them.  Use language that is respectful.  (For the record, I have a tendency to drop the F bomb – but if I feel the client might be turned off, I keep my sailor tongue in check.)

Some clients are forgetful – allow them to record their readings.  If you are doing phone readings, consider recording the readings for them.  I offer this as a bonus to my clients and they love it!

If a client says that “they don’t want to hear anything bad”, be mindful and compassionate.  Deliver your info with gentleness.

Do not make predictions that takes the power out of the clients hands.  Always show them strategies if the future is looking a bit dicey.  Remember, they can change course at any time – resist the urge to play tarot God.

What is said in the reading, stays in the reading.  You must have the confidentiality of a priest. That means no sharing readings with other people, ever.  Your client’s information should be sacred.  However, if they choose to share it, that is their business.

Never call a client to solicit business.  Pushy sales people are icky in every profession – and a tarot pest is usually a con artist.  Respectable tarot readers never bug their clients.

If a client does something that bothers you, have a heart to heart with them.  I had a client once who was making some racist comments. When I told him that I was offended, he stopped and never did it again.

Set healthy boundaries and post your policies clearly so your clients know what to expect.  Sometimes people do dumb things innocently.  If you are open about your rules, you’ll have less biz drama and  both you and your clients will be happier for it.

Never sleep with your clients.  That’s a no brainer, right?  Apparently not because I’ve heard of readers doing just that.  Your client base is not your dating pool.  Have some class and keep your hands and eyes on your tarot deck instead.

On occasion, find a way to honor and reward your best clients.  Maybe a “client of the month” or a special deal for your inside crew.  (Every Christmas, I pick a few clients and send them gift certificates for free readings.  They love it and it’s a way for me to express my thanks.)

If you don’t feel a connection to a client, then don’t accept their money.  Instead refer them to another reader who may be a better fit.  This sometimes happens through no fault of the client – there is just not a vibe present.  Tis better to send them to a person who can work well with them rather than trying to force it.

If a client doesn’t want to do business with you any more, don’t take it personally.  You don’t own them and they are free to see whomever they please.

The customer is not always right – but they deserve to be treated right.  Put a little care and professionalism into your business and both you and your client will walk away satisfied.

“Dealing with people is probably the biggest problem you face, especially if you are in business. Yes, and that is also true if you are a housewife, architect or engineer.”

~ Dale Carnegie



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013


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